Maria’s Makeover

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Maria certainly didn’t love serving at a restaurant, but it did pay the bills and all of the walking was good exercise.  She would get the occasional asshole customer but that was true at any job.  It wasn’t the biggest restaurant, but she didn’t hate that about it, if she could afford rent and bills and not need to worry about 15 different tables at once all the better.


She was hoping for a good night as she put her uniform on.  As uniform policies go, “black pants and a black shirt” was a pretty easy bar to meet.  It got warm in the summer, but she still had a few more months before she had to worry about that.  She jumped, jiggled and danced herself into a tight pair of black pants.  She was proud of her body and she liked to show it off within reason.  The extra tips she got were nice too.


Next was dealing with her hair.  The unruly mass of thick, heavy dark curls had to be tamed into a bun.  She had tried to simply tie her hair back into a ponytail, but it had become an unmanageable ball of tangles and floof halfway through her shift.  Maria loved the way her curls bounced and how they felt against her neck and her face and how feminine and safe they made her feel, but sometimes she wondered what life would be without them.  Especially when she had to sit herself in front of the mirror for 35 minutes at a time, grabbing and combing and holding and brushing until at last, she had temporarily tamed her curls into a tight bun, her curls forced down flat against her head, and the heavy mass of hair that had formed was at least half as big as her head.  She bobby pinned her way back across her head, securing her rebellious curls down, but leaving two small, face framing tendrils free to hang down and brush the tops of her shoulders.


She needed it cut, badly, but it was so hard to find someone who was skilled at handling the mass of curls she had been cultivating, and the last “professional” haircut she had gotten was an absolute disaster, bringing to horrible life the nightmare that all curly haired people have about hairdressers.  When set free, the mass of curls hung down to about her bra strap, who knows how long it would be if straightened properly.


She threw a black shirt over her shoulders, pulled it over her chest and buttoned it.  She looked in the mirror and began to apply her makeup, thankful that her eyebrows were thick and full, but noting she needed to spend some time during them when she had a moment, lest they get out of control and begin to look too much like fat caterpillars nesting on her forehead.  Maria had always a makeup minimalist, putting on a natural shade of lip gloss and little else before she headed out the door.


Business at the restaurant was slow, but that was to be expected for a Monday evening.  What wasn’t expected was Maria’s last table of the evening.  It was three women, which wasn’t unusual at all.  What was unusual was all of them were sporting cleanly shaven heads, without a single shadow of hair between them.  Even their eyebrows had been taken off!  Maria found herself unable to look away, not realizing she was staring until one of the bald women smiled at her and theatrically rubbed her smooth head.


Maria blushed and did her best to put her game face on as she approached the table.  The three women’s heads gleamed in the fluorescent light of the restaurant, and each had some manner of large, dangly earrings that Maria felt accentuated their hairlessness.


Maria did her usual table greeting, taking great care to not stare at the three hairless heads in front of her, especially after she was caught.


“Don’t worry about it, dear,” a woman in a bright blue sundress and golden hoop earrings reassured her, “we’re used to the looks by now,”


“What made you decide to shave your heads?” Maria asked instead of asking about drinks or appetizers


“Oh, we’re ambassadors for a makeover company that recently began offering their services around here,”


“Do they only shave heads?” Maria asked, forgetting all about the menus and drinks and her other tables for a moment.


“Yes, they want to push a radical version of feminine beauty, to prove that women who are beautiful with their hair are just as beautiful without it.  Would you like to take my card?” The woman asked, reaching into the designer purse hanging over the back of her wooden chair and fishing around for it.


Maria hesitated to take the cream colored business card the woman held out, but only for a moment.  She reached out and grabbed it, unsure why she would even want information about bald and browless women, but unable to tame her curiosity.


“That a girl.  I’m Susan, by the way,” the woman who Maria assumed to be the leader of the bald foursome said as Maria tucked the business card into her apron, “And I would love to hear from you about that gorgeous head of hair you have,”


Maria blushed again but then snapped back into server mode, rattling off the day’s specials and taking drink orders.  She walked to the bar to ring in their drink orders, fingering the heavy card in her front apron pocket, letting her mind wander about how it must feel to be that bald as she did.


After the drinks are delivered, she took their food orders that she hardly remembered and went off to check on her other tables.  As her other tables left, Maria felt herself taking a bit more than professional interest in her table of baldies.


