Last Friday Night

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There was nothing out of the ordinary last Friday night. At least, not at first. The girls — all of whom had recently turned 18, graduated high school and decided on their college plans — had decided to get together for one last slumber party before everything changed. After all, as is usual, they would all be heading in different directions at the end of summer, with some staying close and others going all the way across the country in order to pursue higher learning.

The details were settled upon via Facebook, where one message turned into a 200 reply thread filled with excitement. Boys were not allowed, you see, as it was to be a girls’ night, but booze was more than welcome. The event, itself, would take place at Becky Ericsson’s house, because her parents were going out of town for the weekend and there was no chance of them getting in trouble for drinking underage.

Becky’s mom was a hairdresser by trade, and ran a small business out of her home. Her daughter had shown a lot of interest in learning the ropes, but had decided on going to college to study journalism instead. Still, her mother had taught her everything she new, because college kids are always strapped for cash and cutting others’ hair for a discounted rate would be a great way for her daughter to earn money. And, agreeing with her mother’s smart plan, the girl devoted as much time as possible to the trade. This meant working on family friends and clients, who would first let her attempt to cut their hair, before letting the seasoned pro take over and finish or fix things.

By the end of high school, Becky was quite good at hairdressing, despite not having a diploma or being accredited in the field. Some clients would even ask for her to do their hair instead of her mom, which the older Ericsson always took as a compliment. She would give Becky more than her fair share of the money, too, because it would help her in her college bound journey.

Almost all of the girls who were planning to attend knew about the salon, but only a couple had ever been willing to give their friend a chance to cut their hair. Even then, it was never more than an inch or two. Becky had always harboured a desire to take them short — especially the two Rapunzels of the group, Sarah and Hillary — but never dared to do so out of fear of losing great friends.

You know how girls are about their hair.

As Friday evening approached, Becky and her friend Jocelyn set about to get the house in order. Her parents had left, leaving them some money for pizza, and they’d found a great deal that they could take advantage of in order to get enough for the 6 attendees. They’d also gone to the trouble of cleaning, getting extra blankets, sleeping bags and pillows together and making sure that the fridge was well stocked with water, pop and the like.

It was during that time that Becky revealed something: that being her intention to try to talk one of her friends into letting her cut their hair. If she was successful, then maybe things could turn from a regular slumber party to a makeover party. That excited her, because it’d not only be fun, but could really help her out long-term. Plus, she’d always wanted to shear the girls in her social circle.

Jocelyn, whose blonde hair fell to just above her shoulders and was put up in a half-assed ponytail, said that would be a sight to see, but wondered why Becky had revealed her plan to her of all people. Sure, they were close, but was there a reason as to why her friend didn’t want to cut her hair? The reply was reassuring, as Becky told her pal that she had always considered her to be trustworthy, and that she thought Jocelyn would also get a kick out of this. She would love to cut Jocelyn’s hair, but didn’t think she’d want to take it any shorter, because she’d always had it at that length and seemed content.

Jocelyn, feeling confident and unafraid — which was a rarity due to her social anxiety — was quick to tell her friend that she, too, had been harboring some hair related dreams. As she put it, she’d always gone the safe route, and had been afraid to change her hair, even though she’d had dreams about chopping it off and getting one of those popular pixies. As a soccer player, it’d certainly help keep her cool while out on the field, and prevent the gross feeling of sweaty long hair.

“I guess I never expected that from you. If you want, though, we have some time before the party. I could give you a cut and we can take it in steps if that’s what you’d prefer. Just give me a moment to set things up downstairs,” replied Becky.

Jocelyn was surprised by what came out of her mouth next, but it was the excitement and adrenaline talking.

“Okay!” she exclaimed “Let’s do it before I change my mind!”

And, with that, the girls abandoned what they were doing and headed downstairs to the quaint and comfortable home salon that Mr. Ericsson had built his wife. It wasn’t much, but it did the job, and had more than enough tools for the trade. That, and a nice collection of hair capes, because Mrs. Ericsson always liked to change things up and rarely used the same cape on consecutive days.

The salon was usually kept tidy, but in her haste to leave for her weekend away, its owner had left it in a bit of a mess. There were hair clippings on the floor: Becky’s own hair, actually, as her a-line bob had been trimmed and her nape had been clippered just that morning. Hers was intertwined with a teenage girl who’d come for a back to school cut and left a few inches lighter.

