Long hair aint for summer.

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Ann Takamaki wakes up once again all sweaty.

Oh my god, this year will be a hell of summer.

It is still June and it is so fucking hot even at 9 am.

What will do when the peak of heat, gets here: Ann said as she walk to the bathroom.

Is not easy even with all those hair, she said as she put her blonde long hair into a bun.

She then get a cold shower to get all her sweat off her body and was standing nude in front of her wardrobe.

Hum what should I wear for today at the mall: Ann said as she look at her wardrobe.

Well now that I think I need to get to the mall: Ann said as she grab a pair of shorts and a red Tank top.

Well, as soon as Ann enters the mall she passes by a sign that catches her eye and makes her stop.

“free buzzcut for summer”: Ann read.


What is a buzzcut?: Ann asked herself as she rise her eye and saw she was in front of a barbershop.

A young man smile and wave his hand as invited her in as she saw him.

Ann blushed and just quickly turn and walk away from the shop.

Even though Ann will spend hours and hours around the mall and she knows every shop and their location on the mall she anyway ends up always before the same barbershop.

My gosh, what I am doing: Ann said and she sit at a bench before the barbershop.

But as she sit down she saw a beautiful woman with really long red hair enter the shop and start talking to the young man and point at the window.

Ann watch as she sit down and the barber cape her and then took the clipper and start to place something on it.

Wait what is she doing: Ann said as she watch the barber place the clipper at the girl’s forehead.

In a few min, all her long red hair was now just a pile on the floor.

Wow, she is so brave: Ann said and she rise and walk closer to the shop.

As she did so the girl walk out of the shop and Ann said.

Excuse me miss may I ask why did you chop all your hair?

Why not, it is just hair and it will grow back by the end of the summer I will have a bob, and when school starts it will be a nice bob cut. Also, the summer will be really easy no sweaty neck or long hours without sleep: the girl said as she rub her head.

Plus it feels so nice: the girl said as she smile.

Ann just smiles and looks at the barbershop.

You won’t regret it, trust me: the girl said and smile. as the girl leaves Ann saw at the barbershop how the boy smiles back at her and just pats at the chair like she wants to say come and have a sit.

Well, she did have longer hair than me and said will have a bob cut, plus Makoto has a bob cut and I never hear her complain about heat: Ann said to herself.

Maybe this is a rash decision but I don’t care: Ann said and enter the barbershop.

So you are finally here the boy said as he smile and spin the chair to face Ann.

Yes, I guess I am here for a haircut: Ann said.

Have a sit then miss: the barber said.

My name is Ronan, he continued as he smile as Ann walk closer to the large barber chair.

Nice to meet you Ronan I am Ann: she said as she sit in the chair.

Pleasure is mine miss Ann, abut back to business what we will do for today a trim or maybe feel more for short hair and want a shoulder-length hair: Ronan said.

Well Ronan I saw that sign at the door and I was a wonder it is free.

Yes, it is free but you will have to get all your hair buzzed: Ronan said.

Ann smiled and saw him as he get the red cape. and a buzzcut is that haircut that lady just got in here before me right?

You mean Jessica, yes that is the haircut I am talking about.

How do you know her if I may ask: Ann said

Well, she was my childhood crush, and also is my wife and the reason why I did put this free buzzcut at my shop.

She was the reason why, how so? : asked Ann as she feel the cape cover all her body leaving only her head out.

Well, Jessica has always wanted to get her hair cut short, but she could never do it, even once she decide to get a pixie she change her mind at the last moment. But a few days ago as she was at home she said something that was: Ron if you put a free buzzcut at your shop I will be your first customer to come and get it.

I did not believe it at first and I know she will never do it, so I decide for a week I will give free haircut and I did put the sign, as you can see she walk in today pretending she did not know me and asked for the buzzcut.

Wow, that is so brave of her to buzz all her hair: Ann said.

Well, she is brave I guess plus she looks really hot in a buzzcut, but what we will do today miss Ann: Ronan continued said as he comb Ann’s long hair.

Well, I don’t know if I am getting a rash decision or not but I want the same free cut as the sign: Ann said.

You will look amazing miss do not worry: Ronan said as he walk over and grab the big whal clipper and remove the guard.

What number miss Ann: Ronan said as he holds a small comb-like attachment at his hand.

I do not know anything about the number but I like how your wife was, what number you give her.

That was a number #2:Ronan said.

A number #2 it is then: Ann said as she smile.

Ok, a number #2 buzzcut come right away: Ronan said as he attach the guard at the clipper and walk behind Ann.