Susan’s offer was tempting, but Maria had never even had hair above her shoulders, why was she suddenly thinking about shaving it all off.  And her eyebrows?  Surely she couldn’t lose them, no matter how striking her table looked.  People would think she was a freak, or very sick.  But her table didn’t look like freaks, somehow pulling off the very distinct look very well.  It was the confidence Maria found herself attracted to, finding herself jealous of the way the women were able to present themselves in public, dressed to the nines but still very, very bald.


When she approached the table to give them their check another baldy, wearing deep red lipstick and a matching strapless dress stopped her.


“You know, dear, we were like you too, once”


“Oh?” Maria asked, not quite sure what she meant


“Yes, when I first met Susan it was an almost…morbid curiosity that I can’t explain.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but that card of hers burnt a hole in my pocket for weeks until I caved, and gave her a call for a chat.”


“Just a chat?” Maria asked, surprised that a chat could so easily turn into losing her hair and brows.  A hint of worry creeping into her voice as well, because she knew all too well what that morbid curiosity felt like.


“Goodness, yes,” she replied, almost chuckling, “I had thick red hair down to my elbows, but something about Susan was so…inviting I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  So I called her, just for more information, and three days later there I was, in her chair, with my hair falling all around me.  Susan is a bit of a military barber, dear, she had me bald before I could even process what was happening to my once precious hair,”


“You don’t miss it?” Maria asked.


Susan just smiled knowingly as she sipped her white wine


“Not in the least.  The transition is shocking and it took me about a week before I didn’t jump at my own reflection.  But I’ve never loved a hairstyle more.  It grows on you, pardon the pun,” she replied, laughing.


“Sheila was one of my earliest clients,” Susan said, patting the former redhead’s hand and smiling at her, “And we’ve been friends ever since.”


“Is that how you all ended up bald?” Maria asked the table, growing nervous about what fate might have in store for her.


“Oh yeah,” chimed in a woman with deep green eyes and a gorgeous yellow sundress, some sort of sun pendants dangling from her ears as she turned to face Maria, “I had just graduated from college and was looking for a change when I stumbled across Sheila and Susan in a coffee shop.”


“I had just shaved Sheila for the first time,” Susan said, smiling like she was reminiscing about piles of long red hair on the floor, “And along came Ann, with her gorgeous purple bob cut.  She didn’t even make it a full day.”


“I sure didn’t.  I followed Susan home from the coffee shop and did it then and there.  I wanted to do it before I chickened out.”


“Its life changing, it really is,” Sheila said, looking into Maria’s eyes, “But you’ll find out soon enough.”


“But I might not shave my head?” Maria said, not sure why it sounded like a question when mere hours ago it would have been a statement of fact.  Is this how Shiela felt at first too?


“You’ll come around, dear,” Susan said “And if not, no harm.”


“Does everyone whose gotten your card shave?”


“No, of course not.  But not everyone stares quite as hard as you, either.”


Maria blushed while Ann and Sheila smiled knowingly.


“We really must be going, but I would love to hear from you, Maria” Susan said as she rose, revealing herself to be several inches taller than Maria, who considered herself to be quite tall. It wasn’t often another woman towered over her like this.  Susan was easily over 6 feet tall.


Maria blushed again, thanking Susan, Sheila and Ann for their patronage and beginning to clear the table, her mind racing a mile a minute as she worked.  She counted down her money, splitting her tips with the bussers and bartender before saying her goodbyes and heading home.


Susan and her proposition had been nearly forgotten by the time Maria walked through her front door and tossed her apron over a chair in the kitchen.  Maria opened a beer for herself and sat down to relax.


A few days later, Maria was emptying all her pockets before she loaded her laundry machine when she found the card again.  She paused, the image of the three bald women fresh in her mind.  She flipped the card over to read it.


“Bald and Beautiful by Susan” is all that appeared, with a phone number below that.  Instead of chucking it in the trash, Maria took it back to her bedroom and put it in the drawer of her nightstand.


Months passed, and Maria hadn’t seen Susan or her friends in the restaurant again.  She didn’t stop thinking about Susan’s offer, though.  Every day she would put her hair up, wondering how much time she would save without it.  It was a constant thought on wash days, spending hours working product through her bouncing locks, marvelling at how thick and heavy they were, curious how she would spend her extra time and money if she didn’t have hair to deal with.  But then a good hair day would happen, with her curls bouncing and thick and shiny and glorious and Maria would think she could never lose her hair.