Since she knew that she was going to make a mess, Becky decided to just leave the hair there for the time being. She’d just be adding to it anyways, so why clean up twice? She did, however, clean the shears and clippers, and shook out the cape that had been around her just several hours earlier. It was red and nylon: her mom’s favourite.

“Okay. I’m ready,” she told her friend.

“Wait. I don’t really want to get hair all over myself. These clothes need to look nice for tonight, and I don’t have time to run home and change. Is it okay if I just wear my underwear? It’s not like you’ve never seen me in it before. And maybe I’ll quickly shower afterwards?” replied a worried Jocelyn.

“Sure. No problem,” came the quick response from the hairdresser in training. She had secretly always had a bit of a thing for Jocelyn, but had never told her about her bisexuality. Nobody knew, but Jocelyn’s toned, athletic body had always been something she’d dreamed of at night.

With that, Jocelyn undressed and revealed a mismatched black bra and pink lace panties. Then, she sat down and the two got started.

First, Becky adjusted the black pleather salon chair’s height so that her tall friend’s head was at a good height. Then, she shook out the cape once more before putting it around her beautiful friend’s neck. Man, did Jocelyn look great caped and under her control.

Over the next twenty minutes, a bland haircut turned into a flattering pixie that made Jocelyn’s facial features really stand out.

Becky began by spraying her friend’s hair thoroughly with a pink spray bottle. Jocelyn jumped at first, because of how cold it was, forcing both girls to laugh and a quick apology to follow. And, once her hair was thoroughly wetted, it was time to begin.

“You’re going to love it. But I need you to tell me you’re okay with this so I can begin without worrying that you’ll hate me,” Becky stated.

“Just do it. Once you start, I won’t be able to say no, and my nerves are getting bad. If you don’t start now, I may get up and walk away.”

And, with that, the young brunette started to twist and clip the layers of her girlfriend’s hair into place, revealing a thin layer at the nape of her neck, which lightly graced her shoulders when wet. Seconds later, she was combing it out and getting rid of the blonde hair with a scissors over comb method. Inches fell, revealing a beautiful nape.

She continued cutting and soon the nape was expertly defined with just inches of hair remaining.

“That feels weird, but I like it,” exclaimed Jocelyn. And that was before the clippers sprung to life, as Becky shaped and defined the hair that was there.

Once that was finished, Becky undid some of the clipped up hair and started chopping away at it. Inches dropped all over the place, including on the pile of her own hair and on the red nylon cape that was around her almost naked friend. She didn’t brush it off, nor did Jocelyn, who was transfixed with what was happening in the mirror. Becky liked seeing the mid-length strands of hair sitting on the cape, like trophies, and would occasionally rub a piece between her fingers.

As she continued to cut, Becky decided upon an Emma Watson-style pixie, which meant taking things on top shorter than planned. She didn’t ask, though, and just went ahead with it. Jocelyn didn’t seem to mind, though, and it wasn’t long before further use of the scissors over comb method had reduced her shoulder length dirty blonde hair to that gorgeous pixie. And, by that time, the floor was littered with hair and so was the cape.

“Finished!” exclaimed Becky, who stood back to admire her work while feeling turned on by her friend’s transformation.

“Holy shit! This looks great. It’s so different, though!” replied her friend.

“You look beautiful, hun. I’ve never told you this before, but you’re stunning and this makes you even more gorgeous,” replied a more confident and less afraid Becky.

“What are you saying?” asked Jocelyn in a shocked reply.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Becky said, firmly, before taking off the cape and shaking it out so that all of the remaining blonde strands of hair fell onto the tiled floor.

“Are you saying you’re attracted to me, sexually?”


“I didn’t know you felt that way. I’ve always kind of had a thing for you as well. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I like girls and often check them out when we’re out and about.”

Becky hadn’t noticed, but then again she hadn’t been paying attention. It didn’t matter, though, because she knew that Jocelyn was single and this confirmation was all she needed. She embraced her friend, rubbed her new haircut and took her finger up and down the slightly shaved nape. It sent tingles through Jocelyn, and it wasn’t long before she reacted by gently kissing Becky. After that, they moved to the couch that acted as the waiting area and had an encounter to remember.

