Lust Stories: The Maid

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Well most people I know or have talked to call me a Brat, quite frankly I don’t care if they do. My parents are rich and they provide me with all the luxury in the world so why should I care about some stupid people calling me anything. I’m Vinsiha living the life at my will on my dad’s big bucks, when it comes to caring about my body I spare no expense from the most expensive hair salons to the most expensive skin products. I do everything to make myself look like a queen.

Earlier this year I decided to move away from the family home to live life in a big city, I chose Mumbai so my dad bought me a penthouse here to accompany me he sent my beloved cousin Ayushi with me. He got us both admissions in a big college to complete our bachelors and livelife to the fullest. We both loved drinking and partying, the boys would drool over our beautiful looks. Well we did allow some to have fun with us too as we too were quite curious and horny.

A few months back we wanted to hire a full time maid for our penthouse as the maids in the building were all worthless so we spoke with an agency. After a few days they sent a woman in her late 20s her name was Sunita she looked alright and probably from an alright family looking at her face and clothes. We took her interview then let her leave.

Ayushi: She looks rather nice for being a maid

Me: Exactly what I had in mind I mean look at her she has a good face and wore fine clothes.

Ayushi: Yes and she has a nice personality too

Me: Yeah did you look at her hair they were at her butt almost as long as mine.

Ayushi: Yes I did I already hate her for that, how does everyone have hair longer than mine. It looked thicker and more beautiful than yours.

Me: Yeah I noticed that too. She had quite nice pair of boobs as well.

Ayushi: they’re bigger than mine babe

 After discussions we hired her and asked her to move in to the servant room downstairs.

Since, she moved in we started noticing some oddities in her which were different from typical women. One was when Ayushi found out she wore boxer type panties instead of regular ones but I let it slip I told her may be it suits her. The next was when I saw her peeing standing on her urinal once, I asked her why she was standing but she told me she was looking into it to clean it so I let that slip too. She never wore skirts or saree or even tight pyjamas or pants. When we went shopping the other week we bought some skirts, ayushi didn’t like one of them as much so she gave it to Sunita. There was something really odd about her she was extremely shy whenever she was near us, well we were all women at that place so often we won’t wear a bra or come out of our room naked. She would instantly disappear when something like this happened, I had noticed a lot of her oddities in last few months. It wasn’t that she was uneducated or something her resume clearly said she was a graduate and even the way she talked and understood things it was quite clear she was educated but still so shy I didn’t understand that.

One evening last week both Ayushi and I were sitting in the lounge getting bored as it raining cats and dogs outside. We had nothing to do suddenly something popped in Ayushi she jumped towards me and pointed towards Sunita who was standing at the window on the far corner watching down her back was towards us. “What? ” I asked “Let’s have some fun” She said I didn’t know what was in her mind but I agreed. She called Sunita and asked her where were the skirts she gave her, Sunita said they were in her room. “Have I given them to you to keep them in your room?” Ayushi almost scolded her “no maam” She replied in a very low submissive tone. “Go and wear them and show me how they look on you” She ordered her.

Sunita went to her room ayushi looked at me “now it’s time to have some fun” She said I was well I don’t know what my exact emotions were at the time I was interested in the whole thing as it was far better than looking at my phone. After 10 or so minutes Sunita returned wearing the skirt under her T-shirt it was a blue in colour and was a slightly slutty one as it was minutely tranparent. It looked horrendous on he tho specially with her manly white underpants which were almost glowing from underneath the skirt. “It looks odd” I couldn’t control myself from saying that. “No wonder it does she is wearing those many panties under them and that too white ones” Said Ayushi “Skirts don’t look good on me madam” She said. “How will they when you don’t wear them right” I said.

