Lillian and Sally

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It’s my first story here! Been lurking for a while but finally got the courage to submit. This is written by ai but I edit them heavily. Expect more from these two and from me. Enjoy!!!

Lillian and Sally

In the golden hues of late afternoon, Lillian found herself sitting in the cluttered, cozy studio that Sally used as her photography sanctuary. Lillian, with her flowing blonde locks gently flowing past her shoulders, was the perfect muse amidst the chaos. Sally, her girlfriend, with a neat brown bob, adjusted her glasses and watched Lillian through the lens of her camera.

“Perfect, just hold that pose,” Sally instructed, her voice calm and focused as she snapped photo after photo. After a few shots, she set the camera down and walked over to Lillian, her eyes sparkling with a new, impulsive idea.

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” she began, a mischievous tone in her voice that piqued Lillian’s curiosity. “How about we try something radically different?”

Lillian laughed softly, her eyes twinkling with curiosity. “Different how? You want me in abstract expressionist body paint now?” she joked, tilting her head to meet Sally’s earnest look.

Sally replied with a chuckle, set the camera aside, and walked over to Lillian while playfully twirling a pair of scissors in her hand. “No, no… although, maybe. No, I mean… “ She toyed with the ends of Lillian’s hair, casually pulling a lock taut between her fingers. “What if we cut this all off?”

Lillian’s laughter echoed in the studio “My hair? Sally, you must be joking!”

But Sally’s expression was serious, her gaze intense. “No joke, Lillian. Imagine you, but with a bold, daring pixie cut. It would be so striking, so sexy and fresh.”

Lillian’s heart skipped a beat. “A pixie cut? Sally, that’s soo drastic.” Lillian’s initial amusement faded into a mix of apprehension and curiosity. “What’s wrong with my hair the way it is?”

“Oh, Nothing, it’s gorgeous but with short hair, You’d stand out,” Sally replied, her voice soft yet convincing. “It would shake things up for your modeling career, and honestly, I think it would look incredible. Plus, it’d be a fun change for the party tonight. Imagine the looks on everyone’s faces.”

Lillian bit her lip, considering. The thought of chopping off her hair was daunting, yet the excitement in Sally’s eyes was infectious. “And you think it’ll look good? Really?”

“I know it will. You’ll look stunning, modern, It’s all the rage with models in Paris now. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a transformation.”

Lillian toyed with the ends of her long blonde hair, considering the weight of Sally’s proposal, her expression one of amused skepticism. The thought of parting with her long hair stirred a mix of excitement and nervousness deep within her. She could almost envision the change, the sharp, sophisticated lines of a pixie cut replacing the familiar waves of her long hair. It was a thrilling, if somewhat terrifying, prospect.

Sally watched her closely, waiting, her expression hopeful.

Finally, a playful yet determined smile spread across Lillian’s face as she announced “Alright, Sally,” her voice a mix of excitement and daring resolve. “Let’s do it. But if I end up looking awful, you’ll be the one answering to my agent.”

Sally laughed, “Deal,” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with delight. “But it’s going to look great, Lil.”

With that, Lillian sat down on the stool that Sally had set up in the middle of the room, her heart pounding with a mix of nerves and excitement. After brushing her hair for the last time, Sally gathered Lillian’s blonde hair into a low ponytail at the back of her head.

“Wait, are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Lillian asked, half-joking yet genuinely nervous as she eyed the scissors.

Sally chuckled, holding the scissors with a confident grip. “Don’t worry, I used to cut my brother’s hair all the time,” she reassured Lillian, though her sentiment did little to soothe.

“Oh no, that’s supposed to make me feel better?” Lillian laughed nervously, her hands instinctively touching the ends of her hair.

Sally laughed as she stroked Lillian’s pony tail before pulling it taut, ready to make the decisive cut.

“Just a sec—,” Lillian started, a sudden hesitation flashing across her face as she caught Sally’s eye in the mirror. But before she could finish her sentence, the sharp sound of the scissors slicing through the ponytail marked the point of no return. Sally laid the ponytail on the counter with a gentle touch, almost ceremonially. Lillian’s eyes widened as she reached up, her fingers brushing the ends of what was now a choppy bob just brushing her chin, her eyes wide with shock as she turned to face Sally. “Oh my God, what have we done?” she exclaimed.

Sally smiled reassuringly, her confidence unshaken. “Trust me, Lil, this is just the beginning. You’re going to look amazing.” Without waiting for further protest, she started to cut again, shaping her remaining hair into a more daring pixie cut, cutting it shorter and shorter. Sally’s hands were skilled and precise but her eyes were playful, almost teasing. Lillian’s initial resistance melted into fascinated acceptance.

