Lisa’s Turn

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This is a sequel to “Sue’s Roommates”


It had been nearly 8 months since the night when Jen had buzzed off her long, curly red hair.  Lisa had eventually heard the full story from Sue, who had told her in detail about the steamy threesome she’d had with their roommate Jen and Sue’s boyfriend, Dan.  The story was hot.  The sex, the play between Sue and Jen… and the hair.  Jen had buzzed her remaining few inches of hair off during the action.  Lisa sometimes touched herself imagining the ordeal.

Lisa’s own hair hadn’t been “long” since the breakup haircut she’d gotten the year prior, when she’d had her chest length hair cut in to something between a pixie and an inverted bob.  Since then, she’d had an inverted bob with a shaved undercut, and then grown it out, having just had it cut to a longer angled bob that ended a few inches below her chin.  Her sleek dark brown hair complimented her brown eyes and slightly tan complexion.

Lisa went to the living room, where stacks of boxes were a stark reminder that they were all finally moving out of their college home for good.  Sue had even moved in with Dan a few weeks prior.  Then Jen walked in.

“Ready for tonight?” Jen asked, standing in the bathroom doorway, freah out of the shower, wearing nothing but a pair of panties.  They were all going out one last time before their move-out date in a few days.  Jen no longer had the stark buzzcut she had donned previously, having let it grow in to a different style.  While the top had been allowed to grow mostly unabated, she’d recently shaved the sides and back to the skin again, even where it crossed part way above her forehead.  The grown out portion on top was small enough side to side and front to back that she could easily tie her four or five inch long curls up in a little ponytail that bounced on the top of her head, showing off her highly shaved sides, nape, and crown.  Lisa admired her creamy skin and the shape of her skull from the side, noting that nearly her entire crown was shaved bald.

Lisa was still curious about going super short. Her last major cut had felt like ripping off a set of curtains that had been hiding her neck, shoulders, and breasts.  Lisa didn’t play sports like Sue and Jen, but she stayed fairly in shape, working out a few times a week.  Regardless of her efforts, though, Lisa was blessed with an amazing body.  Her perky natural breasts had been DD cup early in high school, and grown far beyond that.  They complimented shapely shoulders and a narrow waist that sat above wide curvy hips, leading to smooth, thick, curvy legs that seemed somehow longer than they should be for someone standing 5’6.  It was Lisa’s back side, though, that limited her lower body wardrobe to nothing but garments with generous stretchyness.

Lisa’s face was at least as beautiful as her body, with big brown eyes and soft, full lips.  Would a super short cut do to her face and ears what the prior cut had done to her neck and shoulders?  She wondered often.

“How many guys do you think are like Dan?” Lisa said to Jen.  “I mean, like, the hair thing.”

“I’ve told you before, I think a fair number.” Jen said, slipping a t-shirt on. “Maybe not a majority or even half, but it’s definitely not rare.”

That night, they all went out to the bar.  Jen, Lisa, and Angela talked over drinks while waiting for Sue and Dan to show up.  The three women were quite the sight.  This bar was a pre-game for the club, and they’d dressed to impress on this hot late June night.

Then they saw a tall man with a buzzcut walk in the door.  Dan strode across the room with Sue’s hand in his.  Sue, like Jen, had been letting her hair grow, although a bit differently.  She had gone through a brief bowl cut phase.  Now, her top had barely been trimmed.  The sides weren’t cut nearly as high as Jen’s, and instead of shaved, they were faded.  The low fade, a number one at the bottom and number 3 at the top, gave her hair a softer look, with her four inch long dirty blonde hair on top mostly brushed back, with some strands falling to the side to frame her face.

After hugs and a celebratory shot, the crew got together to head to the club.  “Dan’s friends Bill and James are meeting us at the club.  I don’t think you’ve met James.” Sue told Lisa.

The crew danced at the club.  The sight of the four girls with Dan was a bit reminiscent of that night 8 months prior when Jen had joined Dan and Sue at his apartment.  The three had skated around a direct answer whenever asked if there had been repeat activities.

Dan shouted “James, over here!” and Lisa froze as a gorgeous man answered back.  She watched as James and Bill walked over to their group.

James was, well, Lisa’s type. A few inches shorter than Dan, James was much more bulked up from working out in comparison.  His biceps bulged from below the ends of the tight short sleeves on his fitted button down.  His hair was in a high bald fade, with the top reminiscent of a flat top, but not quite as sharp.