She made a very puzzled face to my statement almost asking me how to wear them right?. “These don’t go with skirts like this, you have no dressing sense” I said pointing at her undies which were reflecting from the skirt. “Yes exactly that’s what I think as well. Remove them and let me see how the skirt looks” Said Ayushi. Sunita looked a little scared on her remark she started to turn around back towards her room “WAIT” Ayushi almost yelled at her she turned around towards us “Why do you have to go to your room it’s just an undie and we are all girls here” Said Ayushi. “No no maam I will change them in room” She said in a hurried voice. It seemed very odd to us the way she was almost shivering when she said it. I held Ayushi’s hand signalled her to let her go, Sunita went inside her room and returned after a few minutes we both had our palms on her heads when we saw her pink undies reflecting clearly from the skirt.

“For fuck sake woman you have no fashion sense at all I give up on you” I said almost frustrated by her choice “You don’t understand at all don’t you have any panties? ” Said Ayushi. “No maam these feel more comfortable so I only wear these” She seemed scared from her voice. Ayushi looked at me and we both shrugged our heads in disappointment. “Okay remove them” said Ayushi before Sunita could turn around Ayushi held then skirt from its hook. “Maam I’ll go in and change” She said stuttering. “Why are you so shy it’s just use girls” I said. Ayushi started tickling her stomach, she looked uneasy and was almost dancing as she tickled her. Ayushi from her eyes pointed towards the unides I nodded my head telling her it wasn’t right but she stared back at me. “Well why not? ” I said a little too loud may be before placing my hands on the undies underneath her skirt. I a split second I pulled them down due to the force of my pull and Ayushi pulling at the hook the skirt too came crashing down on the floor.What we saw when the clothes fell made our jaw drop, she had a penis it was hanging from her body. She instantly hid it using both her hands, the 2 of us looked at each other and couldn’t control our laughter we laughed like maniacs while she stood there holding her penis hiding it from us. She hessitatingly went down on her knees trying to grab her undies from the floor hiding her cock with one hand, I held her hand Ayushi pulled her garments away from the floor.

“No no dear no need” I said

“Maam please maam leave me maam” She almost cried out

“Oh Sunita Or should I call you Sunil” Ayushi giggled

We pulled her closer to us Ayushi slapped her hands removing them away from her cock. I picked up the cock from its tip while Ayushi started feeling her balls. “So real right? Just like a guys cock” Said Ayushi “Yeah I bet you it will be 5-6 inches long too when it’s hard” I replied “let’s find out then” She said. We both looked at each other the 2 of us had that look on our faces. Sunita started pulling away she kept begging us to leave her alone but we held her tight. We got up from the Sofa and took her towards the dining table, Ayushi held her while I brought my box of toys. She laid her down on the table the two of us held her, we took one hand close to one side of the table I used my handcuffs to tie it there we did the same with the other hand on the other side of the table. Her penis was jiggling when she was trying to move herself we laughed at it. We then tied both her legs to different sides of the table using clothes opening her legs quite well. “I want to see if these are real” Ayushi said touching her big boobs. I took out the scissors from my cabinet and handed them to her. She carefully started cutting thru her T-shirt exposing her bra the next was the middle portion of the bra it rather gave up quickly to the blades. He big juicy boobs were exposed in front of our eyes, ayushi touched her nipples then pressed her boobs I couldn’t bare standing there so I pressed them too they were soft and quite nice.

When we started squeezing and licking her nipples we could see her cock slowly getting hard, she was feeling cramps in her body when we were licking her boobs. We got up and held the cock in our hands “see I told you it must be 5-6 inches” I told her “yeah it looks quite good” She replied. I started stroking it slowly while Ayushi played with her balls. I raised my pace of stroking it faster and faster while Ayushi kept spitting on it. “Shucckkkk” She cummed it missed Ayushi’s face by centimeters as it flew out she cramed when it happened and we laughed out loud touching her cum. I picked up some of her cum in my fingers and inserted the finger in her mouth “taste yourself Sunita” I said. Her head was almost hanging hanging from the table her long braid touching the floor, my eyes caught them when I walked past her head.