And her eyebrows too!  They needed to be shaped, but for them to be gone entirely?  That seemed too far.  What would happen at work?  Would customers want a bald and browless server?  She made good money with her curls tucked in a bun, would that translate if she had a smooth head?


After a particularly long day at the restaurant, Maria came home and sat in front of her mirror.  She had never gotten that trim, causing her bun to be almost the size of her head, and becoming nearly impossible to keep tame.  More and more curls bounced free of the bobby pins, hanging down around her face, mostly growing out instead of down, but some longer sections hung down nearly to her elbows.


She freed her hair, letting it flow out and down, turning into a dark, silken halo around her face, spilling down her shoulders.  Without knowing what she was even looking for, Maria opened the drawer in front of her mirror.  And positioned directly at the top of her makeup, front and center, was Susan’s card.  The heavy black lettering gleamed in the light and seemed to call to her.


Maria grabbed the card in one hand and began to twirl a heavy lock around her finger.  ‘Why not give her a call?’ Maria asked herself ‘Its not like it’s a guarantee to leave without a trace of hair on my head’


Releasing her hair, she grabbed her cell phone and punched in the number.  She barely had time to second guess her decision before Susan picked up.


“Bald and Beautiful, Susan speaking”


“Hi Susan.  It’s…Maria, you gave me your card a few–”


“Maria!!” Susan practically shouted, sounding positively giddy, “I thought you had slipped through my fingers.  You can come over right now if you’d like”


The offer caught Maria off-guard and she began to stammer


“Uh, I, well, I don’t even know if I want to cut my hair”


“Shave your hair, dear, I want to shave your hair.  Why else would you call?”


“I don’t know,” Maria admitted, wondering herself why she had dialed the number.


“Well let me give you my address and I’ll see you in a bit, dear”


Had the fate of her hair been decided so easily?  Was a two minute phone call all it would take for Maria to lose her locks?  She has been thinking about it, but was she really ready to lose all her hair?  Susan wasn’t being pushy, surely she would be open to just having a conversation.  Maria didn’t imagine Susan as the type to tie someone down and clip them against their will, but would it even be against her will?  What did Maria even have to lose?  Other than her curls and her brows and maybe her job.


Maria was pleasantly surprised to find that the address Susan had given her wasn’t even too terribly far away.  She called a Lyft and within minutes she was climbing into the backseat, too lost in her thoughts to make too much conversation with the driver, or to even realize she had arrived until the driver slowed to a stop and told her.  She felt safe in the car, and wanted to tell the driver to take her back home, but she stepped out into the warm summer night, watching what may have been the last lifeline her hair had pull off into the evening.


Maria was surprised by how…normal the house looked, knowing what happened inside.  A single story home, with some well manicured hedges outside, with a short set of stairs leading to a covered porch.  The door was wide open, and Susan and her gleaming head was waiting for Maria.


“Hi Maria, are you ready for your makeover?” Susan asked, her smile almost as bright as her smooth, hairless head.


“I don’t know if I’m cutting my hair tonight, I think I just want to talk about it…” Maria trailed off, wondering if she really was here to shave off her hair.


“I know, you’re nervous.  But there’s a new you under all those curls,” Susan said, walking down to greet Maria, “And hair grows back, maybe you just need a new experience.  I won’t force you to do anything, but why don’t you at least come inside”


Maria didn’t say anything, but stepped closer to Susan, who took her arm and led her inside.  The interior of the house was modest, but Maria didn’t have too much time to look as Susan was pulling her arm and going towards the back of the house.


“I remember how nervous I was when I first shaved my head.  Who knows how it will look, or how people will look at you.  But you only live once, ya know, and you’re so beautiful that you’ll be perfectly okay without any hair”


Maria blushed, but kept silent and continued walking, afraid any sound she made would betray her.  Did she really want to shave her head?  Would she have called Susan if she wanted to keep her hair?  Made the drive?  Her mind raced and raced and raced until Susan stopped walking in front of a stained wooden door.


