Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Kristy had seen enough, once again she came to pick her Kari, her daughter, up from school, only to see her in the arms of another different boy.  While Kristy had always hoped that Kari would find a nice boy to go out with, Kari was having too much fun playing the field.  Kristy knew that if this went much further that Kari would be labeled as the class slut, so Kristy knew she needed to take drastic steps to prevent her reputation from being ruined.


The first thing Kristy decided needed to change was Kari’s long flowing hair.  Kristy herself had beautiful long hair, she had been a hair model for the last 30 years.  When it came to Kari’s hair, Kristy had always wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps, a career as a hair model paid quite handsomely.  The family lived the good life, and she thought that this would convince her daughter that it was for her as well.  Unfortunately Kari showed little interest in he mother’s career, figuring she would party her way thru 4 years of college before even thinking about looking for work.


When she finally got in the car after school, Kristy told Kari that she had made her a hair appointment for the following Friday.  Kari was having none of it, and told her mother that maybe she she cut her hair instead of trying to look like someone 20 years younger.  Kristy made a deal with Kari  “We both have appointments.  How about if you get your hair cut just like mine?”  Now Kari knew her mother had to keep her hair very long, due to her contract with her modeling agency, so she knew there was nothing to worry about.


What Kari didn’t know was that Kristy’s contract with the agency had just expired, and she decided it was time for the next chapter in her life.  They were welcomed to the salon, then Kari was led back to the wash basin.  As she was led to the rear, Kristy told the stylist that they were both going to have a big change.  She gave the girl a picture of a classic french bob “After 30 years of long hair, I can finally cut it how I want too.”  The stylist was so happy for her “You’re going to look lovely, and so will Kari.”  Kristy saw a now washed in Kari being led to the salon chair, and she looked at the stylist and put her finger up to her lips “It’s a secret.  Okay?”


Kari sat in the chair as the stylist combed thru her long hair.  Nothing had been said about what was to be done yet then Kari told the girl “I’m just having mine cut like my mother’s:”  The stylist smiled and told her “Yours will be just like hers”  Kari’s hair was sectioned off, with the hair pinned up on top of her head.  The stylist brought down the first section and made quick work in taking all to chin length.  Kari was totally engrossed in her phone, and assumed she was getting nothing more than a trim.  Kristy was already washed and placed in the chair next to Kari.  Kari made a quick look at her and went right back to her phone.  Kari finished watching the tic-tok clip on her phone, and again looked up at her mother.  What she saw made her gasp.  Her mother’s beautiful long hair was now just below her ears.  Kristy just smiled at her daughter and said “You look so beautiful with short hair”


Kari’s heart stopped “WHAT!”  She turned to face the mirror, and felt all the color drain out of her face.  Gone were the beautiful long waves, now replaced by 4 inches of smooth straight hair.  “Mom.  Wh-wh-why did you cut my hair off?”  Kristy was overjoyed to finally be able to have her hair like she wanted, and replied to her daughter “You look so special with your hair cut short.  Everyone will love your new look.”


Kari’s next day at school was one of her worst ever.  As much as she flirted with the boys, none of them would give her a second look.  When Kristy pulled up to pick up her daughter this time, Kari was waiting for her at the curb.  When she asked Kari about her day her daughter told her “Well, at least I found out who my true friends were”  Kristy told her she was sorry for having such a hard day, but to her surprise Kari responded “Maybe we can both go shorter next time.”


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