Ready to start: Ronan said as he place the clipper at her forehead.

Do it: Ann said as she hold the chair tight.

Ronan smiled and start to move the clipper right down the middle of her forehead and move upward to the top of her head.

Ann watched as the clipper run throw her long blonde hair and send them to the floor.

As Ronan have make the first pass at her top head she could see that the hair on the top of her head have a belt of just stubble.

Ronan started to make a second pass on the right of the first pass sending more and more of her hair to the floor.

He then makes a pass on the left and the top of Ann’s head has only tiny stubble that looks a little darker than what she thought it will have.

Ann saw herself in the mirror and said: this is weird I thought hair has the same color in all the lengths.

Well, usually roots have a little darker color because they get more melanin which is the hair pigment: Ronan said as he pass on the left side of Ann.

Ann feels the clipper being placed at her left cheek and starts to move upward to the top of her head.

Ronan then holds her ear down and starts to make a pass above her left ear sending her platinum blonde hair to the floor.

Ann has started to enjoy how the clipper feels as it moves to throw her hair.

Then he makes a pass behind her ear and starts buzzing on the other side of her head.

WOW, I never thought that I will like clippers, as they seem to be so scary: Ann said as she close her eye and enjoy the clipper buzzing the hair on her right side.

Ronan just smiles and keeps buzzing Ann’s head.

In a few passes, he stops and rubs Ann’s head.

Well you know you will look good in a Skullet, Ronan said teasing a little Ann.

What is a skullet; Ann asked confused.

Well basically the model you have right now most of you head shave and the only hair that reminds is the back and nape hair.

Ann looks at herself in the mirror and brings her hand from under the red cape and rubs her head.

Well, maybe next time can we just buzz all for now.

He just smile and gently but with a firm hold pushed Ann head down until her chin touch her chest.

Ann feels the clipper placed at her nape and starts to move the clipper throw her nape and back head and ent at the crown of Ann’s head.

Ann could see as her long hair fell on her lap and slide to the floor.

She feels how Ronan started to make a second and then a 3rd pass.

In a few passes, he has buzzed all Ann’s hair and she now has only a fuzzy buzzcut.

Ann saw how he start to make a long pass all over her head.

Well, I thought you have finished I do not have any long hair.

Ronan smiled and said I know, but I want to make sure that the stubble is at the same length so it will grow even.

In a few second Ann feel the cape has been removed and she watch as her head has only what seems like fuzzy fur.

Give a try: Ronan said.

Ann rise her hand at the top of her head and start rubbing it .as she rubs her head, a huge smile appears on her face.

Glad you enjoy it: Ronan said with a smile.

Ann rise from the chair and she saw as she step on the pile of Platinium blonde hair on the floor that just a few min ago was on her head.

Thanks, Ronan: Ann said as she hug him.

I just did my job: he said as he smile.

Ann walks out of the shop and as she gets out her phone starts to ring.

Hey Makoto: Ann said as she answer the phone.

Where are you were we not supposed to meet at Bam-bu: Makoto said.

Yes, I am coming I just have a short trip to a barbershop: Ann said.

Makoto starts laughing, you at a barbershop.

Yes I just buzz all my hair what Is there so funny: Ann said kind of Annoyed by her friend’s reaction.

If you have buzzed your hair I will do the same at the same barbershop: Makoto said.

Get ready for a haircut: Ann said as she hang up.

In a few min, she was at the restaurant and all were in shock and gasped as they saw a buzzed Ann walk at them.

So who is ready for a haircut: Ann said as she saw Makoto.

Makoto gulped and she know she could not back out of her word without an awkward position for herself.

Well since Ann did at least I should know why: Makoto said to herself.

Well Ann may I ask why? Makoto said.

To be honest it is so fucking hot those days and to think that it is not even the peak of summer so I was thinking of getting my hair cut short, but not buzzing my head. I was at the mall and trying to get some new shampoo and some other hair accessories when I saw a barbershop that is give free buzzcuts.

No, it did not make me the sign to buzz my head but a woman almost as tall as me and she did have hair that was at her butt: Ann continued.

She enters the barbershop and appears her husband has put the sign as she wants so she just buzzes all her long red hair: Ann said.

How do you know she was the barber’s wife: Futaba said.

Well, the barber told me when I asked him why she buzz her head.

But to be honest, I do not regret that I buzz my head, and maybe I get rid f Suguru: Ann said.

Oh I see well I guess soon we will be 2: Makoto said as she smile and comb her hair with her finger.

