Making Miss Burk hot

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Shy but bubbly, that how I would describe the lady.Her long hair almost covering everything up, she liked it that way. Miss Burk wasn’t one to be a public model but secretly she yearned, yearned to be out there and loved.

I was the that pushed her out of her bubble, popped it and making her not look back.It started with a simple question,”Hey, Miss Burk. Wanna a makeover?”

She probably thought I was joking so she agreed, expecting me to go back on my word but I sealed her fate with the time of the cut; 3:30.Although I would not blame her for thinking of me if I did; I’m known for terrible promise-keeping. But this project, I was hellbent on following through on.

So, I gathered what I needed from my dad’s barbershop and the operation was underway. The school was completely exhaled of kids so no one would bother me and my model. Burk still had doubts about my abilities, she tried to get me to reconsider but I had her verbal consent and her firm handshake: this was happening.

”Please”, she begged, sitting in the school’s chair I had placed in the middle of her room, ”Don’t cut too much off”

I gave her scout’s honor that I would make her pretty and that was what I was gonna do. I should’ve practiced on my mom’s head first but I was in a high, in the zone, I flung a plain, white cape around the teacher and secured its buttons.Miss Burk shifted uneasily in the chair, her nervousness grew. She bit her lip as I opened my satchel and took my one and only tool.

Guardless clippers, that’s all I could steal, and a beauty is what they were. I hid them from her view as I swept her long, unkempt tresses from her eyes. The hum gave her a shock but she didn’t jump up and away, she sorta wanted this.

Her numb reaction turned her body to stone as I made my first of many pass through the sea of chocolate. She had a silver scalp under all that, it would take a full summer for that skin to match the rest of her head.Miss Burk became emboldened by the bald, straightening her posture and feelin’ free, I guess this punishment was a blessing in disguise.

I can still remember her first date as a bald woman, she asked me what she should wear and I gave her a warm sweater and a flowy long skirt.Her glasses gave her an innocent look but the red lipstick said mystery. She was herself on the date and now she’s married, the principal is a lucky gal.

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