Makeover Salon: Kiki’s make-under

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My first story that I actually publish in English! I hope you all like it and I hope to expand it to a small series, so please comment if there are ways to improve in the next.

She opened the door uncertain. We knew her parents had told her to be here, as they had made an appointment with us for her. Her name was Kiki, she was 17 years old, had had 3 different boyfriends last year and her school results were just high enough to not get kicked off it straight away. From how she looked, you could tell all this without knowing. She looked uncertain now, but her clothing showed she was certain to catch prey with any boy getting close enough. Her dress was quite short and the top barely hid the breasts underneath. Her blonde hair hung in wavy lines around her shoulders, reaching all the way to her hips.

‘Hi Kiki’, I said ‘your parents have told you anything about your appointment today?’ ‘Just that I had to do what you told me to do or I would be punished when I got back’, she answered. I nodded. ‘the people around you have become more and more concerned for your future if you keep acting like you are doing now. We have been asked to give you a makeover to be less slutty and more mature and professional. Will you do as we say?’ She nodded. ‘Good, take a seat’, I gestured at the big red barber’s chair in the middle of the room.

Miranda, my colleague, removed Kiki’s makeup after she sat down. After that I drew a white cape around her and combed her hair all around. It now covered her face as well, but that was no problem: this back room had no mirrors.

By now I was pondering what would work best. The long hair had to go, but surprising her with the first cut might make her run off. While thinking I coiled the top layer on top of her head and pinned it in place with a clip. By then I had decided just to go for it and picked up my scissors and comb. She was looking at her lap, seemingly resigned to whatever I had planned. I slid the comb in in front of her ear and cut off a long lock, which slid slowly, almost as if it was reluctant to go, into her lap. Kiki pressed her lips together and I saw a small tear escape from her eye, but she said nothing. I kept combing and cutting off more of her hair at the side, using the comb as a cutting guide. After the left side was done I started on the back and right side. I cut it roughly first, then wetted it and then shaped it nicely around her ears and neck.

After a few minutes her back and side hair was tapered, the longest hair under the pinned up top section being only a few centimetres long now. I had avoided using the clippers, as I did not want her to get an undercut look: she had to look soft and cute instead of wild and sexy. I loosened the clip holding her top hair and let the still long locks tumble around her head. For a moment it looked like her long hair was back. She knew this was the last time she could feel her long hair, so she twisted a long lock around her finger. A few silent tears had followed the first but she was holding together better than I would have thought….. I even think she started to enjoy the cut when I combed her hair again and created a side part at her right. Everything right of the part I blended with the short side. Then I took the last long locks, cut them off at chin length and wetted them.

I took a step back for a moment. Kiki was smiling now, even while she and the floor around her were covered with pieces of her once long blonde hair. She looked up to me and asked ‘are you done?’ as an answer I took up my scissors again and shaped the chin length layer to a nose length side swept fringe. The top hair was shortened progressively from the front to the back, at the front connecting to the fringe and at the back being not much longer than the tapered side and back it connected to.

I tousled her hair a bit and took a step back again. I was happy with how the cut turned out. She looked more mature, but not older then she really was. She looked cute and attractive, but not sexy. Miranda, who had left the room a few minutes earlier, called to us ‘when you are done, let her come behind the curtain, there is a mirror and some new clothes for her there.’ I snapped a few pictures and took the cape off. Strands of hair flew everywhere, which I admit I did on purpose. Kiki now stands up and walks to the curtain and disappears behind it. I know what is happening now, Miranda had selected a new set of outfits for her together with her parents. Her clothes at home were at this moment being locked up and replaced by the outfits she would not wear when leaving this building today. The new clothes would be more modest and more business-like, but still very stylish. I took the other door next to the curtain, which lead to the rest of the salon.

This salon was my dream project. I had recently gotten an significant sum of money because of the dead of an far-off relative, which allowed me to finally open my own salon and not worry about big profits for quite some time. Because of that I decided to specialise in just women, and mostly big makeovers. I worked for quite an higher price than other salons but there were almost never more than 2 clients in the shop because I and Miranda took our time for each cut, shaping it based on the clients lifestyle, preferred style, fashion and looks. To do so we had to really get to know each client a bit before picking up the scissors. We also had an back room and a photo studio connected to the salon for modelling or other special cuts, such as Kiki. We were open a few weeks now and it started to become quite an success, people actually seemed to want something like my dream project in their area. It was called the “Makeover Salon”.

While I was thinking about all this, Kiki entered followed by Miranda. All the mirrors in the salon showed her the new her, about which she looked completely amazed. However, she also recognised where she was now (she entered from the back, which had an different address and no name at the door) and I saw some curiosity. I then took my decision.

‘Kiki, now your new image is created, We have completed what I have spoken about with your parents. However, I have just come up with an idea. Could you take a seat?’ I asked while sitting down in one of the salon chairs. She took place in the one next to me and turned it a bit in my direction. ‘I’ve noticed your interest in everything that is happening around you. I have also heard from your parents that you are quite far behind in your studies, you might not be able to finish the year this way and that will mean a lot of lost money for your parents. What about making that up again?’ she looked at me curiously, but said nothing. ‘I would like you to work here in your free time, and if your studies drop any further maybe even fulltime for the next of the year? You would have to clean at first but we will teach you other small jobs if you do your work well. In other words, a respectable job for a respectable young lady, if I may refer so to your new look.’ She looked at me for a moment, and then responded the way I suspected but did not dare hoping for; ‘I’d love to! I’d have to call my parents if it is ok but I doubt they will say no. when can I start?’

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