Like A Sheep

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Amber twitched, her bed was feeling weird, like a stabbing yet- coarse feeling against her naked body, everything went dark after she laid down for bed, when she finally couldn’t take this stabbing against her side, her eyes opened she was in the barn next to her house, her husband was a sheep farmer. She had asked him before, about being sheared like a animal, and she figured today was the day he chose. Her long blonde hair hung over her back, as she slowly crawled around the small stall she was trapped in, she could see a small light coming under the huge barn doors, she knew it must have been morning. Only moments later, a small door of light was shone, a man came through the barn doors with a prod of some sorts, and jabbed at the sheep, including Amber. She knew him- she felt the pokes and prods hit her, guiding her in the huge wave of sheep, it was so bright outside she couldn’t quite catch the men doing the shearing, she was trapped between a whole horde of sheep, in all honesty- her thighs rubbed together, her folds glistened from how excited she was. Out of nowhere, she felt a small lick behind her- one of the sheep licked her wetness away, as men from the outside prodded and shoved them forward, Amber being resigned to her fate of crawling along with the herd, as she crawled and finally started reaching the front, she saw her husband, he didn’t pay any special attention to her, next to him was a young man, barely even a day over 20. She watched as her husband grabbed the sheep in front of her bringing the shears up and down it’s huge white wool, then the one next to her by a man to the far right, and then she was jabbed to the front, her husband had just started on the sheep before, and she was quickly snatched up by the young man- she struggled like any other animal, and he pinned her head to his knee, a thumb slammed to her ass, cuddling right against her hole, as the boy turned the shears on, he started to shave her back, she was like a doll laying there, her back- her buttocks and legs being taken away of any small hairs that had been growing there, she was quickly rolled over, the finger leaving her puckered goodness, she felt the man, run the shears up against her neck, pulling them down her skin, shaving her stomach and around her nipples, he just gently put a finger inside of her glistening folds, the clippers made quick work of her bush that she had been growing out for the winter, she watched as the long blonde locks fell to the floor, she just laid there- extremely turned on, before her finally turned his attention to her hair.

He pushed her down so half her body rested against his thigh, and he without even thinking for a second, brought the clippers up and down starting at her forehead, then going back and forth, taking every single bit of hair along with it, he made pass after pass front to back, without showing a single bit of care for the woman. When he was done- he pushed her off his knee and she was prodded along with any other finished sheep to a fenced in area of grass, she crawled around before disappearing behind a thick area of trees, to bring herself to a nice high orgasm, her husband never came for her, it was late afternoon when she eventually crawled back to the gate, her husband sitting there with a smile as he undid her ropes, carried her home and laid with her for the night.

This became a yearly thing, it was always the best night of love making for either of them, and the young wife loved being shaved like a sheep.

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