Lindsay Gives In

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Lindsay woke in the mid morning to a rough tongue licking her eyelid.
Small feet struggled to maintain their balance on her mouth, and breasts.
She smiled, lifting the adorable offender into the air. Her mousy brown
hair slid onto the bed from under her metal spindled headboard. “Morning
Daisy.” With a soft kiss on her cat’s head she laid her down gently. “Is
your bowl empty, again?”

Daisy rubbed against Lindsay’s tanned forearm. Static from her fur pulled
at Lindsay’s locks. “Mew” Daisy hopped off, onto the floor, looking up to
make sure Lindsay didn’t forget about her.

The door to Lindsay’s room opened directly across from her roommate’s.
“One more day, Daisy. Then you can sucker her into double treats, again.”
Lindsay, followed Daisy left out of her room, and again left into the

“Meeww” Daisy crouched, then sprung onto the counter, beside the fridge.
Waiting patiently in front of a dish that dared to have it’s bottom
slightly visible. A homemade whiteboard calendar hung from a magnet

Lindsay crouched to open the white cabinet that kept Daisy from eating
her entire bag of food in an afternoon. “One scoop. You’re almost out,
love.” She kissed Daisy on the head, and gave her a caring pat. Marking
an X on the June 30th, She completed the month. “Your favorite person is
coming over, tonight!”

Daisy raised her furry butt from the feel of scratches. “Meeewww!”

“Yes, I’ll get groceries, don’t worry.” Lindsey returned to her room to
pick out her outfit. Leafing through hangers in her closet she pulled out
a simple sundress, covered in flowers. “Perfect.” She smiled, laying it out
on the end of her bed.

Turning to close the closet she reminded herself she was alone, it was
safe. Getting on her tippy-toes she pulled out an old, unassuming shoe box.

“Mew” Daisy purred rubbing against Lindsay’s shin.

“Not for you, my love.” In her hands she inspected 16 inches of a silky
black ponytail. “Am I going to have to lock you out of my room, again?”
She bent down to pet Daisy from her head to the tip of her tail.

“Mew” Daisy nuzzled Lindsay’s shin with her cheek.

“You’re right, I’m weird.” With a pang of guilt Lindsay placed her trophy
back in it’s box, along side its three companions. Carefully she reached up
to put it back in it’s spot. “I really should go shopping.”




The clock on the car’s touchscreen display changed to 11:37am. Lindsay
pondered if she could get away with a quick lunch at her favorite restaurant.
Surprising her friend, Michelle, and filling her stomach before shopping
sounded like a good enough excuse, so she went.

“Lindsay! It’s been a whole two days! Same seat?” Michelle grabbed a menu
for her friend. “This way.” Her jaunty step caused her dirty blonde french
braid to come alive above her apron string.

“If it’s available. Not really a big deal.” Lindsay broke the trance from
the intoxicating display of Michelle’s bountiful braid. Then, getting on her
tippy-toes to look ahead, she confirmed her usual table was empty. The
sudden drop to her normal height caused her mousy brown waves to contract
then expand covering the crossed straps of her dress, then come to rest
below her waist.

“It’s no problem. Most people don’t like sitting under the TV.” Michelle placed
the menu routinely on the table, with no expectation of it to be used. “And
your silverware! I’ll be right back with your iced tea.”

Lindsay was pushed back up by the booths springy red cushion. “Anything good
today?” She whispered taking in the view. Two girls in their low twenties sat
in salon chairs across the two lane street. The large window gave an almost full
view of the closest. Sadly, the second chair was mostly obscured by the first.
“I believe in you two.”

“Any birds today?” Michelle placed the iced tea in front of Lindsay.

“Umm, just a Cardinal so far.” Lindsay paused to show she was thinking. “I’ll
have the chicken sandwich, today.”

Michelle took the menu back. “Coming right up!”

Lindsay returned her attention across the street, hoping to not have missed
anything. The closest stylist had a foot and a half of hair above her client’s
head. “Come on…” Sliding her closed pointer and middle fingers towards the ends
she measured out her clients wishes. “Stop, stop…” She had gotten so close to the
ends Lindsay thought she’d remeasure. Instead she snipped some amount that it
was an utter waste of money for the girl in the chair. “Darn it.”

