Lynn’s Escape Pt. 2 A promise made good.

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The twins were almost three now and Lynn had completely embraced the persona of Jackie.  Never once had anybody doubted her new identity.  At times she felt some regrets, like discovering that her mother had passed away about a year before she met Jim and she had not been told, nor had the opportunity of attending the funeral.  Like not being able to tell her mother why she had ‘disappeared’, like not being able to let her mother see and hold her grandchildren. She would like to be able to wear large ring earrings, but the repair to her ears had left the lobes too thin to allow for piercings.  Subconsciously she would still look over her shoulders suspecting that she was being followed or being spied upon, and these thoughts would haunt her at night like demons having their own battles in her mind.  Jim always picked up these moments and with his love and help she would overcome them, having the twins to cherish and take care of also eased the pain.

She had tried to pander to Jim’s fetish as subtly as possible without ever mentioning it.  She would draw Jim’s attention to short haired or bald women if she noticed that he may have missed them at any time, but he usually saw them before she did. At times she had been tempted to try look at his laptop to see if he was accessing any bald women sites but had resisted partly for not wanting to infringe on his privacy and also because her computer knowledge was insufficient to prevent her from corrupting data that was on the machine.  She continued using Brad for haircuts, her style requiring visits about every six weeks because her hair had got so much shorter over the years, and yet, comparing her style to the current styles around, it almost appeared that her hair was getting longer.

Jackie worked at the Pharmacy every day and loved the work, the twins being at a day care center,.  The atmosphere in the shop had changed and her bubbly personality seemed to attract customers, just as her hairstyle attracted many compliments. The fringe that dropped over her forehead was gone and her hairline was where her hairstyle started, if one could consider a feminised crew cut a style.

It was on one or her six weekly visits that Brad suggested that she try a hair tattoo.  She was caught off guard momentarily and then realised what he had mentioned.  He told her that his own abilities were a bit limited but he could do simple designs.  She agreed and left the shop with a lightening flash over her ears and down the back of her head.  Everybody in the shop, and especially Jim, were impressed with the look and the courage it had taken to go that extra step.  Jackie’s hair grew enough in the six weeks to erase the tattoo and she sported a new one after each haircut.  The second one being a very basic half flower in the nape of her neck, covering most of the back of her head.  After several different designs, Brad told her that he had reached the end of his expertise, but that José, a few shops down, was very talented with the shaving clippers and that she should try him.  This she did and was rewarded with patterns that were just about works of art, with the most intricate details and shading made by varying the length of the hair etc.

Returning to the shop after one such session, little Annie, the newest and cheekiest staff member said that they were wasting a good opportunity.  Jackie, instead of having senseless pictures on her head, should have the pharmacy name put there and do some advertising that way. Jackie glared at her; Jim laughed and said he thought that it was a good idea.  Jackie told Annie that she was fired but Jim told her that she was promoted to advertising manager.  Everybody burst out laughing, when Jim said he had a better idea.  With the birth of the twins, Jackie’s bottom had spread a bit, why not dress her in a G-string,  put the shop name and particulars on one of her cheeks with all the specials of the day on the other with a Sharpie and send her out on the beach front every day.  Jackie glared daggers at Jim and disappeared into the back of the shop.  She returned holding a portable CO2 fire extinguisher and let him have a full blast from head to toe.  When the mist cleared, Jim was standing there like a statue.  Somebody screamed that he was frozen stiff and could shatter is touched, but Jackie saw as smile spread across his lips.  She replied that he was not frozen solid but that one part of him should be as he would not be using it for a while, and she sprayed a long blast at his groin.  Jim swatted at the ice covering the front of his trousers as they heard a little voice asking if she had come in at a bad time and if she should come back later.  Everybody rushed to serve the little old lady.

Sundays were free.  Jim and Jackie did their best to get away and were able to do more as the twins grew older, such as paddling with then in the ocean, going to amusement parks such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and other parks suitable for young children.  Otherwise they would drive into the mountains, to the Mohave Desert or even to San Diego.

They also spent some Sundays just walking along the beach front looking at the sights, and there were many of those, fortunately the twins were young enough to not be affected by these sights.  Clothing seen was at a minimum, leaving little to the imagination and tattoos largely exceeded the areas covered by cloth.  Hair, or the usually the lack of it, was a topic of much interest.  To be a feature on the beach front, a section of shaved hair seemed to be a prerequisite (meaning that Jackie’s hair tattoos were a ticket to acceptance by the usual crowd).  Part of the day was refreshments at one of the many roadside cafes.

