Laura’s Backroom Barbershop

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My wife Laura and I met about 8 years ago, and have been married for 5. After marrying, we bought our first house together and have been living the dream ever since. We’re currently in our late 20s and we like to stay in shape, always motivating each other to keep up with our personal fitness. As a result of this, I’m in the best shape of my life, and Laura looks like an absolute goddess. Accompanying her outstanding body, her beautiful blonde hair cascades down to her shoulder blades, almost the opposite of my short dark hair.

One more thing I should mention: I have an extremely strong fetish for having my hair cut short. Very short. I mention this because it has been a big part of our lives ever since I told my wife. I decided I had to tell her about it before we got married, and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As it turns out, Laura has a bit of a fetish for men with short hair! “The shorter the hair, the sexier the man,” she always says. I’m a very lucky guy.

When we first met, my dark hair was shaggy and hung over my ears. After revealing our kinks to one another, I quickly found myself buzzed to a #8 all over before our wedding. Laura loves the feel of the short hair against her hands, and rubbing it never fails to get her (and me) in the mood. She sometimes teases me about buying clippers and cutting my hair herself, and that notion always makes for a passionate evening.

One evening, Laura and I were laying in bed, following our nightly routine of reading before going to sleep. Laura shut her book and looked over at me.

“What do you think we should do with that room in the basement?” She asked me.

“I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. Maybe storage?” I answered. Truly, it hadn’t crossed my mind at all. Our basement was finished and boasted a lovely seating area, as well as a wet bar. However, there was a small back room that we had never found a use for. It had only one door leading into it, and that door was located in the farthest corner of the basement from the stairs. Not exactly prime real estate.

“Hmmm, okay then, I may have a better idea,”
she said, feigning a pensive look. I could tell she was planning something, but I couldn’t be sure what.

“What’s your idea, dear?” I asked, knowing she wouldn’t tell me just yet. She had that look in her eyes like she wanted it to be a surprise. Still, it was worth a shot.

“Well if I’m going to do it, it’s going to be a surprise,” she giggled. She ruffled my hair with her hand and let her long, red fingernails scrape gently across my scalp. My hair had been growing for quite some time, but I hadn’t had the chance to get a proper haircut. “You know what? I’m going to take the week off from work and try and get it done. Don’t go looking around down there for this next week, okay babe?” she said. This was certainly unexpected, but I was curious to see what she could come up with.

“That sounds like quite the project, I hope you enjoy yourself! Let me know if you need any help,” I said, trying to be as supportive as possible. I was really excited to see Laura’s creative side in action.


Fast forward one week. Laura had been working tirelessly on the back room, but I could see a spark inside her that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Whatever this project was, she was truly passionate about it, and was loving every minute.

That night, Laura came up from the basement with a huge grin on her face, showing off her perfect white smile.

“Hey babe, I’m going to freshen up and then you can come downstairs and see what I’ve been working on!” She said excitedly.

“Can’t wait!” I yelled back as she darted up the stairs to shower. I was wondering what this project could possibly be that she had become so passionate about it.

About half an hour later, I heard Laura scurry down the stairs and go down to the basement before I even knew she was there. I looked up from the book I was reading, but she was already gone. I figured she must have left something down there and wanted to get it before revealing the surprise. Suddenly, my phone buzzed. I looked at it and saw a text from Laura.

“Come downstairs babe, it’s time to show you what I’ve been working on ;)” read her text. I was oddly excited, wondering what the surprise could be and why she was acting so flirty about it. I took a deep breath, shut my book, and headed towards the basement stairs.

When I got downstairs, the door to the back room was shut. I walked over to it and knocked, wondering what all the secrecy could be about. Laura opened the door inwards, and a small bell jingled above it as it opened. Laura stayed hidden behind the door for a moment, allowing me to take in the sight before me. Laura had converted our back room into a miniature barbershop! The floor was tiled in black and white, and there was a lone barber chair in the center of the room. A large mirror lined the back wall, with a long counter beneath it. The left wall had an old-timey barber pole mounted to it, and it was lit up and spinning. The right wall had a large, hand-painted sign that read “Laura’s Backroom Barbershop”. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Laura stepped out from behind the door, and my jaw hit the floor. My wife stood before me wearing a lacy, maroon bodysuit with black fishnet stockings and 6 inch black high heels. Her ample breasts were pushed up nicely, making them appear even larger than usual. I thought I was dreaming!

“Well, what do you think?” Laura asked in a provocative tone as she struck a pose, putting her well manicured hands on her hips.

“This is… Amazing!” I exclaimed, “This is better than anything I could have ever come up with!” I hadn’t felt this excited since I first shared my fetish with Laura. I stepped towards Laura to kiss her, but she put her hand out and stopped me. “Not so fast, lover boy. Strip,” she commanded. I knew better than to mess with her. As she commanded, I stripped down completely and discarded my clothes in the corner of the shop.