In all the times Lindsay had sat in this seat, she had only seen four of what
she deemed as “decent” haircuts. However, no matter what, she left the diner
feeling guilty. Her urges felt wrong, they felt dirty, and they felt incredible
when she was alone with her toys.

“Here you go. One chicken sandwich.” Michelle completed the dish with a bottle
of ketchup. “Only the Cardinal?”

Lindsay squirted the ketchup onto her plate then swirled a fry in it. “Michelle,
do you ever think I watch birds too often?”

Michelle shrugged. “Birds are great! Free to fly away without worries of what
other’s want. You know? In fact, I would love to be one of those birds you watch.
But, I wouldn’t sit on the branch doing the same old thing. Nope! I promise you’d
see this bird do something amazing.”

“You’d make a great bird. I would have to keep Daisy away, though.” Lindsay stole
a glance at the salon.

“Oh! I can’t wait to see her later!” Michelle tensed her hands into joyous fists.
“We’re still on for drinks tonight, right?”




*Bloop* *Bloop* A line of registers tallied groceries. Lindsay’s car clicked
against the tiles between the conveyor belt, and a display of old candy.

“Credit or Debit?” The cashier asked in an end of their shift tone. Their long
curly bob was put up in a tiny bun. Tendrils of not quite long enough hairs
fell on either side of their neck.

Lindsay blinked to clear her mind of unwanted thoughts. “Credit” She plugged
her card into the chip reader. “Have a good one.” She said confusing her order
in the social interaction.

She left her empty cart for her new full one at the end of the register. Heat
from outside warmed her as the automatic door slid open. Looking both ways
she crossed the parking lot following a woman in her thirties, whose chestnut
locks blew calmly in the breeze. Lindsay pressed the unlock button on her dongle,
only to realize she had crossed two rows too far, and this was indeed not her car.

Shaking her head to regain focus, she pushed the cart to her car. The trunk
opened as expected for her groceries. Four plastic bags made their way from the
cart to her car. *Thump* her head turned into the hydraulics. “Darn it.” The
bra-strap length blonde locks continued down the row. “Why can’t I just be normal?”




Lindsay’s topped off Daisy’s dish with fresh food. “Can’t have you starving while
I’m out tonight. It might stunt your growth.”

Daisy pushed her back into Lindsay’s hand, and purred. A knock at the door caused
her ears to perk up. She landed on the floor with the tiniest of thuds.

“Come on in, Michelle!” Lindsay closed the cabinet securing the full bag of Daisy’s

“DAISY!” Golden tresses spun through the air as Michelle danced with her. “You
little chonker.” With a kiss on the head she placed her on the floor. “So, I’m
thinking we have a couple drinks, pretend to do the social thing, and then hang
out here playing Mario Kart with a pizza. Sound good?”

“That sounds like a very Michelle plan.” Lindsay picked her dongle with the
apartment keys up off its hook. “We’ll be back soon, Daisy!”

“MEW!” A distraught Daisy called from Lindsay’s room. “MEW!”

“Darn it, what did you get yourself into this time?” Lindsay shook her head
sauntering to her room to save her cat from herself. Michelle followed close behind.

“MEW!” Daisy alerted Lindsay to her being stuck on the closet shelf.

Lindsay planted her feet. “You can get down yourself.” Her hand waved away Daisy’s
plight, in an attempt to keep Michelle from seeing contents of a very open shoe
box that were spread across the floor.

Michelle moved past Lindsay to doing the saving herself. “Is that hair?” Black, brown,
and blonde ponytails spread at her feet. Her own blonde hair fell forward covering her
elbows as she bent down to pick one up to verify her observation.

Lindsay desperately tried to piece together a cover story. “Umm… yes?”

“You collect these or something?” Michelle held up a packet of desiccant that
showed a certain level of care was taken with the ponytails.

“I, umm… I have a problem…” Lindsay blushed with embarrassment. “I’ve tried to

Michelle turned the shoe box upright, carefully placing it’s contents back inside.
“No, I think you have a kink. One you seem to take great care in. There’s no problem
I can see here.”

“You don’t think it’s weird?” Lindsay’s ability to breath returned.

“Everyone has a kink, Linds. And I’m not about to shame you for yours.” Michelle
rescued Daisy, and gathered the ponytails back into their box. “If I did, you could
shame me for any number of things.”

Lindsay stared blankly at her long time friend trying to parse this new information.

“We can talk about it over drinks, if you want.” The closet door latched behind Michelle.