“Ayushi can you tell me something” I asked

“What? ” She replied

“Men have cocks right” I asked

“Yes” She replied

“Well so Sunita is a man right” I asked

“Yeah you can say that” She replied

“If Sunita is a man shouldnt she have hair like a man” I asked

Ayushi looked up at me and so did Sunita both their eyes were wide open when I said this. Ayushi knew I envied her hair being more beautiful than mine. I walked towards the far end of the table where Ayushi had kept the scissors. Picking them up I walked up to her cock, holding it up from its tip I held it up and placed the open blades around it “should I cut it off sunita” I said “no maam please no please” She almost started begging me I removed the scissors from there and placed them on her nipples “oh then these probably” I said Ayushi was laughing seeing me torture her. Sunita begged again for mercy I went behind her head and placed the open scissors right at base of her braid on her neck “Well one has to go” I said. Before she could beg or say anything I closed the blades “scrunchhh…. Scrunchhhh…. Scrunchhh”¬† screamed her hair when the scissors started eating them “noooo” Sunita screamed when she heard noise.

“For Fuck Sake this is thicker than her cock” I yelled out it was taking me a lot of strength to cut thru her thick braid. My fingers started aching as I reached half way her thick braid, Ayushi stood there playing with her nipples. “Come here and help me” I yelled at her she came and I asked her to hold the braid tightly while I kept closing the blades on it. “Yessss” Ayushi screamed in joy holding her 2 foot braid high in the air. There were tears coming out of Sunita’s eyes when she saw it, I felt relieved as it came off it took me almost 10 minutes to cut thru her thick hair both my fingers started aching badly. I opened Ayushi’s rubberband from her pony tail and tied it to the base upper portion of the braid to keep it still.

I held it in my hand “Wow such beautiful hair” I said caressing the long braid in my hand “it’s a shame you don’t need it now” Said Ayushi holding Sunita’s chin. Holding it high in the air I placed it right over Sunita’s forehead the ends of the braid touched her face. Slowly I started walking the ends of the braid caressed her mouth, then I stopped near her boobs I shook it so the ends ticked both nipples it tickled her I couldn’t see her cramp. Ayushi was feeling hornier and hornier as I continued moving the tail down to her stomach. I shock the tail firmly over her cock hitting it a few times, I looked Ayushi who knew I had something more wicked in mind. She came towards me and held her penis and cock in her hands tightly. Like a rope I tied her 2 foot tail to her cock, it looked similar to a python squeezing it’s victim. Ayushi had started getting hornier when the tail was tied to her cock she started kissing and licking it’s tip fingering herself while doing it. I still had work left on her I went to my room, just last month I had bought the perfect hair removal tools for myself. A smirk came on my mouth when I walked back to the lounge holding that small bag. Keeping it right next to Sunita’s head who was crying but still ooosing with hormones because of Ayushi relentlessly licking her penis.

I ran my hands on the hair that was left on her head then opened my small bag the first item I picked out was the electric razor. Without wasting time I kept the razor on her forehead and ran it straight down the middle, I was impressed by it the strip of skin it left behind was as clean as it could be. Sunita understood what was happening with her she started shaking her head, crying she begged me to stop. Ayushi came towards her face she removed her wet panties and stuffed them in her mouth. “Stay quiet and let us play” She yelled at her then went back to licking the tip of her cock. I laughed at what she had done then started my work again, right beside the first strip I ran the razor straight to her crown. “I wish I had used this to cut your braid it’s so much more satisfying and easy” I said to Sunita as I kept moving the razor on her head. I didn’t shave her down bald I just shaved the top and front of her head leaving the hair at the back and sides the way they were “We’ll save these for later” I said holding her chin. “Let’s get her upstairs I can’t control myself anymore” I told Ayushi whose face seemed to have disappeared between the huge ponytail and her cock.

Part 2 coming soon

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