Marie’s major change

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Marie and Joe had been together for 15 years.   In the beginning of their relationship, they could not keep their hands off each other.  As the years past, Marie began to feel like Joe no longer was attracted to her.  Sex was a rare occasion and Joe seemed to be uninterested in even cuddling with her.

Marie was concerned that Joe had a girlfriend, maybe one of his students at the college he where he taught English.  One night, Marie went to do bills on the home computer.  When she turned it on, it opened to Pinterest page that showed girls with short blonde haircuts.  As she scanned the Pinterest site she came upon pictures of girls with multiple piercings on their ears, nose and naval.  She also noticed that many of these girls had larger breasts.  None of these pictures were trashy or pornographic, just different from Marie’s double pierced ears, B cup breasts, and long brown hair.  Marie was shocked.

The next day Marie and Joe were eating dinner together at home.  Marie said, “Honey, what would you think if I cut my hair shorter?  I was thinking about maybe a long bob with some subtle blonde streaks in it.” Joe looked up and his eyes lit up.  “Marie, I love you just the way you are but if you want to do that I would not mind.”  He stood up and stroked his wife’s hair.  “I was also thinking of doing an extra piercing in both ears and something called a tragus in my left ear; My boss said it might help with my migraines.”  “Sure Marie, I don’t know what a tragus is.”‘, he lied, “but if it helps your headaches you should go for it.”  As he stood behind Marie, she could feel his arousal.  She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bedroom.  It was the best sex they had had in years.

Marie was so surprised how much Joe was turned on by piercings and short hair, but concluded, “Well if that’s what he thinks he wants, that’s what I am going to give him.”  He would be away teaching classes in Europe for over 3 months starting in June.

She started devising a plan to get everything done over the summer.  She worked for a plastic surgeon who had always offered free services to his employees; he could make her breasts a D cup easily.  Her friend Erin had just started getting her ears pierced at a new place called Studs and More so she could get that started right away to allow the lobes to stretch out for 8 mm gauges to be inserted as well as having 6-8 hoops and studs inserted in each ear, a bellybutton ring, and a stud in her nose.  Her hairdresser Julie already promised to microblade her eyebrows and cut her hair in a short asymmetrical bob with a shaved nape.

Marie started by going to Studs and More to get everything to stretch her earlobes.  The owner Mike suggested using 3 mm stud earrings to start the stretching process. They could be worn and look like regular earrings so her husband could not tell.  Longer stretching tapers could be used over the summer to get to 8 mm (0 gauge).  He also suggested stretching the second hole and not the first.  This would look more unique and limit the size of the gauge that could be used.

Joe left for Europe on May 20th.   He would not be back until August 27th. The makeover clock started.  Marie had 3 months to make herself over.  Back to the piercer she went immediately.  The owner inserted 4 mm stretching tapers which he inserted in the second hole of both ears.  These would be changed to 5-6 mm tapers in a month.   Each ear was pierced.  A starter stud was also inserted in the third hole.  He then went to work on the navel piercing it and inserting a starter stud.  The same was done to her left nostril and left tragus; a ring would be replacing the stud in 6 weeks.  Marie was quite sore but very happy with how they looked so far.

Marie’s boss had her breast augmentation surgery scheduled for June 1st.  Marie was to go from a B to a D cup. Nothing too extreme but enough to draw a lot of attention to her breasts.  Marie was very nervous but also excited the day of the surgery.  She wondered what people would say but at the same time she was more concerned about what her husband would think.

The surgery went well.  She would have to wear a compressive garment for two weeks after the surgery, but the breasts were not as sore as she expected them to be.  She could not wait to see the results.

A week after the breast augmentation surgery Marie was able to go back to work and return to her day-to-day activities.  She returned to the Studs and more to get her ears, nose and naval checked.  Mike took off the 4mm tapers and inserted 5 mm tapers; Marie was told to keep them clean and lubricated.  Mike would try to insert 5mm gauges next week to hold the space open.  He then pierced two more holes in each of Marie’s ears, Marie now had 3 earrings and plus a taper in each ear.

