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Jerry sat like the couch potato he was, a knock disturbed his quiet.
Isabella and Louise stood in the doorway, his tipsy neighbors must had gone drinking again.
They always sought him out after a night of drinking.
“Remedies”,they would ask for,”This hangover is killing me”
Jerry came from a family of drunks but he was a teetotaler and sought to end effects of drunkenness and hangovers.
He gave the two some pills and tea to wash it down with.
They sat in silence on the couch, watching mindless television.
“You guys have to stop coming to my place after a binge. Neighbors already suspect I duck you”
They gave all the justification excuses which Jerry was tired of hearing.
“Tell you what. Beat us at a game and we’ll do whatever you want”
She booped his nose.
“Really?”he laughed.
Isabella nodded and nudged Louise to agree.
Jerry took a swig of blood pop and got up.
“Okay. Let’s go play”
He went outside and set up a dart board.
“I assume you girls have played darts before”
They nodded and took up their darts.
Isabella’s aim was very poor and flimsy, Louise was no better.
Jerry at bat, he focused and scored thrice.
“I guess you won, Jerry. What’s our punishment”
Isabella started unzipping her dress but Jerry stopped her.
“Go home and get some rest. I want you sober, you two have a big day tomorrow”
Isabella was confused but Jerry ushered them out before queries were asked.
The next day:
Isabella snoozed through her alarm and it was a rap on the door that woke her.
Jerry stood tall in a suit and bow tie, his hair slicked back.
“Jerry”,she said groggily,”What are you doing up so early?”
“It’s almost ten. Wake up Louise, shower, we’ll be late for your appointments”
Jerry stood firm,”Hurry along, we don’t have all day”
Isabella knocked her sister awake and said that Jerry was acting weird.
Louise said,”Turn him away if he’s being weird”.
“I think he wants us to abide by the rules of last night”
Louise shot up,”I thought that was a joke!”
“Apparently not. Come on, we can’t let him wait”
Louise undressed so quick, a sock came with her into the shower.
Isabella bathed as Louise was dressing hurriedly.
The girls were dressed like party girls and opened the door to Jerry who was in the car.
Isabella took the passenger side while Louise took the back seat.
“So, Jerry. What’s in store”
Jerry smirked,”You’ll see”
The first stop was a tailor shop, Isabella and Louise were and bit confused by the choice.
In, the trio went, a lone clerk with the name tag Clarissa stood behind the wooden desk.
“Jerry! My darling, how have you been?”asked the clerk.
“Good. Are the outfits ready?”
“Yes”,replied Clarissa,”I have to dressing rooms ready for try-ons”
“Perfect”,said Jerry,”Isabella and Louise need a wardrobe change as you can see”
“Yes. Very much a change. Ladies, if you’d would just follow me”
The two girls followed the clerk and were led to two square tube dressing rooms.
“Isabella, on the right. Louise-“
“Yeah, yeah”
The two ladies entered their rooms and found hoop skirts with dainty top dresses.
They came out like they were 1950’s housewives.
Clarissa snapped a photo of the two black-haired beauties.
“Aren’t they stunning?”
Jerry nodded
The two had trouble waddling in their hoops and high heels.
Before they could return to the dressing rooms, Jerry chirped,”You are to wear these dresses throughout today”
Jerry paid for the dresses as Isabella was silently cursing him.
“Come along, girls. The next stop awaits”
Good God, thought Isabella, she was beginning to regret the bet.
The car pulled away from the tailor shop and headed downtown.
Isabella shifted in her hoop and the blouse clung tight to her chest, Louise wasn’t doing much better, managing to roll herself on her side.
Jerry’s smile grew wider as his car came to its second stop.
Xavier’s barbershop for men and women: cut and shave
Oh ducking hell, Isabella’s mind screamed.
Jerry helped out his girls and escorted them in.
A woman in vintage barber’s garb stood in waiting, she knew this was happening.
“Jerry, what’s my best guy up to?”
“Me wives need a clean-up done and I couldn’t think of a better person to do it”
The barber blushed, then her expression turned stern,”Ladies, I’m Cat, I’ll be doing your hair today. Please, take a seat”
Isabella took the left chair this time but what difference would it make.
Isabella and her roomie had grown out their hair to score dates with rich men and now, they would have it chopped off.
“You want both heads permed?”asked Cat.
“Bingo”,replied Jerry.
It was settled, capes were tossed on the girls and tightened.
Cat started by chopping off 3 feet from Isabella and 5 feet from Louise.
With short hair, layers were combed out and wrapped around curlers.
Their heads were fields of curlers, the elixir was poured on and set in.
A rise later, Cat trimmed the super curly ends and brushed out the curls to make them fluffy.
The girls were gone and replaced by two poodles.
Another photo was snapped and the girls were then released from the chairs.
“You guys enjoying your punishment so far?”
“Duck off”
Jerry laughed,”I throw you two a bone. Let’s go to the jeweler”
Jeweler! Isabella’s mind exploded.
Sure enough, they arrived at the jewel parlor.
“Pick out anything you want, within my price range”
Isabella had forgotten that she was stripped and dressed to Jerry’s liking and that her hair was cut straight off her scalp against her will when she saw the rubies, the sapphires, and the emeralds sparkling in their cases.
She picked out a pearl necklace and two rings.
Louise was more modest with her bling, choosing a gold and diamond ring.
With three stops down, Jerry took his new, black-haired permed, blinged-out girls to the park.
Something was off, a small gathering was forming.
“Who’s wedding is this?”
Jerry parked the car and leaned around.
Jerry laughed,”Just for a week, remember. You lost the bet”
So, there were the girls, standing on each side of Jerry as the ceremony started.
Jerry gave beautiful vows to defend the girls as best he could for the week they were married.
Isabella and Louise had no vows but they promised fun for Jerry for the week they were married.
Wedding were applied to the trio’s fingers and they said,”I do”.
The two wives kissed one of his cheeks and the crowd roared with applause and laughter.
To this day, they are all still married, Isabella and Louise kept their hair short and permed for their man who loved them dearly.

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