It did not take long and all 3 girls get up and went to the mall as they enter they saw the sign at the shop and know this was the place.

Makoto you don’t have to do this: Futaba said as she saw Makoto.

No, I will she said and walked to the barbershop.

As Ann Makoto and Futaba enter the shop they hear” please have a sit I will be with you right now”.

Makoto took a deep breath and walk to the large barber chair.

So here it goes my hair will be butchered by an old man: Makoto thought to herself.

Ronan walk over and he smile well welcome back Miss Ann: Ronan said as he saw Ann on the waiting bench.

So young lady what can I do for you: Ronan said as he walk over at Makoto and get a nec strip.

Well, I want to get the free buzzcut: Makoto said.

Oh well, it must be my lucky day today: he said as he warp a cape around Makoto’s body.

So I guess you want a number #2 like Ann right: Ronan said.

Yes just like Ann: Makoto said.

Ronan grabs the whal clipper and pushes Makoto’s head down.

Head down for me please he said as he gently push her head.

Makoto obeys and bends her head until her chin touches her chest and hears a click and a humming noise.

She feel as the clipper was placed at her nape and started to move upward to the top of her head and as the clipper moved the sound changed into a buzzing sound.

Oh god, I did not know it will feel so good: Makoto said as she saw her first tuffs of brown hair fall at her lap.

Ronan started making a second pass and more and more of her brown bob was sent at her lap.

Makoto smiles and enjoys the clipper as it keeps buzzing the back and nape of her head.

In a few passes, the back of Makoto was nothing but shot stubble and she feel the clipper been placed at the left ear and move upward.

Makoto feels the clipper move upward before her left ear.

Then Ronan holds her ear down and places the clipper above her ear and starts to move upward to the top of her head.

She just close her eye and smiled as Ronan make the second pass.

Then he starts buzzing behind Makoto’s ear and in a few small passes, he has a buzz all the hair on the left side and back of MAKOTO.

Ronan saw as she was smiling and passed on the right side. And again he did the same process on the right side sending more and more of the brown bob of Makoto to the floor.

As Ronan was buzzing Makoto’s head Futaba could not stop thing how she will look if she was sitting in the chair and it does not take long before she decide she will be next in the chair.

Ronan holds Makoto’s chin and he places the clipper at her forehead.

Makoto gulped as she feel the clipper move right down the middle of her forehead sending her brown hair to the floor.

He starts to make a second pass on the left of the first one and then a 3rd and a 4th one.

Makoto feels as more and more hair falls on the floor and how good it felt as her hair was removed from her head.

She opens her eye as she feels the clipper run all over her head in a zig-zag motion.

Ok miss we are done: Ronan said as he turn the clipper off.

Makoto saw herself in the mirror and she could not believe her eye.

Wow, it looks so good: Makoto said as she smile.

Ronan smiles too and removes the cape and the next strip.

Makoto rises from the chair and rubs her head when she hears.

OK Next.

She turn to see but all she saw was how Futaba just smile and took off her headphone and glasses and give them to Ann.

Futaba smiles and walks to the barber chair.

Ronan waits as he holds the cape in his left hand.

As she sit in the chair she feel the neck strip at her and saw how Makoto and Ann sit at the waiting chair and just was watching curiously.

I guess you want a buzzcut: Ronan said as he place the cape at Futaba’s neck covering all her body.

Yes, please can you buzz all my hair: Futaba said.

Wait Futaba what are you doing you don’t have to do this: Ann said.

Oh yes, I do, I have a lot of hair fall: Futaba said.

Miss have you been to check at a doctor as usually hair fall is not common at your age: Ronan said.

Well, it is when you dye your hair a lot: Futaba said.

Also, do you think a number #2 will help me with the hair fall or should I go shorter: she continued.

Ronan saw her and grab the clipper, well I think it will help you as the hair will not have much weight to get pulled down. But if you still think you should go shorter is all in your hand.

So let’s do it like this, I give you a number #2 and if you still have hair fall, or feel like you need to get shorter we can always et you shorter: Ronan said.

Futaba smiled and said, yes let’s do that, start with number #2.

Ronan smiled and turn the clipper on, holding Futaba’s bright orange bangs behind his left hand revealing the hairline and putting the clipper at the middle of her head start to move upward start to buzz the bangs and all the hair at the top of her head.

Futaba smiled as the clipper buzzed throw her hair.

Then Ronan started to make a second pass on the left of the first pass sending more and more of her hip-length bright orange hair to the floor.

