Leaving my past, and my hair behind

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This is the first thing I’ve ever written so please be kind.

Leaving My Past, And My Hair Behind


The Roomie

It was a Saturday night, I was headed out to the nightclub like I did almost every weekend, but this weekend I was on my own. I usually went out with my roomie, Chloe, we did pretty much everything together since we shared an apartment.

The apartment was nothing special, but it’s all we could afford. We were so proud of ourselves. We made it on our own as strong and independent women. We bonded over our shared experiences of being kicked out by our parents when we turned eighteen and we’ve been pretty much inseparable since.

This was until she got a boyfriend, his name was Ryan and I didn’t like him if I’m going to be honest, he took her away from me. Ryan thought I was a bad influence on Chloe, going out every weekend and hooking up with different guys. I mean who is he to judge? I’ve heard stories about him. We were sensible, we looked out for each other, we made sure we were both safe, and she really looked out for me lately.

I’ve been followed back to my apartment on nights out almost every time I’ve been out for the last year so I appreciate her looking out for me in that way, making sure I got home safe.

I do admit that I’ve hooked up with a couple of Ryan’s friends and it got me a little bit of a reputation but that’s no reason to distrust me. I would never push Chloe to cheat on him like I felt he was accusing me of, even if I did think she would be better without him.

I’d been talking to Chloe all week about going out, we hadn’t been out since she started dating Ryan. I finally got her to agree but she said she would only come if Ryan could come too. I didn’t want him coming, I knew he didn’t like me. I felt like he was always judging me like the misogynistic asshole he is.

I had a rough week at work, I just wanted to have a couple drinks and find a guy to bring back. I knew Ryan would judge me over it and talk mad shit about me and I didn’t want him ruining my good time. I told Chloe I didn’t want him coming and we got into a huge fight about it so she and Ryan took off to his parents house in Seattle for the weekend.

I wasn’t going to let those two ruin my weekend, if anything, after the fight I feel like I had another reason for wanting to let loose. I straightened my hair, applied fake tan generously onto my naturally pale skin which I hated. I did my makeup, put on fake lashes and grabbed my sluttiest dress that showed plenty of cleavage. I knew I’d need my sex appeal later if I was going to get lucky. I grabbed my purse and denim jacket, it was a little cold outside, winter in Chicago ehh. 

The Nightclub Regret

I arrived at the nightclub, it was packed. I had to wait almost an hour in line just to get in. I was lucky I brought that denim jacket with me to keep warm. I wish I chosen a little bit of a longer dress though, my legs were freezing. Once I got in I ordered a couple shots. I noticed a guy across the bar, chiselled jawline, short curly dark hair and he was tall, very tall. We got talking, and we danced, I knew where the night was headed at that point but I wanted to tease him a little bit, make him feel like he had to work for it. I pressed my butt up against him as we danced, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, I knew he wanted me.

We both had a little bit too much to drink. He invited me back to his place to see his knife collection, I knew I wasn’t ever going to see those knives. We got in the Uber and headed to his place. I teased him some more on the ride over. I moved my hand across his lap, rubbing his cock through his pants. We got back to his place and I guess I had teased a little too much, he didn’t even last three minutes. He didn’t care about any of my needs. Once he cummed he lost all interest in me. He told me that I needed to leave, that in his words he “had a big final coming up and needed to study in the morning” I mean what a douchebag, I was mad. 

I put my dress back on, I noticed he ripped it along the back as he was rushing to undress me. I told him he needed to Venmo me for a new dress.

“I’m a college student, I don’t have money for that” he said.

So he had money to get into one of the nicest nightclubs in Chicago and had money to pay for this apartment but he didn’t have money to replace my dress that he ruined. I was so hot over it I didn’t even want to argue but I knew it didn’t add up.

I called an Uber and sat there silently waiting for my ride in his apartment. I could feel his warm cum still inside me, it felt humiliating. I had to wait forty minutes just for ride, we only had to wait fifteen earlier to get back to his place It felt awkward just sat in his apartment waiting for my Uber to arrive whilst he slept. I should’ve shaved his eyebrows in his sleep, would’ve taught him a lesson.