One of the regular attractions for them was an amphitheatre they had discovered, where there was something on every weekend, clowns and magicians and puppets for the kids, body builder’s showing off, including women (even a few with shaved heads, Jackie could not avoid at looking at Jim’s response to the sight of these women).  One of their favourite shows was the stand-up comics who included some well-known names, much to the pleasure of the regular crowds.

It was on one of these Sundays that that they noticed more short and buzzed hair than usual, with a good number of clipper shaved heads, on both men and women of all ages.  There were a lot of heads with colours sprayed onto hair.  Jim and Jackie looked at each other and realised that there was probably a Shavathon on somewhere, most likely at the amphitheatre.  On the way there they first stopped for some refreshments at one of their favourite cafes.  Sitting next to their table was a couple with extremely short haircuts.  The cuts were identical, less than a quarter of an inch long and their scalps, smooth and shiny, showed through their fair hair.  With their backs to Jim and Jackie, they could only see the couple looking at each other, whether they were looking deeply into each other’s eyes or at their respective haircuts, they would never know.

There was indeed a Shavathon at the amphitheatre and Jim and Jackie stood watching for a while.  Jim had the pushcart handles and Jackie reached in the pocket for something.  She touched his arm, said there was something she needed to do, and she took off through the crowd.  Jim’s attention had been caught by five young women who, all with cropped heads, were trying to console one of their group who was crying bitterly, holding her hands over her shorn head.  It was obvious that she was regretting the decision to participate in the shavathon.

He remembered Jackie moving off, and looked for her in the crowd, eventually seeing her moving away from the organizer’s registration table.   Puzzled, Jim watched and was amazed when Jackie was shown onto the stage and seated.  A cape was placed around her neck, which she had adjusted tighter and then had a discussion with a young man wielding a pair of Wahl clippers.  She pointed to the clippers, eventually taking them away from the man and adjusting something.  She handed them back and nodded for him to continue.

Jim stood rooted to the spot as the clippers made pass after pass over Jackie’s head, her short hair falling in clumps onto the cape.  Even though she was in need of a haircut, it only took a few minutes for there to be nothing but a dark smudge left on her head.  The young man brushed her down, removed the cape and Jackie walked off the stage, not looking at all impressed with the treatment she had received.

She got back to Jim, who was unable to say anything.  Jackie rubbed her hands over her stubble and said, “It’s all for a good cause,” although there was an edge to her voice.

“For a good cause?” Jim echoed as he touched her newly cropped head.

“See for yourself.” She answered, pointing at the banners over the stage. “Let’s get out of here before I go and slap that idiot that did my hair.”

”I noticed that there was somewhat upset, what happened?”

“The little squirt did not know the front end from the back end of the clippers, he did not know about the blade adjustment, goodness knows when the clippers were oiled before I told him to do so and he thought the cape was an apron.  I feel sorry for all the people he did before me.  They must be itching like crazy.  I need a drink before I blow.” She said, heading for a nearby café.

Jim ordered some wine and orange juice for the twins, when he noticed the five women seated in the back of the shop, they were still trying to comfort their companion.  Jim caught the eye of the tallest girl, a blond who looked completely bald because her stubble did not show on her white scalp.  She came over and bent down as Jim spoke to her.

“I think you have a problem on your hands.  From being upset, your friend is now on the brink of hysteria; can I make a few suggestions? Jim asked.

“Please, we are out of our depth here, this started as a fun outing but is turning into a nightmare, any help will be welcome.” She whispered.

“You need to give her something to calm her down, there is a pharmacy about three blocks along,” he took out one of his cards and wrote on the back of it, “take this to the pharmacist and explain to him what happened.  I am sure he will find something to calm her.  Whatever you do, do not leave her alone, and that means for a few days.  If she has not calmed down by about 9pm, get her to an emergency room, oh, and get her a wig.”

The young woman looked at both sides of the card, thanked Jim and went to round up her group.  Jim and Jackie watched as they made their way down the street in the direction of the pharmacy.  Finishing their drinks, they headed for home by which time Jackie had calmed down, even giggling at the fiasco back at the shavathon.

Once inside, they settled down to the tasks of the evening, feeding and  preparing the twin for bed, making supper for themselves and generally winding down after the weekend.  Surprisingly, Jim had not said anything about Jackie’s new haircut, although she saw him often sneaking glances at it. After their light supper, Jackie said she was going to shower, and Jim started to clear up and load the dishwasher.

