Matriarch of the house

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Clover and her partner were a very creative couple.
Clover’s mind raced everyday, thinking of new ways to style hair.
Hannah, her mate, was more artistic in her thoughts, colors fascinated her more than cut and style.
The two women lived in an inverted house salon.
Another hobby they shared was child rearing, something about being mom calmed the gals.
Adopting as many girls as they could, they encouraged the prepubescent creatures to get outside their comfort zone.
Currently, they have five girls in their care.
(Oldest being 12 and the youngest being 8)
“Daisy”,came the doting mother’s voice, Clover was scissor-happy,”You’re hair is getting a bit long. You want mommy to trim it up for you”
“No thank you”,meeped the girl.
“Oh come on”,charmed Clover,”Just a slight trim”
Daisy thought a moment,”Make other mommy make my favorite dessert and you’ve got a deal”
Daisy was one of those girls with a well-rounded appetite and attitude, she always knew what she wanted and how to plead for it.
“Ok, I will ask Hannah. Now, are you ready for a trim?”
Daisy agreed and allowed herself to be taken downstairs to the salon/ barbershop.
Clover hoisted her offspring onto the leather cushion, a bright red cape was clipped around her fragile neck and mother pumped up the chair three times.
“So, Daisy”,introed Clover,”I was thinking we could do something really short and powerful today”.
“How short are you going, momma?”
“Hush now and let mommy make you fabulous”
Daisy was skeptical but she was in the chair and thus at the mercy of her momma.
First, Clover started brushing the dark brown tresses of her youngest’s mid-back length hair and turned the chair away from the mirror.
Daisy became intrigued by the secrecy of her new hairstyle, it could be anything at this point.
Clover sectioned off her daughter’s nape in a triangle shape.
Using a comb to lift the nape-hair and scissors at the ready, she started severing the bulk off the nape in consistent strokes.
Snip and Schikk were the only sound the technique made.
It sounded like soft clashing to the ear and sort of soothing to the mind.
Clover trimmed up the undercut as best she could with the scissors before progressing to stage #2.
“You might feel a slight vibration, please stay still, my dear”
That was fancy talk for (it’s clipper time) and Daisy expected as such for her mother like clean napes on her girls.
The clippers slid from their charger to Clover’s palm and wrist, and with a flick of the switch, the clippers buzzed to life.
Edging the device through the wavering stubble and carving out the edges of the undercut, the nape became more tidied and beautified.
The clippers were killed and Daisy mumbled her fingers on her new undercut as Clover dusted off the tiny stray hairs that failed to float to the floor.
“Feels nice, no”,mused Clover as she felt her work.
The section were unclipped and spread as evenly as possible to curtain Daisy’s head.
Again with the comb, Clover swept down the river of dark chocolate and when she stopped, she started snipping away at the child’s locks.
She cut it two centimeters away from Daisy’s neckline and did it with style and flare.
A fast wrist wouldn’t even describe how she worked her daughter’s tresses, think of a reaper taking down long-overdue grass and double it.
Her speed in this art was incredible and she took pride in that fact.
When the shape was solidified, Clover started layering and trimming the style with ease.
With love, Clover kissed Daisy’s cheek as she straightened the forming long-bob.
“Should we do bangs, I feel we should do bangs”
Daisy declined and with her fill fulfilled, Clover respected her daughter’s choice.
Putting away the tools before the reveal.
Turning the chair around, Daisy was aghast at how short her mother went but still, she marveled at the work that was put in.
“You like it?”
“Like I always say, it takes some getting used to. Thank you”
The mother embraced her child as who but Hannah walked fourth in.
“I see you got a cut. Looks nice”
Daisy thanked and burrowed herself into Hannah’s chest in glee.
“Oh, by the way, Hannah. I’m supposed to ask you to make Daisy’s favorite dessert for her complacency”
Hannah smiled warmly at the smiling lobbed girl.
“I better start now before I forget. Will you help me, honey”
“Okay!” was the excited response

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