Long haircut of a young girl

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It was 24th february 2008, Sunday morning. I opened my barbershop and just waiting for customers. I saw a lady wearing a green sari with a green broad necked blouse and a young girl in her 20’s heading to my salon.

The girl was wearing a knee length skirt and a broad round necked t-shirt. She was really very good looking with all her body basic well developed. Her hair was waist length, black, swinging. The Lady and the girl entered my salon. The Lady come to me and asked “Bhaiya kya app ladkiyon ke bal katte hai?”(Do you cut ladies hair?) and she continued in hindi -“She is Nidhi my daughter, her exams are starting from next month, and she spends so much time with her hair, and
as she is only 19 years old, I think I can afford to give her a short haircut, can you do it?”

“Yes ma’am I can, a shoulder length bob will be great for her”, I said as she was looking at me and her tears were dropping.

“Not like that,the lady said, “I want something really short and cute, and only one comb will be enough to make her ready” she said.

I understood what she was wanting.

“Do you mean a boys cut?”-i asked her

“Yes that’s what I want “-she said to me.

As I see Nidhi sat on the waiting chair helpless, puting her head down crying softly, as she was bent I could see her clevage and I can’t stop myself to see such sexy cleavage”

Ok, mam tell her to sit on the chair- I told the lady

Nidhi jao baitho apne bal katwalo (Nidhi go sit and get ur hair cut)

Mummy not so short please- Nidhi cried and begged to her mom.

As i was watching them I found a chance to show my makeover skills and I could not leave it.

As Nidhi come towards me and sit on the chair I watched her legs, arms are hairy and an idea struck to my mind.

I bring a long white cape and wrap it onto her body, I see her face crying like a child.

Suddenly the lady come near us and told me –

“Just cut the back hair as short as you can, and also the sideburns as small as possible”

I interupt the lady and told – “Should I cut her hair into a super short crop?”

How’s that she asked me.

I explained her and shown her a picture of really very short haired girl.

I convinced her that a short crop will be best for her daughter.

As she agreed. I took a comb and tied a high ponytail of Nidhi’s hair.
I see she is sitting helpless, only begging not to cut her long hair short.

I took a scissor and only Nidhi can hear is

“Scnnkkkkkkk, scnkkkkkkkkkkkk”

I started to cut off her long hair. Within a few snips her long grown ponytail came to my hand leaving a roughly cut chin length bob to her head.

As Nidhi burst into tears and shy I mercilessly threw her ponytail on the floor. Watching her mother with a satisfied face. In contrast Nidhi looked very upset.

I sprayed water on her hair and combed it extreme left parted, as I
feel after such short haircut she will look very childish.

As the cut proceeded, I started with her left side hair, as I snipped the locks off her cute very small ear started coming out.

I cut the left side and tapered tightly, as I see Nidhi is turning red in shy.

Teasingly I pull and fold her exposed ear and define the perimeter, l also take almost all the hair from her side burn and made it look like ‘V’.

Her mother was watching the cut and whenever Nidhi begged to stop she looked at her in anger and Nidhi entered into a shell. I cut Nidhi’s right side hair same as left side. As I see her small face becoming smaller and smaller.

Now it was a time for her back haircut.I took several sized combs and scissors. As I bent her head forward, her chin touched her breast.

I start cutting the back hair, dragging almost from skin I cut her back hair.

As I see her mother was very satisfied.

I made a high hairline on her back,as her nape area was only having fuzzy hairs.

I spread more hair on her top. As I started cutting the top keeping 2.5inches.
I combed her bangs forward and snipped the bangs into above eyes fringe.

Nidhi was crying like a child and looking like a child as well.

Suddenly her mother came near us and tell me. “Upar ka bal aur chota karo (cut the top hair more shorter)”, Nidhi became more selfconcious and I started cutting the top hair more shorter, this time keeping it only 1.5 inch with bangs extreme short, infact rarely leaving any bangs. I finished cutting her hair. And at last I took the thining shear and run it all over her head to reduce the volume.

I asked her mom whether I shave her nape or mix the fuzzy hairs of nape?

Her mother agreed to shave her nape. I took a straight razor and dab water below the hairlines of backsides and sideburns. I started shaving the fuzzes of those areas. I shaved her cheeks also below sideburns.

I watched Nidhi crying and feeling shy. Suddenly a plan came to my mind and I explain to Nidhi’s mother how Chinese girls gets their body and face shaved. I found her mother showing some interest. After thinking for a min she said me to shave Nidhi’s armpits, legs, arms and face, she also reqested me to reshape her brows.

Now i have taken Nidhi’s clothes off only leaving her underwears and started shaving the unwanted hairs of her body. l also shaped her brows way too small and sharp and thin.

Nidhi was begging to leave her, Mummy aur kya karoge mere upar (Mummy what else will you do on me?) and cried like a child.

At last I examined her freshly cut hair whether its done properly. I again took a scissor and a comb.I started giving a bit finishing touch, suddenly a idea come to my mind. I thought if I cut her hair little bit more shorter her round head shape will be visible which will make her look more cute and childish. Without asking anything to anyone I started cutting the hair more shorter, this time keeping 1 inch only on top and taking all the bangs off.

Mummy please don’t cut my hair more shorter as Nidhi cried loudly.

Are you cutting her hair more shorter? – Her mother asks me.

No no just mixing it properly – I lied and go on cutting it.

As a consequence a long haired matured looking girl was transformed into a very very short haired childish looking girl.

I take the cape off rubbed my hand on her extreme short haired head. Sprayed water and comb the hair left parted.

Afterwards, I turned the chair and told Nidhi to come down.She was looking to her cut hair on the floor and was crying.

Her mother hold her hand and teasingly touch her short haired head. They went off as the lady paid me. In conclusion I was happy that I got a chance to cut such long hair into so short.

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