“You’ve let this hair get FAR too long, boyfriend,” she scolded as she grabbed a fistful of my grown out mop. Her red nails scraped against my scalp as she yanked my hair. “Get in the chair. Now,” she commanded, guiding me there as her heels clicked against the tile floor. She threw me into the chair, the cold leather sticking to my skin as I readjusted and got comfortable in the large chair.

Just as I finished adjusting, I felt something cold against my left wrist. I looked down and heard a distinct clicking noise before realizing that Laura had handcuffed my left hand to the arm of the chair. Before I could finish processing the situation I was in, my right hand was cuffed as well. I pulled against the handcuffs to no avail, realizing that I was trapped in her chair. A twinge of panic set in, but it was quickly washed away by a wave of erotic excitement crashing over me.

“W-what are you planning on doing to me?” I asked, my arousal causing my voice to shake. I began to get noticeably hard, naked as I was. Laura stepped behind me with a small strip of tissue paper in her hands, which she tied tightly around my neck.

“Well, my dear, I thought it was time to take this thing to the next level, since it turns us both on. I’ve been telling you for a while now that I want to buzz your hair, but I wanted the first time to be absolutely perfect,” she said, smiling her beautiful, white smile. As she said this, she flung a large, black cape over me, completely covering me and most of the chair.

She turned away from me momentarily, and I got a great view of her perky ass that was exposed by the high cut bodysuit. She rummaged around in a drawer, but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I looked in the mirror at my caped figure. I would never have known I was naked beneath the cape, save for the tent-like formation in my lap.

Suddenly, Laura turned around. She was holding a pair of clippers and grinning at me. I noticed two things immediately: First, the clippers were a maroon set of Balding clippers. Second, they had no guard on them. I began to fight against the restraints a bit more now, unsure that I was ready to take this step.

“Baby please, I don’t think I’m ready to go bald,” I begged. I think this just turned her on more. She was clearly enjoying her position of power over me, and my begging only heightened the pleasure for her. She walked behind me provocatively, allowing her heels to once again click loudly against the tile floor. Holding the clippers in her right hand, she ran her left hand through my hair, making sure to drag her nails across my skin from the base of my neck all the way up to the crown of my head. She smirked at me in the mirror.

“Did I ask if you were ready?” Laura asked, rhetorically. She locked eyes with me in the mirror and I could see the determination in her gaze. I knew right then that I didn’t have a choice. I was about to be shaved bald.

“SNAP. BZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” the clippers sang, filling the small barbershop with their threats of buzzcuts and headshaves. My mouth went dry. I tried to reply to her, but I couldn’t get the words out. My erection pushed the cape up full-force now, revealing my deep desire to be shorn down by my gorgeous barberette.

“You just sit there and let me clean you up properly,” Laura said, still smirking and holding the clippers menacingly. I wondered if being buzzed bald was her new standard for ‘cleaned up’. This turned me on even more, and I began to take quick breaths as my heart rate increased. I didn’t say a word. I sat there, caped and restrained, and awaited the feeling of the clippers passing over my head.

Laura placed the clippers at my forehead, holding them at my hairline for 10-15 seconds just to tease me, knowing how much I wanted this. She knew how badly I yearned for the vibrations over my scalp, and she got off on depriving me of it for these last few seconds. Then, she pulled the clippers back towards my crown in one firm, slow motion. My headshave had officially begun.

2″ strands of hair rained down the cape, racing to the floor as the dark blizzard commenced in front of my face. As if that wasn’t enough, Laura reached around me and tipped the clippers over, dumping a hefty clump of my dark hair into my caped lap. I swear it made a thud sound when it landed on the cape. The only other time I had seen this much hair come off was when Laura had first convinced me to get it buzzed down to a #8. I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw a stark white path of bald skin right down the middle of my head. I wouldn’t be walking out of Laura’s Backroom Barbershop with a single strand of hair on my head.

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be bald,” I observed, barely above a whisper.

“Finally!” Laura exclaimed, “I’ve wanted you shaved bald from the day that I met you! I always think about how sexy you’d look with a buzzed head. I’m upset it’s taken me so long to shave you down!” With that, she made another pass over the top of my head, depositing even more of my precious hair into the growing piles on the cape and floor. “Alright that’s enough playing around, say goodbye to it babe,” Laura said aggressively.

“Bye bye hair, it was nice knowing you,” I joked. In the mirror, I could see Laura wrap the cord of the clippers around her arm once, a technique often employed by military barberettes. She had clearly done her homework, but military barberettes never looked so damn sexy. In no time at all, Laura made several swift, aggressive passes over the top of my head, leaving nothing at all behind and causing my dark hair to rain down in massive chunks in front of my face.