“This is my barbershop, Maria,” Susan informed her, releasing her arm “I won’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, but if you walk through this door, I would like to shave your head, and take off your eyebrows too.  You don’t need them to be beautiful.  But I understand if you aren’t ready, and just want to sit on the couch for a drink and a long chat”


Maria was silent and felt lost, but looked up at Susan and her serene smile and her beautiful, smooth head, catching the soft house lights and reflecting them.


“Can I touch it, please?” Maria asked in almost a whisper


Susan smiled and lowered her head for Maria.  Maria was surprised at just how soft it was, and how smooth.  Her fingers explored Susan’s scalp, not finding a single trace of stubble, or razor burn or a nick.  Just clean, smooth, soft scalp.  She lost track of how long she rubbed this woman’s head, practically a stranger, before she gasped and pulled her hands away suddenly.


“It’s something else, isn’t it?” Susan asked, still smiling.


Maria couldn’t speak, but continued staring into Susan’s deep blue eyes.


“Come with me, dear,” Susan cooed softly, “Lets get rid of this hair and show the world the new you.”


Maria didn’t realize it, but she reached out and grabbed the doorknob, steeling herself for what she knew was coming if she turned it open.  After what could have been ten seconds or ten hours, Maria turned it, felt the door latch click and pushed the door open, ready to see the new her.


Susan hadn’t been joking when she said it was her barbershop.  It was small, but not claustrophobic.  The floor was black and white tile, a counter with a large mirror and barber tools were situated against the wall across from the door.  In front of the mirror was a barber chair, deep red leather accentuated by chrome arm and footrests.  Maria froze when she caught sight of the red and gold hair clippers hanging next to the mirror, and razor and a strange white machine sitting in front of the mirror.


Susan placed her hand on Maria’s back and gently nudged her forward.  Maria walked, unsure if this is what she really wanted, or if she wanted to keep her hair on her head.  She practically jumped out of her skin when she heard the door click shut.


“Susan, I don’t know if–” Maria began, before Susan cut her off.


“Maria, you came here for a haircut, so that’s what you’ll get.  You’ve had plenty of chances to change your mind, but here we both are.  Go on up, get comfortable”


Maria couldn’t tell if that was a demand or a request, but a pit of nerves opened in her stomach and deepened with every step she took towards the barber chair.  Each step caused her heart to thud against her chest, but she kept walking.


Maria arrived at the chair and hesitated again, looking back at Susan, fear flooding her eyes.  Susan smiled, but took a step forward, cupping Maria’s elbow.


“Up you go, dear, let’s get this over with.”


“I’m not sure if I want to do this, can’t we just talk it over?”


“If you didn’t want this, you wouldn’t have followed me back here,” Susan said as she walked to the chair and spun it to face Maria.  “Sit” she commanded, a bit harshly, and Maria took the last few steps and climbed into the chair.


It was surprisingly comfortable and Susan quickly spun the chair to face the mirror.  Maria wasn’t used to seeing herself in a barber chair, and she couldn’t tear her eyes off the counter, off those menacing looking clippers.


Susan went to the counter and slid open a door.  She retrieved a white cape and shook it out, the snapping sound it made sent a shiver down Maria’s spine.  Before she could even get out another word the cape was laid across her, hanging off her shoulders as Susan began to lift Maria’s hair up and off her neck.


“Hold this for me,” Susan instructed and Maria complied, holding the heavy bundle of dark curls up and off her neck as Susan slipped her hands over Maria’s shoulders and pulled the cape back, securing it snugly around Maria’s neck.


“Okay Maria, I’m going to get started now.  I want you to watch it happen”


Maria’s throat was so dry she couldn’t make a sound, only a small nod.  She didn’t want to watch her haircut but it seemed like Susan had decided for her.  Susan grabbed the clippers and with a ear shattering pop the hungry blades whirred to life, filling Maria with dread but also something that felt like excitement.  She wanted to close her eyes as the clippers approached but didn’t want to anger Susan.


Maria gasped when Susan placed her hand in the middle of Maria’s forehead at the hairline and lifted her long bangs up.


“You’re starting there?!” Maria asked, suddenly finding her voice among the nerves as the vibrating clippers were placed on her forehead


“I think this is the most fun place to begin,” Susan said, smiling back in the mirror.


“You can’t start in the back?  Or the sides?”


“You might change your mind, and we can’t have that, can we Maria?”


And then there was no more room for debate, the buzzing clippers were sliding back into Maria’s hair, peeling curls back at the scalp, leaving behind a very, very faint dark shadow of stubble over a shockingly pale scalp.