I looked in his fridge as I was leaving. If he wouldn’t Venmo me for a new dress then I thought I’d help myself to one of his beers, douchebag. 

The Black Mercedes

My Uber finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to leave. I felt a little bit drunk, I was tired and I just wanted to go to sleep. I got in the Uber and headed home. This driver wasn’t getting a tip from me, I told him to shut up but he just kept rambling on. He was definitely an incel, ewww gross.

I arrived back at my place and went to the door and I realized that my keys were in my jacket and that I left my jacket at that guys house. I didn’t remember where he lived, I didn’t exactly pay close attention on the ride to his place. I don’t know how this night could possibly get any worse. I guess I had my purse so not everything was bad but I certainly didn’t feel that way at the time. I began to cry, my makeup running down my face, dress ruined, I felt like a complete mess.

As I sat down on the sidewalk, feeling dumb and embarrassed, bright lights hit my face. As the lights dimmed I seen the car, I knew the car, it was the black Mercedes-AMG that had been following me home almost every weekend.

The window rolled down and I heard in deep voice “Are you okay?”

Of course I wasn’t okay but I wasn’t going to reply to this guy who had been following me home constantly. I was scared in that moment, I had nowhere to run, if he wanted to hurt me he could right there and then.

I heard the engine switch off, the door opened and I heard the sound of his foot hit the ground and the door shut behind him.

He stood in front of me and repeated “Are you okay”

I looked up at him with panda eyes and in that moment I knew who my stalker was, it was Dylan from high school and Dylan got hot.


Dylan was kind of a dweeb in high school, he mostly kept to himself. Dylan was from a wealthy and successful family, his Dad owned a law firm in downtown Chicago. He had expectations put on him by his family so he focused on his schoolwork and didn’t really have any friends, not that I would’ve been his friend anyway. Being friends with such a massive nerd would’ve ruined my high school status. 

Dylan sat down next to me, took off his jacket and placed it around me. I didn’t expect him to be in such good shape, you could see he worked out when he took off his jacket. He had broad shoulders, built like a Greek god. I couldn’t help but look. He was far from the skinny kid I knew in high school.

“I’ve seen you following me back to my apartment you know” I said.

“I know, I’m sorry about that, sorry if I scared you” Dylan replied.

I was honestly still a little scared in that moment but I thought to myself that if he was going to attack me he probably would’ve done it by now. 

“Why are you sat out here? Why don’t you head inside in the warm? It’s way too cold to be out here” said Dylan.

I told him what had happened, I seen his head fall slightly as I told him about the guy I hooked up with. I knew Dylan must’ve had a crush on me and that’s why he had been following me home. He must have seen me bring home thirty or more guys in the time he’s been following me home so I didn’t understand his reaction. Dylan knew the kinda girl that I was, but it did sting a little bit seeing his reaction. Dylan went quiet for a little bit, I could tell he was still hurting from what I had said

“You look good” I said, I was just trying to end the awkward silence.

“So, do you have anywhere to go?” Dylan replied.

“No, I haven’t spoken to my parents in years. I don’t even know their address. I have nowhere to go. I’ll have to wait it out until the morning when I can get ahold of my landlord” I replied.

“Do you want to try booking into a hotel?” Dylan said.

I told him that I couldn’t afford a hotel and that with that huge convention in town for the weekend most of the hotels were likely booked out. I don’t know what compelled me to ask, but I asked if I could crash at his place for the night and that I would be gone and out of his way early morning as soon as I could get ahold of my landlord so I could access my apartment.

So here I was sat in the car with the boy who had been stalking me for almost a year headed back to his place, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Dylan’s Apartment 

We arrived at his place, unsurprisingly he lived in the nice part of town, of course he did. His monthly rent probably cost what I made in a month, plus tips working at the restaurant. We headed inside and I gave him back his jacket and said thank you. He told me to make myself comfortable and that I could sleep in his room.

Dylan said he was just going to head out and grab some food, he would be gone around thirty minutes. He told me if I wanted a shower it was an en-suite to his bedroom.

