Makeover By Mistake

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Jyoti was married two years ago and came to the in-laws house. She was a traditional bahu (Daughter in law). Wore a saree and had really long silky hair.  Now her brother in law was recently got married and brought a new bride home. She was really jealous that all the attention that she had got until now is being given to the new bride that came home. And jealousy turned into hatred. The new bride that came home was a good girl and very humble and shy. Still Jyoti couldn’t stand losing on all the attention. And she decided to trouble her new bride sushma. She got that opportunity when the newlywed sushma and her husband (Jyoti`s brother in law) were to go on a honeymoon. They had done all the booking through a agent and had decided to go to Mauritius for honeymoon. They had made bookings through a travel agent. Jyoti decided to trouble sushma and got in touch with the travel agent and asked his suggestions. Travel agent suggested that if given some money he can arrange for it. Money was paid to travel agent. He gave a envelope to be given to sushma. Jyoti did as said. She gave the envelope to sushma as a gift.

Jyoti was really happy that sushma was to be troubled. That night she asked her husband.  “Look your brother and sushma are going on a honeymoon. Let’s go for our second honeymoon. And have fun.”

Her husband agreed. He said, “Alright, but where do you want to go”.

Jyoti said, “They are going to Mauritius. We can go to Bangkok and Pataya”

So they both decided to go to Bangkok first. Sushma and her husband, the newly married couple, went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. The next day Jyoti with her husband went to Bangkok for their second honeymoon. Jyoti was really happy in her mind that by the time they come back from honeymoon she would have taught Sushma a good lesson for taking away all the attention from her.

So Jyoti and her husband went to Bangkok. Jyoti was really happy. And they roamed a lot for first two days. On the third day, they came to their hotel room in the afternoon itself. Jyoti went to take a shower. When she came out form shower she found that there was no one in the room and her husband was gone out. There was a piece of paper fallen on the centre of the bed. Jyoti picked it up and checked. It was coupon for some salon called “X” and it was a package deal. She was really happy that she had got a gift from her husband and It was clear that her husband wanted her to go to salon and then when she comes back from the salon well groomed they were going to have a good adventurous night. Jyoti wore a simple t-shirt and jeans and went to the said address in salon X.

When Jyoti entered she was greeted by a receptionist. Receptionist had a short bob haircut and looked really edgy. It was just a receptionist counter and waiting area. There was a door to go inside the salon. She showed her the coupon. Receptionist asked her to wait in the waiting area where a stylist would meet her. She was served a hot coffee and Jyoti was glad to drink it. She was so eager to get groomed quickly and go back to her room and meet her husband for an adventurous night. Then another man came to meet Jyoti his name was Alan. He told Jyoti that she would be required to just sign a small form and then they can start.

Alan explained that, are you doing it willingly?

She said “Offcourse. I am going to love it!!”

Alan said “that’s great. Just remember that even if you protest that will be considered as the part of the salon program and your refusal won’t be entertained.”  Jyoti didn’t clearly understand the last part but she was just in too hurry and when form was given to her she signed it. Alan said,” You look in a hurry to get to it.” Jyoti managed a small smile and said,” yes, my husband is waiting for me at our hotel room to check me out.”  Alan said, “That’s great. Let’s start then without wasting any time.”

Jyoti was taken from the door she had seen earlier in the waiting area. Inside the lights were dim. And it looked like a pretty big room. Jyoti noticed that one wall of the room was complete mirror.  With a few of wardrobes which had a lots of clothes in it. There were also other cupboards she could see. There was a computer in the room. And Alan was searching something in the computer. Jyoti asked him what happened. Alan said, “You will be given clothes depending on the numbers that will appear on the computer. The number that would show up on computer would represent the dress number in the cupboard. And you will wear those clothes”.