Maria bit her bottom lip and moaned in either agony or excitement, possibly a mixture of the two.


“Oh my God…” Maria said, stunned at how easily the clippers were passing through her thick curls, like they weren’t even there, a massive pile of them building as the clippers worked their way back.


“You’ll love it,” Susan assured Maria as she completed the first pass, “Doesnt that cool air feel good?”


Maria had been so engrossed in the death of her hair she hadn’t noticed the cool air clinging to her practically bare scalp until her attention was called to it.  It was nice, a pleasant change from her thick curls trapping the heat of the day against her head.  Susan used her free hand to grab the hunk of disconnected curls and lifted them free of Maria’s head.  Maria groaned, unsure if this was even real or just a dream she was having.


“No going back now,” Susan said as she dropped the curls to the tiled floor where they settled with an audible thunking sound.


Maria was too stunned by the bald stripe down the center of her head to speak, her mouth hung open in shock as Susan lifted another section of hair up and readied the clippers for another pass.


“I remember the first time I shaved my head,” Susan began as she took off another swipe of thick curls, dropping them off Maria’s shoulders and then letting them fall to the ground, “I don’t think I was this nervous, though”


“How long was your hair then?” Maria asked, happy for the distraction from the destruction the clippers were causing on her scalp


“It was to my waist, thick and blonde with a beautiful wave.  I thought it was my best feature, but I also hid behind it too much,”


Another pass from the clippers, another handful of curls dropped to the floor.  Maria’s head was getting cold, about half of the top sheared to the nubs, but with an absurd amount still to go.  Maria couldn’t look away, no matter how badly she may have wanted to.  The more hair that was peeled away the more conflicted about it she was.  Her knuckles must have been turning white from gripping the cold chrome of the barber chair by now.


“But I eventually got tired of it, and wanted a change. I felt like I needed to free myself of my hair, I didn’t want to world to only see my hair, I wanted to be seen too,”


Another heavy clump of curls was lifted away from Maria’s head, this clump being dropped directly into her lap.  Maybe under different circumstances the vibrating clippers would have felt good, the way they seemed to radiate across Maria’s scalp felt not unlike a massage, but the low pitched growl of the teeth as they chewed through the long and thick curls was less pleasant.


“I…I love my hair,” Maria gasped out, feeling tears welling up behind her eyes as another pass was completed, clearing the hair away from the top of Maria’s head, leaving only the sides and the back now.


“You’ll grow to love being bald, I promise you.  No one I’ve ever shaved has hated it for long.”


The words ‘for long’ sent a tingle of dread through Maria.  There was a first time for everything, what if Maria hated being bald?  What if she was fired?  What if she never made another dime as a server?  Horrible thoughts began to race across her mind as Susan began to peel away a curly sideburn, pushing the clippers up and up and up until they met the buzzed top and a heavy lock slid down Maria’s chest and into her lap.


“It’s perfectly natural if you feel the need to cry.  It’s a big change for you.  I can get you a tissue if you’d like”


Another pass of the clippers, another heavy lock of curls falling to the floor, exposing Maria’s ear to the world.  Seeing her ear for the first time without hair she realized it sort of stuck out from her head a bit and that realization was too much.  Maria sniffed as the tears began to flow from her eyes, falling down her face and sounding like light rain as they dripped off her chin onto the cape she was wearing.


“Oh, poor baby,” Susan cooed as she turned the clippers off and set them in the growing pile of hair in Maria’s lap.  She retrieved a tissue from the counter and handed it to Maria.  “It’s a big change, you’ll love it when you get used to it, I promise”


Maria dabbed the tears from her eyes and tried to look away from her quickly balding head, but Susan wouldn’t have that.  She grabbed Maria by the chin and pointed her face at the mirror again, making eye contact with the sobbing girl before she reached for the clippers again.


“Be a good girl and keep watching for me.  It will help you get over your shock” Susan stated as she released Maria’s chin and picked up her clippers again, the loud pop causing Maria to jump again, pushing the pile of hair in her lap off to the floor.


Maria trembled as Susan held her ear flat against her head and shaved up and around it.  More curls slid down Maria’s shoulder.  The clippers felt good, and so did the caress of cool air on Maria’s freshly exposed scalp, but Maria would be enjoying both sensations a lot more if they weren’t stripping away her hair.


