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Hello my name is Anouk, I’m a 21 years old blonde girl and I will tell a story that was inspired by my latest haircut and my fantasies. I hope you will like it.


Since I was a kid, I knew I had something with hair. I’ve always been fascinated by some beautiful female locks. Unfortunately my mother never let me grow my hair long until I was around 10 and since then I strongly prefer longer hairstyles on myself. I feel comfortable with those pretty luscious locks on my head. However, sometimes I just need to get rid of my beloved thick locks so I can enjoy those soft ends I have after cutting so much hair off. I was daydreaming a lot about the haircut I was about to recieve. It was a really hot day in August when I had my appointment for my hairdresser. I touched myself so many times as I imagined my hair being chopped off by my really hot hairdresser who has always had some luscious curly hair. I remember staring at her dark fluff as a kid and it was such an imprinting for me.


The day before I washed my thick hair and I was so excited to brush it not too much before the haircut. I didn’t put on contact lenses but my glasses because I would be visibly horny as fuck if I saw my full reflection. It was more than 30 degrees outside however there was a really nice AC system in the salon the cool air made me feel more comfortable it might have helped me calm down as well.


My hairdresser is a lovely woman in her 30s she has a really pleasant voice and some amazing dark curls. I remember having a crush on her as a kid haha I’ve always been a queer. She washed my thick blonde hair and asked how much should she cut off. I told her I wanted a shoulder length cut with sidebangs because I used to have sidebangs and they looked amazing. Her reaction was impeccable: ‘Oh wow, so you are getting rid of your long hair!’ ‘For a while, yeah’ – I responded. I tried to sound normal and made sure nobody notices how horny I was at the moment. She combed it nicely and we had some talk I only saw in the mirror how much she was cutting off. she touched my collarbones, and said ‘I will cut your hair to this length I’m sure you will like it’. And I said yes. I couldn’t believe I was really doing it. My layered ashy blonde hair was reduced to a shoulder length bob which was cut blunt, however my hair still had a thick and slightly wavy texture. It was still thick and fluffy even after it was thinned out.

After she had blowdried it I could finally have a look at the final result which was even shorter than expected, it was almost chin length. It was so short, it didn’t touch my back anymore only when I was completely naked, however my sidebangs just touched my face slightly, it was so arousing and gentle, yet an intense sensation.


Well, this is it – I finally cut my long hair short. I got rid of two years of growth at least. I will never forget the crazy amount of hair that piled up on the floor and in my lap during the chop.

I sent so many pictures of my neatly bobbed hair to my girlfriend and she adored it immediately. She would brush it with the same joy as she used to do with my locks reaching my bra strap. She also had a thing for hair that’s why she was slightly confused when she couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail while I ate her out.

A few months later my hair almost reached my shoulders but I liked short hair even though I didn’t think I would never grow it long again. So I asked her a question.

– Darling, do you think I need a haircut?

– A trim maybe. Your hair is still beautiful as always.

– Well… I was thinking about reducing the length. But… I’m not sure. I know you love my hair, you love brushing it and stuff…

– Oh gorgeous, I love your hair at any length!


So we spent some time in the shower I ate her out as a humble lover as she washed my hair nicely. She didn’t use conditioner since the endings of my locks were about to be cut off. I put on some panties and a loose top (no bra of course) and she put a dry and soft towel on my shoulders.  I was obsessed with the feeling. She started combing my hair my nipples were incredibly hard so was my clit I almost had a spontenous orgasm even before the haircut itself begun.

– Babe, I think you’d look stunning with an ear length bob.

– It sounds amazing… – I moaned softly.

– I’ll also shear your nape to make it tidy and comfy. You still have so thick hair I want you to feel amazing. It is always a good idea to cut such an amount of hair short.


She snipped my hair so short it barely touched my ears it was so quick and so sudden. Then she blowdried my blunt, even stricter haircut. I was so upset when I saw my reflection in the mirror it felt so weird. In the end, she shaved my nape with clippers, and I had a really intense orgasm as the tiny blades touched my skin. She noticed it yet carried on. In the end she gave me a passionate kiss.


The next day I couldn’t believe that look I had I looked so different with my new haircut. I put on a shirt and my girly suit for work since it felt right to dress a bit reserved and conservative, yet kinky and mischevious. My entire neck was visible under my collar so was a hickey I got from my girlfriend last night.


Til these days I miss my long hair sometimes, however my long hair was never as perfect as the neat blunt cut I got. I will definietly keep getting a trim every other week. I doubt I will have the patience or the commitment to grow back all that hair I decided to get rid of lately.

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