Lovely Lisa

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In my quest for the ultimate haircut, I ran into Lisa’s website. She’s an escort girl providing what they call a girlfriend experience. Looking at the pics I saw a woman in her late twenties, not quite the regular escort. Not appearing in sexy clothes or lingerie but dressed like the girl that lives next door to you or you might meet at the supermarket. Nevertheless very sensual looking. Face like a naughty angel, shoulder length curly hair.


I decided to contact her and tell her about my special needs. Roleplay acting as a female friend who was not happy with my hair.

‘Be careful what you wish for …..’ she replied.


She agreed on us meeting. ‘Anything you want me to wear or bring to add some extra juice to this experience? ‘ I told her that I was confident her having more than enough creative ideas about that. We agreed on meeting at my place the day after.


I must admit that in anticipation of our date I was quite nervous, all day long. I tried to prepare by gathering style pictures, transferring my favorite barberette videos to my iPad and most of all getting all my barberette tools together. I did an extensive shower and of course I washed my hair. Let it dry naturally and had a look in the bathroom mirror. One last time?

I forgot about time. Had to hurry downstairs to open the door for Lisa. ‘Are you Sean?’ she asked.

‘Yes that’s me.’

‘Okay, just wanted to make sure I am at the right address’ she laughed.


I offered to take her coat and led her to the dining room. Underneath her coat she had a tight cotton dress as if she was going to the beach. The dress accentuated her curves to the most.

‘How about we start the night with a glass of red wine?’

‘That would be nice” she replied ‘… and maybe a good idea to talk about this fantasy of yours in front. I am no doubt open minded for it, but let’s define the do’s and don’ts. That goes for the both of us.’

I agreed.

‘As to my don’ts, that’s easy. I don’t have those.’ Lisa spoke. ‘How about yours, you want me to play act or actually cut your hair for real? By the way, I do think your hair is way too long. So a little off wouldn’t harm. A little … at least.’ She opened both her eyes and mouth widely while speaking that last sentence.


‘And how far DO you wanna take this …. I am talking about YOUR do’s and don’ts now.  Keeping in mind that I am certainly not a professional hairdresser. I did not ever cut anyone’s hair before, not even a close friend’s split ends. Though I would have liked to …’ Lisa giggled.

‘Just want you to know that I am happy to oblige, but it’s at your own risk.’


‘Yep. Realize that. On one hand that feels super scary but on the other it sounds very thrilling.’


‘Okay’ Lisa replied. ‘Just wanted to make sure. So is there a maximum I am allowed to cut, like maybe an inch or two inches all over?’


I grabbed my iPad to show here some images of haircuts. ‘Let’s look at these together. I’ll tell you which ones I like most and which ones kinda scare me. You give me your opinion about those and what would be your personal choice for my hair.’


As we swiped the pictures, we both kept silent. Sometimes I saw her eyes opening wide when a style caught her attention. ‘Seen anything you like?’ I asked her.

She took the iPad out of my hands and quickly swiped through the stack of different pictures.


‘Well …. If it was up to me. It would be one of these.’ The first picture was about 4 or even 5 inches shorter than I had now. Still medium length. The second was way shorter. I estimate only leaving half an inch all over.

‘Both of these would sure be major cuts. Especially the second one. I can imagine such a transformation might be a little bit too much for you? And even for me!

Going from never cut anyone’s hair to cutting someone’s hair nearly ALL off. Takes a lot of courage and trust from both of us.’

‘That’s true Lisa. If you want to back out ….’

Lisa interrupted me ‘…. more likely that you yourself have doubts now? ‘


‘I might have doubts, but this is what I’ve been dreaming of for a long long time. Hair does grow, grow back … so if you’re okay with this, so am I. As for going from never cut before to a major cut … no need to make a jump and go fast forward. It might make you feel better to take it slowly. Start with minor cuts. Once you get the hang of it you probably turn out to like it and be more confident, you can switch to warp speed.’


‘Right captain.’ Lisa smiled and kissed me very tenderly on my mouth. ‘Like I said on the phone, be careful what you wish for, you might get what you need.’


‘Okay. Let me get my stuff from my car.’ Lisa returned with quite a big bag, which she put on the table. She closed the blinds for our privacy and began unpacking. She asked me to sit down and take off my shoes and trousers. ‘ Those undies too. I’d like to see and feel your response …..’

She sure did bring a lot of barberette stuff. The table was nearly too small for the large number of combs, spray bottles, different sizes of shears and on top of it four different clippers accompanied with a dozen of attachments.


She pulled up her tight dress a bit and got rid of her panties, clearly showing her bare naked intimate parts. As she came sitting on my lap, face to face, she said ‘Wow, from what I feel, merely the look of these tools is arousing you. No need to breath heavily dear. We’ll take it slow. ’


Lisa reached out for the tools on the table and to my surprise she took one of the clippers in her hand and attached a guard to it. ‘Just kidding love. Did I scare you …’ She put the clippers back on the table.