Lindsay emptied her second Margarita. “Mhmm, it’s about giving up something they’ve
obviously taken care of for a long time.”

“And that’s what turns you on about sitting in a salon chair, as well?” Michelle
poked at her phone to confirm their pizza order. Then she ordered an UBER. “And why
you like that seat at the restaurant!” Michelle beamed with happiness over her
inductive reasoning skills.

The two waited outside standing against a brick wall. Street lights started to turn
on as the dark overtook day.

“What about her?” A girl of around 18 walked by tracked by Michelle’s finger. Her
brown hair looked auburn reflecting the red sky, cupping the bottom of her ass as
she was lost in conversation with her boyfriend.

“Oh my god, yes.” Lindsay’s mind filled with the things she’d do with that girl.
“She needs a good, short bob.”

“Shaved nape too?” Michelle took a mental note of this being Lindsay’s favorite
haircut. A car fitting the description of their UBER pulled up to the side walk.
“A5B… Yep, it’s ours.”

Their conversation turned to other topics while the UBER driver drove them to their
destination. As professional as could be, he did not try to wedge himself into
what they were saying.

“This isn’t the pizza place…” Lindsay questioned the drugstore out her window.

“No, it’s just down the street. I need to pick up something here.” Michelle tipped
the driver on the app, and rated him 5 stars. “Come on.” She entered the store not
waiting for Lindsay.

Lindsay caught up to Michelle in the hair care isle, stopping short as Michelle
bent down. Lindsay’s brown hair came to rest in waves, against her back. A small
ponytail of bangs, and the canopy of her hair rested on top. “What are you doing?”

“I’m helping you explore yourself, Linds.” Michelle grabbed a box with a picture
of clippers on the side. “Probably should get these too.” The more expensive of
two scissor options landed on top of the box.

“What if I don’t want to do this?” Lindsay talked over Michelle’s shoulder as
she followed.

“A bag would be great.” Michelle turned from the cashier. “Then we just leave these
in your room, or wherever you want. And they’ll be there when you decide you want
to experiment with yourself.”




Michelle turned her key to Lindsay’s apartment. “You don’t have to do anything
you don’t want to, Linds.”

“Good, that’s settled.” Lindsay convinced herself she was happy with the result
of her one sided rant, while she pushed the drugstore bag aside with the Pizza.

Michelle opened the closet beside the bathroom. “Will this make a good cape?”
She flicked open a full size white sheet.

“I thought we decided we weren’t going to do this?” Lindsay put her once bitten
slice of pizza on a paper plate.

“You haven’t said you don’t want to do it. Now, IF you tell me to stop, I’ll
stop, and we can have a normal, boring night of staying in.” The kitchen chair
at the head of the table stuttered against the vinyl as Michelle pulled it out.
“Or, you can get in this salon chair, and take your appointment for that trim.”


“Yes, I have you slated for a 9:30. Just a trim to keep those ends healthy,
right?” Michelle put on her best stylist impersonation.

“Just a trim…” Reluctantly she sat.

Michelle held the sheet in front of Lindsay, allowing her to maneuver her food
around it. “One second.” A few seconds later she returned from Lindsay’s bathroom
holding her bamboo comb. “New girl always misplaces things.” She took Lindsay’s
hair out of the small ponytail, letting it join the rest of her copious locks.
Then she combed until all the hairs aligned, given Lindsay’s hair a healthy shine
from the kitchen lights. “This much?” She held Lindsay’s hair around her side,
pinching, a quarter inch with her fingers.

Lindsay folded her pizza while nodding. “You cut hair dry here?”

“Yes, mam. It helps to see how it naturally falls.” The metal of the scissors
snapped together sending little tufts of mousy brown to the floor. “You want
to keep this u-shape?” Michelle moved her own blonde locks over her shoulder.

“Yes, please.” Lindsay found the role play to be extremely calming, an experience
she was not expecting minutes before.

“Hrmm” Michelle tapped her foot. “It looks like I’d have to go a bit shorter
to really clean up these ends. “About another inch.”

“Umm… if you think that’s what needs to be done. I trust you.” Lindsay’s
body warmed at the progression of events. *Snip* The shears moved across
flattening the curve of her hemline.

“How’s the complementary pizza?” *Snip* Michelle managed a passably straight

“Mmmm, very good. Are you almost done back there?” The sadness in Lindsay’s
voice took her by surprise.

