Well deserved punishment for my bad behavior

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Me (24F) and my boyfriend (27M) are together for almost five years and for a while I have been attracted to my boss (39M). I work in an IT firm so there is plenty of men to look at and so little women to be friend with. I have always been attracted to men I cannot have – older, with kids,.. It makes me so horny to even think about that. He is so gorgeous, very well matured and oh my god.. that little beard and glasses. My boyfriend is nice, caring but I want adventure. I love the feeling of cheating. I know the boss likes well kept curly hair so every morning I curl my waist length auburn hair just for him. The look on his face when he sees me.. So worth it!!
My boyfriend tends to be strict with me, he tells me how to do my hair, when to go to hairdresser, what to wear, how to behave and when I don’t obey him he gets mad. He told me many times to cut my hair short because my long hair doesn’t look tidy and clean.. I laughed and let it go away. No way! I would never cut my hair more than two inches.
This morning I was preparing to work. I was curling my hair. I was very pedant in my doings. This time I braided my fringe into two sections and tied it in the back of the head. It looked lovely. My boyfriend was getting ready too and looking at me while I was looking at myself in the mirror with little smile while thinking of my boss. I don’t like it, he said. ‘You should go to hairdresser’ he said. I replied with casual ‘hell no, whatever, it is my hair’. He seemed upset. I went to work thinking whether he is the best partner for me. When I came to work I went straight to the boss’s office. When he saw me he gasped and said ‘you look amazing today, what about a lunch today?’ I replied with humble and teasing ‘sure’. We went to have a lunch and after that we made out in the cleaning room. I have never enjoyed sex this much. Then we acted like nothing happened. After my shift ended I went straight home, happy with myself. When I entered the door my boyfriend was sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. ‘Come upstairs’ he said. I obeyed without a word. He told me to put down all my clothes. ‘Yay, next round today’ I thought. First of all he fingered me and I didn’t even realise and my legs were tied. We like to play sometimes so that wasn’t anything unusual. Then I obeyed and let him tie my hands too. He tied my hands to both sides of a stick. When I was all ready and set he left the room. I was lying down, tied up, getting uncomfortable but getting very very horny and wet. He came back with scissors, I had no idea for what we need scissors while doing love. He came very close to me, picked up second stick lying next to bed and he started to gently rubbing the stick on my chest, continuing to the belly and below. He slapped me really hard on my ass. I was shocked. ‘what the hell are you doing, that hurts, stop it’. He didn’t reply. He slapped me second time even harder on my back. ‘you are fucking crazy, go away’ I yelled at him. He continued. For many times. Then he said weirdly calmly ‘how dare you cheat on me you stupid whore’. I came to my mind. Oh my god.. I was saying how sorry I was. ‘I see how you prepare every morning to the work.. All the damn styling, hair styling. You know I hate your hair long and today I saw you with that prick. It all started to make sense. This day is end to it, DO YOU HEAR ME?’ he started to yell. ‘you are mine and no one else’s, do you hear me?’. I was crying and I was really scared. He grabbed the scissors. I was still begging him to forgive me. ‘You are a whore and I need to punish you, you are not going anywhere. You are mine’. I was crying repeatedly ‘no, no, no, don’t do it please’. He grabbed a huge chunk of my hair on the top of head and said ‘that prick won’t have anything to like about you anymore you stupid bitch’ and while finishing saying that he chopped of the hair with scissors very close to my scalp. I cried, yelled. Then he grabbed another chunk of the hair and did the same. My beautiful thick waist long hair was falling on the bed. He was just riding the scissors on my scalp and snipping. Very soon I had no hair left. I was sobbing, all red and puffy. Then he lifted me and took me to bathroom where was prepared a chair and on a sink there was a razor and a shaving cream. I almost fainted. ‘please no’ I said ‘I will never look at him again, please no, stop’. But he seated me and I saw parts of my scalp in the mirror. He started to apply the shaving cream on the top of my head, then continued to the back, sides. I couldn’t believe what was happening.. ‘I can’t be bald’ I thought. He started sliding the cold metal razor from top to the bottom, repeatedly. Then he moved to the sides and he very systematically removed all of my remaining hair. After a while I looked like an egg. The he untied me. I was sitting on the chair helplessly, crying. I couldn’t move. ‘next time you think twice before cheating on me’, he said ‘get yourself together, we will be doing this every week. We don’t want you bad behaving again, do we?’ and he left me alone sobbing and hurting.

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