Maxine’s College Mullet Dare

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Maxine goes to College

Maxine had always lived a life bound by other’s expectations. Her long, mousy brown hair had been a constant throughout the conservative, uneventful life she led under her parents’ roof. The wildest thing about her appearance was her soft, wispy bangs. Although a minor change, it had taken her months work up the courage to get them her senior year of high school. But when the time came for college, Maxine seized the opportunity to break free from her restrictive upbringing, and choose a university renowned for its lively social scene and liberal student body.

At a wild campus party, Maxine initially found herself a silent observer, her gaze wandering over the lively crowd. She was contemplating an early escape when she caught the eye of someone unexpected, Elle, a vibrant and captivating costume design student. Intrigued by the quiet, seemingly shy girl hiding behind long hair and wispy bangs at the edge of the room, Elle’s curiosity got the better of her.

Maxine’s heart skipped a beat when their eyes met. Her mind raced with disbelief. But as Elle made her way through the crowd directly toward Maxine, it became clear there was no mistake. “Hey, I’m Elle,” she said, introducing herself with a warm, inviting smile. Maxine, unaccustomed to such direct attention from someone as effortlessly charming as Elle, felt her cheeks warm with a blush.

“I’m Maxine,” she managed to reply, her voice barely above a whisper, nerves knotting in her stomach. Elle sensed Maxine’s apprehension but wasn’t deterred. They exchanged a few words, Elle leading the conversation with ease, trying to draw Maxine out of her shell. But just as Maxine began to relax and enjoy the interaction, a friend called Elle away. “I think I’ll see you later tonight,” Elle said with a playful wink before heading off, leaving Maxine tingling with nervous excitement. The brief encounter had a surprising effect on Maxine. Her anxiety melted away, and for the first time in a while, she felt truly present, her heart open to whatever the night might bring.

The Dare

As the evening wore on and the party’s energy soared, a game of dare began. Guests cheered and laughed as participants undertook silly challenges—nothing too outrageous. However, the atmosphere shifted when someone suggested a more daring prospect: a haircut from Elle, who casually cut hair for friends. Pointing with scissors, Elle scanned the room, landing on Maxine. With a mischievous grin, Elle called, “How about it, Max?” All eyes turned to Maxine, the spotlight on her. Her stomach flipped with nerves and excitement.

Her first instinct was to refuse, but she nodded hesitantly, caught up in the moment’s spontaneity and Elle’s charm. “Okay,” she whispered. The crowd cheered as she was ushered towards a makeshift salon chair. “What do you have in mind?” she asked, trying to sound braver than she felt.

Elle’s response was confident, “Something different. You’ll find out when I’m done,” she declared. Maxine, shocked by the sudden turn of events, inexplicably trusted Elle, drawn in by her charismatic presence.

But Maxine’s resolve wavered slightly and just as she opened her mouth to ask for more time, Elle made the first decisive cut. A thick lock from the top of her head fell to the floor. There was no turning back now. Maxine gasped at the suddenness and realized she had no idea what to expect. Elle’s confident, almost domineering approach made her heart race. Unbeknownst to Maxine, Elle had decided on a mullet.

With each lock that fell, Maxine felt a strange mix of loss and liberation. Maxine thought of her parents’ potential reaction with a shiver of fear and a spark of defiance. Elle worked quickly, her hands confident and her demeanor flirtatiously reassuring. “Trust me, you’re going to look incredible,” Elle whispered close to Maxine’s ear, making her blush.

As the transformation unfolded, Maxine sat without a mirror in sight. Her only gauge of the metamorphosis were the faces of the onlookers. The crowd’s reactions were a vivid tapestry of emotions—most excited by the thrill of witnessing such a daring act, while others cringed. Some looked on with expressions of horror as they watched the drastic alteration unfold. Amidst this, a woman’s voice broke through, “Stop, this is mean,” she pleaded. Yet, Elle’s hands were steady. Despite the circumstances, Maxine found herself drawn to Elle, her admiration morphing into a smitten affection. Amidst the thrill,

Finally, as the last lock was clipped, the crowd instinctively stepped back, now silent as they all took in the full effect of the transformation. Feeling exposed and vulnerable, Maxine’s voice wavered slightly as she asked, “Can I see a mirror?” As someone hurried off to fetch a mirror, the wait felt interminable, each second stretching out as she tried to imagine herself with her new hairstyle. Elle put her hands gently on Maxine’s shoulders and whispered to her that it looked incredible.

