Autobiography (Part 2) – Media Trigger Scenes

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This is part two of my series about my various childhood experiences which contributed into me developing hair fetishism.


A Beer Commercial

On one occasion, my parents and I went to watch a movie at the local cinema. I was probably around primary school age. After we got our tickets, we entered the theatre and sat down in our seats. As usual, the cinema ran the commercials reel first before the actual movie. The commercials they showed at cinemas were different than the ones aired on television, so I paid attention to them out of curiosity, since most of them were new to me and unique.

One such commercial caught my attention. A drop-dead gorgeous Chinese lady wearing a traditional red qipao dress appeared on the screen. She had voluminous jet black wavy waist length hair in a heavy side part covering half her face. It was incredibly sensual. Her style and mannerism reminded me of Jessica Rabbit.

After flaunting her thick mane at the start, she then gazed straight into the camera lens at the audience. She grabbed a thick chunk of hair with her left hand and held it out horizontally. Then, her right hand produced a large pair of scissors which she brandished in front of her, threatening to cut off her hair. Then, all the while maintaining eye contact with the camera with a look of unfazed determination, she plunged the scissor blades into her magnificent hair, and mercilessly chopped off a huge long chunk of her precious locks!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

The scene then cut to the end of the commercial, where it was finally revealed that the commercial is about a particular popular beer brand in my country. I don’t even remember what brand of beer it was. Heck, I don’t even remember what movie I watched that day! But that particular unexpected and incredibly sensual haircut scene in the beer commercial, is engraved into my memory to this day.

I would give anything to get a hold of a copy of that commercial. However, I highly doubt it’s possible, considering it was a commercial from the early 1990s, before the digital era. That commercial is probably lying in a film reel archive somewhere, lost in time, if it even still exist.

I don’t even remember what movie I watched. But I still remember one particular scene from the pre-movie commercials to this day. If I could narrow down to a scene from media that contributed the most to me developing hair fetishism, it is this experience by far.


The Parent Trap (1998)

I was in my mid-teens when this movie came out and my parents brought me to the cinema to watch it. Coincidentally, one of my female classmates also went to watch it with her family in the same session. I sat next to the aisle, and she was next to me on the other side of the aisle. This seating arrangement will become important later.

This movie is where I developed a child-crush on the child actress Lindsay Lohan. (I was a minor myself at that time, so this is okay.) The movie is infamous for the haircut scene where Lindsay Lohan’s character gave herself a haircut makeover to look like her twin sister. (Apparently this particular movie haircut scene is a common trigger among fellow hair fetishists from my generation.)

Here is the haircut scene:

I did not expect a haircut scene in the movie at all. When it happened, it took me by surprise, and was honestly a huge turn-on. The twin with longer hair was more “stuck up” than the twin with the shorter hair. So she had it coming for her when her hair got chopped off in order for both twins to look identical!

During the haircut scene, I could hear my female classmate seated across the aisle gasp loudly in disbelief at such gorgeous long red hair chopped off. I remember sneaking a look at her, and saw that she had cupped her mouth with her hands after seeing the haircut scene.

My childhood crush on Lindsay Lohan was only short-lived. It seemed she could not handle the sudden fame bestowed on a child actress, and her life eventually spiralled downhill pretty quick.


A McDonald’s Commercial

I don’t remember if this was an actual real commercial, or it was just a dream. My memory on this one is hazy, so it could be either. Though, it’s leaning towards being a dream due to the ridiculous nature of the scene. But it happened in the early 1990s, so such bizarre advertisements were not uncommon.

In this scene, a group of children (mix of boys and girls) were seated in three rows. There were probably around 15 or so of them, so about five per row. Then, Ronald McDonald appeared. One by one, he painted each child’s face with clown make-up to look like him. Then, he styled their hair into various ridiculous hairstyles. At the end of the forced clown makeover, Ronald McDonald then doused each child’s face with flour as the final humiliating act.


Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

This is not a childhood experience, but a much more recent experience as an adult in my mid-30s. Since this movie is relatively recent, spoiler alert, obviously.

In December 2019, I went to watch the movie “Ip Man 4”. For some context, it is the fourth and final instalment of the “Ip Man” franchise, which is about the Chinese kungfu master who taught the famous Bruce Lee martial arts. The movies are based on the real life character, but dramatised with fictional elements which did not happen in real history. The lead character Ip Man is played by the legendary martial artist actor Donnie Yen.

I went into the movie expecting to be treated with kungfu fights (one of my favourite genres). But I ended up getting far more than I bargained for! To my surprise, there is a haircut scene in the movie! I did not expect it at all!