It was almost as if Dan knew what Lisa was thinking.

“James, this is Lisa, Sue’s friend.”  James flashed a movie star smile and Lisa extended a hand, before finding herself being led to the bar.

“So what do you do?” Lisa shouted over the music.

“I’m a barber.  I work at Frank’s on Main and 2nd.  I’ve actually been cutting Sue and Jen’s hair for the past few months.” James explained.

Lisa had passed by that shop many times.  It had some classic elements outside, like the rotating striped pole, but looked clean and modern otherwise.  The fact that James cut hair, including women’s hair, peaked her interest.

Before long, Lisa found herself grinding against James on the dance floor.  She barely took notice as Angela snuck out with Bill, and said a quick goodbye when the trio of Dan, Sue, and Jen announced they were leaving a bit later. Lisa could hardly care when she saw Jen pull Sue in for a kiss on their way out the door, Dan’s hand on Jen’s bald neck.

It was hot on the dance floor, and Lisa pulled her smooth, sweat soaked inverted lob up in to a sleek ponytail.  It was then that she realized she’d caught James’ attention a little differently, and remembered her undercut, grown out a week from its last smooth shave, exposed from ear to ear.

James rotated Lisa to face away from him.  As she ground her generous ass against his hard cock to the beat, he leaned in started kissing her buzzed undercut.  Lisa gasped and shivered, and bent her head forward to give him better access, as the kisses transitioned from soft pecks to open mouthed with tongue and light sucking.

Lisa’s whole body shuttered as James literally made out with her nape.  She could barely handle the pleasure.

Turning to him, Lisa pulled his ear to her mouth and said “do you like short hair, James?” Before kissing him deeply.

James whispered in her ear “I like it short.”  Lisa realized what to do next.


As they hit the sidewalk, Lisa immediately saw the black Uber SUV she ordered pull up.  After what seemed like too short of a ride, with James’ hand constantly on Lisa’s nape, and her mouth constantly on his, the driver spoke up.

“Here we are. 2nd and Main, have a safe evening.”


Under the street lights at 1:30am, Frank’s barber shop looked less modern, and more old fashioned.  The striped pole sat still in the cool dim aura of a nearby street light. The bold lettered “Frank’s” sign stood in shadow. The windows were blank with the shades drawn.  James knew what to do, though.  Lisa had taken him here for a reason.  He walked up to the door and punched in a code on the lock’s number pad.

Once inside, James took on a different persona.  He was strong, and Lisa couldn’t have put up a fight if she’d wanted.  She didn’t want to fight this, though.  She stood like a statue in her tight, short bodycon dress that barely covered her voluptuous behind as he circled her like a predator, looking her up and down from head to toe, with an expression of admiration for her beautiful figure and face.

James suddenly ripped off Lisa’s dress, leaving her standing there in a lacy thong, bra, and high heels.  He walked to a counter, where he grabbed something small and walked back over to her.  Lisa heard a flick and a click, looking down to see that James had just flipped open a straight razor.  He quickly sliced through the waistband of her panties and straps of her bra, before pocketing it.

James looked down past Lisa’s amazing tits to her sex, where he saw an unruly dark bush.  He ran his hand down her smooth stomach until his fingers were entwined in the mound of three inch long curly hairs.  He grabbed them in a fist and pulled her over to a large leather barber’s chair, before pushing her back in to it.  Lisa watched him pull out a key and open the bottom drawer under the counter.  He pulled out four padded leather straps.  Before she knew what was happening, Lisa’s wrists and ankles were strapped to the chair.

James began pumping the chair up, then with the flip of a lever, Lisa fell backward with a yelp as the seat reclined.

“First things first” James said, running his hand through Lisa’s thick bush  “This will have to go.”  He popped a guard on his clippers and began mowing the curly hair down to an eigth inch in length.  Lisa watched as the hair she hadn’t trimmed in over a year was reduced to stubble, trembling slightly each time the vibrations got close to her clit.

The vibrations stopped, and James took a can off of the counter, applying shaving cream to his hand and rubbing it in to her.  Then, he slid the straight razor out of his pocket.

With careful, competent precision, James began scraping the stubble from Lisa’s pussy.  Lisa had to strain hard to keep from moving as she felt the mild pleasure of the blade running along her lips.  James carefully removed everything but a small triangle of stubble that hovered just above her sex, almost like an arrow pointing downward.