”Down the hall, second door on the left” he said.

 I didn’t want to be rude but I kinda just wanted him to leave so I could get in the shower. He told me if I needed something to wear that his t-shirts were in the second and third drawers in his bedroom.

As I headed down the hall I noticed a locked door on the right, first door down. It was the only door that required a key, a little strange I thought but I didn’t want to intrude. I headed for a shower, probably not the greatest idea to have a shower when you’ve had a little too much alcohol. I fell and cut my knee.

I knew the shower was much needed though, I looked a total mess beforehand. I got out the shower, I wrapped a towel around me and headed into the bedroom. I dried myself off and grabbed a plain navy blue t-shirt from the second drawer down, I couldn’t find a hairdryer so grabbed the hair-tie from around my wrist and put my hair up in a messy bun.

I heard the front door open.

 “Elle, I’m back. Are you decent?” I heard Dylan shout.

“Yeah, I’m just in your room” I replied.

He walked in with sushi in hand and placed it down on the bed.

“I didn’t know what you liked so I got you a little bit of everything” he said. 

Dylan noticed my knee that I had cut falling over in the shower. He went into the bathroom and grabbed a band-aid, he placed it on my knee and then kissed it and said

“all better”

it was kinda weird but I also thought it was kinda sweet.

We sat down on the bed, ate sushi and talked. It felt kinda like a date but not like a real date, more like half a date. I had never been on a date before so it felt kinda weird to me but our conversation just flowed naturally. I had never experienced a guy taking care of me like this before, usually I just hooked up with guys.  I seldom even asked what their name was so this was totally new to me.

Once we finished he grabbed the food containers and he turned off the light. He wished me sweet dreams and shut the door behind him.

As I laid there I had this urge to invite him back in, I felt so taken care of.  I know he had been following me around in his car and stalking me but I don’t know, I just felt loved in a weird way. I know his obsession with me was kinda creepy but I just felt so vulnerable and he was so sweet and I just wanted him to make love to me and I mean love, not casual sex like I had just had with that guy I met at the club a couple hours before. I wanted him to make me feel really special, I just couldn’t get it off my mind. I couldn’t sleep.

I kept tossing and turning, I kept thinking about him on top of me looking down at me with his deep brown eyes. I had to play with myself just so I could get it off my mind and go to sleep.

Conversation Over Coffee

I awoke the next morning, I slept in until 11am. I could smell coffee brewing.

“How did you sleep?” Dylan asked as I walked into the kitchen.

I don’t know why I told him but I did. I told him that I struggled sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. We sat down at the table over coffee and he admitted to being in love with me, this I had already figured out.

“No guy has ever cared for me the way you did last night” I said. 

“I don’t know why, I think you’re perfect” he responded.

“Do you perhaps want to take me on a real date some time?” I said to him.

“I’m in love with you but I know I can’t have you. I think you’re perfect but my parents would never approve of us” he responded.

I felt kinda disappointed and honestly a little hurt in that moment but I knew what it was. I was from a poor family, he came from money. I worked in a restaurant and he worked for a big law firm.  His parents probably wanted a nice prim girl for him, not someone like me, living in a shitty apartment with a promiscuous reputation.

“Is there anything I can do” I said.

“There is but I couldn’t ask that of you” he replied.

“Ask me” I said in an insistent tone.

I felt so loved the night before, if someone could treat me like that I thought it was at least worth giving it a shot.

“I know it seems fast but move in with me, I can help you win my parents approval that way. Come work for me too, you can be my assistant” said Dylan. 

I was still a little bit annoyed with Chloe, if she wanted Ryan so much then she could have him all the time. I knew she had been hinting at it anyway. I decided to say yes, I took a leap of faith and dived in head first. I had never done anything like this before. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with Chloe and Ryan anymore and their obnoxious relationship.


The Room

“I have a confession” said Dylan

He put his hand in his back pocket, grabbed his wallet and pulled out a key. It clicked for me straight away, I remembered the locked door. It was the first on the right from the night before. Dylan grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the door. I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect anything good.