By the time they were finished, it was 7:30, and the other girls were supposed to arrive at 8. Unlike most teenagers, these were punctual women and sometimes they’d even arrive early, which sent the pair into a panic. Both needed to shower, and had limited time, so they did so together and were barely ready when the first couple arrived.

As soon as the young ladies saw Jocelyn’s hair, they complimented her on how amazing it looked. The others did, too, and Jocelyn was quick to give credit where it was due. The two also summoned the courage to come out to their friends, and spent most of the night cuddling and holding hands, sneaking the odd kiss whenever they could.

Becky hadn’t forgotten about her plan, though, and when Jocelyn’s haircut was brought up again, she offered her services to the rest of the group. They were, after all, about to head in separate directions and some had yet to get their back to school haircuts. They were women now, too, and it was time for a change.

At least, that’s what she said.

Two denied the invitation, saying that they had just cut their hair and were happy with the results. However, the other three meekly agreed to a trim.

Heather and Jessica said that they would watch, while Brittany, Amber and Victoria went under the shears. That was fine with Becky, because that trio included the two girls whose hair she had always dreamt of cutting.

Brittany, whose dyed black hair hung at bra length, was first in the chair when they all went downstairs. She had grabbed a full glass of wine before slowly walking towards the chair and sitting down. Becky reassured her that things would be fine, before getting a white and black lined cape and putting it around her shoulders.

Brittany was afraid of losing a lot of hair, but after some persuasion and a bit more wine, she said what the Hell and opted for a chin length bob. Becky had been wanting to give her this style for years, and quickly went to work, first wetting her hair and then combing it straight. She didn’t go with a ponytail, and instead opted to cut the hair as it was and watch the strands fall onto the already sizeable pile of hair that was resting below.

She cut, then cut some more, and soon Brittany’s hair hung between her shoulders and her chin. It looked amazing, and the remnants of what once was adorned both the cape and the floor. Brittany had picked a strand up and was nervously playing with it, while a couple of the others had done the same.

Becky worked quickly but efficiently, combing then cutting her friend’s hair at her chin. It was exactly straight and even, and clippings continued to fly. She knew that her friend had already been brave, so she didn’t push for a clippered nape, even though she wanted to, and finished the cut naturally before whisking the cape off and sending hair flying everywhere.


Amber should have followed, but she was having second thoughts and urged her best friend Vikki to take her place. The brunette — whose hair sat just below her shoulders — reluctantly agreed, feeling nerves herself, and sat her beautiful bubble butt on the chair. And, like her mother, Becky decided upon using a different cape for this shearing, opting to go with a leopard print one that hadn’t been used in a while.

She shook it, felt the tension and then fastened it around Vikki’s neck while holding her hair up in one hand.

Vikki was only willing to get a trim, so that’s what Becky gave her, cutting her hair just a couple of inches from the length that it was. It ended up resting right at her shoulders and looked beautiful. What was cut wasn’t a lot, but it looked nice with the rest of the hair on the floor.

Following Vikki’s meager trim, Amber finally agreed to cut her hair and shocked the rest of the girls with what she had decided. As it turned out, she loved the cut that Becky had given Jocelyn, and wanted to have the same one. Her hair was well below her ample breasts, though, which meant one hell of an opportunity for Becky.

The girls decided that it’d be best to donate the hair, so after Amber hopped into the chair, her silky blonde hair was tied up in a tight ponytail. She was then caped using a basic black cape, and the cut began.

Becky double-checked to make sure her friend was ready, and though scared, she said she was. She closed her eyes, though, and prepared for what followed. It didn’t take long for Becky to saw through the ponytail either, and she dropped it onto the girl’s lap.

“Wow!” rang out from the back of the room, and a smiling Amber seemed impressed.

Becky quickly got back to work, spraying her girlfriend’s hair and then using the same scissor over comb technique she had used on Jocelyn’s just three hours prior. The cut looked just as good on Amber as it did on her new lover, if not better, and blonde hair was everywhere at the end. For good measure, Becky also trimmed Amber’s nape shorter than Jocelyn’s, using the clippers, and gave her more of a bang.

The result was stunning.

The two other girls never did cut their hair, but what had transpired was more than enough for our young hairdresser in training. She had accomplished her goals, and in the process, had also discovered a new love. One that lasted for years to come, with regular trims and even a razor nape shave.

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