Alan pressed a few clicks. And told Jyoti to face the web camera attached to the computer. Jyoti thought it was some salon software where they would decide which hairstyle would suit her best. So she stood in front of the camera smiling. She saw Alan press a few buttons on the screen like ‘Display model video’, ‘Start Vote for dress’, ‘Start Vote for shoes’, ‘Start Vote for Accessory’ and a few other buttons she was not able to read.

In sometime they saw a number appearing in front of each button. As Alan had told her before those were the dress number in the wardrobe she was to wear for the night. They went to the wardrobe and Alan searched the wardrobe for the dress with that number on the screen. Then he came out with a black leather dress and gave it to Jyoti. Jyoti was surprised to see a dress like of which she had never seen before. It was black leather hot pants. Really short. And for the top it was black leather corset something like a tubeless top. Made of shiny black leather. It had lots of zips and chains and other things on it. It was made of shiny black leather. It was a dress that was supposed to be worn without any inner wear. She thought her husband had decided those dress for her and felt that her husband was too naught. And anyways no one was going to see her in the salon. So as soon as Alan left, she removed her saree and inner wear, and wore the black leather dress. She was given high heeled black shoes which were also shiny similar to her dress. She was also given a gown to be worn above it.

Jyoti was now really looking forward to show her husband her new sexy clothes. She was just waiting for haircut to happen, so that she could leave and meet her husband.

Alan took Jyoti thorough another door. As soon as Jyoti entered the second room, first thing Jyoti noticed was, the mirrored wall from the other room continued in this room as well. As if it was the same wall of mirror with a partition for another room that Jyoti had just entered.  It was a small salon station. Jyoti was made to sit on the chair. Alan Said,” I will just be back. Meanwhile one of my assistant would do your makeup. After the makeup we will proceed for your haircut.” Alan left and just in few minutes one lady came to Jyoti for doing her makeup. Jyoti tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she didn’t understand English and would speak only in the local language which Jyoti didn’t understand. Jyoti noticed that the lipstick put on her was really dark. Almost black. Her eye shadow was also black. “Gosh, they are making me really slutty. My husband is going to love it.” Jyoti thought. As soon as the makeup was over Alan came back and said, “It’s time for your haircut. Come with me.” Jyoti had thought haircut would be taking place at the same salon station. But anyways she followed Alan. There was a door in the mirror itself. Mirror was cut in a rectangular shape of the door. And it had a small knob on the mirror to open the door. Alan opened the door and held the door open for her and said “Go on. You will meet Lee inside; he will take care of you from here.” Jyoti thanked Alan and went through the door.

As soon as Jyoti entered the room, she got a shock of her lifetime. She was standing on a small stage in room full of people. The door on the mirror through which she entered was actually doors that lead to the backside of the stage. When she looked back she got another shock. The mirror was only a mirror from inside of the room. From outside it was like a glass clearly visible. Everyone in the room was able to see what happened inside the room. It means everyone had seen Jyoti removing her saree, getting naked and wearing the slutty dress and shoes!! She saw Lee standing on the stage along with her.