*Snip* “That does it for your ends. They look amazing!” Michelle combed her
clients hair checking for unevenness. “You know, you’d look really good with
shorter hair. You face shape is perfect for it.”

Teeth slightly clenched Lindsay pushed herself. “How short are you thinking?”

“You’ve had this waist length hair since I’ve known you. Gorgeous as it is,
I think bringing it up to your bra strap with some blunt bangs would really
suite you.”

“I’m not sure. I really like my hair like this.” Lindsay sighed, disappointed

“Tell you what. I’ll start with the bangs. And you have from now until I make
a cut to say stop.” Michelle combed out thick section in front of Lindsay’s
eyes to become bangs. “Here we go, you’re going to love it.”

Lindsay grit her teeth, her stomach became knotted. Her arm stretched out to
put her plate on the counter, keeping it from being covered in her hair. The
metal felt cold against her eyebrow. She said nothing. *SCHNICK* A brown curtain
of soft locks fell tickling her nose. She scratched it in thoughtless response.
*SCHNICK* The warmness in her body grew. *SHNICK* The white sheet depressed
slightly with the modest weight of her lost locks.

*SHNICK* Michelle combed to check her work. “You’re gorgeous, hun. Gorgeous!”
She moved around back of the chair. “You know, I’m think maybe an inch or
two shorter than your bra-strap. Say no if you think that’s too much.” She
waited a brief moment, and held her shears around the height of Lindsay’s
armpits. “It’s going to be about a foot, are you good with that?”

Lindsay remained quiet. Her bodies apprehension loosened into outright pleasure.
She nodded. *SHNICK* Her right hand moved without asking, rubbing on top of her

*SHNICK* Michelle closed her shears with intentional slowness. “Mam, we can
do this without clothes, if you want. We are a full service salon.” *SCHNICK*

“MEOW” Daisy purred against Michelle’s legs, and rolled in Lindsay’s hair.

“I guess I should listen to Daisy.” Lindsay stood up, dumping her bangs on
the floor. “You are really good at this.” Her dress went over her head.
Shortened strands fell against her back, followed by locks that were a
foot longer. “That felt weird…”

“Stay standing mam, I think it will help me.” *SCHNICK* Michelle moved the
shears across Lindsay’s bare back. *SCHNICK* “Do you want to take a look?”

“YES!” Lindsay reluctantly removed her hand from between her legs, and ran
into her bathroom. “OH MY GOD! She gathered the remainder of her hair, and
dropped it. “It’s so short!” One middle finger ran along her bangs. The
other around her clit.

Michelle leaned against the door frame. “Is it?”

Oddly even ends brushed inches below Lindsay’s bare shoulders. “What are
you thinking?”

“Why don’t you come back to the salon, and I’ll show you?” Shears snipped
open air. Michelle gestured them towards the kitchen.

A mess of brunette slid across the floor in a chaos of kitty ambushes. Lindsay
giggled as she watched Daisy roll, and flick her shed safety blanket. “You know
what? I don’t want to know. Surprise me!”

With pride in her friend, Michelle took her place behind Lindsay. “Head down,
please.” She sectioned Lindsay’s hair over her shoulders, leaving only the
section covering her nape.

Lindsay felt steel just below her skull. “That’s really…” *Snip* the
comb raked her skin. *Snip* *Snip*

“Amazing, I bet.” Michelle gathered hair from the right side of Lindsay’s head,
snipping the longer hairs to her guide.

Lindsay’s hands explored herself as the cold shears made a straight line to
her lips. *Snip* She closed her eyes, and blew against the shortened locks.
The sensation of ends against her cheek made her shudder.

Michelle opened her mouth to comment, then refrained when she saw Lindsay lost
in fantasy. With the greatest of care she matched the left side to the right.

As sounds of her past self leaving her forever echoed in her left ear, Lindsay
edged on the climax of her fantasies. A welcome pressure pushed her head downward.
Her dream of being clipped came to life with a *POP*. The feeling on her neck was
more than she could take.

With patience, and love Michelle waited for Lindsay to fully experience accepting
of herself. Only when certain Lindsay had finished did she speak. “I need to do a
couple more passes on your neck, Linds. Are you good?”

“Yes.” Lindsay glowed. “Thank you for being amazing.”

Falling asleep on a bed of brown, Daisy mewed in agreement.

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