life as my husband’s hair model

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I wake up around 7:00 am and do my morning prayers, my husband had already left for work before I woke.

I go to the shower and prepped a camera under the shower head. I am to wash my hair thoroughly and slowly; when it’s done, I end the video and continue my shower.

As my hair is wrapped up in a towel, I send him the video and prepare to make another one.

This time I use a hairdryer, on low settings, and brush through my brown tresses.

Dry and video sent, I can start my day properly. After breakfast, I bring out an ironing board and unfold its legs.

My husband has a dresser full of capes of which he will use on me later. He gives me the freedom to choose which one I want to drape over my shoulders and the options are endless.

Long or short, satin or silk, he does not care what I pick but I have to pick one.

I chose one that is striped and cute, I iron it and when I’m done, it goes down with me to the garage.

A barber chair sits a few steps ahead of the door, I place the cape on its seat and pick up a spray bottle.

It has to be disinfected every morning.

Back in the bedroom, I am to unlock the locker that is beside the door. In it is an outfit that he wants me to wear for a daily photoshoot.

The outfit is a light purple blouse and fluffy cuffs, in the breast pocket, two things lay: a photo of an updo on a practice head and four poses.

I pin up my hair, apply the dress, and position the camera to snipe the pictures.

He wants me on the bed, laying down with spread legs (don’t worry, my panties covered up my bits) for the first photo.

Next, I pose as a cute girl on her knees and pouting her lips.

Third, I stand in front of the device with my back turned. I bend slightly, one hand on my knee, body twists to face the camera, and I pucker my lips with a finger on them.

He told me later that was his favorite.

The last one was a simple sit-down pose, legs bent and nails showing.

Lunch came next.

Until he returned home, I shopped online for things that caught my eye.

He returned home around nine, he was silent coming through the door.

”How was work?” I addressed him.

He hugged me and smiled, it must’ve been good.

I followed him into the garage and waited patiently as he changed into his barber uniform.

I picked up the cape and handed it off to him, he thanked me and I sat in the chair.

The cape was unfolded and gently flipped over me.

He walked over to garage door, I really hoped he wouldn’t let the neighbors watch.

But, the door rose and I was in their view, they could see me caped up from their window.

The man held a mug while his wife had hands clasped down at her waist, the show was about to start.

My husband undid my do and brushed it, full-lengthened.

”We are going half-bald today”, he told me, I didn’t really knew what that meant.

He divided my hair into two shares, one he put in a tail and the other he let flow.

I was still wondering what was to happen when he pulled out the clippers and started them up.

He spared no time and got to work buzzing the side almost bald.

I was told not to touch it yet, he sprayed some shaving cream on his palm and coated the buzzed side twice as I played with a lock of my hair that landed on my lap.

While he washed the cream off his hands, I looked to the neighbors; the man gave me a thumbs-up while his wife smiled.

My husband took some paper towels, folded them, and put them on my shoulder, on my bald side.

He took from his pocket a straight razor, with loving and seductive strokes, he removed the cream from my scalp.

I thought I was done but he told me to shut my bald side’s eye and I confusedly comply.

From the other eye, I saw my husband whittle off my eyebrow.


”Hold still”,he focused.

He wiped my blank brow and went to a cupboard from which, he retrieved a bottle of Nair.

Without a word, he massaged in the elixir into my bald side and brow.

He pulled down a mirror that was attached to the rafters, I looked like Schrödinger’s cat, half-alive and half-bald.

My husband kept me in the chair while he swept up my hair and closed the garage door.

The show was over.

He came up to me and swept up my lap hair into a dustpan.

He touched my baldness and told me,”Your reward for being such a good girl is 4,500$, don’t spend it all”

I was caped no more and had the rest of the remaining day to myself.

I called my mom and told her what style he gave me.

”Fancy”,she replied,”Interesting choice”

I went to bed at about midnight and my man requested I braided my remaining hair.


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