She started to move her fingers through my hair. ‘You sure need a major haircut. Let’s start with taking this off.’ With both hands she moved the tresses at the sides of my head upwards. Then taking a comb to endlessly make strokes, combing it straight down. She grabbed the largest pair of scissors from the table, twice the size of a normal pair, a placed it above my right ear.

‘Are you absolutely one hundred percent sure ….? ‘


Almost without breathing I replied whispering ‘Yes.’

She closed the blades slowly, making one giant cut above my ear. Sssschnickkk.

A great deal of hair landed on the floor. Some hair fell on my shoulder and the hair that got stuck on top my ear, she removed gently blowing.

She looked at the result of this single snip and while covering her open mouth with her left hand:

‘Oh my God. That’s a lot that came off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is going to be so short.’


‘You trust me to go on?’ I confirmed with a nod. She put down the shears and started to fiercely French kissing me. For quite a while. While she was continuously running her fingers through my hair. Gently at first, then switching to nearly pulling it. This made me crazy like hell. She could tell, not only by my breath but also how our bodies touched below the waist.


She leaned back ‘Wow, you do know how to kiss a woman. Taking my breath away won’t save you though’ she spoke with a huge smile on her face. Lisa went for the big pair of scissors once again, repeating her actions on the other side of my head. This time she grabbed the hair and didn’t let go during her closing the shears. She held the giant lock in front of me and started caressing my face with it. ‘Shall I keep this as a souvenir?’ She let the lock slip into her cleavage.


‘I am beginning to like this …’ Lisa switched to a smaller pair of scissors.

‘I am also getting hot, must be the excitement.’ Next she pulled her dress over her head and let the garment fall on the floor. ‘Come here …’  she pulled my face to her big breasts, so my head bended for her to easily reach the back of my head.

Slowly she started making little snips. Again and again. After that massive cuts shave made on the sides, this was more like sort of teasing me.


‘Oh my god. What am I doing? I am just fooling around. Guess I am not confident enough to really be decisive on cutting a lot. What if I cut too much and you don’t like the result?’


‘Well Lisa, for me it’s less about the destination than the way to get there. Almost like a spiritual experience. You being slightly insecure and hesitating just makes it erotic than I dreamed of.’


‘This means you don’t care how you’ll look when I leave here? Nowhere near resembling the pictures on your iPad?.’




‘Okay. I gain strength from that. No more doubts from me. This will be a haircut to remember. Better fasten your seatbelt mister. Let’s start with testing one of these machines.’


She grabbed a pair of cordless clippers and clicked them on. No guard! She slowly moved it repeatedly in front of my face, left to right.

Then with one big swipe she got rid of my left sideburn. ‘Now we’re getting somewhere.’ Half a second later she put the machine below my other sideburn. Moving it up rapidly with open mouth and eyes wide open. Maybe a bit too rapid as she forgot to hold in due time and stopped quite a bit above where my sideburn was, leaving a bald patch of 2 inches more than intended. ‘Oops.’


Lisa came standing right up. Pushing her breasts, nipples right in my face. ‘Kiss me there and don’t stop till I tell you.’ Of course I complied. Lisa had taken the shears again and was now cutting the top of my head like a mad woman. Meanwhile she was moaning and heavily breathing. I tried looking how much hair was falling, but she immediately corrected my position.

In fact I did not need to look, I could feel that she had cut in extremely short. Big humps of hair covering our bodies and on the floor.


Again she switched tools. The clippers once again. This time with a guard. Impossible to see the number from my position. She didn’t turn them on (yet).

‘Come inside me ….’ Lisa landed on my lap again and began moving her body slowly upwards and down. ‘Now I really get the fun of cutting your hair.’


Click. She turned the machine on. ‘No turning back now. I want it all.’ She put her left hand on my forehead, raising my longish bangs and put the clippers at the base. The moment I was near to losing control of myself, she pushed the clippers right down the middle. I screamed for two reasons. Guess you understand what I mean.




Lisa kissed me ferociously. ‘Now let’s finish this …’ She took the guard off. ‘I feel privileged making your dream come true.’ She let me bend my head forward again and from the base of my neck she slowly but firmly pulled the clippers to the top of my head and then to front.

‘Had to do it like this, so there’s only one road to travel left. I am gonna shave you completely bald.’ And so for the next 30 minutes she worked on accomplishing that. In between the passes she made with the clippers, kissing me sweet and teasing me how people would react on my new hairdo.

I must admit I lost track of time and of what was going on, like being in a dream world.


Finished with my hair, we landed on the coach. Just holding each other and eye gazing. I felt sad to see her leave after an hour.


That night she send me an WhatsApp: ‘Hope I fulfilled your wishes. Keep it that way, it suits you. As for maintenance of the style, every fortnight or so, just give me a ring. Love, Lisa.


An experienced barberette now 😉

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