Jyoti tried to run back into the door she came back, but Lee caught her by hugging her from behind, and said, “Looks our model is shy.” That was followed by a huge laughter from the crowd.  While still holding Jyoti in his arms, Lee announced, “I will need two volunteers from the crowd.”  Two men from the crowd came up on the stage.  Lee then removed the clip from Jyoti`s bun and a waterfall of long silky straight hair fell on the back of Jyoti. Jyoti had really long waist length hair, really silky. Lee caught her hair in his hands and in a tight bunch. Jyoti was not in total control of Lee. Lee asked Jyoti to stand still. Jyoti tried to move but Lee pull her hair that he had caught in his hand and Jyoti had no other option but to do as Lee had instructed. She stood still. Lee then asked the two men on stage to remove Jyoti`s gown.  The entire crowd started cheering. Hearing that Jyoti started saying, “No no don’t do this. I don’t want this.” Lee spoke softly in her ear, “You are really good at acting madam. You have paid for this madam and I will not let you down. I will make sure that tonight you enjoy to your fullest. Just enjoy this. This is your moment.” Jyoti tried explaining that there is some misunderstanding and why will she pay for this. But crowd had started cheering and her voice was lost in the noise. The two men approached Jyoti to remove her gown but she resisted. Lee said to the men, “Come on guys. You are not here on a date. Get it over with.” Two men held the gown on Jyoti`s body and tore it apart!! Jyoti was now standing with a really short black leather dress on the stage in front of a cheering crowd. She was wearing black leather shorts and a corset similar to tube top. Lee had a small bag with him, from which he took out a metal chain. And hooked it in one of the metal ring hanging on the Jyoti`s corset on left side. Similarly another change on the right side. These chains were then fixed on the far end of the walls. Such that now Jyoti was now tied by two chains to the walls. And then Lee announced that the party can start. And told the people that just take care the hair is not cut shorter than the shoulders. The lights were made dim and the music started. Soon people started drinking and they came up on the stage. There were scissors placed on a small table. And one man took it and cut off one inch of Jyotis hair and put it over her face. Jyoti started crying. And tried to untie herself but it was of no use. Soon people started gathering around her. Some of them started playing with her long waist length hair. Some of them pulled it and smelled it. Music was pretty loud and lights were dim. Lee was standing and monitoring the activities. His job was to not allow anything more happen to Jyoti than what was previously decided. Some guy put Vodka on Jyoti and licked it off her open shoulders. Other people also started touching Jyoti all over her body but then Lee intervened and didn’t allow them to do it. So the people again continued playing with Jyoti`s hair. Someone again got the scissors and cut off two inches of Jyoti`s hair. Then another person took turn to cut her hair and reduced Jyoti`s hair to mid-back length. Scissors were again kept aside and again the hair play began. Everyone was grabbing and pulling and touching her hair. Playing with it. One guy pulled down his pants, took her hair in his hands and put his penis inside her hair and started jerking off with her hair. Jyoti was trying to resist but with no success. She tried to check where was Lee but even lee was not near. Other people took this opportunity and started touching her everywhere. One man from the crowd saw that there was a zip on Jyoti`s dress Just below the boobs. So he started unzipping it and the lower part of the corset that was covering her stomach got detached from the upper part. Everyone clapped and cheered. Jyoti was now just wearing shorts and a black bikini top. Both made of shiny black leather. Everyone was now touching Jyoti over her body. Crowd was getting very desperate now. Someone pulled down Jyoti`s shorts from behind and her lower body was completely bare. And everyone started touching her pussy. The guy who was jerking off in her hair left the hair and tried to put his penis inside Jyoti, but at the moment Lee came from somewhere and stopped him. He also pulled up Jyoti`s shorts. Lee shouted,” Only hair. I had already told you guys. Nothing more than that!!” Again people started to play with her hair and soon the rain of her hair started falling on the floor as everyone was taking their chance to cut small pieces of her hair. Jyoti`s hair was not almost near to shoulders. Lee stopped everyone and asked them to go down form the stage. Lights near the stage were only started so that the focus was on Jyoti. The entire crowd from the audience was in the dark and was watching Jyoti. A barber came and put a cape on her and started to give her a haircut. With each snip crowd would cheer. Her waist length hair was cut till shoulders by the crowd by multiple people. Not to mention they played with it and had a great time. Barber started giving her a inverted bob which was shorter at the back and longer at the front. People enjoyed looking at a tied beautiful girl getting a forced short haircut. Haircut was soon over.

Lee came over to the stage and said,” So what do you guys want now ?” Someone from the crowd shouted,”tattoo !!” and then all the crowd started shouting in unision. “ tattoo !! tattoo !! tattoo !!”

Lee said,”Alright then, let’s give her a tattoo on her lower back like prostitutes in Bangkok generally get!!” and with that one man emerged from behind the stage with all the necessary equipment. Jyoti was made to sit inverted on the chair with her face towards the back of the chair. Her pant was pulled a bit lower from behind and tattoo artist started giving her a tattoo on her lower back!!.

