Living out a dream

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(Disclaimer – I’m a woman writing this story from the point of view of a man.)

I’ve always had a thing for bald women. They were something else, something special. The few times I had seen them, I though every woman could pull it off. My wife being zero exception.

My wife, Chanel, had long, flowing, brown hair that complemented her chocolate brown eyes. She loved her hair. So did I. I loved playing with it, running my hands through it, and catching whiffs of her fruity shampoo. But I wanted something more.

I kept it a secret that I wanted to see her with a bald, shaved head. Even more, I wanted to be the one who shaved it. I shave my face daily, and it made me erect to think about that same smooth feeling on my wife’s head. I know she would love it as well.

After a while, I couldn’t keep the secret anymore. One day, we were watching TV on our couch together. The voice in my head finally told me to tell Chanel about my fetish. “Chanel, baby, I gotta tell you about something.”

“What’s up, honey?” Chanel replied as she turned off the TV. It took a bit of stuttering, but I finally got it out that I wanted to shave her head. I told her that I loved her with hair or without, and it wouldn’t upset me if she didn’t want to shave her head. If she didn’t like it, I would buy her the most expensive wig to replace her hair.

“You know what?” Chanel told me. “I’m willing to shave my head for you. I love you so much that I’ll do it.”

I pulled her close and kissed her. Trying hard to contain my excitement, I looked forward to when she would have me shave her head. As I pulled away, I once again caught a scent of her hair. I was going to miss the smell but I couldn’t wait to finally have a bald wife.

As the days past by, I read tons of stuff about how to perfectly shave a head, how to take care of it afterwards, and the best stuff to use. I had shaved my face hundreds of times, but someone else’s head was an entirely different feat. I wanted to do everything possible to make it enjoyable for her, and to possibly make her want to stay bald.

One day at work, I was thinking of when I would finally get to shave Chanel’s head. That’s when I finally got a call from her. When I picked up, she told me she had amazing news that I would like to hear. I was all ears.

“I got a promotion at work, and it’s a fully digital job so I won’t have to be in the office. You told me how you wanted to shave my head. So I think this is your chance to do it!” she told me.

My heart started pounding. I was finished with work, so I raced to the store to purchase the stuff I would need to shave her head. When I got to the store, I purchased some shave oil, quality clippers, a nice, 6 blade razor, and some after shave products. It all came out to be expensive but I knew it was worth it, and I prayed Chanel didn’t change her mind.

Once I drove home, I walk in the door with all the stuff. Chanel was on the couch waiting for me, and walked over to see what I had bought. “You know, I’m actually looking forward to this. I never thought I would but I’m ready for a fresh start and to experience being bald”, Chanel told me. I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before getting everything ready.

We decided she would be shaved in our living room. I got out a chair for her to sit on and moved a small table next to it. I put the clippers on the table and got a towel, and called Chanel to the living room because I was ready.

She came out naked and sat on the chair. I felt like I was dreaming at that point. I plugged in the clippers, switched them on, and they vibrated in my hand. After giving Chanel a quick kiss, I told her, “This is your last chance to back out, are you sure about this?” She had her eyes closed, said nothing but nodded.

I got behind her, and with my right hand I held her hair down, while gliding the clippers through the middle of her hair with my left. From the middle of her forehead to the nape of her neck, it was just extra short stubble.

“Doing ok?” I asked her as I continued passing the clippers though her long hair. “I’m doing fine.” Chanel replied. At that point, I was pushing the clippers though her right temple. I made my way to her right ear and folded it down to buzz the hair hiding behind there. I buzzed a couple of pieces at the back of her head, before working on the left side of her head and buzzing the left side of her head. After shaving going over her head a couple of times, making sure it was all even and short enough, I turned off the clippers.

I rubbed Chanel’s head for a bit and asked her how she was feeling. “My head feels a hell of a lot lighter, I feel great right now.” I smiled and took her over the the kitchen sink, where I ran the hot water and splashed it on her buzzcut to soften the stubble and make it easy to shave.

After that we made our way back to the chair and the fun part was about to begin. I took some of the shave oil and rubbed a nice layer on it all over her head. I picked up the razor, steadied her head, and slowly dragged the razor from her forehead to her crown. The razor left an effortless path of shiny, bare skin which I promised not to touch yet.

I shaved a few more lines from her forehead to her crown. Then I gently tilted her head forward to slowly drag the razor from the nape of her neck to her crown. After that I folded down her ears to shave behind their, before carefully going over a couple of spots that I had missed to make sure her head was perfectly shaved. I then got a towel that I wet with some cold water to clear the excess oil off of her head and seal the pores.

Zero cuts, zero stubble, just a silky, smooth, perfectly shaped bald head. I ran my hands over Chanel’s head for a good couple of minutes. I couldn’t believe she was bald. It was an absolute dream come true that I was sure I was going to wake from.

I made my way in front of Chanel and saw her face without hair. Her bald head made her brown eyes stand out, and she looked extra sexy. “My god, you’re stunning”, I told her as I gripped her face and leaned in for a long, passionate kiss.

“Come on, feel your head,” I told Chanel, “It feels incredible. You’ve got to feel it, you’ll love it.” She slowly lifted her hand to touch her bald head. I could instantly tell that she loved the feeling of it, she began moaning and rubbing it with both hands.

I brought out some aloe vera to soothe her sensitive, freshly shaved head, along with some lotion to keep her head soft. As I rubbed the lotion in, I asked her “Do you think you’ll want to stay bald?”

“I don’t think I want to ever grow my hair again. Being bald feels so incredible,” she replied. She stood up and I gave her a big hug and kissed her while caressing her bald head.

We were too tired for anything else that evening, but I certainly wasn’t too tired for a cuddling session. As she lay in my chest, I continued rubbing her silky smooth head. I gave her a couple of head kisses which made her giggle.

After that, she turned over to try and go to sleep. I gave her a head massage, which felt much better giving to her bald. I could tell by her breathing that it put her to sleep. Then I fell asleep myself, with the hugest smile on my face.

That morning I awoke to my wife’s bald head. just as smooth as the night before. I massaged her head as she woke up and rubbed her head with her own hands and smiled at me, looking as stunning as ever.

I’m proud to say that I am one of the few men who has gotten the experience of shaving my wife’s head completely bald, and will continue to shave her head for however long her beautiful bald heart desires.


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