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Walking down the street, wearing a denim skirt and a white shirt tucked into my skirt, my waist length blonde hair freely hanging down against my back. The smell of Chanel N°5 was all anybody could smell pouring off of me. I had approached the barbershop, the red and white spinning pole foreign to me. I sat down in the waiting room, a mother and her two boys, a barber chair with one of the boys sitting in it and the other waiting to be sheared. The other station had a wooden sign above it reading the name ” Allen ” I figured only one barber worked here. But I would try to blend in acting like I was apart of the family next to me, one of the boys jumped down and the other was scooted into the chair quite quickly, I thought I was going to get away with just getting up and leaving, but right as I finally gained the confidence to leave, I heard a shuffling in the back. I prayed it wasn’t Allen, but a older gentleman around the age of 60 came from the back, he saw how out of place I was and spun the chair around towards me, he patted it and spoke.

” Next. ” I was going to tell him I changed my mind and I was going to maybe come back, but my legs stood and I felt as if I was in a trance, the outside sun radiating through the windows. He probably figured I wanted a summer cut, or even a cut for the upcoming school year seeing as I only looked eighteen. I had made it to the chair, I felt the man throw open the cape and it sat half open around my form, I looked down barely able to see the tips of my toes. He stood behind me, a annoyed look on his face as he tried to hold my hair up to pull the cape up and around me, finally using a clip from a bag of potato chips to hold it against my head. He had ripped off a neck strip and wrapped it around my neck before closing the cape around my wasn’t velcro but a snap was heard. It was louder than I expected. I could hear his leather shoes move up, gently pumping up the old styled chair, finally I could see my figure raising in the mirror. I looked so small and awkward, but as he raised me I looked over and I saw the young boy with a smile, a evil smile as his head was shaved. His face had  such a dirty look and a smile like he was telling me. ” Ha! You had to get a summer haircut to. ” I looked away soon after, my mouth so dry as I watched the barber stand behind me, he un-clipped my hair before taking his comb running it through my scalp and down, he gently ran his fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp, but after a few moments he stopped and spoke to me. ” So..uh what do you want? ” I tried to speak, to just ask for my split ends to be cut, my mouth hung open and I just looked embarrassed. He walked to my front and spoke. ” How about a summer cut? ” I nodded and he finally spoke again. ” Ok, so how about off the neck. Short back and sides and a longer top? ” The second I heard that I was ready to scream ” No! ” But I didn’t my head nodded yes and my voice finally came out, catching itself. ” U-uhm yea yea. ” My brain was running a million miles a hour, hoping just praying he would ask if I was sure I actually wanted this so I could dart out of there, but no. He never did, He gripped the length of my hair and tied it up into a ponytail using a rubber band he had on his counter where most of the tools he used where. I continued to stare at myself fear growing in me, he held it up and pulled it back reaching down into the starch white barbers smock, pulling a shiny grey pair of scissors out, my hands dug into the arm rests, as I heard him snip them in the air making sure they were perfect to use, he held them to the end of the ponytail, I could feel the scissors. * shnick shnick shnick shnick * Finally the ponytail was gone, he laid it out on the floor after taking the rubber band from it, just letting it hit the floor. He messed with the now shoulder length hair and tousled it around.


He had walked over to his wall, a pair of Oster clippers, bright black and grey were sitting waiting to finish my haircut. He had oiled them in front of me before coming over he would start at the side of my head, the left. He had just popped the button turning them on. I could hear the pop and the * bzzzz* right in my ear. He couldn’t even have them touch my head before a loud. * Riing riiiiing * Was heard, he sighed and snapped the clippers off walking away to let me sit and stare at myself. I was so embarrassed. I closed my eyes and prayed he wouldn’t come back, maybe I was dreaming. But no a few moments later I heard his shoes clicking off the ground as he walked up. ” Oh–uh sorry. I’ll get this done for you sweetheart. ” He didn’t seem to care, it was a big deal to me. I had never had my hair cut short in my life. But this time there would be no way to get out of it. No phone call or anything, he stood behind me and flicked them back on, he started this time at the nape of my neck, slowly casually bringing them up, one pass became two passes. All I could hear was * Bzzzz* I saw shoulder length hair falling down and my thighs rubbed and smashed together. This actually felt so amazing. It seemed like they were there for a long long time, She finally saw him bring the clippers to the left side of her head, he brought them against her skin, dragging them in short small paths, her left side of her head being denude of any hair there unless it was the stubble. He took quick care of that side before going to my other side doing the same, dragging them back and forth completely shaving the side of that side, he move around turning them off he popped the guard off, putting a guard which would leave a longer length on the top, he walked back and gently played with the hair on my skull. I had been sitting there trying to not orgasm, this whole day was making me so wet. As he touched the clippers to the top of my head, bringing them right down the middle I had enough, I had soaked his chair my hand worked quickly rubbing myself under my skirt watching my head being clippered, pass after pass continuing to happen as finally it seemed he was done, I tried to get up but he pushed me back down, he grabbed a can of cream spreading it along my neck, a straight razor stropped against the leather of the seat as he ran it back and forth cleaning my neck up, when he was done he wiped my neck clean of any cream and undid the cape and brushed me off. I went from being a long haired beautiful girl, to a now shaven beautiful women. I got up and went to the counter handing him a twenty, I refused any change and looked at the mother sitting there, she had gotten up and sat in the same wet chair where I was. She looked at me and smiled speaking to him. ” I want what she just got. ” I flashed a grin and was on my way home, to touch myself thinking of this day.

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