Meeting Doris and Rose …..

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Meeting Doris and Rose
MARY, part 1
Story Written and Contributed by
JimTB (c)opyright January 2020

“Hello ….. Roy’s Barber Shop ….. Roy here,” the voice answered.
“Hi, Mrs. Taylor ….. what can I  do for you.
“Sorry to hear that – tell him to get well.”

“Well, I won’t be here but I’ll tell Doris and Rose,” Roy continued.
“No problem.
“I’m sure you’ll like the way the girls cut hair.  I’ll tell Rose to cut Mary’s hair.
“I am sure Mary will like Rose.
“All right, see you in an hour.
“Tell Stan to take care.
“And, maybe we can go fishing when he gets better.”

I hung up the telephone and called for the boys and their sister to get ready.

I would drop them off at Roy’s to get their hair cut, while I took Stan, their father and my love, to the doctors.  We usually got our hair cut as a family and have been going to Roy’s since Stan and I moved here seventeen years ago.

Roy had a nice barber shop and has always catered to men, women, and children.

But, he was getting up in age so a few months ago he heard about Doris and Rose, who worked at a beauty shop, looking to relocated to a barber shop.  After all they were barbers, not just cosmetologists.

When they saw the shop they fell in love with it.

So, he made a deal with them, “Come work here and when I retire I’ll sell you the shop.”

They had no problem getting their clientele to follow them, nor picking up new customers.  Roy was even encouraging his customers to get their hair cut by one of them when he was not there.

This helped the ladies, and his customers would not have to go looking for a new barber when he retired.

Which was coming soon.

Roy told Doris and Rose, “The Taylor children would be coming for summer hair cuts and they were to get crewcut.
“No ifs, ands, nor buts from them.”

But, he forgot, in his rush to get out the shop on time, to tell Rose one of them was Mary and she was to get a nice short Bob cut, kind of high in the back.

About half an hour had gone by, when Rose, who had just finished cutting a customer’s hair, told Doris she was going to take a quick run to the store for a soft drink and asked if she wanted anything.

Doris told her ‘no’ and reminded her the Taylor children would be arriving soon.  Rose said she would be back in time to cut one of them.

It was a few minutes after Rose left when the Taylor’s arrived and Doris was finishing her customer.

“Be with you in a minute,” she told them as they began looking through the book rack.

Unknown to Doris, and Rose for that, the youngest one was Mary.

But, because she was wearing blue-jean and a pull-over shirt, with tennis shoes, she looked like her brothers.  The only difference was her hair was longer than theirs.

As they sat waiting their turn Mary decided she wanted to sit in the barber’s chair like she always did.

Doris noticed her climbing in Rose’s chair and told her, “You’ll have to wait a few minutes for Rose to come back.”

Mary smiled, shook her head that she understood and went back reading her comic book.

Doris called for the first Taylor boy, Ken who was sixteen, to sat in her chair.

As she ran her fingers through his hair she commented, “Crewcut.”

Ken knotted his head in agreement but he didn’t have a choice.

It took her about ten minutes to cut his hair and he was stepping out the chair and his brother, Ron, who was fifteen, was climbing in.

Again she commented, “Crewcut.”

He knotted his head in agreement.

Just as she start cutting his hair Rose came into the shop.

“You’er’s’ is waiting for you,” she told her, pointing to Mary, who was ten and sitting in her chair already.

Rose said “hi” and tossed the cape across the chair.

She wrapped a tissue strip around her neck and pulled the cape into place.

Without saying a word Rose grabbed the clippers and begin to oil the blades.  The sound of the ‘humming’ clippers didn’t catch Mary’s attention, nor her bothers.

“Better tuck the book under the cape a few minutes,” Rose said, as she placed her left hand on top of Mary’s head and tilted it forward.

Mary responded and sat waiting for her hair to be cut.

It was then her brother, Ken, noticed Rose had the clippers.