He opened the door and inside was a room all made up.

“it’s for you” he said.

It had the most beautiful old fashioned dressing table, that was the first thing that caught my eye. Dylan grabbed my hand and took me towards a closet and opened it. Inside were designer dresses and shoes, cardigans, skirts and many different types of blouses. These were not the clothes I was used to wearing, it was all very prim. I was more of a yoga pants and sweatshirt kinda girl. I would put a dress on if I went out to the nightclub but I never imagined myself in these kinda dresses and I certainly never imagined myself wearing a blouse and skirt.

“I have another confession” Dylan admitted.

“My parents are coming over later. I knew I planned on asking you out one day but I didn’t plan on asking you out last night. It’s just awkward timing”

I didn’t know what to say, this was all moving very fast.

”I’ll tell my parents we’ve been dating awhile but that I just decided to introduce you and that it was all planned and that’s why I had invited them over”

I agreed, I knew if his parents knew the real story and that we in fact had literally just started dating all of five minutes ago then they would never accept me.

He grabbed a shopping bag from the floor. In the bag was a Dyson hair dryer and flat iron, they were much nicer than the ones I had at the apartment. On the dresser was a chest, Dylan opened it and inside was a ton of different makeup, more expensive than the stuff I would usually buy.

”Pick out whatever you want from the closet. I’m sure you’ll look pretty, you always do. Make sure not to overdue it on the makeup, try to make to make it look natural as my mother is a little bit judgy” he said.


I picked out a well fitted sleeveless white dress with black on the sides. The dress was a little big longer than I was used to, falling just below the knee. I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt beautiful even if my arms looked patchy from the fake tan wouldn’t come off. Dylan came in and told me how beautiful I looked. I felt confident and ready to ready to meet his parents

His parents arrived and they were exactly how I imagined them in my head. His Mother came across stern and uptight. His Dad was a little more relaxed, but that’s not saying much when you compare it to his army general like Mother.

“You must be the girlfriend we learned about five minutes ago as we were headed over in the car” she said.

“I don’t understand why Dylan didn’t tell us about you weeks ago” she continued.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Elle” I replied.

I felt almost immediately judged, just by the way she looked at me.

“Would you like a drink” I asked.

“Water will be fine, dear” she replied in a stern tone. 

I couldn’t quite make out her accent, it certainly wasn’t something I was used to hearing. Dylan said she’s from Britain.

“Anything for you, sir” I said to Dylan’s father.

“No, I’m fine, we’re headed to the country club afterwards to play golf. If I have anything to drink I’m sure I’ll feel bloated and it will ruin my swing”

I headed to the kitchen to get Dylan’s mom her water. I didn’t even know where Dylan kept the glasses but it’s not like I could ask him. If I didn’t know my way around his apartment surely they would figure out that we hadn’t in fact been dating for months. As I looked for where Dylan kept the glasses, opening every cupboard door I heard his mother scolding Dylan over me at the dining room table. 

“She’s a mess Dylan. What are you thinking?” I heard her say.

“Fake tan, she’s what they call in Britain a chav, she’s a whore. That hair too, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously with hair down to your buttocks” she continued.

“Mom stop” I heard him reply.

“We’ll find you a nice girl, one down the country club. One that looks after herself and looks respectable” she continued.

I found the glasses, I seen some nice bottles of water that she could’ve had but after the way I heard her talk about me she was getting tap water. I didn’t even want to head into the dining room after hearing what was just said about me. I took a deep breath, built up the courage, added a little sass and walked in. 

“Here’s your water” I said.

I had a right mind to throw it over her but that would just prove her point that I was low class.

I pretended like I didn’t hear what she had said about me but Dylan knew I had heard. I hated every minute she was there and when she finally said she was leaving I had to hold my expression of relief back until she was out of that door. 

“Think about what I said” Dylan’s mother said to Dylan as she closed the door to leave.

Dylan came over to me and gave me a big hug as soon as they left and apologised for his mothers behaviour. I was hurt but that hug made me feel so much better and in that moment I felt determined to prove her wrong. I could be good enough for Dylan.

