Manny and Emma’s Haircuts Pt.1

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*This Is a Continuation of My Most Recent Degrassi Story*


Six weeks went by after the bet took place between Emma, Manny and Paige. After Paige got her new haircut, guys all over the school started complimenting her and how grown-up she looked.


She put her books into locker and looked into the mirror. She noticed her hair was getting shaggy and her undercut grew out.


Manny and Emma approached her and asked what she’s doing. Paige said she’s going to get her hair done at Luke’s. They asked if they could join, Paige thought about it. She was ok with it, Manny and Emma then asked what haircut THEY should get. Paige said she’ll pick, since they did a good job the first time.


Later that day, they went to Luke’s and saw Sgt. Cutter, who did Paige’s hair last time.

He was surprised that they came back. Paige sat in his empty chair and asked for what she got the first time.

Cutter wrapped a tissue around her neck and put a striped cape on her. He misted down her hair and started shaving her sides. Paige had gotten used to the clippers since her first visit. Manny said all three of them are getting haircuts for the summer. She said that her hair needed to be about 1 ½” shorter up top and ¼on the sides and back during the hot, humid days. Cutter agreed as he was finishing up both sides and then started on the back. He finished with shaving the sides and back, he then used the straight razor around her ears and neck.

Cutter used his scissors and a comb to keep the top even. He quickly used the Cut-and-Comb method on Paige’s hair and used the thinning shears to create a shape. He cleaned up the sides using the Clipper-over-Comb method using a small, white clipper.

Cutter finally grabbed the Hair Wax and a comb to create a Pompadour. Paige was turned around got a shorter, but more sophisticated Pompadour.

Paige then asked Cutter what the book was underneath his blow dryer. He said as he was uncapping her, it was an old book of celebrity haircuts and hairstyles from the 1920’s to today! She looked at it and quietly asked Cutter to give Emma the “Margo Channing” and to give Manny either “The Terminator” or “May Day”. He chose “The Terminator”.

Emma and Manny were excited, yet nervous.

To be Continued…

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