Before he could say a word, or move a muscle, Rose began moving the clippers up the back of Mary’s neck and head.  Tossing a large amount of hair away from her head with the flick of her wrist.

Mary, who for years had taunted her brothers about having to get a crewcut every summer, sat not saying a word as Rose began another pass up the back of her neck and head.  Again she tossed the hair when she pulled the clippers away.

Ken, sat watching, his eyes wide open and mouth opened a little, started to say something but Mary pulled her left hand from under the cape and waived him to keep his mouth shut.

Unknown to him, his brother and parents, Mary had always envied them when the summer came.

They always got their hair cut real short and she had to settle for a short bob, which hung in her eyes when she tilted her head down.

She had dreamed for the day when she would be able to get a crewcut and now, for whatever reason, her dream was coming through.

Ken looked at her and the look she was giving him. He just sat back and went back to reading his comic book.

When Ron stepped out the chair he noticed Mary’s hair was clipped on the left side and back, as Rose was clippering the right side.

He turned to Ken, who just looked at him and shook his head “no”.

As he walked to sit next to Ken, he watch as Rose placed the clippers on the top of his sisters head and begin pushing it back.

He turned his head to Ken and Ken whispered to him, “Let her go.
“I tried to say something but she gave me them ‘eyes’.”

Ron looked back at the chair as Rose was walking around the back to the chair to the left side, to finish clipping the top of his sister’s head.

He, too, just went about reading his comic book.

Clippers finished, for now, Rose begin dusting hair off Mary’s face and commented, “Know ….. “You would look better with a shorter cut than your brothers.”

Mary looked at herself in the mirror, behind where the customers sat.

“What do  you say?” Rose asked.  “Shorter!”

Mary looked at her brothers, who looked up, then tucked their heads back in to their comic books.

Mary turned her head to Rose and shook her head “yes”.

She dare not speak a work are Rose would know right off she was a girl, not a boy as she thought.

Rose walked back to the shelf and changed the head of the clippers.

“Number three ….. no number two,” Rose said as she pushed the head on.

She oiled the blade and turned to the chair.  She placed her left hand on top of Mary’s head and tilted it forward.

The “popping” sound the clippers made caught Mary off guard and she jumped a little.

Rose placed the clippers at the hair line and began an upward pass.  It was followed by pass after pass cutting Mary’s hair shorter, then her brothers.

When she begin passing the clippers over the top of Mary’s head, Mary realized how short her hair was being cut to.

Her eyes grew wide as she had not thought of cutting her hair this short.

But, it was too late, she had told Rose it was “all right”.

When she was finished Rose turned off the clippers and removed the head and took another one from her jacket pocket.  She returned the clippers to live as she tilted Mary’s head to the left and began clipping the right side of her head.

Mary could hardly see any hair as the clippers moved backwards over her ear and to her neck.

She begin feeling the cool air from the air conditioner as Rose begin clipping the left side of her head.

“There,” Rose said as she turned the clippers off.

Taking her hair duster she began dusting small clippings from Mary’s face.  She placed her left fingers under Mary’s chin and moved her head toward her.

She looked the clipping over to make sure she had an even cut.

She smiled when she was sure she had done a great job.  The clippers were hung on the hook under the shelf.

A sound of wood on wood sounded in the shop and the boys looked up to see Rose removing a large white towel from the cabinet.

They looked at each other and smiled.

Ron leaned over to Ken and whispered “She wanted a crewcut.”

Holding a hand to cover their mouth, they both begin to laugh softly to themselves.

Mary looked at them questionable when she felt the cape slide down the front of herself.

Then, she realized what they were up to when Rose begin tucking the towel in the collar of her shirt.

Her head quickly turned forward to see Rose standing by the shelf.

Her left hand was under a silver object and her right hand was pushing down on it.  It begin to “wind” as something white begin to come out.

As the pile grew Mary mind told her what it was SHAVING CREAM.

She watched Rose turned and begin spreading the shaving cream along her hair line.

First she lather the right side, then the left.