I was going to ditch the fake tan, embrace this new feminine way of dressing, cut my hair and work hard as Dylan’s assistant.

“I want to cut my hair off” I said to Dylan as he held me

“Are you sure?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m sure” I said.

”I want to be the kinda woman you don’t ever have to feel embarrassed about. I know I have a reputation but I want to leave that behind. I want to be a woman for you instead of a girl. Leaving my hair behind is something I need to do” I continued.

“It’s Sunday, it’s already pretty late and we’ll be busy during the week. Can I take you next Saturday?” Dylan said.

“Yes, that’s fine. What do you think would look good on me?” I asked Dylan.

“I think you’d look great with a bob cut, like kinda short, to your chin would look great on you” Dylan quickly replied, so much so that I barely finished what I was saying.

That was gonna be a lot of hair I was gonna be losing, my hair was down to my butt. To cut my hair to my chin was going to be a big change. My hair had been long all my life and I had never even thought about having it cut off until now, and certainly not as short as to my chin but I knew that it would fit my new prim, feminine style. I knew it was something I was going to have to do in order to prove to his mother than I wasn’t just a silly girl, and that I could be a lady. 


I was so nervous all week thinking about my upcoming haircut, so much that it occupied my mind almost every waking hour. I was a pretty useless trainee with my mind occupied with the thought of my haircut but Dylan was so patient with me. He was so sweet to me all week long. Dylan got into the habit of picking out my outfit for me, I kinda liked it. I felt kinda sexy in my new dressy wardrobe. Seeing how he treated me just made me want to be a better woman for him. As nervous as I was, and how much I had already changed my life just in the space of a few days was scary but I was determined to change my ways. No more cussing, no more being intoxicated, no more offering myself up to random men. I was going to be feminine and try for once in my life to let someone love me.

It’s Friday night, we still haven’t slept together, I guess we had just been enjoying each other’s company but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. It was going to be my last night before my butt length hair was cut to my chin so I thought tonight was the night that I would let him have me, he fell in love with me looking like this so I wanted to let him have me at least once before my long locks were cut off.

It ended up being the best night of sex I’ve ever had. Dylan went down on me and ate my pussy, I don’t even remember the last time a guy did that to me. Whenever I had sex with a guy it was usually all about them but this night was all about me. He was gentle at the right times, and rough at the right times.  His cock was bigger than I was expecting. He was uncircumcised, I’d never had sex with an uncircumcised guy before but he told me he was born in Britain and moved over to the U.S when he was very young and that it wasn’t common practice to circumcise boys over in Britain. His abs were hard as rock, just thinking about my hands touching them makes me wet.  He fucked me from behind, I could feel how strong he was as he pulled me by my hair towards his lips, I was powerless to his will, whatever he desired of me sexually I couldn’t stop, not that I wanted him to stop.

The Salon

I awoke the next morning, it was the big day, I cuddled myself to his chest and told him that I felt nervous. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll look great. I think I’ll be even more attracted to you with short hair” he said.

“You really think so” I responded.

“Yes, honestly I’m really excited” he said.

“I just want to please you, baby” I said to him.

“You’ll look sexy, don’t worry. Get up and get in the shower because your appointment is at 12pm. I’ll make coffee and put your clothes on the bed ready for you”.

I took a shower and got ready to head off to the salon. Dylan had picked out dresses for me most of the week and picked out a real cute cardigan yesterday but today he picked out a light blue button down blouse, black pencil skirt and black heels. I got dressed, putting on my tights, zipping up my skirt at the back and tucking in my blouse, wearing it with just the top button undone and my sleeves rolled up. My fake tan had finally worn off, I always felt insecure about my natural skin tone but Dylan just had a way of making me feel naturally beautiful.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked very prim. I never expected myself to be dressed like this, it wasn’t usually my kinda thing but I felt kinda sexy. Knowing Dylan liked my new way of dressing just made me feel even sexier.

We arrived at the salon, Dylan held my hand as we walked in.

“12pm appointment, Elle Baker” I said nervously to the receptionist.

