Lauren Learns A Lesson The Hard Way Through Submission

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From David’s perspective:


I arrived home from work Thursday evening to find my pretty wife Lauren slaving away in the kitchen cooking our dinner.  She was wearing a nice blue blouse and very short jean shorts revealing her sexy tanned thighs.


With her long blonde hair flowing down both sides of her face and her mid-back, Lauren still looked all of 18 years of age.  That age was when I had married her and already 9 years had passed very quickly.  I gave her a long hug and kiss and looked around for our only daughter who was usually playing nearby.


“Where is Jordan?” I asked.


“In her bedroom.  Tell her that dinner is almost ready,” Lauren replied removing the casserole from the oven.


I made my way up the stairway to the second floor looking for Jordan.  As I reached the second floor, I heard crying and immediately hurried down the hallway to Jordan’s bedroom.  My 7 year old princess was lying on her bed sobbing uncontrollably.


I was astonished as I barely recognized my own daughter.  Jordan’s trademark pretty long blonde hair was gone; hacked off to a short messy crop that framed her face like a golden helmet and couldn’t have been longer than three inches in length.  Her little ears stuck out as the hair had been trimmed around them. Her forehead was exposed as her bangs had been snipped off very short.  The back had been cut right across her neck.  It looked horrible and almost made me sick to my stomach looking at her this way. Jordan’s eyes were quite red from a lot of crying.


I was shocked.  I was angry.  Who did this to my daughter?


“Hunny bunny, what happened?” I began as I reached out to embrace her in a giant bear hug.


Jordan sniffeled sadly, “Mom made them cut my hair off.”


“Who?  Where did this happen?” I pried.


“Mom took me to the barbershop and made them cut it all off,” Jordan managed before bursting into tears again.


I tried to hug her up as best as I could but she just kept sobbing.  I was furious.  My wife did this? How could she do this behind my back?  My daughter loved her long blonde hair and thought she was a princess.


I made my way back downstairs to the kitchen where Lauren was setting the table.  She turned around as I entered and saw the angry expression on my face.


“How could you?  How could you do that to our own daughter Lauren?  What is wrong with you?”  I was so angry that I was practically spitting out the words.


“Jordan didn’t do her list of chores again.  When she didn’t do them the last time, I told her if it happened again she would be punished.  She didn’t clean up her room, she forgot to feed the cat and she didn’t make her bed.  Then I found out that she hasn’t been doing her homework lately.  She spends entirely too much time playing.  I finally got frustrated with her; it is only hair and it will grow back soon.”


That last part really set me off.  I raised my hand and slapped Lauren on the cheek hard causing her head to snap to the side.  A red welt quickly appeared after I struck her again in the same spot.  Lauren was stunned.  She brought a trembling hand to her cheek as she fought back tears.


“David, I had to do something to make her listen to me,” my wife whined.


“Lauren you took Jordan to a barbershop and told them to hack off all of our daughter’s hair!  What the hell is the matter with you?  She looks like a boy now with that short hair, and I hope your happy about that!” I fumed.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do, I’m sorry David.”


“You will be sorry,” I hissed, pulling out a kitchen chair and sitting down. “Pull your shorts and panties down and bend over my knee right now young lady, I’m not going to tell you again!”


Lauren hesitated at first, then realizing that I was serious, dropped her jean shorts and panties, and laid her small frame across my lap with her bare butt raised.  This was the first time ever in our marriage that I’d had to resort to spanking my wife.  I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and pulled back with one hand as I wound up with the other hand.








I paddled her good and hard with my bare hand until she was squirming on my lap and her behind was bright red.


“Maybe if you spent more time at home being a mother and less time out with your girlfriends, she would listen to you more.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the only responsible parent in this household and I’m away at work most of the day.”


“That’s not true or fair,” Lauren whined. “I’m a good mother.”  She was really sobbing now.


“Then start acting like it,” I shouted angrily.








I spanked her so hard that she cried out and lost control, practically collapsing as dead weight on my lap.  I finally left go of her hair.  Lauren’s butt cheeks were bright cherry red now, like they were on fire from the hard spanking.


“Stand up now,” I ordered.  “Pull your panties and shorts up.  You and I have somewhere else to be.”


“What about dinner?  It’s practically ready.”