It was difficult for Maria to tear her eyes away from the person staring back at her from the mirror.  Half of her head was bare, or nearly bare, a dusting of grey stubble sitting atop a pale scalp, the other half still a resplendent lion’s mane of curls,flowing down her shoulders and forward into her caped lap.  Huge tufts of hair fell everytime Susan touched the clippers to Maria’s head.


The tears still flowed freely and Maria continued to dab them away from her eyes and occasionally sniff as her hair was sheared but the ease with which Susan was dispatching her curls was almost hypnotizing.  The clippers moved to Maria’s nape and the vibrations racing across her head and down her spine made her forget what she was even crying about.  It made her whole spine tingle and she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.


“I knew you would come around to it,” Susan said, stripping another section of locks off of Maria and dropping them to the floor.  “Don’t the clippers feel heavenly?” Susan asked, adding another patch of soft curls to the growing mountain on the floor.


“I could probably get used to it,” Maria replied, letting out a heavy sigh.


“You’re going to love being bald, especially in this heat,” Susan said, positioning herself on Maria’s side and clipping off another patch of curls.


Maria stopped crying, wiping her eyes a final time and dropping the tissue onto the floor.  She had known her hair was heavy but was surprised by just how heavy it was now that it was mostly gone.


“What will you do with all the hair?” Maria asked as another bundle of curls was freed and began to slide over her shoulders and into her lap.


“I usually keep it as a trophy but you can take it home with you if you want” Susan said, smiling at her client in the mirror as another tuft of hair was zipped away.


“No thank you,” Maria laughed, amused at the idea of a bag full of hair just sitting on her makeup dresser at home.  She wondered what Susan would be doing with all her curls, but didnt bring it up again.


“Okay, we’re in the homestretch now” Susan stated as she folded Maria’s ear down and buzzed behind it.


Maria was beginning to smile now, the fears and trepidation leaving her as Susan positioned the clippers to zip off the last bit of hair in front of Maria’s ear.  It fell down into the massive pile they had rebuilt itself in Maria’s lap, but Susan didn’t turn off the clippers just yet.


“One last touch,” Susan announced as she stepped in between Maria and the mirror, putting her thumb above Maria’s eyebrow and stretching the skin taut, “You should close your eyes for this part,” Susan stated as she positioned the clippers against Maria’s eyebrows.


New fear shot through Maria’s heart as she felt the vibrating clippers poised to remove her brows, but she kept telling herself how good Susan and her friends looked as she closed her eyes and felt the vibrations move across her forehead.  It still felt like a dream to Maria, but she knew it was all too real.


A second passed before the clippers were removed and then against the other side of her forehead, Susan pulling the last brow tight and peeling it away.  The small hairs tickled Maria’s face but Susan grabbed a brush and wiped them away.


“Okay, time for the finishing touches.  You can look at yourself now”


Maria hesitated to open her eyes again, fearful that she may not look as good without eyebrows as Susan did.


“Open your eyes,” Susan commanded and Maria obeyed, shocked at how bald the person in the mirror was.


She wasn’t sure if she regretted it, but it would take a lot of time to adjust to her new look.  Maria was shocked at how large her eyes appeared now, no longer hiding beneath eyebrows or behind a mass of curls.  Her eyebrows reduced to a barely visible shadow, and her head was now dusted in dark stubble.  She wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words to express how she felt.  She looked so…alien.


“It’s a big change,” Susan said as she stepped towards the strange white machine and pushed down on the top, dispensing a jet of steaming foam into her hand.


“My ears are so big…” Maria said, regret creeping into her voice.


“Nonsense, dear, your ears are lovely.  It’s just such a shock.  I remember feeling just like you when I saw myself for the first time.”


Susan returned to the drawer, pulling out a shaving brush.  The warm foam shocked Maria as Susan plopped it down in the center of her head.  The brush felt amazing, working the foam into her stubbled head, the sandpaper like texture pulling Maria’s skin this way and that way as the brush worked the foam in.


“I…can’t believe I did this…” Maria said as Susan dispensed another dollop of foam into her and and began brushing it into every inch of shaved head.  “I’m bald,” she stated, but she wondered to whom.