“Sit over there and your stylist will be with your shortly” replied the receptionist.

We sat down and my nerves at this point were overwhelming, I felt like walking out. I seen a lady approaching, maybe in her mid 40’s with a blonde pixie cut. The lady introduced herself as Rebecca and said she would be my stylist.

”Follow me over to the salon chair and we’ll take of you” she said.

I gave Dylan a little peck on the lips as I headed over the salon chair with legs shaking. I sat down pulling down my skirt as I sat down.

“What can we do for you today?” asked Rebecca.

“I want a bob haircut, I think probably to my chin. I have a new job, a lot of changes in my life. I’m 26 now and I’m growing up and I just think I need to look a little more professional” I said in a nervous tone.  

“Oh wow, that’s a lot of hair you’re losing, it’s so pretty. It’s such a shame” Rebecca replied.

“I’ll just grab my things and we’ll get started. Can you unbutton your blouse at the top so it’s not so tight around your neck for me please? The collar gets in the way of the cape” Rebecca continued.

She went and fetched a cape to protect my clothes, I unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse as to loosen the collar like she had requested. She stood behind me with a shiny black cape nearly folded over her arm. She put her foot on the peddle and pumped me up in the chair a little. She grabbed my hair, twisted it and put it up using a hair clip so it was out of the way.

The stylist put the cape down on the counter in front and walked back behind me. She grabbed my blouse collar with a hand on each side, popped it up and folded it under so that it was tucked in and not in the way. She placed a neck paper tightly around my neck, tying it at the back.

“Rebecca you’ve got a phone call” said the receptionist.

Rebecca apologised and said she would be back shortly. I could see Dylan watching me from across the room in the waiting area.

I signalled Dylan over. He came over and said “nervous?”.

“Yes, but I want to do this” I replied.

Dylan grabbed the back of the chair, spun me around as to look into my eyes and passionately kissed me, biting my lip and his lips left mine, it gave me butterflies.

Rebecca arrived back a few minutes later and grabbed the silky black cape and fastened it tight around my neck. This was it, I was in the chair, under the heavy cape. There was no turning back at this point. Rebecca offered us tea or coffee but honestly I was so nervous that I couldn’t even think about having a hot drink. I also didn’t want her to disappear again, I just wanted it done and over with. I had accepted at this point these were my last minutes with my long hair that I had clung to my entire life and I just wanted her to cut it off so the nervous anticipation would stop.

The stylist placed a white towel over my shoulders and placed a hair clip in front to hold it in place and ushered me over to the washing station. Honestly I could’ve fallen asleep as she was washing my hair, it was so relaxing, I should get Dylan to wash my hair sometime I thought to myself.

The water felt just right, not too hot. I could feel the water hitting the back of my neck as she washed out the shampoo from my long dark hair. My eyes closed, it was quiet. The salon wasn’t very busy, the only sound I could hear was the sound of the running water.

“All done, sit up please” said Rebecca.

I sat back up and Rebecca took the tower that was hanging over my shoulders and wrapped it around my head.

”You can go back to the salon chair, I’ll be with you in a moment” she said

I headed back over to the chair and sat there patiently with legs crossed waiting for the stylist. The stylist stood behind me and unfastened the snaps on the cape, removed the neck paper from around my neck that had gotten wet from the shampoo and put a fresh one around my neck, this one even tighter than the last. She then fastened the cape back up.

She removed the towel from around my head and began to run a comb through. There were a couple of knots in my hair but nothing major. She began sectioning my hair, readying for the cut. 

“You got a lot of hair, honey. This is a big change” she said.

“I need you to keep your chin down, honey whilst I’m cutting your hair okay” she continued. 

I put my chin down and she combed one last time through my hair. I felt the scissors touch the back of my neck, then I heard it, the sound of my first section of hair being cut short.

I looked up at Dylan to see his reaction in the mirror and I could see him smiling.

“Keep your chin down, please” Rebecca said in a forceful tone as she pushed my head forward.

I knew at that point I wasn’t in control anymore, I’d completely given myself over.