As I looked at my barberette in the mirror, I noticed that she had a considerable amount of my hair stuck to her breasts. She likely didn’t mind, it was probably arousing for her to have her husband’s shaved-off hair sticking to her in intimate places while she buzzed him like a new recruit. She bit her lip and moved to my right side, forcefully shoving my head to the left before carving out a wide path of bald skin around my ear. I shivered involuntarily as the hair tumbled down the side of my neck and skated down the cape. Laura’s response was to get a firm grip on my head with her left hand and hold me in place while she aggressively shaved path after path up the right side of my scalp.

It took maybe a minute for her to bare the right side of my head, after which she moved to the left and repeated the process. Her heels clicked on the floor as she walked around me, and she lightly dragged her nails across the back of my neck from right to left as she adjusted her position. Suddenly, my head was shoved to the right and the clippers were buzzing loudly in front of my left ear as my sideburn hit the floor.

“This is going to be such a sexy look on you,” Laura said quietly, simply musing to herself as she shaved off huge clumps of my hair. I still said nothing, I was completely stunned that this was even happening to me. In my own house, no less! I was caped up and trapped in the barber chair while my head was being shaved by a sexy blonde barberette in lingerie. Thinking about my situation made my erection almost painful, and I thought I would explode right then and there.

With the top and sides of my head shaved, I looked bald as an egg in the mirror. This view was short-lived as Laura stepped behind me and shoved my head forward, pinning my chin to my chest and exposing the back of my head and neck to her hungry clippers. She placed the buzzing instrument at the base of my neck, barely above the cape. As she held them there, the vibrations penetrated my entire body and caused me to start leaking precum beneath the cape. I hoped it wouldn’t create a stain, but I doubted either of us would be able to tell beneath the mountain of shorn hair sitting in my lap. Laura began to moan quietly, and I noticed she had a hand near her crotch as she drove the clippers ever so slowly up the back of my neck and into my remaining hair.

The clumps tumbled down the back of my shorn, exposed nape and caused me to shiver violently once again. I couldn’t believe I was actually having my head shaved to the skin. Laura moaned louder now, her hand moving faster between her legs as the final traces of my once shaggy hair were peeled off.

As the final hairs fell, Laura stopped masturbating and shut off the clippers. She placed them on the counter in front of the chair and quickly whisked off the cape, scattering hair all over the floor of her newly-christened barbershop. My erection was no longer hidden by the cape full of shaved locks, and she bit her lip when she noticed it.

Coming around in front of me, she picked up the clippers one more time and began to run them aggressively over every inch of my burred scalp. They hummed more quietly now as they found less hair to cut. While Laura buzzed me with her right hand, she used her left hand to give my dick a few quick strokes. I thrusted against her hand, still restrained to the chair as I was, but she quickly let go and shut the clippers off. She returned them to the drawer this time while both of us panted and tried to catch our collective breath. This would be a very fun evening for us both once I was released from the chair.

From the drawer, Laura retrieved a fluffy neck duster. This was something I had specifically told her that I fantasized about, and I was thrilled that she had listened. I told her I had always wanted to feel the soft bristles brushing across my freshly shaved head. She returned to her position behind the chair and gave me a knowing smirk in the mirror before whisking the brush all around my buzzed scalp. She continued this for well over a minute, allowing me to soak up the sensations on my exposed head and neck before returning the dusting brush to the drawer.

Her heels clicked on the floor again as she stepped behind me and ran her long nails all over my buzzed head. She teased the sensitive skin behind my ears, and slowly ran her nails down my bald head and neck before gliding them out to my shoulders. This sent chills up and down my spine as goosebumps appeared all over my body and I shivered for a third time, causing the handcuffs to rattle against the arms of the chair.

“This is how all men should look: shaved bald and tied to my barber chair…” Laura said seductively as she continued running her nails over my head. “You look soooo much better with a nice, shaved head, babe. This was easily worth the work I put in to the barbershop,” she stated.

“I’m glad you like it so much babe, do you think you could undo the handcuffs so I can feel it?” I asked, my dick throbbing and my heart racing. Laura walked around to the front of the chair, stripping off her bodysuit as she walked. She stood before me in nothing but her heels and fishnet stockings.

“Hmm, not just yet babe, I have one more thing I want to do while I have you all tied up like this. I’ve always wanted to take a bald guy for a test drive in a barbershop…” She teased. She stepped forward, grabbed the arms of the chair, and straddled me while I was still cuffed to the chair. The rest of that night was the most amazing sexual experience we had ever shared, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

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