She had an appointment with Julie to discuss her hair changes.  Julie suggested cutting the hair into a long-angled bob reaching down to her shoulders and rising to upper part of her neck.  She took clippers and cut Marie’s mid-back length brown hair to right at the shoulders.  Using a razor she skillfully carved a steep angle up to her suboccipital region.  The cut looked stunning and showed off her beautiful neck.

“Time to get some blonde in your hair.”, Julie said excitedly.  She came back 10 minutes later with a bowl of bleach and lots of foils.  “We are not going to take you to platinum today, Marie, but after 3 sessions it should be really light!”   Julie went to work and after 90 minutes Marie’s was covered with foils.  Julie led Mead over to the heat lamps to process.  She periodically took Marie to the sink to remove some of the foils and rinse the bleach off.  An hour later the coloring was done and she was back in Julie’s chair.  “It really came out nice.”, proclaimed Julie.  Marie’s hair was had streaks of blonde and it gave the long-angled bob pop.  “Next month we will do more highlights and bring up the bob all around.”, Julie said.

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She talked to Joe every 2-3 days.  She told him she had a tragus put in and her hair cut a little shorter but was not sure she was ready to commit to short hair yet.  She could hear the disappointment in his voice.

The following week she met with her boss as a patient to have the breast augmentation check.  The swelling was almost gone, Marie could wear a regular bra again.  Her breasts were much larger and nipples erect.  “Oh my God Dr Jones, they look amazing.  I am so happy I did this.  My husband will love it.”

Marie went to the mall to look for new clothes to show of her new chest.  She could not believe how many looks she got from men.  Several even started up conversations with her and a few asked her out.  She declined there offers but felt so much more confident.  “I guess big chested blondes do have more fun.”, she laughed.

Back to Studs and More for two more piercings in each ear.   6 mm gauges were placed in the stretched second holes.  “I want you to leave these gauges in for a week and then you can put these 8mm tapers in place of them”.  “All your piercing look very good. They are healing well.  I think we might be able to get the 8 mm gauges by the end of the summer.”

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Julie began her next hair appointment by putting her hair up and shaving a trapezoid shaped section using clippers and a number 3 guard.  She followed this by bringing Marie’s hair up both front and back.  Her bob was at chin level and the back was at the occipital bone.   That shaved nape peeked out from under the angled bob. 

“Time to get you blonder.”, said Julie.   She again covered Marie’s head with foils.   The nape was left dark.   After about 35 minutes of processing Julie removed all the foils.  She then applied an ash blond toner and let that process for 10 minutes.  “Marie, you are going to love this color, it is so light already.  I want to go a little lighter next session, but you are now a true blonde.”  Julie was right.   Marie’s hair was a pale blonde with to dark undercut peeking through.  Marie made sure to videotape her hair sessions so she could show it to Joe later.

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It was now the middle of July and she had one month before Joe would be home.  She had scheduled a visit at Studs and More to get the 0 gauges (8mm) inserted.  As Mike inserted the 8mm solid gauge into her second ear holes Marie said, “Ouch I can really feel that.”  Mike assured her the gauge fit perfectly and the discomfort would decrease in the next 2 weeks.  Mike did two more cartilage piercings and inserted starter studs.  Marie now had 8 piercings including the gauge on each side plus a tragus on the left.  Her nose stud was replaced with a ring.  “Oh my God!”, Marie squealed, “I can’t believe I did this!”  “It looks really great.  You look so hot and edgy.”

Marie continued to be vague with Joe and did not facetime him because she said her video feature on the phone was damaged and a newer phone was back ordered.