One of the new secondary characters, a schoolgirl, got her hair forcibly cut off by jealous bullies at school. It’s your stereotypical alpha girl school bully type of story. The haircut victim got the role as the lead cheerleader, while the alpha girl bully lost out and got bitter about it. There was also racism tensions, with the alpha girl bully being white, and the victim of Chinese ancestry. The movie was set in the 1960s USA against a backdrop of minorities rights social upheaval.

The alpha bully girl got her boyfriend’s male friends with her to attack the poor girl. The victim had some martial arts training, but was still a beginner and could not fend off multiple stronger male opponents at once. Eventually the boys held her down against a fence while the alpha bully girl gloated over her helpless victim.

The Chinese victim girl had beautiful long silky hair, which the alpha girl is jealous of, and claimed that was the reason she was chosen as lead cheerleader over her. At that moment, I was wondering if the bully will cut the victim’s hair.

When the alpha girl pulled out a pair of scissors, my heart skipped a beat! I could not believe I was going to be treated to a haircut scene. It came as a total surprise, because I had not seen much promotional material before watching the movie. Who would expect a haircut scene in a kungfu movie? To be fair, this is just a secondary plot line, not the main plot line.

Helplessly pinned against the fence, the bully forcibly cuts off the victim’s long hair. Her hair was chopped off unevenly in random pieces. She was saved by Ip Man who happened to be there. But the damage was done. Ip Man brought her back to her father’s home, and helped tidy the messy haircut on the way. For the rest of the movie, she sported a stacked bob hairstyle.

I could not believe it actually happened! I was aghast at being treated to a haircut scene in a movie completely by surprise! Having watched thousands of videos on YouTube over the years, I have become desensitised to haircut scenes. I am spoilt for choice with readily available content easily obtainable. The law of diminishing returns, akin to drug addiction, where the same old just don’t do it anymore for the dopamine reward centre of the brain. Therefore, when the haircut scene happened unexpectedly in the movie, it was a real surprise treat.

It brought me back to when I was a young teenager, and saw the movie “The Parent Trap” (The 1998 Lindsay Lohan version) at the cinema. The twins haircut scene in that movie was one of the triggers of my hair fetishism during puberty. Seeing that haircut scene in “Ip Man 4”, had the same effect as my first time seeing a haircut scene in a movie. The haircut scene itself isn’t the best – there are other better haircut scenes in other movies – but the unexpected surprise element of it, certainly triggered the dopamine reward centre of the brain that have become desensitised to endless haircut videos.


Various Shampoo Commercials

Shampoo television commercials were a major trigger factor in me developing hair fetish. From a young age, I was mesmerised by the flawless super long shiny silky straight hair of the shampoo commercial models! So much so that that kind of perfect shampoo model hair is my preferred hair type in a woman to this day. One of the earliest shampoo commercials that I found erotic to me from early YouTube years, is this one:

As a result, I developed both kinds of hair fetishism. On one hand, long silky straight hair (only if it is in good condition) all one length is incredibly sensual. Yet on the other hand, watching that same beautiful long hair chopped off is also extremely erotic, especially if bangs are cut and the final style is a sexy bob style.

8 responses to “Autobiography (Part 2) – Media Trigger Scenes

  1. Okay, that Ronald McDonald fever dream will probably result in nightmares for me tonight.

    That said, unexpected haircut scenes are always the best. I’m afraid other people will hear my heart pounding, though!

    1. I included that story because it happened during early puberty and I got a huge boner from that scene, especially when their hair got cut and styled into humiliating styles. At that age, it’s normal to get boners from random weird shit. I’m just glad I didn’t develop a clown fetish from that. Not a fan of clowns, though not to the extent of phobia.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you, reading the final paragraph. So strange both those sentiments. Suppose that’s why I love your stories. And indeed the dopamine factor is big, but happily You-tube is providing us from time to time some new stuff ( for instance delivers beautiful free haircuts).

    1. Yes, I am one of those hybrid hair fetishists with feet in two boats. That being said, if I have a partner, I would prefer her to keep her hair long. The benefits of a partner having long hair outweighs the desire to chop it off; long term fun versus short term once-off gratification.

  3. I’ve been a long time lingerer on this site and have enjoyed your stories but find autobiographies of how fetishism starts particularly interesting. Thanks for sharing yours.
    I know that tv and movie scenes were definitely some of my own early triggers.
    I look forward to reading the rest of the journey.

    1. Your support is much appreciated! Always nice to have comments of people appreciating my work. I have two more parts of this autobiography series. The next two will cover my primary and secondary school experiences respectively.

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