I felt this sensation in my pussy, I could feel it getting wet. I didn’t know why but I started to get turned on. It was thought of giving myself over and seeing Dylan’s reaction to the shears taking away my long hair.

I was becoming a woman in front of his eyes, I was no longer the immature and slutty girl of yesterday, and it just drove me wild.

My stomach was doing knots, all this feeling over a haircut. I felt a little bit embarrassed, I mean no one knew it was turning me on I guess but it took me off guard and I didn’t know how to react.

I enjoyed every second of it, from the tight neck paper around my neck, the shampoo, the scissors touching my neck and the anticipation of what I would look like once my hair was done.

If I touched myself, maybe just a little the stylist wouldn’t notice, right? I had a long black cape over me, she couldn’t see.

She cut away more hair, section by section. I could see my reflection in the mirror as more and more of my hair was cut away. I never realised how heavy my hair was, I could feel my head getting lighter as more of my hair ended up on the floor.

Rebecca dried my hair and straightened it, she told me how I could style my new short hair. As she blow dried my hair I heard my phone ping, as I went to check my phone I noticed the hair-tie I always kept on my wrist. I wouldn’t be needing that anymore I thought to myself. My hair was way too short to put up now.

I read the notification on my phone, it was a text from Dylan that read “You look perfect with your hair cut short, you don’t even know what I’m going to do to you once I get you home”

I was already turned on, but knowing Dylan was enjoying this just as much as I was just made it even worse. I couldn’t wait for her to be finished so Dylan could take me home and have his way with me.

“Almost done” Rebecca said.

She grabbed a small pair of clippers, they were more like a beard trimmer.

“Why the clippers” I asked. 

She said now that I had short hair and my neck would be showing that you could see all the little fuzz. Rebecca said she was going to clean it up for me. Feeling those clippers pressed up neck, the vibrations and the sound was such a turn on.


A New Woman

“You’re all done” said Rebecca.
Rebecca grabbed a small makeup brush and began cleaning the neck from all the stray hairs. She unclipped the cape and removed the neck paper and shaved where the cape was covering my neck. She removed the cape from over me and began to sweep up my hair. I couldn’t believe how much hair was on the floor, I looked down at the floor in disbelief.

I sat in the chair and smiled at Dylan in the mirror, I knew he liked it. Looking at myself in the mirror I untucked my blouse collar that had been tucked under and straightened it out so that it looked neat. I buttoned my blouse back up, leaving just the top button undone. Perfect I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair sat just above my collar. I looked very prim, and I felt very feminine. I was a woman now, no longer a girl. I felt sexy.

Dylan paid for my haircut and drove us home. As I was sat in the car next to him he placed one hand on my lap whilst the other remained on the steering wheel. If only my skirt had been a little bit shorter he could’ve fingered me, I really wanted him to. I told him that having my hair cut really turned me on. There was just something about him watching me in that chair becoming a lady that really turned me on. He told me that he felt it too.

We finally arrived home, Dylan walked behind me and before I could take three steps inside of the apartment he slams the door.  Dylan grabs me by the waist and turns me around. He pushes me against the wall and lifts up my skirt, he takes off his shirt showing his abs and removes his pants. He picks me up and presses me up against the wall and he doesn’t even take my underwear off, he pushes my wet panties to one side and I feel his hard cock penetrate me. Finally, I thought to myself. I’ve been waiting for this since I sat in the salon chair. My nails run over his back as I can feel him dominate me. 

That wasn’t the only time we fucked that day, we spent most of the day fucking. I just felt so sensitive down there, it was all the excitement from my haircut. He ate my pussy and I’ve never felt anything like it, the feeling of his tongue and him sucking on my clit. I know I thought last night was the best sex I’ve ever had but this time really was the best sex I’ve ever had. 

I can’t wait for my next hair appointment, we’ve agreed to keep my hair cut short for a little while. It’s just until I’m accepted by his family, then I’m going to grow my hair out a little bit so I can have him watch me in the chair all over again, having my long immature locks cut away into another short bob. I might even go shorter next time, who knows.




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