Long blonde hair to a perfect flattop

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I have always had long blond hair up to my shoulders with a fringe that reaches 2 cm above my eyes that I maintain regularly, my haircut has obviously earned me bullying at school where I was often called a girl, I was even threatened several times to cut with scissors, one day, one of the bullies in class even took a clipper. In my family there are different opinions, my mother likes my hair a lot and helps me to take care of it by cutting the ends and my bangs or brushing it. My dad doesn’t like it and would prefer me to cut it short, but it doesn’t bother me more than that, my aunt insists every year to cut my hair for the summer, but my mom always refuses which leaves her in IThe only person in my family who really hates my hair is my sister, she’s 18 years old and for some reason I’ I’ve always ignored it (because my parents aren’t into it too much) she’s a very bossy and disciplinarian woman. For her, a man should and must have short hair, she had a plunging bob with bangs and a shaved neck, she went to the hairdresser to maintain her neck every two weeks and for her bob every two months. You would expect her to have a very short haircut, but her way of thinking about the length of men’s hair, also applied to women according to her, should have hair at least up to the chin, but not more the courts.So she hated all those women who have boy haircuts or military haircuts. Coming back to my hair, although she could not say that it did not look clean, because it was always well styled and maintained, she often said that I looked like a girl and that no one would be interested in a boy with such a long Hair.
At the beginning of this story I said that I always had long hair, this statement is not totally true, I did not have short hair but extremely short for one because of my sister.
When I was 13 years old, I had a sort of passion for cross-dressing (which faded with time) and I liked to spend hours in the bathroom doing my hair in a very feminine way using my mother’s curling iron or doing braids. At that time, I was accompanied by my friend James who had a huge tuft of curly brown hair on his head. One day, while curling my hair, I had a discussion with my friend.
– I’m scared, you know, I’ve dodged the barber a few times, but I think next time I’ll do it… he said
– Your mom wants you to cut your hair how? I answer by touching my freshly made curls
– A crew cut…
– I feel for you, it can’t be easy to have a mother who can’t stand a little longer hair…
As I was about to curl my last strand of hair when my sister walked into the room, when she saw the curling iron in my hands, she got mad!
“You two stay here, I’ll be right back, you’ll see what it’s like to be a man.”
Me and James looked into each other’s eyes, we were very worried about what was going to happen. My sister came back with a bag from which she pulled out an entire barber kit, she pulled up a chair and asked James to sit down before putting a barber cape on him.
“I’m going to give you proper haircuts, you effeminate bastards! Said she by taking out her clippers
– Not too short nevertheless…
She leaned her hand against the head of James to make him lower his head, she put a hoof 2 on the clippers then began to go up to the top of his head, an avalanche of brown curls fell to the ground and a clipped hair line appeared at the back of the head of James. She continues to

She continues to repeat the gesture all over James’ head as a few tears were visible on his cheeks, a mountain of hair was on the cape. I watch this terrified sight as a woman with long black hair entered the bathroom and was already standing behind me, I had seen her, she was a friend of my sister. She shared with her their love for short haircuts for men. She grabbed a straightening iron from the closet and started straightening my hair.
“You have nice curls, you know, but it’s not appropriate for a boy…”

As she spoke to me, I watched my sister run the clippers over James’ head several times until no hair stuck out.
? “What haircut if your get brother She asked my sister.
– Like we did to that son of a hippie,” she said with a wicked smile.
– Long hair to the lower back with a cut of short marines?
– Yes, I’m sick of seeing that effeminate blonde head in this house!

At the time I didn’t understand what they were talking about, later I learned that one of the boys in the neighborhood who had long hair had changed overnight to a very short military haircut shaved white on the sides, my sister and her friend had started a group to fight against the society that was accepting more and more men with long hair.
My sister took off James’ cape and a cascade of hair covered the floor, James now had a fashionable haircut, he touched his freshly cut hair and looked strangely satisfied. My sister motioned for me to come over, I sat in the chair shaking. My sister asked her friend to take her place.
“Make it one of your famous flattops! My sister said with a smile.
Hearing these words, I froze in place, the shortest haircut I have ever had coming just above my shoulders, she took the cape and put it around my neck, she recalled my hair that was left under the cape and started brushing it soon.

“Do you have a favorite in Flattop?” she said softly.
– N-no. I stammered back
– This is your first time, I see, I would have done you a flattop horseshoe, but it’s a little too radical for a first time, I think.”

She gathered my hair into a ponytail and then pulled out her scissors as she continued to question me.

“For the sides of the hair would you prefer a straightening or a white shave?
I remained silent, my hands were shaking, I was aware that I would not escape.
“Okay, let’s go with the close shave .”

She started to cut my ponytail, after a few seconds I felt a weight come off my head, she dropped my ponytail in front of me. She started cutting my ponytail, after a few seconds I felt a weight coming off the back of my head, she dropped my ponytail in front of me. She put the clippers next to my pillow and turned them on, I felt the clippers my hair and throw it on the floor. My hair was starting to cover James’. She kept doing this all around my head while talking to me.

“You know, I love doing flattops when the hair is long like yours, it’s fun to do. Feeling your long hair always thrills me and then I love the reactions of loved ones when they see the result! Please put your head down!”

I lowered my head which made me notice that a good portion of my long locks, it was gathered in the front of the cape like James. The clippers went up the back of my neck and the feeling was very nice, I could feel my long hair disappearing more and more to make way for very short shaved hair.

“My sister promised me that I would be the only one allowed to take care of your hair, from the first time I saw it, I thought that it should be a joy to give you a manly and clean cut and I notice that I was right! you take very good care of your hair, it’s a real pleasure to cut it! you can raise your head.

I let her finish shaving my sides, she took a jar of shaving cream and started applying to my sides.
“You see, to get a good close shave, you have to apply the shaving cream correctly!”

Once she was done, she took a razor and shaved my hair white in a few minutes, the contours of my head had become smooth without any visible hair. Then she wiped it down with a towel and continued. She took a comb and trimmed the top hair starting with my bangs.

“This is the longest part, you understand? We have to make sure the hair is straight and all the same length!”
She spent many minutes working on the top of my head with her comb, at the end she put gel in to make it stand straight. She took the cape off, I had gone from a 13 year old boy with long hair to a 13 year old boy with a very short flattop, I ran my hand over the back of my head and felt my smooth skin.

“From now on, you’ll come see me every week to maintain your haircut!

My sister was happy, she had finally “eradicated the fake men in this family” if I needed a change. I wore this flattop for a year, as my sister and her friend no longer lived in our town, so I didn’t have to maintain my flattop, it took me several years to find my length. My friend James ended up liking the short hair and tried to convince me to keep my flattop, but I always refused. He was reluctant to have short hair and wore more and more extreme cuts, one day he even came to class with a flat horseshoe.I don’t know if my sister and her friend still force cut hair, but I know now that it’s only her that I allow


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