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It was a usual day at work. I opened my salon around 3 years back and no one’s left with longer hair from my salon.

My employees too were skilled professionals good at convincing and dominating people I only did haircut for my people, the ones who came to me through someone who is related to me or just my people to put it that way. Saturday afternoons saw less customers and many employess took an off and so I was just scrolling through my phone and I saw a girl somewhere in her 20s with hair to her to her mid back. She came in asking for a trim, Tritya one of my employees took her to the hairwashing station but I knew the fate of her hair. I went inside my room to get some water for myself I relaxed a bit and when I came out I found one of my coaching teacher along with a girl she would have been 15-16 I assumed he must be her dad. He was a great teacher and everyone had a crush over him he was a gentleman in all sorts.

I looked at the girl and could tell by her face that she had put herself in trouble, the girl who came earlier asking for trim was getting her hair chopped into a chin length bob, I noticed the fear in that little girl’s face as she watched the other girl getting her hair chopped.

And then I went and greet sir and her, I asked him how he was doing we chatted for a while about stuff and other people in my batch and then he introduced me to his daughter and said he wanted a haircut for her. I noticed her long black hair flowing down to the waist. It was lustrous and gorgeous. I loved chopping such hair and loved it when someone was forced to get a haircut.  I knew I was gonna have fun. Both of them didn’t talk much but I knew he was furious,I was curious to know what she had done for as much as I knew he was very calm and fun.

I enquired him about how he wants her haircut and he said just make it short, really short. I gave him a smile and nodded, and took her to my private station, pulled out a cape as she sat in my big chair she looked scared, I secured the cape around her neck she looked like a really small girl now, I washed her hair and got back to the chair. I just couldn’t wait to hack all her hair . I turned to get another pair of scissors and clippers, I was doubtful about the clippers though. As I was getting my supplies I noticed her pleading to her dad but he was stern he stood there with folded hands. I approached them and started sectioning her hair and securing it I placed my hand on her neck and I felt her pulse fastening,I took some length from the back placed it between my fingers positioned it a two inches below the shoulders.I could sense the panicking and discomfort she was feeling I told her she has nice hair and it would grow well if she gets it cut she forced a smile. I chopped the hair and it feel on her lap and I noticed tear form in her eyes, I chopped more and more hair but I could tell that she was just holding it in. I finally cut the front hair and looked at him he said go “really short”. She spoke in a soft tone and said isn’t it already shorter now, he looked at her with anger and didn’t say anything. She lowered her head,I was happy to get rid of more of those black locks. I quickly grabbed a spray bottle and comb and positioned the comb a little below her ears she was getting a short blunt bob. I started cutting her hair again once I was done with the back I moved to the front and as I cut her hair tears flowed down her face,her father noticed this and looked at her angrily. He said in a stern voice make it short ,boy short. I wasn’t expecting this. She said pleadingly,’dad please not more short, I’ll improve’. He told me to go ahead ignoring her statement. I sectioned her freshly chopped bob and took my clippers, she said I don’t want these to be used I request.I said okay and picked up my shears and comb, he interrupted and said use clippers,you’re not gonna get it everything way. I picked up my clippers again and plunged into her nape soft black hair started to pile up leaving small stubble. I then repeated the same process on the right side and on the left. I removed the clip from the top and sprayed some water on her hair and cut it leaving some three inches on the top. I looked at her dad and he said Yes this length is good. I took a round brush and hair dryer to style her hair.I then removed the cape she got up from the chair,thanked me I knew she was devastated but couldn’t do anything about it I loved the cut on her though she looked at all the hair she had lost on the floor.I gave her smile and said she looks stunning. Her dad said thankyou. I asked the receptionist to give them a special discount as well and watched as they left the salon.

3 responses to “Make it short

  1. The narrative you have crafted transports us to a captivating salon scene, skillfully entwining the tension that permeates the characters’ interactions. The exploration of the intricacies of dominance and submission adds profound layers to the story, notably evident in the exchanges between the father, the daughter, and the hairdresser. Of utmost fascination is the paragraph in which the father adamantly insists on a radical haircut for his daughter, disregarding her fervent objections, thus exposing the latent power dynamics within the family.

    Your narrative adeptly captures the profound inner struggles of the characters, particularly highlighting the daughter’s anguish and the father’s dominance. However, it is of utmost importance to approach delicate subjects such as manipulation and non-consensual behaviors with utmost sensitivity, ensuring they are depicted in a manner that upholds responsibility and reverence.

    I would like to suggest delving deeper into the characters’ motivations and backgrounds to enhance the storytelling. It is important to carefully balance the sensuality of the narrative with the ethical considerations surrounding power dynamics. Your scene captures intricate human emotions in a captivating manner.

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