Lovely Lisa  – The True Story

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Lovely Lisa  – The True Story


You might have already read one of my earlier stories here, called ‘Love Lisa’.  That story came from my imagination.  I drifted away thinking about this special escort girl. I actually did exchange some e-mails with her. That part is true. I confessed my barberette fantasy to her in writing and she replied with ‘We can do that, sounds like a great roleplay and a lot of fun.’ She sent me her schedule for the next months to pick a date. And I did …. Nothing. Now that fulfilling my fantasy was so close at hand, I froze.

Since then a couple of months went by. To be honest I was feeling quite depressed at the time. I heard someone saying on TV, that people who look death in the eye nearly all say ‘I should have ….’. Having regrets not doing this or that.

And so I called Lisa to settle for an appointment. Surprisingly she still remembered my e-mails.


It was my intention to let go of control. I had the feeling opportunity knocked, so why not welcome it? Then came Saturday. My place, late afternoon.

Through my kitchen window I saw her walking to my front door. She probably parked her car around the corner for privacy reasons, hers and mine.

I quickly opened the door for her. We greeted with three kisses on each other’s  cheeks. Took her coat and led her to the dining room. Offered her a glass of wine. She took both her glass and mine in her hands ‘Let’s take this upstairs’ she said.

As if she knew the house, she found her way to the master bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed ‘come sit beside me’.


‘Well let’s toast to our meeting and the great time we’ll have.’ We sipped from our glasses. She put the glasses on the ground, far enough from the bed to not stumble over them.


She looked my deep in my eyes and spoke ‘Your intention is still what you wrote me?’ I answered het with a softly spoken ‘yes’.

‘From what I felt reading your e-mails, I expected a guy with really long hair.’ She caressed my hair.


‘I am going to be honest to you. After you responding to my e-mails I ran scared. But also looking at myself in the mirror, quite unhappy with my hair. I picked a new salon, with a an experienced, good looking barberette. Showed her some pictures of hairstyles with different lengths. Some that required only half an inch off, others shorter to very short. When I say very short ….’.


‘So what happened?’


‘The barberette advised to go somewhere in between. I agreed on that. She cut a lot. In her own words it was about a year’s growth. Could be right. Though as a professional she had done a good job, I still wasn’t happy with my hair. In between, meant the length most guys have and people tend to call decent. I dislike that last word, decent. So, regrets all over. Decided to let it grow once again, three months now.’


‘But sorry to ask. What would you have said if this barberette had advised you to go short, I mean s-h-o-r-t. Would you have agreed on that?’

‘To be honest. I don’t know. She was actually the first one in years proposing me to go shorter. Maybe she didn’t want me to freak out and thus safely give me the in between style.’


‘Maybe for the better. Cause then you would have invited me? To be frank, I wanna congratulate her of not being dragged into your play. Most hairdressers are quite scissor happy. I think she acted professionally. If someone showed me a picture of short hair, that would give me a green light to cut more than she did now.

So what is your plan, with your hair I mean. Going to let it grow again to how it was before, going to visit her again … or will you give me shot at it?’


‘Like I wrote you. It’s a fantasy that …’


She put her finger on my lips. ‘I know dear. But please do consider that I am not a professional barberette. So not playing or acting as if. But a real haircut?’


‘Well for me it’s now or never.’


‘Have you got the pictures laying somewhere around, the ones you showed this barberette?‘


I opened the draw from the table beside the bed and handed her about ten pages with colored prints of all kinda hairstyles.


‘You sure did your homework dear. Don’t tell me you took all of this to the salon?’


‘No I have a small selection of these on my iPhone’.


‘Let me have a look, come lay beside me.’


Lisa moved to lay on het belly and started to go examine the prints. Doing this her facial expressions changed now and then. From frowning, to wide open eyes to laughing. She watched them all and turned back now and then to the styles she probably liked.

She put the stack of pages down and rolled on top of me.


Both of her hands grabbing my locks and moving it in different directions. Like she washed my hair, but no water or shampoo. I really liked that.


‘She sure didn’t cut you that short. And with the growing of these last few months, there is more than plenty of hair left on your head you know. Enough for a proper shearing. Perhaps not just scissors but even clippers maybe. I have seen several pictures that I like. But first of all it’s up to you if you really wanna go through with this.’


‘I do.’


‘Okay, let’s play a game. We practice using the scissors by cutting these paper sheets to individual pictures and put these face down. We then mingle these and take turns picking one. The ones I pick you can either say no or yes to. The ones you pick, we leave untouched. I choose from those in case you have not given a yes after three picks. I will not tell you which one is my choice for giving you a haircut. So wanna play?’


‘Great, let’s do that.’


This was a good alibi to get the scissors. Both a pair in hand we started cutting the pictures. The sound of the scissors going slowly through the paper, with her occasionally looking at me with a big smile, surely aroused me.


‘Shall I go first?’ Lisa asked.




Out of about a hundred pictures, of both men and women, you wouldn’t believe this. She picked the exact picture, which the barberette had chosen for her in between style. I laughed.


‘How do you do it. This is the barberette’s in between photo. Not that the result looked anything like it. This picture is cursed. So it’s a big no to that one.’


My turn. This one was a guy with grey hair like mine, scissor cut rather short on the back and sides. I would say about an inch or so. Leaving the top long, bangs combed towards the front. As agreed we didn’t discuss this one.


Lisa’s next. This one had some resemblance with the first one. This guy with grey hair again, had it cut the same length all over. Or maybe better to say, equally short. Not extremely but still very short. It was one of my favorites. Then again till now I hadn’t dared to go that short. I was thinking. Should I give her a yes ….


