Less Barbie, more Ken

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«What do you think, Em»?
«Hm?» Emily was clearly not listening to what her college was saying.
«Em, were you even listening at all? You are so hopeless!»
«Oh, Sorry, I was just… It’s work. You know I’m swamped at the moment».
Emily was lying, though.. She was staring again… at HER».
It was thursday evening, and Emily was hanging out at the local bar with some colleges after work.
«Well, it’s getting late anyways. Guess it’s time to head home if we want to get an early start tomorrow – Wanna share a taxi»?
«Eehm, you go ahead. I am just gonna finish my drink first», Emily responded.
«Allright, see you tomorrow then» her college said, heading out the door.

Emily was a 28 year old lawyer, she was 5 feet 9, with a slim, fit body. She had a slim waist, a round butt and flawless pale skin. But what often gave her most attention was her thick, light blonde hair, that cascaded in perfect curls down her back and ended the the small of her waist. Emily took very good care of her hair, and she was well aware of the attention and perks it got her.
Tonight she was wearing a pinstripe skirt and a white shirt. Her Chanel purse was hanging over her shoulder and she had no trouble walking for hours in her high heeled Manolo Blahnik pumps.
She was singel, and only had a few short relationships behind her – all with boys. She had had one or two one night stands with women, but conciderd herself to be straight…
Well, at least until now.

…Emily had secretly been watching HER over time, and visiting the local bar more and more often lately, hoping to see her.
Emily knew her name was Cara and that she was into girls, she had seen her kissing more than one and leaving the bar with more than one…
Cara was a little taller than Emily, had a curvy, but fit body, perfect C-cup breasts, a slim waist and olive skin. She had big light blue eyes, full lips, a sleeve tattoo on her right arm and pin straight black hair down to her waist with blunt bangs. Emily thought she was stunning – and that her shiny, flawless hair made her look like Cleopatra.
Emily never dared to approach her, but with tonights liquid currage she thought that tonight just might be the night.

Cara was sitting by a table across the room with some of her friends. Emily drank two tequila shots to gather some more currage and headed over to Cara’s table.
She was feeling kind of confident on her way across the room, and stopped infront of Cara and said «hey, I’m Emily and I find you smoking hot. Can I buy you a drink»?
…Cara looked at her, and said «Listen, babe – I am flattered – I really am, but you’re just not my type….».
Emily wanted to disapear into a big black hole and struggeled to find a response to the cold rejection.
«Not your type…? What do you mean – Do you not like girls…?»
Cara and her friends giggeled a bit, before Cara said «Oh, I like girls. Listen – You are cute and all, but I just like my women… how do I put this… less Barbie, more Ken».
«huh?» Emily was baffeled and probably looked like a question mark.
«I just like’em tougher, if you know what I mean – short hair, maybe a few tattoos or piercings. I wish you luck, okay?»
Emily wasn’t quite ready to give up – She wasn’t used to not getting rejected.
«I have a proposition for you» Emily said,
«If you go on one date with me, I’ll let you cut my hair». Emily was surprised by her own words – this was probably the booze talking – combined with the lawyer in her, not prepared to lose any case – even if it meant losing some of her hair…
Cara raised her left eyebrow and said «are we talking a little trim, or are you going to let me have some serious fun»?
«Depends on how good the date is», Emily responded. She sounded confident, but her legs were shaking.
«Okay, you have my attention. I like a girl who knows what she wants. My place tomorrow at 8 PM – I’ll text you my adress».
«It’s a date» Emily said – walked out the door. «What have I done» was her last thought before she fell asleep that night, luckily the alcohol helped her getting a little sleep.

She woke up early the next day with a hangover. She couldn’t believe what she had said last night, but thought that no harm is done if she just doesn’t go on the date. She could probably never go back to the bar, but she would get to keep her precious hair… OR «I could just go and get a trim, my hair is really long, and I could afford to lose an inch or two. That way I would still keep my word, and my dignity» she said to herself.

Her day at the office was busy as usual, but Emily kept looking at her watch. Her mind was occupied with the evenings possible events. At noon she recieved an SMS from an unknown number.
«Hey Rapunzel. See you at 8. 193 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. ??‍♀️??‍♀️? Looking forward to it»
Emily’s heart skipped a beat.
What had she gotten herself into?