“Forget it.  We have more important business to take care of right now.  We are going out and you are going to get a haircut to serve as your punishment for what you did to Jordan.  No ifs, ands or buts.  I don’t care how upset you get, you need to take responsibility for your actions.”  I walked to the foot of the stairs and called, “Jordan, come down here hunny bunny,” I called.


Several minutes passed before Jordan appeared in the doorway still teary eyed and gloomy.


“We are going out to the barbershop again and your mother is going to get a haircut this time,” I told Jordan.


Jordan smiled as she heard the words and realized that her mother was in deep trouble.  “Ok let’s go,” she said brightening up and laughing at her mother’s dismay.


I practically had to drag Lauren out to the car and then the three of us headed straight to the barbershop.


“I’m really sorry David.  I’m a grown woman, please don’t make me get a haircut,” my wife kept repeating over and over.


“That doesn’t cut it Lauren.  Maybe you should have thought before you destroyed Jordan’s hair.  How do you think our daughter feels right now?  You will learn the hard way, which is the only way.  When we get to the barbershop, I will instruct them how to cut your hair and you will be quiet and not throw a tantrum like a little girl.”


I looked in the mirror and saw Jordan smiling from the back seat, her tears apparently gone now.  I made my wife tell me which barbershop in town they had been to earlier that day which turned out to be the closet to our house.


We arrived at Sam’s Barbershop just as things were winding down for the day.  Only a few cars remained in the lot.


My wife was trying to stall getting out of the car but I dragged her out and into the shop with Jordan in tow.


The two occupants glanced in our direction as we came through the door.  The lone barber was finishing up with a gentleman in the barber chair and asked how many of us needed haircuts.  I said just my wife and was there enough time to her fit in today?  He said sure, take a seat in the waiting area and he would be with us momentarily.


From the moment that we stepped into the shop, I could see that Lauren changed her tune very quickly.  She had realized that her fate was sealed and grown very submissive.  Jordan and I took seats in the waiting area but Lauren chose to stand.  I guessed that her behind still stung from the spanking.  Lauren was trembling with anxiety as she glanced at me nervously and awaited her fate, her long blonde hair spilling down her back.


After some time, the other customer was done and had paid.  He decided to stick around to make sure that he had heard correctly that this beautiful long haired woman was indeed going to get a haircut today.  Sam the Barber came over to speak with us.  Sam was a very large man and his bald head towered at least a foot over me, and easily a foot and a half over Lauren.


“I am about to close for the day but I can still fit you in, what can I do for you?” Sam asked as he approached us.


“My wife was in this shop earlier today and made my daughter get her hair cut short,” I explained angrily showing him my daughter’s shorn hair.  “I am very upset about it and I want you to give my wife the same haircut.”


“I remember both of them.  I certainly don’t mind cutting your wife’s hair but she has to agree to it as well.  I really don’t want to get in the middle of your family quarrels,” Sam countered.


“Fine,” I said glaring at Lauren to respond appropriately.


Lauren flushed red with embarrassment.  “In order to keep peace with my husband, I agree to get my haircut however he wishes.”



From Sam’s perspective:


“Ok come on back,” I agreed enthusiastically observing Lauren’s long blonde hair.  It wasn’t often that I had the opportunity to handle such lovely hair.  When I had seen Lauren earlier that day, I had fantasized about the opportunity to handle such a beautiful mane.  No longer just a fantasy, the moment of truth had arrived.


I refocused on the task presently at hand.  One female victim in my shop and one short haircut coming up.  “Let’s get started right away.  Come sit down in the barber chair,” I motioned to Lauren.  I asked Jordan and David to take seats off to one side so that they were close to the action.



From David’s perspective:


I saw Lauren winced in pain as she sat down in the chair, the cushion doing very little to comfort the soreness of her earlier spanking.


I watched my wife closely, dwarfed in the large chair, waiting for her impending haircut.  I was very excited as I would be soon be instructing Sam the Barber just how short her locks would be cut.


Lauren gripped the armrests tightly with her nervous hands.  I could see her shiver from the cool air blowing from the fan overhead, causing goosebumps to form on her bare arms and legs.