‘As you are taking a lot of time, I guess it’s a no. Your turn.’


Lisa decided for me. I was okay with that.


My next pick was of a young woman with both back and sides shaved, not completely. The top about half an inch. Lisa took a look at it, eyes wide open.


Last pick for Lisa. This woman was close to fully shaved. No way I myself was going to choose getting such a haircut.

‘Last chance to make your choice.’ Lisa said with a big smile, already knowing this would be a no, again.


My turn for a final picture. I hesitated, Lisa took my hand and guided it towards one of the pics still waiting to be turned. I didn’t look. First showed it to Lisa and asked ‘This one?’


‘Up to you ….’ Lisa replied.


Again a young women. No way telling what color her hair was. Showing only a kind of shade where her hair had been. Not shining bald but when the pictures was taken, but probably she was two weeks before the photo was taken.


‘So, you haven’t chosen a style of either of the pictures I picked for you. Second thoughts about any of them?’


‘Well ….’ Lisa put her finger on my lips before I could really speak.


‘You do not have to answer. You already made it clear. I will not force you into making a choice you’ll regret afterwards. But …. This means I get to decide which one of the three styles you picked. Let’s see …’  Lisa grabbed the pictures away from me and laid them in front of her.


‘Seen enough.’ She tilted my locks and pushed to backwards. ‘Will you really let me decide? I know what I want. Do you wanna know too or will you let me surprise you. One promise,  I’ll make it nothing like in between.’


‘So, Samson will I be your Delilah today? Please say yes … you have been driving me wild with your fantasy. Please don’t back out on me now? Please?’


She once more examined my tresses, went with her fingers through my hair. Pushed it up, backwards.


‘You’d like this to be a quick haircut or take it smooth and slow?’


I was like hypnotized by Lisa and replied ‘Make it last forever …’


She leaned towards the floor to get her bag. She turned it upside down and a variety of hairdresser tools landed next to us on the bed.


‘Let me sit in your lap. Faces towards each other.’ She unbuttoned her blouse partly. ‘Sure getting hot.’ She then let her hand glide under my t-shirt and lifted it up, over my head and arms.


She giggled. ‘Look at your hair now. It’s reaching to the sky. We’ll sort that out in a minute.’


Lisa took a comb a started combing my locks down. Initially she combed everything to the back, before combing it all forward. Making my bangs covering my glasses and the side of my hair sticking to my cheeks.


She held my bangs down with the comb and placed the scissors above them, thus using the comb as guideline, she slowly, very slowly cut my bangs in a straight line just above my eyebrows. Clear vision now, not interrupted by strands of hair that now landed in her lap.


Again she put the scissors on my forehead. High on my forehead. This time without the help of the comb, she cut the remaining bangs in a straight line. This felt like a gigantic cut. The hair falling down proved that. Going from left to right, Lisa didn’t hold after her last snip of my bangs but immediately continued to snip in a straight line on the sides of my head. Just imagine my bangs being gone, she was cutting well above my ears. With her hand she helped the hair not sticking to my ears. With her fingers plucking the loose hairs away, I realized this was going to be a major haircut for sure.

Lisa stared at me, slowly put her lips against mine and kissed as if her life depended on it.


Out of breath, she sighed ‘Okay, let’s start …’ As if she hadn’t already let a heap of hair land on our laps.


She placed the scissors where once my bangs started flowing downwards, on the top of my forehead and slowly but decisively made small cuts, letting the scissors leaning on the top my head at all time. I soon found out that she not intended to cut merely what was left of my bangs. As she continued this above the hairline. I felt the steel of the scissors touching my skin.


After finishing the first like three inches on top, she followed the same procedure with the sides of my hair. Being careful to cut above my ears, not in my ears.


The way we were sitting, the hair from the middle of my head to the back was out of reach for her. She raised her body and leaned forward. My face resting in her cleavage. I could very well smell her perfume, which aroused me even more than I was at that moment.


Snip, snip. Again the little cuts. Till the sound of the scissoring disappeared in I heard a click.

Lisa held my head tight and even closer and bended it towards her. And held it even tighter. Now she ran the clippers from the base of my neck upwards. I didn’t see that one coming. I let go of any control I still had.’

She repeated that move a couple of times. Leaving a wide path of very short spikes at the back of my head.


‘Hmmm I sense you like this …’ I just nodded to agree. What else could I do? ‘Guess we can say goodbye to the scissors from this moment on. Let’s make a tiny adjustment to the clippers.’

I was too overwhelmed to catch up with what she was doing. I noticed the attachment on the clippers laying in my lap all of a sudden. She tongue kissed me ferociously, taking all my breath away.


She held her left hand in the middle of my forehead, gazed into my eyes and spoke ‘Just breath …’ In her right hand the clippers, no attachment. As I did breathe, she pushed the machine right down the middle. I was absolutely terrified about what was happening. In my imagination this made me come, but this was real. So I did ‘wet’ myself as he softly, lovingly but nevertheless with decisive attention continued mowing my tresses to zero.


From that moment it felt like I was passing out. At least my brains, as I don’t recall how long she went on, until she let me glide into her. She ran completely wild in het moves, and yes … again.


Exhausted we landed on our backs. She caressed what was left of my hair, took a walk to the bathroom and returned with a large bowl of shaving foam and a traditional razor. She finished the adventure by making me smooth as a baby.


After this I felt asleep in her arms. Waking up many hours later, she was gone. She had left me a lock of her own hair tied with a ribbon. Next to it, the shears and a note ‘Love to do this again X.’  The money I had put in an envelope to pay for her services, she hadn’t taken.


Should I give her a call in half a year?

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