Marie’s last appointment with Julie was on August 24th, 3 days before Joe returned. She was very nervous, but Julie reassured her that she would look great.  “Your earrings look so hot.  Joe won’t be able to keep his hands off you. Let’s do your foils first this time.”  Julie had the foils and bleach ready to go when Marie got there.  “I will be doing a double foil technique to get as much hair lightened without rebleaching the already lightened pieces.”  As Marie videotaped the session, Julie wove out a strip of hair, placed it on a foil and painted just half an inch of outgrowth. She then wove out another strip of only darker unbleached hair from the same section and put bleach on that using a second foil.  The remaining hair was pulled to the side to protect it from bleach and the foils were folded and sealed.  Julie put Marie under the dryer for 10 minutes before removing the back foils after which Marie sat for another 20 minutes under the dryer.  Julie checked the foils again and said, “Oh is this looking good.”  Julie took Marie to the sink and pulled all the foils from her hair.  After rinsing, Julie applied a toner for 10 minutes.   She took Marie back to her chair and turned it away from the mirror so she could not see herself.  “I really want to see what it looks like!”, cried Marie.  “Nope”, said Julie, not until I am finished cutting it.”  Julie started cutting an angle in the bob from left to right; Marie could tell that it felt higher on the left.  After she was done cutting, she pinned Marie’s hair on top of her head Julie took the clippers with a #2 guard and cut up the left side going behind Marie’s ear then cut the back tighter.  Trimming shears were used to shape around the ear and create the V taper in back.  When she was finished with the trimmers, Julie flat ironed Marie’s hair so it was perfectly straight.  “Close your eyes.”, said Julie as she swung the chair to face the mirror.  Marie opened her eyes and let out a shriek. “Holy shit!  I can’t believe that is me!”  Marie’s hair was cut into an asymmetrical bob which was chin length on the right and lip length on the left.  The color was a silver platinum blonde.  Julie tucked Marie’s hair behind her left ear exposing the side undercut as well as her nine earrings.   Julie then took Marie back to the facial room and did a temporary thick tattoo technique called microblading to her eyebrows.  These were done in a darker than natural color to contrast Marie’s new silvery hair.  When everything was all finished, she paid her bill and gave Julie a substantial tip.  “You will knock his socks off.”, said Julie.   Marie was showered with compliments by everyone as she left the salon.

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It was August 27th and Marie had to pick up Joe from the airport at 10 am.  She took the day off from work but got up early to pick out her outfit.  She had bought several blouses to compliment her new figure, but she picked out a special cropped shirt that was lower cut and just barely exposed her pierced naval; she wanted Joe to notice these right away.  She put on her makeup a little heavier than usual but nothing outrageous.  She flat ironed her hair so it would sit perfectly tucking the left side of her hair behind her ear to show off the earrings.  She took a final look in the mirror and declared out loud, “I am not sure who that is in the mirror, but she looks amazingly hot!”

In the airport terminal she saw Joe arrive.  He looked in her direction but did not recognize her at all.  He sent a text to her telling her he had landed and could not find her.  She texted him back 2 words. “Turn around.”  Joe turned around quickly as Marie said, “So do you like your new wife?”  Joe dropped his phone and his bag in shock.  “Oh my God Marie, is that really you?  Your hair is….”, he was unable to complete his sentence as Marie stuck her tongue deep in his mouth.  “A little birdy told me you might like these.”, as she tucked her hair behind her ear exposing her piercings.  Joe could not say anything as he just stared at his new wife. “I thought you might also like this new shirt I got, it really seems to accentuate these new breasts.” Marie said seductively.  “Let’s go right home so you can get a closer look at them.”  She took his hand and lead him out of the airport and to her car.  “I think you had better drive. I am a little distracted.”, he said.

Needless to say, they did not leave the bedroom until the next day.  In the morning, Marie told Joe about what she had found on the computer.  Joe confessed that he had these fetishes since before they were married and had always hoped his wife would “accidently” find out about them.  Marie asked him if there had been anybody else, and Joe assured her that there had been temptations, he never acted on them.  Marie promised to keep up her new look if it meant they would have the great sex and intimacy they shared last night.  Joe promised to pay more attention to her and communicate better.

Several weeks later Marie informed Joe that she had a hair appointment that weekend and asked if Joe had any suggestions.  Joe pulled out his phone and after scrolling through a few screens he said, “I always thought you would look good with this cut.”

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Marie smiled slyly as she scrolled through her phone, “Well, I was thinking something more like this.”

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“Let’s see which one Julie picks.” Marie said as she watched Joe’s cock literally blast out of his pants.




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  1. Thanks for the compliment. I am trying to include the piercings in a way that is respectful to the woman getting them done. My fantasy, but their decision. I like to influence and empower people, not control them. My wife has super thick hair that looks great at any length hair, but I am trying to convince her to take her slightly boring bob to chin length steeply tapered above the occiput with a V shaped undercut. I would love her to get an asymmetrical pixie but I don’t want to push it.

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