Sir may I ask something please: Futaba said as she feel the 3rd pass.

Sure miss he said as he stop for a moment.

May I buzz the rest and you can fix it after Futaba asked.

Ronan smile and give her the clipper, just make sure to hold it against your scalp, and do not worry is a really low chance that you can mess it up after all the guard it won’t allow you to go shorter than what the top of your head hair is.

Futaba holds the clipper for a few sec as she gets used to the clipper vibrating.

Then she place the clipper at the left side before her left ear and start to move upward sending her hair to the floor.

Chunks and chunks of hair were falling at the floor as Futaba make a pass above her left ear, and then behind her left ear.

She did the same process on the right side and it have take her only a few min to buzz her side.

Even though she was trying her best the fact that she could not watch that much create a little trouble to buzz the back and nape.

It took Futaba about 10 min to buzz the back and nape of her head.

Ok Ronan I think you should fix my hair now: Futaba said as she hand him the clipper.

Ronan smiled and start to rub her head as he took the clipper.

I am not saying this to make you feel good but you have done a great job miss: he said as she start to make a few more passes at the back of Futaba’s head.

Thanks: Futaba said as she enjoy the long pass at the back and ended at her forehead.

It took about 9-10 long passes that Ronan to make sure that her head have the same length buzzcut.

Ronan then remove the cape and smiled as Futaba was watching black fuzz all over her head.

Well, this feels so good: Futaba said as she get up from the chair and rub her head.

Bye Ronan thanks for the haircut: the 3 girls said as they headed at the door.

As Ann Makoto, and Futaba was heading out of the mall Futaba bumped into Haru.

I am so sorry I was not paying attention…: Haru said as she stop and was look at the girls.

OMG, what happened to you where is your hair: she said as she recognized who the girl was.

Well it was a free buzzcut at the barbershop and we decide to try, plus it was really hot those days and when school start we will have a bob cut: Ann said as she smile.

A free buzzcut: Haru said as she look at the girls.

You should give it a try it feels amazing especially if you have one: Futaba said.

What, hmm, maybe I need a haircut: she said as she comb her hair.

And after a little chit-chat, the girls left for their home as they truly need a shower, and Haru went inside the mall to meet Sumire.

We will meet a buzzed Haru next time: Futaba said as she smile.

I don’t think so: Makoto said.

Wana bet: Futaba said smile.

No, I don’t think I am good at betting I lost one already: Makoto said as she rub her head, and all they laughed.

Meanwhile, Sumire walk into the mall and she saw how Haru was sitting on a bench and she seems lost in her though.

Hey Haru sorry I am late: Sumire said as she get closer to her.

Oh sorry, I was not paying attention: Haru said as she saw her friend get in front of her.

What were you looking for that make you so curious: Sumire said as she turn around and saw a barbershop.

Sumire may I ask a favor please: Haru said as she get up.

Ok if I may help you with that favor sure: Sumire said.

Will you come with me to the barbershop please: Haru said.

Wait why did you want to cut your hair at a barbershop: Sumire said as she was surprised by her friend.

Well, you know how many times I have wanted to buzz my hair but never have the courage to do it so now that Makoto and Ann and also Futaba have done it I just want to try it.

What Ann buzz her head, I don’t believe you she will never cut her hair.

Trust me I saw it with my eye they have a buzzcut and have gotten it there: Haru said as she point at the barbershop.

You will buzz your hair: Sumire said as she hold her red ponytail at her shoulder.

Yes: Haru said.

I wish I could do it too but I do not have enough money with me: Sumire said.

Wait you want to buzz your head too: Haru said surprised.

Well, I have a lot of trouble cos my hair when I fight as Violet but I have seen how easy you and Makoto fight so I was thinking to cut my hair short: Sumire said.

Well, it’s your lucky day as that barbershop is offering free buzzcut: Haru said.

Sumire turn around and saw the sign, oh I see.

Please come with me you don’t have to do it; Haru said.

I will and yes I will do it: Sumire said.

Ronan saw Haru and Sumire walk in and he was hoping those 2 girls will have the same buzzcut.

He saw them and decide to try something.

Hello and welcome to my shop please have a sit: Ronan said as he turn the chair at the girl.

Haru walks to the chair and sits on it.

Ronan took the neck strip and put it at her neck and then a cape around Hbody.

Miss what can I do for you today: Ronan said.

I want the buzzcut that is at the sign: Haru smiled as she saw Ronan via the mirror.

Ronan smile and just grab the clipper, well I did not have to try he said to himself as he turn around and walk behind her.