She left work at 4 pm, took a long shower and washed her hair thouroghly. She thought of the «Barbie» comment from the night before, so the only make up she put on was red lipstick. After trying on her entire closet, she desided on a pair of skinny black leather pants, and a simple white v-neck t-shirt. She grabbed a bottle of her favorite champagne and headed out the door.

She rang the doorbell at 8:02 PM. Cara opened with a smile on her face:
«Wow, you clean up nice, barbie».
«Thanks… I think?» Emily didn’t know whether she should be flattered or offended.
«I like the more casual you» Cara said with a giggle «Come on in, I made my famous chili!»
Cara wore Levi’s 501 jeans and a leather t-shirt. Her hair was put up in a thight ponytail. Emily’s nerves was overshadowed by her fascination of Cara. Dinner and conversation went smoothly – they laughed at each others jokes and flirting came naturally. After a couple of hours, and a couple of bottles of wine, Cara brought up Emily’s hair.
«So, Rapunzel – Those golden locks must get you a lot of attention, huh?!» She was deliberatly taunting Emily.
Emilys heart started pounding. She was used to having a quick response, but the thought of Cara giving her a haircut was too frightening.
And surprisingly enough somewhat intriguing.
«Well, I guess you could say that» Emily stuttered. She blushed and fumled with her golden locks. «I love my long hair – I have always had it, and it’s sort of my security blanket».
Cara made a sudden move, leaning in and giving Emily a wet kiss. Emily was cought by surprise, but returned the kiss passionatly. She felt like nothing she had ever felt before, she was so aroused she almost couldn’t keep it together.
«Wow» was all she could say «Just… Wow.»
«So….» Cara said.
«How would you rate this date, Em? On a scale from 1-10?»
«11» was Emily’s immidiate response, still strongly affected by the intense kiss.
«Perfect, serious fun it is then, I’ll get my scissors and clippers» Cara said with a smirk.
Emily froze as she rememberd her own stupid comment from the night before on how much hair Cara could cut off.
«Oh, don’t worry, Barbie – You’ll look great. And besides – the thought of cutting your hair off really turnes me on. I’ll be right back»

Emily though for a second of escaping the situation by just running out the door, but the butterflies in her stomach stopped her. Cara was just teasing her, right?! She calmed herself down, taking a large sip of champagne.
«Champagne isn’t going to do the trick. Time for shots!» Cara said. She was back with tequilas in one hand and a bag in the other. «Take your t-shirt off, babe, and I’ll lick the salt off your belly button», she continued.
Emily did as she was told. She loved losing control, and for once being submissive. As Emily took off her t-shirt, she revealed a tattoo under her breasts with the words «Serendipity».
«You are full of surprises, Barbie» Cara said Enthusiasticly. She licked salt off Emilys body and drank the shot. She continued licking lower and lower below her belly button before she removed Emily’s pants. She then unzipped the bag she was holding in her hand, revealing large scissors. She quickly cut off Emilys bra. Emily gasped, completely dumbfounded by the situation.

«So, Rapunzel. Do you trust me?»
«Not really» Emily responded.
«Probably wise» Cara said, doing a couple of snipping movements into the air.
She started dancing while undressing herself – first she removed her t-shirt, then her pants. She was enjoying this too much. Cara was wearing a Ralph Lauren mens boxershorts and a Victorias secret rhinestone bra.
«Please don’t cut too much off» Emily pleaded.
«Come on, it’s just hair – It’ll grow back» Cara said.
«I’m serious, Cara – Don’t cut off too much hair, just a few inches, please.»
«Listen, if you let me give you the haircut I want you to have, I promise I will give you an orgasm every day for the next two weeks».
«Oh, I don’t know…. It’s my hair…» Emily was tempted by Cara’s proposition, but at the same time terrified by the thought of getting her hair cut off.
Cara leaned in and kissed her again and Emily could feel the last bit of resistance leave her tense body.
«Ehm, okay, Yes. You can cut my hair, Cara».
«That’s my girl» Cara said triumphantly «you’d look good with any haircut, Em, you have gorgeous features. You have been hiding behind your hair for way too long. Sit down on my kitchen stool and don’t move an inch, Rapunzel.
Emily was shaking – partly by arousal, partly by horror.
Cara kissed her passionatly and started playing with her hypersensitive breasts.
She then startet brushing through Emilys thick and lushious locks before grabbing the scissors. Neighter of them said a word. Cara cut off Emilys black lace hipster panties, revealing a new tattoo of an infinitiy mark. Emilys public hair was perfectly shaped into a heart, colored pink for the occation. The rest of her private area was shaved smooth.
Cara gasped «I love the effort, but the heart needs to go – I prefer completely hairlessnes for when I attack with my tounge».
She putted on shaving cream and eagerly started removing Emilys pink heart with a razor. «My tounge will do some magic in a while. But first it’s my turn to enjoy myself». Cara picked up a long blonde lock and attacked it with the giant scissors.


