Lisa’s summer chop

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“Ugh! I’m done!” Lisa yelled at her bathroom mirror.

Lisa had moved from her home state of Minnesota to South Carolina after graduating college and getting a job in October. As much as she loved the mild winter compared to back home, she never thought about the extreme heat and humidity of a southern summer.

On a 90 degree day in May, non-stop frizz, a lack of A/C in her apartment, and her hair not cooperating was the last straw. So, Lisa threw her hair into a messy bun and put on a light blue sundress to hopefully help keep her cool as she went about the rest of her day off.

Her auburn locks were down to the middle of her ribs, and it was overdue for a cut anyway. She had gone to a great clips a couple miles away for trims a few times since moving, and made a friend/acquaintance in the stylist, Brandy, who had trimmed her hair up those first few times. Now though, Lisa had something a bit crazier than a trim in mind. She was feeling feisty all of a sudden

She sent a text to Brandy to see if she was working that day and browsed short haircuts. Her hair had been long pretty much as long as she could remember, save for the time she donated 10 inches in high school. She hated that bob cut and couldn’t wait for it to grow out at the time, it was stuck right on her shoulders and just at a weird length. Before she could finish her thought, Brandy replied

“I’m here until close, come in anytime! It’s been slow today and there’s nobody here right now” She said

“Great, going really short today 😜” Lisa sent back to Brandy. She was excited for this. As she browsed through more pictures, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

“Ooh yay, I love chopping hair! Also, any hair donation cut here is totally free if you wanted to do that :)” Brandy replied

Welp, as if that wasn’t already on Lisa’s mind

“Perfect!” She happily replied, but so many things ran through her mind as she let Brandy know she was on the way and got up to her car.

The drive to great clips went by quick, the whole time going back and forth on whether or not she was going to go through with it. She remembered what it was like having her ponytail chopped off the first time, knowing the instant those scissors made contact that there was no going back, and how long growing it would take.

But this time was different. Lisa was ready for it, and she fully wanted to do this. It wasnt even summer yet and she was already sick of constantly putting her hair up and being too hot to do anything. New place, new look.

She let her hair down and took a quick picture before confidently getting out of her car and walking into the salon.

“Hey, come right on up!” Said an excited Brandy. No other clients at the moment so Lisa swiftly took a seat in the chair.

“So, how much are you thinking about donating? You’ve definitely got more than the required 10 inches.” Brandy asked and she ran a brush through Lisa’s hair

“As much as possible. Chop it all off!” Lisa exclaimed

“How much do you mean by all off?” Brandy laughed

“*All* of it!” Lisa said excitedly, “it’s way too hot and I’m tired of dealing with it.”

Brandy just gave an enthused smirk in return as she sectioned Lisa’s hair into two tight ponytails and grabbed a neckstrip. She slid the neckstrip on before draping the cape around her and fastening it tightly around her neck.

Brandy picked up her scissors before looking at Lisa in the mirror, who was smiling right back.

“These are both about 16 inches and it’s as close to your head as I can get. Ready?” Brandy asked

“Do it.” Lisa confidently said

“Schniiiip schniiiip schniiiip” the scissors quickly tore through the left ponytail. It was gone in seconds, and Brandy laid it in Lisa’s lap. Both of them were loving this. Lisa couldn’t stop giggling as Brandy kept going

“Snip snip schniiiip snip snip” and off came the other ponytail. Within about 30 seconds Lisa’s hair was now just below her chin and she was loving it. There was still more to be done though

“Alright, where do you wanna go from here?” Brandy asked as she fluffed Lisa’s newly short hair

Lisa was still in a sort of euphoric laughter as she saw herself in the mirror, hair freshly chopped and shorter than it had ever been already.

“Shave it all off.” Lisa said, still gigging, sharply biting her lip

Brandy’s eyes widened as she smiled big, “I’m so happy that’s your answer. This is a big choice though. You sure?” She asked

Lisa nodded quickly

“Alright, this should be fun!” Brandy said as she grabbed her clippers, “I’m gonna put a 4 guard on, and we can always go shorter”

Lisa immediately replied, “Just go with a 1.”

“Alright, I’m not gonna tell you no.” Brandy said, laughing while putting the guard on the clippers. She combed through Lisa’s hair one more time.

“Ready?” Brandy asked, brushing Lisa’s bangs back as she held the clippers right next to her head, ready to shave at a moments notice.