Ok miss a buzzcut comes right away: he said and did not note that the clipper was guardless.

Ronan places the clipper at Haru’s forehead and moves right down the middle of her head.

He stop for a second as he saw the scalp of her head.

Oh fuck the guard: he said to himself as he start to make a second pass as it was too late to stop now.

Haru just watch as her curly hair fell on the floor and she could not believe how short it was, it was way shorter than what Ann and Makoto had.

She know now was too late she should have asked for the same as Ann and she feel the 3rd pass at the top of her head.

Ronan makes and a 4th and a 5th pass send all her auburn hair to the floor.

Then he passes on the left side and starts buzzing before Haru’s ear again and again chunch and a chunk of her chin-length curly auburn blonde hair fall to the floor.

Haru feels the clipper make a pass above her ear and then a pass behind her ear sends her hair to the floor.

Ronan makes a few passes behind her ear and keeps moving at the back in a circle sending more and more of her hair to make a long pass at the nape and end at the top of her head.

It took Ronan about 20-30 passes to buzz from the left ear to the right ear.

Then he make a few more long pass all over Haru’s head make sure her head has the same tinny stubble length.

Haru open her eye and she could not believe she was almost bald as she saw the barber remove the cape from her.

Sumire saw Haru rise and rub her head and she just saw her friend.

She could not believe she have a buzzcut.

Ok next: Ronan said as he saw Sumire’s long red hair.

Sumire sit at the chair and again she saw how Ronan took a neck strip as he did with Haru and placed it at her neck and then a red cape.

Sir please can I get my ponytail with me: Sumire said.

Ronan took the scissor and smile sure miss if you want it I will give you, after all, it is yours.

Sumire feels the scissor blade as it opens and starts to cut the base of her ponytail.

Search scrchh scratch was heard for a few min as the hair started to give a little resistance to the blade but not for long.

Snap she hear the scissor blade was connect separate her long ponytail from the rest of her head.

She watch as Ronan hold her ponytail and smile ok the hard part is gone now we continued buzzing all your hair.

Ronan walks over and grabs the clipper and instead he uses a guard he just starts oiling the blade and said to himself.

‘Well, she knows how short the guardless clipper cut if she does not agree she can stop me but I want to see how far I can get her, and maybe next time shave her bald”.

Sumire saw how Ronan place the guard free clipper at her forehead and she want to stop him, but something make her nervous and she froze she could not speak a single word.

Ronan smile and just run the clipper at the top of her head and instead stop at the crown of her head he moves the clipper downward from her crown to her nape sending all her red hair to the floor leaving behind only tinny stubble that looks like nothing.

She close her eye as she saw the clipper placed on the left of the first pass send her red hair to the floor.

Again Ronan makes a long pass from her forehead to her nape buzzing all her top and back hair or Sumire.

He makes a few more passes, again and again, sending more and more of her red hair to the floor.

Chunk and chunk of hair was fall at the floor and in a few min, the top and back of Sumire have nothing but tinny stubble.

Ronan started buzzing her right side and placing the clipper above her cheek and moving up and up till it reach the top of her head.

Then he holds her ear down and places the clipper above her ear sending more and more of her red hair to the floor as the clipper moves upward.

Ronan makes a pass behind her ear before he passes on the left side of Sumire.

Again he makes the same process on the left side of her head.

In a few passes, she has nothing on her head but just tiny stubble.

Ronan make a few long passes to make sure her stubble was all even and he smile.

Ok miss what you think for you new: Ronan said as he remove the cape.

Sumire open her eye and she saw that all that was left of her hair behind it was just a shadow of her hair.

Wow, it feels so weird she said as she rub her head.

Well, I hope you like it as I can’t glue back: Ronan said.

It is weird in a good way I guess: she said as she get up.

Give a few hours and you will get used to it: Ronan said as he get the broom and start cleaning the floor, and saw how Haru and Sumire walkout.

Well, Ann and the rest of the group were surprised to see an almost bald Haru and Sumire, but the buzzcut help them a lot dry the summer and appear Suguru started to have a dislike for the buzzed Ann.

At least I get rid of that pervert teacher: Ann said and she know she will grow her hair again.

So did she grow her hair and at the septempre, her hair was in a bob cut.

But not only did Ann and the rest of Phantom thief have a bob the only difference was that Futaba have her black hair back and she also has an inverted bob chin length with a shaved undercut.

Well, I might go even short this summer: Sumire said as she walk with Ann and Futaba at class.


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