Lily’s Shaved Spot Fix

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Lily was a 19-year-old Sophomore in Lincoln City College with long, slightly wavy black hair with red and purple streaks. She had just gotten her hair done and felt great.

However, that changed when she entered into Homeroom early the next day.


Lily sat next to her friends Miranda and Jamie. Lily showed her hair to them. Her friends had concerned looks on their faces and then took her to the girl’s room. Jamie took out a small mirror while Lily stood confused in front of the big bathroom mirror until she held it so she could see a giant shaved spot in the back of her head where long pieces of hair should be! She could see her scalp and her neck. She couldn’t have gotten a bald spot while getting a haircut! She needed to fix it! Luckily, hats were allowed in class and she wore Miranda’s beanie for the rest of the day.


After school, the three girls tried for an hour to make an appointment at a salon; but every salon in the area was booked. She knew there was a barbershop that Lily’s boyfriend, Zac worked at down the street. She thought that if Zac saw her with it, he would break up with her. She had to have her hair fixed and no one else was open.

After about 5 minutes, they saw the barber’s spinning pole and sign that said Parker’s Barbershop. They entered and saw three barbers in giant old-school chairs. The barber nearest to them looked about 70 and was reading the newspaper. The second barber was about 35 and was with a client getting a flattop. The last barber was Zac, a 20-year-old with straight brown hair a short mustache and beard.

Lily waved to him and he was surprised. Miranda and Jamie explained what Lily told them. He said he would have to cut her hair short in order to get rid of the bald spot. Lily showed him the bald spot and as put a strip of tissue and the cape around her neck, which covered every part of her body except her shoes. Zac brought down a book and asked what styles she could choose from:


Regular Haircuts

The Induction Cut.

The Butch Cut.

G.I. Joe/ Jane Crew Cut.

Short and Spiky.

The Twiggy Crop.

Short Back and Sides.

The Flattop.

High ‘n’ Tight.



Rat Tails.

The Mullet.

The Pageboy Cut.

Barber’s Pick.



Specialty Haircuts

The Tramp’s Curly Mop-Top.

Nosforatu’s Shaved Head.

Lulu’s Cheek-Length Bob.

Moe’s Bowl Cut.

Curly’ Buzzcut.

Larry’s Grandpa Hair.

Lady Lou’s Short Bob.

The Bride of Frankenstein’s Beehive/Bouffant.

Rhett Butler’s Gentlemen’s Cut.

Robin Hood’s Shaggy Mane.

Tracy Samantha Lord’s Girly Asymmetric Bob.

Kitty Foyle’s Curly Mom Bob.

Lisa Lund Laszlo ‘s “Odd-Bob”.

Rick Blaine’s Slick Side Part.

Charles Foster Kane’s Neat ‘n’ Clean.

Margo Channing’s Little Girl Bob.

“Sugar” Kane Kowalczyk’s Asymmetric Bob.

Cesira’s Wedge-Pixie.

Cleopatra’s Long Bob.

Martha’s Curly Shag.

Rosemary Woodhouse’s Short Pixie.

Dorothy Michaels Afro-Shag.

Holly’s Big Feathered Hair.

Travis Bickle’s Short Mohawk.

Princess Leia’s Ear Buns.

Alvy Singer’s Conk.

Ellen Ripley’s Greasy Curly Pixie-Bob.

The Terminator’s Short and Spiky.

May Day’s Flattop.

Aunty Entity’s Big Mullet.

Clare Standish’s Short-Bob Wedge Cut.

Ricky Vaughn’s Bad-Boy Cut

Forrest Gump’s Ivy League Cut.

Lloyd Christmas’s Asymmetric Bowl w/ Short Bangs.

Mia Wallace’s Shoulder-Length Bob.

Amelie Poulaine’s Bowl-Bob.

Amanda Priestley’s Asymmetric Bob with Floppy Bangs.




Lily thought that to get rid of a bald spot that big, she’d would need at least a short bob to even a men’s haircut.

She closed her eyes and pointed to the Barber’s Pick Haircut.

Zac thought it would look good and showed Miranda and Jamie her pick. He turned Lily away from the mirror. Lily clenched the leather of the chairs.


Zac picked up a large pair of shears and a comb. He then started cutting on her left side and telling her about the haircut she chose.

He said that he’s done the style on other women before and is super low maintenance. Lily had become a little less concerned knowing it was a haircut that helps her with time-management.

Zac finished with the left side leaving her ear exposed and then started with the right side.

Lily looked at her friends and the two barbers next to her asked if they were next. Jamie and Miranda got up and went to the two empty chairs. They were supporting her friend in a dire situation.

After finishing her right side, her hair was a mix of a bowl cut and a mullet. Zac then took her hair from the back and cut it to the top of her chin. He then took out a different comb and took large chunks from the sides, top and back of Lily’s head.

Zac then layered her hair a bit and then used old-school hand-clippers on where the shaved area with the spot is. Zac then took a giant pair of black, electric clippers and a comb to even out the areas, shave off some of her side bangs and even out the back.

He put down the clippers and took out his straight razor to shave around her ears and back. The shaved area had been faded and the spot had disappeared. Zac had gotten some shaving cream and used it to keep the faded area on the sides, back and neck neat. After lathering the shaving cream, he was very careful and kept the fade even.

He finally put a good amount of wax in her hair and took the hair off her with his bristled brush. Zac turned her around and showed her the back using a large, hand-held mirror. She looked like a mix of Cara Delevingne, Halle Berry, Rihanna, and Halsey!

She turned to her friends who also got short haircuts! Miranda with a Pompadour-like Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides and Back, and Jamie with a Chin-Length Bob.

They thanked Zac and the two other barbers, who are named Billy and Tim.

Before they left, Lily kissed Zac and told him to meet outside her dorm room tonight for a “large tip” to give to the barber.

They all paid their share and told them they’ll be back soon to get something different with Zac pumped for tonight.


*This will probably be an on-going story. I hope you guys liked it. *


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