“Do it!” Lisa instantly replied. She hadn’t been so excited for something since before moving down here

Brandy turned on the clippers as Lisa closed her eyes in anticipation

“Here we go!” Brandy said, as she drove the clippers directly through the middle of Lisa’s head. Lisa let out a mini scream of excitement and then lightly bit her tongue as Brandy ran the clippers through another big section of hair on left side of the top of her head. Her eyes were still closed as the clippers tore through the top right side of her hair now. Brandy ran the clippers over the top one more quick time as Lisa opened her eyes to see skin under the miniscule amount of hair left on the top of her head, hair clippings spread all over the cape, with the sides and back still needing to be shaved off

“I love this already!” Lisa thought smiling wide, still unable to speak

Brandy stayed focused on shaving Lisa’s hair, as she began buzzing away at the right side. The hair was quickly shorn off, landing both on the cape and on the floor. She then began buzzing around Lisa’s ears, and Lisa started giggling again.

“You like this?” Brandy asked as she cleared some of what used to be Lisa’s thick hair out of the guard

“Oh my god yes” Lisa lightly let out, still so excited she could barely speak, “Keep going.” Her entire body had been tingling ever since Brandy put that neckstrip on.

The clippers began buzzing the hair off the left side of Lisa’s head. Every motion Brandy made with them was giving Lisa goosebumps. “I should have shaved my head way sooner than this. This is amazing” Lisa thought

Brandy moved Lisa’s left ear as she buzzed away at some loose hairs around it. Lisa had a buzzcut all the way around except for the back of her cranium, which was Brandy’s next target.

“Alright look down for me baby” Brandy calmly said. Lisa obliged and Brandy plunged the clippers into the mass of hair. Lisa loved the feeling of her nape and up the sides of her head being buzzed more than anything up to this point. She was on cloud nine.

The clippers ate through the remaining chunks of hair left on Lisa’s head, with plenty of brown hair laying on the cape in front of Lisa’s still smiling face. Not a single trace of long hair to be found.

“Alright I’m gonna run this over your whole head one more time, make sure everything’s even, and then we’ll be done!” Brandy said

“Alright!” Lisa said hoarsely, still barely able to speak. She was so excited to have the clippers buzzing over her head again.

Brandy put her left hand on the side of Lisa’s face as she started buzzing away at the rest of Lisa’s head, knowing how much she was loving this experience. The clippers were way lighter this time around without the previously thick hair, but the buzzing sensation was still driving Lisa crazy. She was still giggling non-stop.

Brandy looked around the salon to see if anyone was still looking. Her co-workers and other clients had obviously noticed all that laughter and the long hair being shaved off, but at the moment everyone was busy, so as she went over the side of Lisa’s head with the clippers, Brandy quickly kissed Lisa’s cheek, suspiciously close to her lips, before continuing the buzzcut.

Lisa simply bit her lip, smiled, and stared at Brandy, trying as hard as possible to stay composed while Brandy got to the back of her head once again. This time Brandy bit her lip as she simply moved Lisa’s head down, cleaning up the back of it. It took everything Lisa had to stay still, but stay still she did until the second the clippers turned off. Brandy put the clippers back on her work station, right next to Lisa’s chopped off ponytails, grabbing a brush to swipe away any loose hairs on Lisa’s neck

Lisa raised her head and looked in the mirror, fully taking in her newly buzzed head. A bunch of thick, brown hair clippings that were once on Lisa’s head were now scattered all across the cape that was covering her body. Brandy wiped away the loose hairs and then quickly turned on her blow dryer to be sure to get anything else off.

“Alright, how you feeling now?” Brandy flirtatiously asked

Lisa took her hand out from under the cape and touched her head for the first time and burst out into laughter.

“Oh my god I love this so much!” Lisa exclaimed, unable to stop feeling her head. “This was a great decision.”

“You look so cute!” Brandy said, taking off the neckstrip, “I wish more females shaved their heads, this was so fun and you look amazing. I might need to give it a shot…” Brandy said.

“Maybe you should.” Lisa replied as Brandy took the cape off, shaking the loads of Lisa’s hair onto the floor.

“This is wonderful, thank you so much for doing this!” Lisa said excitedly, still feeling her head as she stood up, shaking some hair out of her dress, before seeing all the hair that was once on her head on the ground and going right back to giggling and saying “oh my god” repeatedly.

Brandy walked with Lisa to the exit of the salon, both of them marveling over Lisa’s new super short buzzcut.

“We’re absolutely gonna do this again, this will not be the last time I shave my head.” Lisa said

“Good,” Brandy said seductively, “Hey, how do you feel about getting drinks on Friday night?”

“Very good, let’s do it.” Lisa happily replied as her and Brandy hugged

“See you then!” Brandy said

(First story ever, any feedback is appreciated! I can write a follow up to this if people want as well. Much love, all)

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