Emily had no idea how much of her precious locks had just been cut off, as there were no mirrors around. Cara stood in front of Emily and deliberatly dropped the 25 feet newly shorn lock in Emilys lap.
Emily froze. She couldn’t make a singel sound.
«God, this is so arousing – Touch me!» Cara shouted.
Emily put her hand inside the gulf of Cara’s boxers, and could feel how wet she was. She started gently massaging her swallen clit.


More blonde locks was shorn off, and Emily had a feeling the snipping was done way too close to her scalp. She was too scared to ask. There was no going back anyways. The floor was covered in blonde hair. Emily tried to touch her head to feel the damage that had been done, but Cara stopped her. «No. Not yet. Lick me while I cut your hair. I wanna feel your barbie tounge on my clit». She quickly removed her boxers. Emily leaned in to taste Cara’s juices.


Emily stopped caring about her hair, and put all her effort in to licking Cara towards a climax.

«Never better. Never better» Cara moaned, as she simultaniously let the scissors do their work to Emilys hair. She screamed as she reached her climax- Emily thought she sounded like a roaring lioness. «God, Emily, you have satisfied me in a way I never knew was possible. Let me clean up your haircut, and I’ll return the favor.» Cara kissed Emily gently, while playing with her breasts.
Emily suddenly heard a buzzing sound.
What was that?

She soon realised Cara intended to use clippers on her hair. She was terrified again, and wanted to object. Instead she chose to surrender to her faith. Cara put the clippers to Emilys nape. Emily moaned of the strange, but incredably exciting feeling.
She was completely naked, in a strangers home, getting her head shaved by a girl she had a crush on. She had never felt like this before, but she kind of loved it.
The buzzing stopped. Her body was covered in blonde hair.
«Feel it!» Cara said, almost like an order was given.
Emily carefully put her hands on her hair.
«Holy Fuck» she said, realising the hair on the back of her head was reduced to stubbles. Cara had left some lenght on top of her head.
«Here’s a mirror» Cara said «…I think you look amazing. I mean really stunning».
Emily almost didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her in the mirror.
Cara had given her a longish pixie with an undercut.
Emily felt kind of powerful, and of liked how she was looking.
«See, I told you!» Cara said with a large smile. She didn’t even need to ask Emily what she thought about her haircut.
«Now, let me give you and orgasm you’ll never forget, like the one you gave me.»

Emily heard a different buzzing sound and trembled.
She laughed when she realised Cara had turned on a vibrator. Cara gently pushed the vibrator inside Emily, while doing some serious work with her tounge. Emily meanwhile held Cara’s ponytail – playing with it and slightly pulling it. She climaxed and screamed out Cara’s name while pulling her ponytail, a little harder than before.
«Guess I can no longer call you Barbie», Cara laughed and taunted Emily. «Your new haircut makes me wanna keep you around for a little while».
«Well, we’ll see about that» Emily said with a smirk «…I like my girls a little less Cleopatra, a little more Cesar, if you know what I mean».
«Oh, really» Cara said «…what do I have to do to get a second date?»
«How about a haircut?» Emily responded.
«It’s a date!» Cara said, giving Emily a long and warm kiss.

The end. Or are you guys up for part 2?

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