Lucy’s haircut

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Long time reader, first time writer. I hope you’re going to enjoy this story. English isn’t my native, all my excuses for any typo or possible error. 

On a cold January morning, Lucy was getting ready. Just out of the shower, she dried her body, put on her glasses and a big sweater and spent two hour taking care of her hair. She’d usually take way less time, but today, her hair was being annoying. She had to redo her part like 10 times because she couldn’t get it straight, and some locks on the back of her head seemed like they didn’t want to stay in place.

She had beautiful and straight chestnut hair down to her mid-back. While this length might not seem impressive for people used to long hair, it was for her the longest it has ever been in her entire life. She always remembered loving long hair; but her mom would always cut it to a short bob with big bangs up until she was 8. After a lot of crying and protest from Lucy every time one of these cuts would happen, Lucy’s mom finally allowed her to have it long. 

Lucy was now 14 and she loved her hair, and couldn’t wait for the day it’ll be waist length. 

Audrey was Lucy’s cousin. She was 20 and dreaming of becoming a beautician. Since Lucy’s mom was on a trip, she was in charge of watching Lucy during her absence. Audrey was a very talkative person, she always had a story to tell. She could speak for hours. Lucy, always really shy, was quite intimidated by her cousin. 

The two girls were chilling at Lucy’s house, Audrey telling every details of what happened at her last party. She suddenly stopped talking and looked at Lucy:  “You’re always so silent! I’m sure lots of stuff is happening to you too. Don’t you have something to say ?” . Lucy really didn’t have anything to say. She had the typical life of a shy 14 years old. To fill the silence, she started to complain: “It’s so cold outside, ugh. I wish it could be summer again. And i don’t know what’s up with my hair today but it’s really acting up…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence that Audrey started talking again. “Oh my God ! I have a friend that recently got into an internship at a salon ! I have to take you see her !” . Lucy, afraid to go to the hairdresser and having her hair cut, wanted to stop Audrey: “No, it’s not worth it, it’s just a bad day but it’ll be nice again tomorrow…”. But Audrey wasn’t listening at all: she was instead already calling her friend. Lucy, realizing she had no choice, sighed as she entered Audrey’s car to go to the salon. During the drive, Audrey was talking, as usual, and Lucy was imagining her haircut. She wanted to keep her hair as long as possible. She was only going to ask for a small trim. 

Once they arrived at the salon, Audrey’s friend, Elina, took care of Lucy immediately. Elina was as talkative as Audrey, and together, they were unstoppable. She started by washing the hair, then brushing it and getting it ready for the cut. During every step, Audrey was here, standing next to her friend and chatting with her. 

It was finally the moment of the cut. Elina looked at Lucy and asked her how much she should take off. Lucy didn’t even had the time to open her mouth: Audrey immediately started talking again, saying how Lucy couldn’t stand her hair, that she was so annoyed by it and that it was unmanageable. “Got it.” simply replied Elina, as she started making sections at the back of Lucy’s head. She made her put down her glasses, so that it wouldn’t disturb during the cut. 

Lucy’s heart was pounding, as she had no idea of how much was going to be cut. Without her glasses, she couldn’t see anything, and with her big sweater she couldn’t even feel what was happening on her back. She was severely regretting opening up to Audrey: she just told that she was having a bad hair day and now she was here, in the hairdresser chair. Sitting here and having no idea of how much hair Elina was cutting, she was stressing so much that she started to get really hot under her big sweater. She really wanted to ask Elina about the length, but since her and Audrey were always talking, she wasn’t having the courage to talk. 

Elina had been cutting Lucy’s hair for a while now. Suddenly, Audrey’s phone rang. She got out of the salon to answer. Lucy was now alone with Elina. She took her chance and finally started to talk:  

“Please, leave it on the longer side, don’t cut too much.

-Oh, I’m cutting all the length. I’m going for a bob.”

A bob ! Lucy’s heart was racing.

“A bob is quite short… Could you please leave a bit more length ?

-It’s all cut already, you don’t have a single hair passing your shoulders. I’m just finishing the ends now.” 

Lucy felt terrible. She really thought she was going to faint right now. A bob ! Like her mom always gave her ! All the hair she had been growing, it’s gone ! Not hearing any scissors sounds anymore, she reached for her glasses, thinking it was finally over. Elina stopped her: “Oh no, don’t put on your glasses yet, i’m going to do a little more details.”. As Audrey came back in the salon, ready to tell her friend everything about the phone call, Lucy felt the hairdresser making what seemed to be a small ponytail at the base of her neck. Suddenly, she heard clippers being turned on. Her heart started to beat really fast again. Clippers ! What for ? Since Audrey was back, she couldn’t speak anymore. She had once again no idea what was happening. She then suddenly felt cold metal against her skin. As Audrey spoke louder to cover the noises of the clippers, Lucy could feel Elina chopping the ponytail. All the cutting sounds were now much closer to her ears. Lucy was slowly realizing that all her long hair was gone, since all she had left was a bob and apparently, she was getting an undercut. Tears came to her eyes thinking about her long hair she cared so much for.

Elina passed over the clippers on the base of her neck multiples times. She then applied some kind of cream, and Lucy understood that she was being completely shaved, for the first time in her life. And she was even being shaved smooth ! She felt the blade on her skin. She was on the verge of tears, but at the same time, weirdly aroused. 

“Tada! Finished!” exclaimed Elina. Lucy finally put on her glasses and looked at herself. She couldn’t believe it. It looked nothing like the shy girl she was less than one hour ago. She started to complain again: 

“It’s so short!

-You couldn’t stand your old hair, replied Audrey.

-No, I was just having a bad hair day, i loved my hair!

-Well, it’s not here anymore. And the bob looks way better!” .

It was true, Lucy looked way more mature, confident, and she appeared older. She also had the nerve to talk back. Did being shaved gave her this self confidence ?

When she came back home, Lucy looked at pictures of her old hair. She missed her long hair for sure, but she had to admit the bob looked way better. She then started to explore a bit more her undercut, and to her surprise, she discovered how high the bald part went. Way higher than what she expected of an undercut ! She slowly caressed her smooth bald head, really turned on. 

On this day, a new Lucy was born.  And on this night, when she touched herself for the first time, Lucy understood that she was never going to dream of long hair again. 

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