It was some time before Jackie came downstairs again.  Jim, who had just packed away the last of the dishes, looked up and saw that Jackie had a towel turban around her head and was wearing a light robe over her shoulders open down the front; she was naked underneath and held a can of shaving gel and a razor in her hands.

“Are we supposed to go out tonight?” Jim asked, looking puzzled, especially as Jackie had put on make-up as she would for an evening out, in fact it was more pronounced than it would have normally been.

“No.” she replied.

“Do I need to shave?” he asked, more perplexed.

“Yes.” was her simple reply.

Jim felt his chin and gave her a questioning look.

“Me, “Jackie said softly, “you need to shave me.” As she pulled a chair to the kitchen sink, sitting down, she handing Jim the razors and foam.  Jim looked at the razors and shaving gel, then down at Jackie as she made herself comfortable in the chair, dropping the robe over the backrest.

“Are you sure about this,” Jim asked.

“Yes, I want this for me, and more so, I want it for you, remember the promise of almost four years ago?” She let the towel that was on her head drop to the floor and looked up at Jim with a smile that said that she was ready for him to carry out what she wanted him to do.

Slowly Jim popped the cap off the can and ejected some foam onto his hand, he looked at it with uncertainly before tentatively spreading it over Jackie’s head, smoothing it into the very short hairs that had been left from the earlier shearing.  Jackie sat there, pensively contemplating what she had been preparing herself for these past years, wondering what she would look like with no hair at all. Feeling, instead of the short firm cap of hair that still covered her head, only smooth skin, feeling the breeze blowing directly onto her naked scalp, feeling Jim caress her soon to be bald head. She tried to picture herself looking into a mirror, wondering how she would look, wondering if the desired effects would be achieved.  She was still deep in thought when she felt the first touch of the razor on her head.  The pull as the blades resisted and cut repeatedly in answer to Jim’s short strokes, the pause as he rinsed off and took another stroke.  She pictured the clear paths through the white foam and wondered how dark the remaining shadow would be.

Jim, too was deep in contemplation.  He was trying to come to terms with what he was doing, something he had fantasised over for years, never imagining it would become reality, especially doing it to the person he loved so dearly.  Would she accept him as before after what he was doing to her?  Would she think that he had turned her into a freak, or that it was some sort of humiliation that he was subjecting her to, goodness knows, she had had enough of that in her life?  Would she still love him?

Jim rinsed of the razor and asked Jackie how it felt.  He raised her hands to her head, the newly painted crimson nails contrasting sharply with her almost white scalp. “A bit rough, I thought it would be smoother.” She replied.

“I think it will require another shaving, are you sure you feel no burn from the razor?” showing his concern, “I also think that we will not be able to ever get rid of the dark shadow, your hair is just too dark and thick.”

“Shave it again, perhaps the dark shadow is a bonus, at least people will be able to see that I am bald by choice and not want to shower me with sympathy, and Jim, don’t worry, I love you and am wholly with you here, I want this.” She said with conviction.

They showered together before going to bed.  The night was filled with tenderness, passion and love.  Jim could not bring himself to stop caressing Jackie’s beautiful smooth head, she too had agreed that the look complimented her appearance and had no regrets at all.

It was early morning before they eventually fell asleep. Later  Jim silently slipped out of bed to see the twins off to day care.  Jackie was awake when he returned after seeing the little ones off in their school pool ride.

“I think I will phone in sick this morning.” Jim casually mentioned.

“You can’t do that, you are the boss.” She said in reply.

“It is because I am the boss that I can do that.”

“What will you tell them? Jackie asked, starting to see merit in his proposal.

“Oh, I will say that I found this bald nymph in my bed and she forced me to have sex with her all night long.”

“Oh yes, and what about me? Jackie shot back.

“A sexy strong man came along and forced himself on you and you were unable to resist.”

“Ok, and what about my bald head.” She responded.

“Your bald head? I don’t know anything about that, I am afraid that is your concern, nothing to do with me.” Jim said.

“You beast, you mean beast.” as she threw a pillow at him.

Jim dodged the pillow and dived on top of Jackie, covering her with kisses, his hands rubbing her scalp as he held her to him he asked in a hoarse voice. “How long will you stay like this?”

“Haven’t really given it a thought, perhaps a few weeks.” Jim continued kissing and caressing her.

“Maybe a couple of months, a year?”

She felt him entering her and within a few minutes had the most magnificent orgasm she had ever experienced in her life, unable to wait for her lover, but allowing him to reach his own climax a few moments later.

Lying there, both out of breath, Jim clasping her head close to his, Jackie whispered in his ear, “For love like this I will happily remain bald forever!”

The End.

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