“And every bit as beautiful now as when you had hair,” Susan said, reaching for a towel to wipe the foam from her hands and placing it on Maria’s shoulders.  Another trip to the drawer and Susan grabbed a straight razor.  Maria gulped as Susan extended the shining blade from the wooden handle.


“Trust me, dear, I’m very practiced.  You just need to remain still”


Susan placed her fingertips at the top of Maria’s head and began in the center of her forehead, scraping back against the grain in quick, practiced strokes.  The odd grating noise of the stubble being scraped wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but Maria didn’t enjoy that sensation as much as the clippers.


“How many women have you done this to?” Maria asked as she marvelled at how smooth the razor was leaving her, exposing pale smooth scalp.


“I think you may be number 10,” Susan replied, wiping stubble and foam off on the towel and beginning another pass.


“And everyone leaves without eyebrows?”


“Every single one.  I want to push a radical image of female beauty, so I give radical makeovers”


More scraping, more wiping as Susan quickly worked to finish denuding Maria’s scalp.


Maria was silent as Susan worked, both to keep herself as still as possible for Susan’s razor and to process what had happened to her.  This morning a thick halo of curls surrounded her, and now she looked like an egg.  A beautiful egg, but an egg.


The shaving was slower and more deliberate than the clippers had been, but the results were stunning.  Maria began to enjoy how she looked without the stubble, admiring the smooth, cream colored skin left behind in the razors wake.


“Do you think you’ll ever grow your hair back?” Maria asked Susan.


“No, I think it’s the bald life for me”


“Does anyone grow their hair back out?”


“A few have.  I keep up with my girls on social media, and I do maintenance cuts too for those who choose to grow their hair back.”


“I think I’ll grow mine back,” Maria stated


“You may love being bald, I know I do.  Sheila claimed to want to grow her hair out, but now I see her twice a week for a reshave.”


Susan finished with the razor on top and stepped around to finish off Maria’s brows, removing the shadows in three or four quick swipes per side.  Next Susan retrieved some sort of scented oil from her station and spread it around her palms, massaging it into Maria’s head, both to relieve any razor irritation and to check for any spots she may have missed.


Maria moaned out loud as Susan ran her fingers over her head, loving how warm Susan’s fingers felt on her scalp, enjoying how cooling the oil felt, closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation.  Too soon, it was over and Susan stepped back to admire her client’s new style.  She popped the cape off Maria and pulled it forward, dumping hair over Maria’s feet and the footrest.


Maria’s hands couldn’t get to her scalp fast enough, exploring every inch of the silky smooth surface Susan had left her with.  Susan retrieved a large bag from her station and held it out to Maria.


“Pick up your hair and put it in this bag, please” Susan said.  Maria hesitantly reached out and took the bag, leaving the chair and crouching on her knees in the mountain of hair that had been on her head this afternoon, but was now scattered all over the floor.


It was soft, and so thick, and Maria felt a tinge of remorse as she piled handfuls of the curls into the bag Susan had provided her.  The tall woman looked down on Maria and smiled, enjoying the mixture of emotions that Maria was displaying as her hair was stuffed into the bag.  By the time Maria was done, the bag was so full it looked like the sides might tear open and it was impossible to close.


Maria stood and handed the bag back to Susan, who placed it down on her station.  Maria stood and looked in the mirror, watching how the light bounced off her smooth head, bouncing off this way and that as she turned her head.  Susan stepped behind her and wrapped her hands around Maria, squeezing her close.  Maria relaxed into Susan’s embrace.


“I can teach you how to maintain it yourself, or you can come see me every two or three days for a reshave.  You’ll be shocked how quickly it grows in when you’re bald” Susan whispered to Maria


“Two days?”


“You’ll have stubble when you wake up tomorrow.”


“I…I would like to see you again,” Maria said, blushing as Susan’s hands drifted down her body and grasped her hips


“I would like that” Susan replied.


Maria shivered, feeling Susan’s warm breath on her exposed neck.


“Now, how about that drink?” Susan asked, locking eyes with Maria in the mirror and releasing her embrace.


“Yes, please,” Maria said, stepping towards the door to begin her new life as a bald woman.





Hey gang, longtime reader, first time poster on this platform.  If you’re on DeviantArt and think this looks familiar, that’s because it is, I posted it there.  Different name here because my usual name of AKW is too short and AKillingWord is already taken.  Anyways, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.  I haven’t written hair stuff in quite a while so let me know what you think, maybe.


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