She felt Rose spread the shaving cream across her neck but a little higher than she had seen Mr. Roy spread it on her brother’s neck.

Rose wiped the excess cream from her hand and picked up her straight razor.

She walked to the right side of the chair and took hold of the leather strap.  Pulling it tight with her left hand she begin stropping the open razor’s blade.

Mary’s eyes followed the razor’s movement, up-down-up-down, to the sound it made as it moved over the strap.  Rose stopped and looked at the edge of the blade.

She scrapped it across her lower part of her left arm.

With the blade sharp as she wanted it, Rose begin trim shaving Mary’s crewcut.

Each stroke was very short and quick, with the edge of the blade being wiped clean after ever few strokes.

Rose shaved the right side, then the left side.

She tilted Mary’s head forward and begin shaving across, in a straight line, her neck.

Mary knew she was shaving higher up her neck than her brothers got.

But, she did not mind.

When she was finished Rose put the razor in the cabinet and wiped the excess shaving cream from the hairline.

She shook some powder on the hair duster and dusted around Mary’s crewcut and across her face.

The cape was removed and Mary brush her fingers over her face then her head.

She smiled as she felt how soft and nice it felt.

Her dream had come true, before it’s time.

She stepped from the chair and walked to the mirror and felt her head again.

Ron walked up to her and ran his fingers over her head, she smiled.

Ken paid for the hair cuts then walked up behind Mary and ran his fingers over her head.

He whispered in her ear, “We weren’t here when you got your hair cut.
“We had walked over to the park to wait for you.”

Mary turned and smiled at him, “Okay.”

They turned and walked out the shop, as both, Doris and Rose, told them to come again.

They turned and waived to them.

But, Mary could not resist but to say, “Thank you for the crewcuts!”

When they heard her soft feminine voice they looked at each other!

Next chapter …..
JimTB (c)opyright January 2020

Meeting Doris and Rose

MARY, part 2
Then, I was “15” …..
Story Written and Contributed by
JimTB (c)opyright January 2020


Mother looked at me and I did not look back.

I was reading a magazine.

I heard her and Rose talking but my mind was on the article I was reading.

When I turned the page I looked up to see Rose cutting mother’s hair just below her ears.

She had gotten her hair cut this length a few times before but that was years ago.

Dad liked her hair at that length.

I remember how he would stand behind her and kiss her neck.  He always seem to do this when she was fixing something to eat, or when she was busy doing was ironing things.

So, I did not think much of it, until I heard that sound!


I looked up just as Rose combed a section of hair off her face, combing it outward until the comb was about two inches from her head. She ran the clippers over the comb sending two inches in mother’s cape covered lap.

She combed another section, a little higher, then ran the clippers over the comb.

I did not want to seem too interested, in what was going on, so I went back to reading the magazine.

But, I could not keep from peaking to watch Rose as she worked her way around the back of mother’s head.

I don’t know if I was surprised or not.

It had been years since mother had gotten more than a trim.

Then, we did not talk much about our hair, as many of my girlfriends and their mothers did.

Mother seem please with her hair at the length it was.  She could do a lot with it because it was not too long nor too short.

I took more interest as Rose begin combing and buzzing over the comb, when she started on the left side.

Mother was beginning to look like someone I did not know.

Someone who was younger, with attention catching eyes.

Her soft face begin to show.

I could see a slight smile on her.

When she was finished, Rose walked around combing a section out and looking it over.

If it looked too long she would comb the section out and quickly run the clippers over the comb.

Reaching the right side she combed her hair back off her face.

With the clippers turned off, Rose combed the hair on top of mother’s head forward from the crown.

I thought she was going to cut some bangs but she placed her comb on the side of mother’s head and started combing a part.

She stepped to the side of the chair were she was able to comb the new part better.

The new part looked a lot better than the center part mother had been doing.

Again my attention was taken away from the magazine, when I heard Rose click the clippers back to life.