The Reveal

The room continued to buzz with energy and whispers as someone finally found a mirror and handed it to Maxine. Holding the mirror in her trembling hands, she steeled herself for the reveal, the suspense of the crowd around her palpable. As she raised the mirror, her breath caught in her throat. It was a mullet, cut short up top but the back was still quite long. For a split second, her heart sank with the reality of what she had done. Her eyes searched for the girl she used to be in the sharp, edgy lines of her new haircut. The face staring back at her was unfamiliar but exciting. The mullet framed her features in a way she had never imagined possible. It was strange and bold, and to her surprise, she loved it.

A hush fell over the crowd as they watched her process her reflection. Maxine’s initial shock slowly morphed into a fascinated smirk. Despite the drastic nature of the haircut and the polarized reactions it provoked, she recognized a spark in her eyes—a spark of rebellion, of newfound freedom. It was a look that said she was no longer the girl who needed approval from everyone. It was strange and bold, and to her own surprise, she felt it reflected back a truer self. The shock gave way to a surprising surge of affection for her new reflection. She was absolutely stunned—not just by the look itself but by her own audacity to go through with it.

“I love it!” Maxine exclaimed, her voice ringing with genuine enthusiasm. Her declaration was met with a renewed round of cheers and claps from the crowd. Maxine couldn’t help but smile, she had done it. She had broken free from her past, stepping into a future that was all her own.

Elle was visibly pleased with her work. She gave a playful tug on Maxine’s new hairstyle. “Looks amazing, doesn’t it?” Elle grinned, her eyes twinkling with a mix of pride and playful mischief. Maxine’s earlier nervousness melted into bashful pleasure under Elle’s gaze.

As Maxine rejoined the party, moving through the crowd with a newfound swagger, the girl who had protested the haircut earlier caught up with her. “Hey, I just wanted to say sorry about earlier. I thought they were messing with you, trying to give you a bad haircut. But you look… amazing, seriously,” she said, her tone earnest and a little flirtatious. Maxine was about to respond when Elle reappeared, sliding an arm around Maxine’s waist. “I wasn’t trying to mess with you,” Elle said, “I knew exactly what you wanted, what you needed.” The bold assertion struck a chord within Maxine. The other girl sensed the shift and excused herself.

Maxine, processing the night’s changes, felt a thrill of excitement. She had always harbored feelings for women but had never explored them. “Would you like to get out of here? Go somewhere, just the two of us?” Elle asked.

Her invitation, casual yet clearly intentional, left Maxine momentarily speechless. Maxine could only nod. As they left the party together, walking into the cool night air, Maxine felt the beginning of something new and thrilling.

The Next Morning

Morning light filtered through the curtains in Elle’s room, casting a soft glow that seemed to encapsulate the serenity of the moment. Maxine woke nestled in Elle’s confident arms, a sensation so comforting and new that it filled her with a deep, soothing warmth. Everything felt surprisingly right, as if all the pieces of her were finally falling into place.

They lingered in bed, chatting and laughing in a way that made Maxine feel completely at ease, as if she had known Elle for years. Eventually, they made their way to the kitchen where Elle began to whip up some eggs. The casual domesticity of it all made Maxine smile; it was so different from her life before, so liberating.

As Maxine watched Elle move around the kitchen with ease, she brought up her mullet, the symbol of her newfound liberation.

“I like it,” Maxine started, her fingers subconsciously touching the ends of her hair, “but—”

Elle cut her off with a knowing smile, flipping an egg expertly in the pan. “It’s not enough, is it?” Elle said, her tone playful yet perceptive.

“Yea,” Maxine quickly agreed, her heart beating faster with the thrill of pushing boundaries even further.

Elle continued, “We should bleach it blonde—right after breakfast. It’d look amazing on you.”

The idea resonated deeply with Maxine, who had never loved the mousy color of her hair. Sitting across from Elle, she felt a powerful surge of independence. “Let’s do it.”

As they cleared the breakfast dishes and prepared for the hair dyeing process, Maxine felt a rush of anticipation. The process of bleaching her hair was new to Maxine but Elle guided her through each step with. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity under the watchful eye of the timer, Elle gently washed out the bleach, her movements reassuring and confident. “Ready for the big reveal?” Elle asked, her voice filled with excitement. Maxine nodded, her heart racing as she followed Elle to the mirror.

Maxine’s eyes widened in amazement. The person looking back at her was still unmistakably her, yet so much more vibrant and full of life. The blonde hair gave her a look that was fun, fierce, and fabulously unapologetic. “It’s incredible,” Maxine breathed out, a smile spreading across her face, her earlier reservations washed away by the stunning outcome. The bold blonde not only complemented her edgy mullet but also illuminated her face, highlighting a radiant, more confident version of herself. Maxine felt empowered, ready to explore this new chapter of her life with a look that was entirely her own.

To be continued…

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