Once the bulk of the cutting was done, Sally fine-tuned the style, trimming and texturizing with a lighter touch. She then paused, stepping back to scrutinize her work from various angles. Lillian’s heart raced as she awaited the verdict. “What do you think?” she asked, her voice tinged with nervousness.

“Hmm, it needs to be shorter,” she murmured, more to herself than to Lillian.

“What?” Lillian laughed nervously, the reality of her drastically changing appearance settling in.

“Just trust me,” Sally leaned close, her breath warm against Lillian’s ear. “You’re going to love it, I promise.” Then Sally positioned herself in front of Lillian, comb in one hand and scissors in the other. She combed down Lillian’s bangs once more.

“Wait! The bangs? I think they’re already quite…bold,” Lillian said, her voice laced with a hint of pleading. She caught Sally’s eye in the mirror, trying to convey her nervousness about going too short.

Sally met her gaze in the reflection, her expression thoughtful yet decisive. “I know you’re worried, but trust me on this, Lillian. It’s going to bring the whole style together. It’s just a little more off.”

“But Sally, they’re already so short,” Lillian argued, her hand instinctively rising to protect what was left of the bangs. “I… like the look, but I leave me some length.”

Sally paused, considering Lillian’s words. She put down the comb and gently grasped Lillian’s hand, pulling it away from her forehead. “I hear you, love. I know it seems a bit much, but trust me, Lillian. But let me just shape them a little. Not much shorter, just… cleaner.”

Lillian let out a resigned sigh. “Okay, but just a tiny bit, please,” she said, her voice laced with apprehension.

“Tiny bit,” Sally assured her, and with a few more snips, the bangs were cut shorter, barely grazing her forehead. Each cut sent a small flutter of blonde hair tumbling down, each flutter making Lillian’s heart sink slightly.

Stepping back, Sally nodded to herself, satisfied with the bold transformation, “Lillian, you look… incredible.”

She handed Lillian a hand mirror and watched closely as Lillian took in her new look. Lillian took the mirror hesitantly, her eyes immediately drawn to the drastically short bangs, stopping less than an inch below her hairline. She was almost unrecognizable—sharp, edgy, a stark contrast to the soft femininity she had always embraced.

“I… I don’t know, Sally. It’s so short,” Lillian said, her voice faltering as she touched the nearly nonexistent bangs.

“I know! It looks great, doesn’t it? It’s exactly what I envisioned. You look incredible, so chic,” Sally enthused, unable to conceal her delight.

Lillian forced a smile, her eyes betraying a flicker of regret. “Yeah, it’s… definitely different,” she conceded, her heart sinking as she pondered her new reality.

Sally, noticing the change in Lillian’s demeanor, adjusted her glasses and leaned in closer. Her voice was gentle, filled with concern. “Oh no, Lil, Do you like it?”

Lillian met Sally’s gaze in the mirror, her initial shock morphing into a thoughtful expression. “I like it,” she began slowly, “it’s just the bangs… they’re a bit of a surprise.” She attempted a smile, trying to mask her uncertainty, but it was clear she was still adjusting to the dramatic change.

Sally nodded understandingly, her hands resting on Lillian’s shoulders, offering comfort. “I got a bit carried away, sorry Lil” she admitted with a small, apologetic grin. “But remember, hair grows back. Sally wrapped her arms around Lillian. “And… you look incredible, truly,” she whispered, her voice full of admiration and love.

Lillian studied her reflection, searching for the beauty that Sally saw. Gradually, her shock faded, replaced by a budding appreciation for the drastic change.

“You’re right,” Lillian finally said, her voice strengthening. “It’s definitely a shock, but it’s exciting too.” she said, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “It’s… actually pretty great I think I might like it.” The initial shock in Lillian’s eyes slowly gave way to awe and then a blossoming delight.

Sally responded with a passionate kiss, her glasses steaming up from the warmth. They both laughed, breaking the kiss to wipe her lenses on her shirt. Lillian’s earlier apprehension was fading under the warmth of Sally’s earnest affection.

“I suppose this means I’ll have to update my modeling portfolio,” Lillian mused aloud, her fingers tracing the lines of her jaw, now so much more pronounced.

“We can start tomorrow” Sally chimed in eagerly. “Imagine the agencies seeing this new look. You’ll stand out, Lillian. They won’t forget you.”

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