I looked up as she combed a section of hair, combed it out stopping until the comb was about a half inch from mother’s head and ran the clippers over the comb.

This cut her hair shorter than I thought mother wanted, as her expression was of surprise when her eyes followed the cut section down into her lap.

Rose combed another section, a little higher, then ran the clippers over the comb.

She repeated this one more time, again a little higher, doing the same thing as she worked back over her ear.

I set the magazine down as I was becoming interested in mother’s hair cut as it unfolded.

Rose pushed her head down as she begin combing and clipped the back.

I was now looking mother in her eyes, looking for some sign.  Some thing that would tell me something.

But, there was none.

Her head was lifted as Rose begin combing and buzzing the left side.

I watched as my mother begin looking like a woman I did not know.

Just when I thought Rose was finished with the clippers, she combed a section of hair upward from the hair line.  The comb was almost laying flat on her head when Rose ran the clippers over the comb.

She combed upward again, ran the clippers over the comb.  She repeated this again and again until she had reached the arch of her head.

She repeated this over her ears, working around her head until she finished on the right side.

Rose turned off the clippers and laid it on the shelf.  She picked up a hair brush and began brushing mother’s hair from it’s new side part.

This, the brushing, made her hair look softer.  Her face looked brighter, she smiled at what she was seeing and it was bright and pleasing.

As Rose walked around to the back of the chair, she stopped.

I saw her put the hair brush down as her left hand removed something from the glass cabinet.

Then, her right hand picked up something and they met.

She turned and walked to the right side of the chair, pushing mother’s head a little to the left.

When she stopped and was standing facing mother, I saw the clippers in her right hand.

It had a smaller attachment on it.

She “click” the clippers to life, again.

Quickly she brought the clippers up to her head and pushed it upward, clipping the side of mother’s head shorter. Just a little shorter than she had clipped the top of my head.

She worked quickly around mother’s head, tilting her head forward as she pushed the clippers up the back of her neck and head.  She did not go as high as she did when she used the comb and clippers, just a little below.

I quickly realized Rose was cutting mother’s hair like dad got his hair cut years ago, when I was a child of four or five.

I remember how mother liked dad’s hair cut like this.

How she would gently running her fingers through his hair, tell him “how nice he looked”.

I had never head her say any thing about wanting her hair cut like that, like I had mentioned many times about wanting a crew cut.

I never seen her with her hair combed back off her face, nor asking how she looked.

Soon, Rose was clipping the left side of her head.

With the last pass of the clippers, Rose turned it off and hung it on the hook under the shelf.

She undid the cape and let it slide to mother’s lap and across the arms of the chair.  She took a large towel from the pile on the shelf and begin tucking it in mother’s blouse.

I looked at her as Rose did this, mom took a deep breath as she moved a little in the chair.

Rose begin spread the warm lather along her hair line.

But, she did not spread it high up her neck, as she had done to mine a few years back.

As with me, she sharpened the straight razor until it was as sharp as she wanted.

Then, she begin shaving just a thin line along the hair line.  With each stroke of the razor mother took a deep breath until Rose was finished.

She wiped the excess lather from along the hair line then dusted around her head.  The chair was lowered and mother stepped from it.

Like I did, she ran her finger tips over the sides and back of her head.

She smiled, one that said she was pleased.

We did not say any thing, we just smiled.

She picked up her purse and handed Rose two ten dollar bills.  I started to hand Rose a ten, but mother reached out and told me, “The hair cut is on me”.

I gave her a smile as she told Rose to keep the change, of four dollar.

When she turned, to face me, I gave her a hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek.  We stepped back a little and looked over each others hair cut.

We laughed and hugged again.  I felt very close to her, more than I had ever before.
Final chapter of this story …..
JimTB (c)opyright January 2020



MARY, part 3
Then, I was “15”, My turn …..
Story Written and Contributed by
JimTB (c)opyright March 2020

Mom sat in a waiting chair as I walked to Rose’s barber chair.

“My your hair has grown,” she said to me as she shook the cape.