James set the blade down and took a hot wet towel from the sink.  He carefully wiped the remaining shaving cream from Lisa, before kneeling in front of her and placing his mouth over her.  While sucking and licking her clit. He expertly guided two fingers inside of Lisa. Within minutes, she was squirting her juices and convulsing in the chair.

James stood up, moving to Lisa’s mouth and kissing her passionately.  Then he flipped the lever on the chair and returned it to its upright position, before pulling out the hair tie that held Lisa’s hair in a ponytail.

“How did you say you liked womens hair?”  Lisa asked for the second time that night.

“I like it short.” James replied.

“Then cut it short.” Lisa said, almost imperceptibly quiet.


James got to work.  He didn’t bother with a cape or a tape strip around the neck.  He removed the guard from his clippers and moved around behind Lisa.

Lisa shuttered as she felt the bare blades scrape up her nape.  She was used to the feeling there, in the very back, but she wondered how high James would go.  She got her answer soon enough.

The clipper’s blades traveled up and over her occipital, not being pulled away until they were near the top of her crown.

“Holy shit” Lisa gasped, feeling the air on her scalp.  James just smiled and kept working.

Before long, Lisa felt hair pull away from her left ear and not return to it.  Then the left side was done, and Lisa could see that he’d gone high with the clippers.  She sat in silence, hair scattered over her shoulders and generous breasts, as he finished the right side.  Lisa wished her arms weren’t restrained, so she could touch herself, but all she could do was watch.

James pulled out a wide comb and pulled the remaining hair straight up, before quickly running the clippers over it only a couple inches above Lisa’s scalp.  Lisa gasped, seeing the remainder of her length land on her amazing breasts.  Then, James slowed down and began working with more precision.

Lisa watched as James transitioned from quickly getting the bulk of the hair off, to working like an artist.  He used precise strokes of the clippers, running them over the comb.  He continued pulling hair straight up and clipping it off, a zipping sound coming from the blades on the comb.  Then, he placed the comb directly against the top of Lisa’s head and ran the comb over it, leaving a runway of short fuzz from her crown forward.  Then, carefully, he began running the bare clippers across the area without the comb.  This was going to be short.

As James finished off the precise flat top, Lisa tried estimating how much hair was left on her head.  The hair at her bangs was maybe half an inch long.  The middle of the top of her head was just a faint stubble.  The sides came up at an angle toward the center, the fade being too high and top too short to keep the line vertical.  Then, he broke out the cream and straight razor, and started removing the stubble.

Everything but the horseshoe at the top was shaved to the skin with the razor. Lisa shuttered and began getting wet between her legs as she felt the blade remove the remnants of her hair.  Then, finally, James worked the blade up her nape, and over the top of her head, to bring the landing strip completely to the skin.

James released Lisa from the straps holding her ankles and wrists.  She stood, pulling him in close and kissing him, while reaching down and stroking his cock through his pants.  Then she ripped his button down shirt open, pulled his pants down, and jumped up on to him, wrapping her legs around his torso and lowering her soaking wet pussy on to his engorged, cleanly shaved member.

James sat down in the leather barber’s chair, Lisa straddling him with her thick thighs, her bust against his face.  She rode him hard.  He ran his hand up her neck and on to her head.  Lisa realized she hadn’t touched her own head yet, and did the same.  She convulsed and moaned, cumming hard and squirting her juices from the combined pleasures of her hands and his on her head, his mouth on her breast, and his dick deep inside of her.

Lisa realized that James was about to come, and knew what to do.  She got off of him, kneeling and placing her head at his crotch.  She worked his veiny cock with her mouth and hand until the moment he came, bowing her head down and receiving the splatter of thick, hot cum, directly on the landing strip he’d shaved in to the top of her head.

Lisa woke up the next morning, in James’ arms, both of them nude, the sun peeking through the blinds of his apartment window.  “Was it a dream?” She whispered to herself, before reaching up and feeling her head, now mostly bald.  She turned around, straddling James and forcing his morning wood in to her wet pussy.  James’s eyes opened.

“Ready for more already?” James asked with a smile.

“Mmmm” Lisa moaned lightly, feeling the cock inside her,  “you need to finish shaving my head clean before I go home.”

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