Sam approached the chair and tied Lauren’s long hair into a makeshift ponytail.  He wrapped a small tissue around her slender neck.  Then Sam placed a shiny red cape over her body and secured it around her neck over the tissue.  Sam untied the ponytail and began pumping up the chair to a proper working height, which was quite high to account for his giant size.


“This is such long and healthy hair.  Are you completely sure about this?”  It was as if Sam was posing the question to Lauren more so than me.


“Absolutely,” I said quickly.  “We are going very short today.  Lauren made a huge mistake by bringing Jordan here and I want her to learn a lesson today, not to go behind my back again.”


“Well how short are we talking about?” Sam asked.


“Very, very short. I want you to cut it so short that this experience will humiliate her for a long time. Remember that she is being punished, so I don’t want you going easy on her.  I want you to cut it much short than Jordan’s.  Start right away with the clippers and shave it all down to a quarter inch buzzcut.”


Lauren swallowed hard and looked over at me after I said the words, her eyes wide as reality was sinking in.  She was about to get sheared like sheep and lose all of her long blonde hair for the first time in her life, all on account of my orders.



From Lauren’s perspective:


This situation was turning out much worse than I expected. David had said earlier ‘as short as Jordan’s’ so I figured that I would still have some length to play with.  That would no longer be the case, I thought sadly.


I barely had any more time to reflect on the matter because Sam was approaching the chair once again wielding a pair of hair clippers with the quarter inch guard.  The clippers were fired up with a loud growl and I was trembling nervously with butterflies in my stomach as they moved closer in search of my doomed hair.  I was afraid that I was going to pee my shorts from all the anxiety.


I did the only thing that I could think of to do at the moment.  I closed my eyes to kept from crying and wished that this ordeal would be over soon.  I felt the clippers being positioned at my forehead and slowly but surely being driven back over my scalp.


The hair was peeled away slowly as the blades ate hungrily.  Long heavy hanks of blonde hair spilled all around me as the haircutting machine continued its relentless path of destruction.


The clippers continued to snarl as they relieved me of my glorious golden mane, one strip at a time, focused solely on it’s task at hand.  The angry buzzing went on for quite some time as the hair was sheared down to a quarter-inch all over my head.


The humiliation of recieving such a haircut was bad enough, but I figured that everybody watching her shearing just had to be throughly enjoying themselves, which made my predicament even worse.  Even so, I dared not do anything stupid to further allow David any more satisfaction than was necessary.



From David’s perspective:


I was thoroughly enjoying the every aspect of Lauren’s very short haircut.  Being so close to the action, I was so absorbed in the shearing that I didn’t want it to end.


Watching all of that gorgeous golden hair being removed from Lauren’s head made me especially horny.  I had never realized until now that I had a quite an attraction to such a thing.  There was just something very satisfying about making Lauren submit to having her hair removed courtesy of a barber.  In my opinion, it was the correct punishment for forcing Jordan to get her hair chopped off.  An eye for an eye if you will.



From Lauren’s perspective:


Before long the clippers were silenced, giving Sam a moment to pop off the guard.  Just as quickly, the clippers were refired and Sam ran them slowly around my hairline to clean off any baby hairs and sharpen up the edges.


Several minutes later the clippers were silenced again.  A small brush was used to wisk away any loose pieces that remained.  The cape was removed and the haircut was now complete.


I came out of my coma when I felt David’s presence at my side.  David immediately began to inspect the haircut.  I was still angry at him but just glad it was all over.  I shivered again as the cool air from the ceiling fan blew down on my exposed capeless body and shorn head.



From David’s perspective:


I excitedly stepped over to inspect Lauren’s buzzcut.  The hair was cut so short that I could see her scalp showing through and again that horny feeling was shuttering through my body.


I spent quite some time rubbing Lauren’s freshly clippered head, even though I knew she was angry with me.  I just couldn’t stop rubbing, it felt really good.  With Lauren’s bone structure, the buzzcut suited her well.


“Well Jordan what do you think of your mother’s new haircut?”  I asked turning toward my daughter who was standing near me.


“I like it, it is even shorter than mine.  Mom got just what she deserved,” Jordan stated without missing a beat.


I laughed and turned back to my wife. “I hope you enjoy your new buzzcut.  See Lauren, this what happens when you end up having to learn things the hard way.”

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