Crowd started cheering and clapping. Some whistles could be heard amidst the cheering. Jyoti could feel the stinging of the tattoo machine on her lower back. She was so confused with everything happening that she couldn’t believe this was really happening to her!! A permnanet tattoo !! she just couldn’t bear the thought of it.

Lee came to the stage again and started speaking with audience,” I hope you guys enjoyed your party today.  You drank heartily and danced and not to mention got a chance to play and cut hair of our todays model – Jyoti.” With that crowd again started cheering. Lee added,” So now we will all thank Jyoti for being such a good model and allowing us to give a haircut to her. And we will request Jyoti to do a last ramp walk for us and show her outfit and haircut to the audience.” Everyone cheered and started clapping. Lee went to her and spoke softly in her ears while removing the chains. “I hope you enjoyed today madam.  It is over now, you just have to do a small ramp walk like they do it in fashion shows and then you can leave. And don’t forget to smile and wave your hand to the audience during ramp walk.”

Jyoti just wanted to get out of there so she did as she was told. She started the ramp walk with a smiling face and waved to the crowd. Showed off her outfit and her new short haircut to the crowd. Crowd really loved her and cheered and clapped and whistled. Lee and Jyoti took a bow in front of the audience and then Lee took her by the arms and took her back inside the same door from where she had come on the stage

Lee said to her,”I hope you enjoyed this madam.” Jyoti was furious and started shouting. Lee said. Let’s go to another room as everyone from outside will be able to see them since the mirror was see through from outside. They went to another room which had no mirrors. Lee gave her a gown and made her sit. Then Lee asked her, “What happened madam, aren’t you satisfied with our service?” Jyoti was furious, “what service? I didn’t take any of this service. Why will I pay you guys for this humiliation?” Lee was surprised by this. He said,” I will just call up my secretary and ask her what is the matter.” Soon Lee returned and said,” Madam, I don’t know what is the confusion here. But we are a erotic club. Here people from all over the world come to us. Many women like being treated like a slave and humiliated. So they pay us for that. And decide on what all services they need. And we provide it to them. We checked your coupon you had given us and it was initially made for our Mauritius branch. But then it was transferred to this branch in Bangkok.” Suddenly Jyoti realized that it might be the coupon she had given to her new sister in law. Now she was wondering from where did that coupon reach her. She now wanted to find it out from her husband. So she put on her original clothes and removed her dark makeup. Although she couldn’t do anything about her inverted bob.

She went to the hotel room and found her husband waiting for her. Her husband said, “Wow!! I had not expected you to go so short!! You look really sexy!!” Jyoti realized that her husband doesn’t know anything. She politely said,” Thanks. By the way from where did you get the coupon for the makeover?”

Her husband said,” It is the same coupon you had gifted to Sushma. It was given to me by my brother. He said that his wife doesn’t visit beauty parlor much so he didn’t accept it. I didn’t know you were so kind and gifted Sushma this coupon.  I was going to give you this coupon back to cancel it and get money back. But then on the coupon it was written that they also had a branch in Bangkok with additional services. So I thought I could gift it to you since we were coming here to Bangkok. So how was the experience?” She said,” It was wonderful.”

Jyoti understood that her husband doesn’t know anything about the salon details and he had just took the coupon from his brother and gifted it to her. And now she couldn’t tell anything to her husband because then she will also have to reveal her evil plan of humiliating Sushma. She got The humiliation she had planned for Sushma!! And that too by mistake. What goes around comes around. She had planned this for Sushma and instead of sushma she herself had to face this ordeal. She thought god had punished her for her evil deeds. She was turned form a traditional saree wearing bhabhi to a slutty mistress!! She decided that it was better for her not to tell anyone about it.

And thus ended Jyoti`s second honeymoon.

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