Manager does her job

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I am broke: need a job.

I walked into a place, I heard this place pays well and has great benefits.

My boss was a short, stocky lady in red everything except her denim jeans.

”Why do you want this position?”she asked.

I answered as honestly as I could, was here to make money, she eyed me and marked her clipboard.

”Okay missy”,my boss started,”You hired but you must do something about that hair, unkempt and so long, you don’t have to do it right now but it must be done”

I stroked my brown tresses and promised to make an appointment.

But I didn’t follow through, I was still attached to my beautiful locks; when she hadn’t reminded me of my promise, I thought I got away with it.

Oh, how wrong I was.

One day, we weren’t busy, my boss waddled to the door with her car keys,”Kennedy!”


She beckoned me to follow her and I did, my boss drove me somewhere I should’ve been a week ago.

The building was red-bricked and its awning was frilled with lime-green lining.

Me and her walked into the place: Bev’s barbershop for girls and women.

I was instantly met with the smell of alcohol and cologne, a older stocky lady stood behind the only chair; she was taller than my boss but had the same shape.

”I’ll be damned”,the lady said,”Another one refuses to cut ties with her vanity”

”Yep”,my boss gestured me to the chair,”This one might’ve forgot but oh, well. We’re doing it now”

I steadily came to the chair and allowed myself to be inserted into it.

”So what are we doing?”the lady asked my boss.

They discussed my cut in hushed tones, I could sit and wait for the show.

When they were done, the stylist grabbed a cape and put it on me,”You’re in for a treat, honey”

She wasted no time, taking up her scissors and slicing off locks as fast as possible.

I was saddened to lose so much of my hair, I kinda am responsible for this.

When she had had my hair in a short mess, the barber retrieved some clippers, I thought she would shave me bald, but she attached a red guard to the clippers and buzzed my head to the length represented.

Then, she removed the guard and that thought of mine came back but, yet again, she surprised me by leaving half of my sides skin-bare.

A blow dry later, she sprits some fragrance in my short hair and removed the cape.

”See”, she said,”Isn’t this a treat”

I had to agree.


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