Lana’s Mane Tame

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19-year-old Lana decided to take a walk in town to see the sights and even went to do some shopping. After leaving Havana a few weeks after graduation high school, she wanted to get a job, but it was hard because of her unruly hair. One day, after buying some clothes at a few small stores, she saw a red-and white barber’s pole across the street.


Lana decided not to wait any longer and went to the shop in. The strong smell of aftershave with the loud sound of clippers and shears made her shudder a bit. However, she sat down and waited for her turn.


The barbershop wasn’t as big, like her salon back home. It was a big hallway to her, but with three large chairs and three giant mirrors. She saw the barber’s equipment on one of the stands. Clippers and shears of different sizes, guards for the clippers, shaving cream, straight razors, different combs and brushes, hair clips, hand-held mirrors, a jar of disinfectant, capes and tissue-wrap were on each stand. Each chair had three men in each one with the three male barbers.


After looking at her phone for five minutes, Lana noticed that she was called up. As she got into the chair, Lana put herself into the chair with her feet on the footrest. The barber then asked what haircut she wanted as he pinned her hair up. Lana didn’t know for sure, as the barber, who’s name is “Rico”, put a strip of tissue around her neck, followed by a black-and-white pinstripe cape.


A bunch of pictures of men with short haircuts were in the shop, but she saw one close to her that she liked. Lana pointed to the one next to the mirror and Rico nodded.


Rico picked up a spray bottle, a pintail-comb, and clips to wet and section off her hair. After sectioning, he used his shears-over-comb technique to cut and even out the hair at the bottom of Lana’s nape. Rico let down another section of hair again until the underside of Lana’s hair was a half-inch long. He then used the to clippers to shape-up the sideburns, back and around the ears with a barber’s comb. Rico then unclipped the middle section of Lana’s remaining long hair. He picks up the spray bottle again and wet Lana’s hair a second time. After, he then brushed it out with a bristled brush and then a fine-toothed comb.


As Rico was reaching for a larger pair of shears, Lana wanted to see her hair so far. However, she was being turned away from the mirror by Rico, so she didn’t get to see it yet. Rico used a comb and then held Lana’s thick, brunette hair and used the shears to cut her hair to the middle of her ears. Rico used the same method around Lana’s head, until he put the shears down and used the clipper-over-comb technique. He evened out the back and sides to match the crown of Lana’s head. Rico picked the shears up again to even out the top of Lana’s hair.


Lana was both excited and nervous to see the end result, but Rico still wasn’t finished. He uncapped Lana slightly and used the shaving cream machine to put some lather in a small bowl with a shaving brush. Rico told Lana that if she wanted a crisp finish to the haircut, a neck shave would help. She was hesitant, but decided to go along with it. Rico put a warm towel around her neck and head, which he massaged before shaving. He then spread the shaving cream along the nape of Lana’s neck and used the razor to clean Lana up. Lana didn’t mind it, she thought it tickled. After the cream was scraped off, another hot towel was put on Lana’s neck for any stray hairs or excess cream that was missed.


Lana was then turned around, and saw that she got a Pixie with Faded Sides and Back. This made her very happy, also surprised, but definitely happy.


She thanked Rico and paid for his services.


After walking out, she got a call asking for an interview tomorrow. Lana accepted and agreed to meet downtown.


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