Layla’s Curly Mess

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Layla, a 19-year-old Colombian-Argentinean girl had come to America to register for college. She decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to get a familiar background and have a better chance at getting into a good school.


She decided to go to Georgia Institute of Technology, where she would get her master’s degree in Biochemistry and Engineering.


After being accepted, she moved in and made new friends. However, work was troubling because her hair was so big, curly and poufy that it got in her way.


Her new friend, Sylvia who she has AP Science class with; suggested a new haircut. Layla was hesitant and knew her hair would take a long time to grow back. She said she’ll do it if Sylvia comes. Sylvia agreed and after school, they went to a barbershop that said “Vinny and Johnny’s Unisex Barbershop.

Layla asked why they’re at a barbershop. Sylvia was a lesbian, a part of the LGBTQ+ Community; and to her, it felt right getting a look where guys get their haircut. Layla understood and went in with Sylvia.


They both entered and saw two middle-aged barbers, a young barber and also a young female barber. They all had clients, so the two had to wait their turn. Sylvia said she needed to come back anyway.

The young barber named Vinny “Vince” Jr. was able to take Sylvia and she asked for her usual. Her hair was pinned up. She had a strip of tissue put around her neck and was then caped. Her hair was to her shoulders and Vince took his time to take away the hair from her sides and back. Vince put down the scissors and picked up a pair of clippers to shave the sides and back of Sylvia’s hair to make it even.

He then took his scissors and gave her a men’s haircut, but with it looking feminine at the same time. Lastly, he took a straight razor around the sides and back, as well as using a bit of product to keep it neat. Sylvia’s hair was very interesting to look at.


When Sylvia got up, Layla asked Vince for something short and different. He asked if she wanted any of the following haircuts:

  1. Mohawk.
  2. Mullet
  3. Flattop.
  4. Buzzcut.
  5. Quiff.
  6. Pompadour-Pixie.
  7. Fade
    1. Low-Fade.
    2. Mid-Fade.
    3. High-Fade.
  8. Crewcut
  9. Short and Spiky.
  10. Cropped (Little Boy/Ivy League Cut).
  11. Bowl Cut.


Layla thought hard. She didn’t know what some of the haircuts were, so she asked for a flattop.


Vince put a strip of tissue around her neck and covered her body with a crimson-colored cape. He told her it would be more feminine, not like a military-regulation Flattop. Vince started with the Oster 76 clippers with a #2 guard to take off the long and curly bulk on Layla’s head. Her eyes went from left to right as she saw chunks of hair rain down. It took about 10 minutes to get it to the right length. Layla’s hair was tall and curly up top that made her hair look like a chunky, curly bowl cut mixed with afro top. She resembled a curly, dirty mop.

After that, Vince took the guard off and turned her a bit so he could start at her right side. Layla was concerned about whirring clippers taking large clumps of hair falling onto the floor. The chair was slowly turning as Vince kept using the Oster Clippers to fade her sides and back.


He then took a spray bottle and wet down her hair up top, making the curls go flat and straight. Vince took out a Flattop comb and inserted in about ½” above Layla’s scalp. Vince took the large clippers and shorn her to 1”. He then took a set off smaller clippers to reduce her hair up top to ¾”.


The Flattop comb was replaced with a regular comb and Vince started working on the sides of the Layla, so it stood straight up. She noticed that 90% of her dark-blonde to chestnut-brown hair was on the cape and checkerboard-tiled floor.


Vince put down the clippers and comb, he started to put shaving cream and a bit of warm water into a small bowl. He then picked up a brush and put it in the bowl to make the cream aerated enough. Vince sharpened his straight razor and then put it down to put the cream on Layla’s head. The cream was applied to her neck, sides and back. Vince took the razor and used short, slow streaks to clean up Layla’s neck. He used longer, faster strokes on the sides and back of the head to be even with the fade starting at the neck going towards the base of the Flattop.

After putting the bowl and brush down, Vince cleaned around the ears with the razor.


Vince then brushed and blow-dried Layla’s hair. He went into the drawer and took out a small, round container that said, “Capt. Jim’s Stiff Hair Wax”. Vince took some into his hands, grabbed a thin comb and a small pair of scissors to make sure the Flattop stood straight up. The wax made Layla’s hair go from “c-curl” stubble to slender strands of dark hair. She felt the comb going through what remained of her hair; while her eyelids were up, because of the tension from the precision-combing. Vince used his scissors to get rid of any stray hairs he might’ve missed and reduced the length up top to about ½” using the clippers from earlier.


He cleaned off her neck, face, sides, and back. Vince took the two-handled mirror off its hook, while Layla’s eyes were shut. He turned Layla around and she opened her eyes, the Flattop was very interesting. The back was evenly faded with the sides and the top was stiff. Her hair was so stiff that it stayed perfectly straight as she moved her head.


Vince turned her towards the waiting area, where Sylvia was sitting and showed her the new look she just got. Sylvia smiled and she decided to pay for both haircuts. They thanked Vince and left the barbershop.


As they waited for the bus to take them to campus, Layla asked if Sylvia could be her girlfriend. Sylvia said yes and kissed until the bus come.


Later that night, they both got a room together on campus and had they both had sex for the first time.


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