Magdalina’s Makeover

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I went to Hardee’s for a breakfast, this was back in June of 2016. I walked into place my order and dine in that day. I opened the door and went to the order line. In front of me I noticed this lady with a nice figure, about 5’8” maybe and what really stood out was her hair. The hair was thick and black, done in a braid to her waist, then long strands fell loosely too her knees. I was taken back at the sight and looked at the braid. It was probably 7” thick, one of the thickest braids I have ever seen.

The lady placed her order and moved to the side to await delivery. I placed my order and moved next to the Lady. I said to her, “HELLO; may I say that is one beautiful head of hair that you have.” She looked at me and said: “Well Thank You, usually people ask why I have such long hair, or; how do you take care of all that hair, or when was the last time you had a real short haircut?”

She said: “My name is Magdolina and you are?” I replied with “OC, Magdolina, nice to meet you.” The clerk called her order, Magdolina said, “Nice to meet you OC, maybe we meet again ya know this is a small town?” Then she turned, the braid whisked around and followed her movement, out of the facility she went, I watched in the doorway as the braid swayed back and forth as she swayed to the car she was driving. I took my order and sat down to eat. All I could think about was Magdolina and her beautiful long hair in a thick braid to her waist and the loose strands falling to her knees. I thought how beautiful all that hair would be undone and loose, maybe to the calf? I sat eating and daydreaming of playing with all that hair, it had been years since I had actually played with a ladies long hair.

Magdolina was never seen at Hardee’s again. It was about 3 weeks later and I was at Krogers shopping and saw a lady with long hair in a tied back loose ponytail falling to her calf muscles. I casually walked back towards her in the produce Department and said:”MAGDOLINA?” She turned around and looked at me then said :”OC”. I asked: ”How have you been, have not seen you at Hardee’s”? Magdolina replied: “Sorry I have been sick with a cold on and off and just got out today.” I said: “Sorry to hear that Magdolina.” We talked about the weather and a hot summer coming on, the football season and the SEC. I said maybe we can watch a game one day?” Magdolina said that would be nice. I asked curiously Magdolina, how long is your hair? Magdolina looked at me and said: “ Quite frankly, I do not know, but; I know it is long.” I said: “Well maybe one day I can measure it for you?” Magdolina said, “ OK sounds like fun OC, do you want to follow me home and do the measuring today?” I was beyond words for once and stumbled excited saying, “ O–H O–OK .Magdolina sounds like fun.” Magdolina and I shopped together and checked out together, I paid for her groceries and she was stunned saying. “Well I never had a guy pay for my way in 5-6 years OC thank you.”

I followed Magdolina home it was about 3 miles from Kroegers and pulled into her driveway which had a 2 car garage and a duplex for a nice house. I did not have any items that were perishable, so I took Magdolinas groceries in for her. Magdolina commented: “ I think I am really going to enjoy your company OC, what a gentleman you are, have not been treated this way in years like I said before, Thank You.”

The kitchen had a nice counter and I sorted the groceries out as Magdolina put them away. Magdolina asked if I drank and I said “NO. Gave it up in 1986.” Magdolina then asked if I liked Dr Peppers and I said I would take one of those. The groceries were put away and Magdolina said. “What were we going to do OC?” “ I said measure your hair?” She smiled and said “OH YEAH, that’s right, silly me, then she laughed.” Her laugh was beautiful. Magdolina then looked or her measuring tape and came back to the kitchen, handed me the tape and said, “Here ya go OC.” Magdolina stood still as I unraveled the tape to measure her long hair. I said, “ Magdolina Hold the tape at the crown of your head.” and she did. I unrolled the cloth tape and pulled it down to Magdolinas calf muscles. I pulled it down and then read the tape out loud “583/4”. Magdolina gasped and said, Really OC, are you sure?” I measured it again then said again, “exactly 58 3/4” long.” Magdolina said “WOW it is long, WOW I knewitwas long but thought maybe 55”?” Magdonlina undid the band holding her hair back in a tied back loose ponytail and I measured all the full looseness again. “Wow Magdolina 59.” now. Magdolina squealed and then laughed. What a nice sweet laugh she had.

Magdolina then said “Wait here OC.” she brought out a brush and comb then said, “OC, would you like to brush it out and comb through it for me?” For 20 min I brushed and combed her 59” of loose beautiful silky Black hair. Magdolina asked, “OC, do you know how to braid hair?” I said yes and then braided the mass of long hair. We went to the living room and chatted, watched TV while sitting on the couch. I was just fully in excstacy after brushing, combing and Braiding Magdolinas hair. Magdolina asked “Would you like a dinner OC?” I said. “Let me take you out and show you off Magdolina.” We left and went to Applebees for a nice quiet dinner. After dinner Magdolina invited me in for the night, how could I refuse a woman of such beauty. All night long we played with her hair. She tickled me with the ends, wrapped the braid around me, undid the braid and flossed me with a mane of super long hair that reached down the sheets and ensnared me all night long we made love.

I awoke the next morning by myself in bed, to the sweet smell of coffee, toast, bacon and sausages. I walked to the kitchen and there was my love, the mane of hair braided to her calf’s and cooking breakfast. I came up behind her and said good morning. Magdolina asked: “Hope you like to have a hearty breakfast OC?” I said, “Yes Magdolina I do, its been a long time since I have had someone make breakfast for me, some 14 years. maybe” I grabbed Magdolinas braid and pulled it aside and kissed her neck, she squirmed and said, Thats nice OC, I like that, Thank You.”

