Manny and Emma’s Haircuts Pt. 2: Short and Shorter

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At Luke’s, Paige asked Emma to go first and told her not to worry. She changed her mind about giving Emma the “Margo Channing” cut and chose the “Cleopatra” instead. Paige also told him to give Manny the “May Day” Flattop.

She told Emma that her new hair would look like Elizabeth Taylor’s haircut from the 1963 movie: Cleopatra.


Emma never saw the movie, but Paige assured that it wasn’t too short and looked very neat, yet chic. Emma sat in the chair with her dirty breast-length blonde hair. She had her hair pinned up and Cutter took a new strip of tissue and the same cape that Paige had on. He then used the hydraulic seat press to get Emma to a good height for him to work with.


Emma knees touched as she crossed her legs and clenched the metal armrests. Cutter then unclipped her hair. He grabbed his scissors and a comb, which he started at the front and took her bangs. Cutter used the scissors and gave her bangs that went to her eyebrows. He then combed the bangs and thinned them out to make sure they were even.

After that, Cutter turned the chair towards the window and went in front of the mirror. He then turned the chair about 180 degrees and cut off long pieces of her hair while doing so.


Emma knew she had some sort of Bob with bangs, which she wasn’t really concerned about.


Cutter put down the scissors and picked up a set of red clippers. He used it along with the comb to take off about an inch until the ends of Emma’s hair were at the base of her neck and thinned out her hair. Cutter tilted Emma’s head until her chin was on the cape and pinned up the back of the hair. He used the straight razor to clean up the back and sides. Lastly, Cutter use a bit off the Hair Wax and combed it through her hair.


Cutter pushed the chair press down and picked up the small mirror. Emma was a bit worried, and Cutter turned her around slowly. She looked in the mirror and smiled, she looked like a blonde Cleopatra!


Emma got uncapped and Manny sat in to chair.


Manny felt a bit of tension, because Cutter was holding her hair is his giant hand and used the Oster 76 clippers to take off the ponytail in less than five seconds. She had uneven hair in the back and a long-angled bob in the front. Manny was hoping she wouldn’t be bald.


Cutter used the clippers and a comb to shave Manny’s sides and back to about her skin and then started on the top. Manny heard the clippers go through the middle of her once long dark-brown locks. Cutter kept the top at about an ½”, while using the Clipper-Over-Comb technique to keep it even. Manny felt the cold air on the sides and back, which thought she was going bald.


Cutter then worked on fading the sides and back as well as shaving around her ears. He then sprayed her hair a bit and used the straight razor on her neck, temples and forehead.


Lastly, he took the Wax and made Manny’s hair stick straight. Cutter said it gets rid of knots, tangles, waves and curls. Manny was turned around to see her new Flattop and she actually liked it.


After getting up, the three ladies paid and asked what haircuts Paige chose and why.

She explained to Emma that she didn’t want her to get the “Margo Channing”, because it was a bit short for her and the “Cleopatra” Bob is iconic. Paige said that Manny has a “never-say-die” attitude and has guts to do things others wouldn’t. She chose the movie “May Day” with Dean Cain and chose his character Commander James Sloan with his Navy Flattop. Paige also said it’s incredibly low maintenance and looks great on every person who wears it.


They liked their haircuts either way. They felt different, more mature to be exact. Now they knew what Paige felt like.



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