Makeover Monday

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I posted on the late great LTAH board a while back asking people to choose from a list of options for a story, the options for this story were chosen by Jeepdriver thanks to them for their input, sorry it took so long to get it written and posted. As always, I love critiques of my work, it is the only way I can improve. Please email me at with any comments or suggestions
“Meet me in Ondine lobby at 7:00, I have a surprise for you 😉 I love you lots <3”
Jonathan got the message from his girlfriend of almost one year. He was anxious to find out what this surprise was. He was turned on by the thought of what she had in stores, but knew it couldn’t be anything too risque as she was meeting him in the lobby of a dorm and classroom building. He had two hours to go, and tried his best to concentrate on studying. He had spent the weekend studying with Rachel, but he had been in class all day and had a test tomorrow; at least his day got better after Mondays.
With about 30 minutes to go he gave up on his Chemistry book, and put on a jacket. He wandered around a bit, not wanting to be too early, finally as 7:00 approached, he was walking up the street outside the building, his pulse increasing with excitement. As he came up the steps of the building, he saw a small group of people had gathered. Curiosity building, he opened the door. He was able to find a place to squeeze in to see what everyone was looking at, and was just in time to see Rachel sitting down in a chair, only to be enveloped in a cape. She saw him and gave him a wink. She was sitting in the only chair, next to her in front of the RA desk was a banner proclaiming “Makeover Monday, thank you Pearl Salon for donating haircuts, all proceeds going to support stopping hunger and homelessness”.
The sign didn’t hold his attention for long though as the stylist had turned Rachel’s chair away from the crowd and was combing through her hair. It had been a while since her last cut, and her golden strawberry blonde hair hung loose down to the middle of her back. He watched in awe as all of his dreams came true. The stylist stopped combing and placed the scissors into the hair right at Rachel’s neck, closing them to release a long piece of hair to the floor. Some people clapped, others gasped, Jonathan just stood in rapt attention, hoping nobody noticed how aroused he was becoming. The stylist took another snip, revealing more of Rachel’s neck. She had delicate features, and he always loved pushing aside her hair to kiss or nibble on her neck. It appeared he wouldn’t have to work so hard at it now though.
The stylist continued around to the left, quickly cutting all of Rachel’s hair to about chin length. She wasn’t leaving much to work with, so he knew whatever the style was, it would be short. Almost all of Rachel’s hair had been cut now, with only the right section to go. He saw Rachel motion the stylist to stop and they talked for a second. With the noise in the room, he couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, but he watched as the stylist held the last section and snipped it off, handing it to Rachel. She pulled the hair tie off her wrist and wrapped it around the end a few times before pulling the hair and her hands back under the cape.
Now that Rachel’s hair was in a rough bob, the stylist reached over to her cart, and picked up the spray bottle. She started misting water and combing it through the hair. It didn’t take long for Rachel’s hair to be hanging thoroughly soaked through. The stylist quickly sectioned off her hair, leaving about a quarter of the hair below her occipital bone and putting the rest of it to either side in clips. She then began taking vertical sections and trimming off chunks. Even with Rachel’s hair already in a rough bob, Jonathan could see that there was still a lot coming off as the stylist shaped the first layer.
It didn’t take long before the stylist had made it through a few more layers, and all the hair on Rachel’s nape had been cut. Starting on the left, the stylist began releasing sections of hair and trimming them to meet the line she started in the back. Jonathan could see the cut starting to take shape more as the stylist completed the left side and moved on to the right. Rachel’s hair was looking almost done, and the stylist made a few final trims before putting down the scissors.
Jonathan was getting more aroused and excited as he watched Rachel’s hair get blown dry and styled.  Finally the stylist turned off the dryer, pulled off the cape, and turned Rachel to face to group gathered. Everyone clapped as her cut was revealed from the front, and she caught Jonathan’s eye, giving him a flirty smile. He for one thought that the cut looked amazing on her, at her neckline in back, with just enough angle  to hug her jaw. Her hair was left parted on one side, so she had one side swooping down over the edge of her face.
Rachel came over to him and gave him a big kiss before the two of them made their way out the door. As they made their way back to Rachel’s apartment, Jonathan couldn’t keep his hands out of her hair, enjoying running his fingers through the short hair right at her nape.
As Jonathan was getting ready to leave Rachel’s apartment the next morning, she stopped him and handed him the long lock of hair, “I saved this for you, I plan to add many more to your collection over the years”.

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