We had breakfast and I asked if she would want to come to my house? She said OK. We finished showering and I combed her mane out braided it and said, “Wait till I undo, your hair will be all rippled from the wet braid being undone.” Magdolina said, “OK OC if you say so, I have never done that.” We arrived at the house on the river, Magdolina said: “OC is this your place?” I said , “Yes we are here at my house on the river now.”. The house has 6 10′ columns greeting you, a wide open enclosed front porch to sit out of the rain but; enjoy the rain. I opened the door and Magdolina gasped. “OC this is a marble foyer and a living room with a floor to ceiling fireplace wow, a 65” TV mounted on the wall, Wow OC this is nice.” We toured the house the master bedroom and guest bedroom with full baths. Magdolina was in awe. I said, “Think this is nice, wait till you see the downstairs.” We went down the stairs and Mafdolina saw another Master Bedroom, full Bath with shower, an exercise room, a spare bedroom and the barber shop, fully equipped. Magdolina looked at me and stated, “WOW OC a real old time barbers chair with red velvet, can I sit in it? Sure why not.” Magdolina stepped up into the gold plated Red Velvet chair then let out an squealed aloud. OC I use to take my little brother to the barbershop once every 2 months for his crew cut. God how I had wanted to get up and sit in that chair. and say do me, but; back then a lady had long hair. Magdolina continued, OC fulfill my fantasy, cape me up like we are going to cut all this hair off and role play cutting the braid off, then make like your doing a clipper cut with the clippers off of course, to a nice short 1” Buzz cut,.PLEASE OC indulge my fantisy?”

Magdolina was serious and I pulled out a cape and spread it around her. I pulled the dry braid out and snapped the cape around her neck. I undid the braid and laid the full mane of hair out in front of her to the right side, the hair tunbled down into her lap, then rolled off the leg towards the floor, I watched as the hair fell to her calfs, down over the white cape she had on. Magdolina said: “ OC do my hair into a ponytail really loose, like you can cut the hair away doing a 1” buzz cut and having a mane of hair in a ponytail being buzzed away by the sound of clipper cutting the hair. Ok please OC.” I did a loose ponytail and made with the clippers like I was cutting the hair. Magdolina screamed with delight and writhed in the chair as I made pass with the clippers. Magdolina looked at me wide eyed and said I am so excited OC, could you turn the clippers on, Oh God I now am really wantng youto cut off all this mane, doing it to a 1” buzz cut for me. OMG OC, I am about to climax right now thinking about this experience, a child hood fantasy come to real life OC OMG.” I about fainted, I loved the long hair and yet a part of me said NO and the other part said OH YEAH. I asked Magdolina, “Are you sure you want me to do that? Yes OC please turn on the clippers, I am turned on with the thoughts of the clipper cutting all this hair to a 1” Buzz cut NOW, DO IT OC, DO IT MY LOVE, OMG PLEASE DO IT NOW OC. PLEASE. I said “OK if thats what you want is short hair it will be no looking back OK?” I put a 1”attachment on the clipper as Madolina watched in the front mirror, I then turned the clippers on, lifted the mane of hair in a loose done pony tail, put the clippers at her nape then pushed upward.. The clippers did a nice job of servering the hair to a 1”, Magdolina watched in the front mirror seeing th rear Mirror as the clipper cut the hair away to a nice short 1” of hair left. I made three more passes up the nape, holding the severed hair, Magdolina and I were getting excited. Magdolina was watching in the big mirror in front of her as the hair was being cut yelling aloud, “OMG OC, OMG ,YES, YES, YES, I am finally getting the haircut I always wanted all my life, OMG Thank You OC, OMG.” I then moved to the left side. And went up the nape over the ear as the hair was being cut Magdolina now could see a nice short 1” of hair left as the long mane was clipped away. I held the ponytail, slowly I did the cutting over the ear, then I came up the side burn area. The long mane was being clipped away, Magdolina was loving it. “ OMG OC this is so much fun WOW, my fantasy dream is coming true, a nice short 1” buzz cut, no more long hair, no more hours of drying, combing and brushing the mane out OMG OC, OMG, how nice it is.” I then went to the right side holding the severed ponytail to the side showing the nice clean 1” buzz cut Magdolina was getting. I ran the clippers up the right temple, then over the ear as the severed hair fell away showing more of a 1” Buzz cut. Magdolina was beside herself, she stated how she was loving lt the weight of hair being remove with each clipping. Finally I went over the right ear, down the back side of the ear, the severed mass of hair falling away, it was now in a big ponytail in my grasp, revealing the beautiful Magdolinas new look a nice short 1” Buzz cut. Magdolina. was feeling the short hair and playing wildy with it. “OMG OC thank you so much, what a climax that was, I am so wet and horney now.” I handed the ponytail to Magdolina who said: ‘ This is the time I will ever have a mane like this ever again OC. This 1” Buzz cut is so wild OC. WOW” I uncaped Magdolina, she grabbed my hand taking me to the bedroom where we made mad passioante love all afternoon and all night. .Magdolia was now happy and content plus very grateful to me. In August I got a letter from Magdolina, she had run away with her late husbands business partner to Hawaii, saying he had always wondered when my long hair was going to be cut off short, then when it was, he saw a real bold sexy woman, who looked younger, more vibrant, he then asked her to marry him which she had done. For me I met Cindy in Late August and we know that story.

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