“Yes,” I told her as I sat in the chair. “All most five years.”

“Boys,” mom said as we looked at each other.

“Anyone special,” Rose inquired as she caped me.

“Her brothers are a little to protective of their little sister,” mom laughingly said.

“TOO, much,” I replied.
“At least dad trusted me more.”

Mom gave a little cough.

“Well there is Randy,” I mentioned to them.

“RANDY,” mom said.

“You’re not talking about Randy Sanders?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, Randy Sanders!”

Rose, standing on the right side of the chair, smiled and asked, “Now how am I cutting your hair?”

I looked at mom, she just shook her head.

“I guess asking mom is out of the question,” Rose commented as she looked at me.

Mom gave her a looked which said everything.

“So, how are your brothers doing?” she asked as she began combing my hair.

“Rose, remember when you first cut my hair!” I told her.

She just shook her head, “You know Doris told me she thought you sounded like a boy when you said “bye”.
“I told her you might have a cold or sore throat.”

“She caught hell from her dad,” her mom commented.

“And, my brothers go two months for lying after he and Mr. Roy went fishing.”

“So, that is why you did not come back with them!” Rose commented.

Mom smiled, I shrugged my shoulders.

Rose began combing my hair, “Your hair has to be at least a foot.”

“Just got trims,” I told her.

“Well, trim!” Rose inquired.

“NO,” I quickly told her.
“Randy saw the few photos I took after the crewcut and loved it on me.”

Rose looked at mom, who just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

“Will I told him, the other night when we talked, mom and I were coming to get our hair cut,” I told her as she combed my hair.
“And, he mentioned how sexy ……”

“SEXY,” mom popped up.

“NOT that ‘sexy’,” I answered.

Rose stood there shanking her head, in agreement with mom.

“Well, not as short,” I said. “Something a little longer.”

“I’ll started with the half in attachment,” she said as she turned to the shelf.

“This is the attachment I used back,” she said showing me the half inch attachment, then showing mom.

Mom just looked, wide eyed, and shook her head.

“Will I was hoping a little longer,” I told her.

Rose turned to the shelf and began looking through her things, “It is just a little longer than the half inch attachment.
“Not that much longer.”

“Hi, Betty,” a voice said.

“Doris, where is that new attachment you got at the show,” Rose asked her as she walked in.

“In the sterilizer jar,” she told Rose.

“Love the hair cut Betty,” Doris told mom.

Rose reached in the sterilizer jar and removed the attachment.

“What is it,” asked Doris as she wiped it off.

“Three-fourths an inch,” she answered.

She showed it to Mary.

“I was thinking maybe an inch, inch and a half!” she said to Rose.

Rose handed the attachment of Doris who just put it back in the sterilizer jar.

“How about I just cut your hair to about two inches,” Rose commented.
“We can go from there!”

Mary looked at her mom, who just looked at her with one of her “whatever” looks.

Before Mary could make up her mine Rose was combing a section hair and snipped the long section close to an inch and half.

Mary just sat.

“At least it won’t be a crewcut,” her mom said as Rose was combing and cutting.

“Betty, I wouldn’t bet on that,” Doris said.

Her mom just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.
Rose was now combing and cutting on the left side.

Mary was moving her hair on the right side of her head through her fingers.

Rose watched as she did it, “Too long?”

“Well, maybe shorter,” Mary told her as she put her hand back under the cape.

Rose began cutting another half inch.

Doris looked at Betty. They both shook their head.

Rose was finished the hair cutting and was combing and checking the length.

Mary watched but did not say a word.

Her mom looked at Doris and shook her head.

Doris got out her barber chair and walked to the shelf. She reached into the sterilizing jar and removed the three-fourth attachment.

She reached for the clippers under the shelf behind Rose’s chair.

She put the attachment of the clippers and handed it to Rose.

Rose looked at her with a questioning look.

Doris motioned her to look at Betty.

Rose looked at her. She was just shanking her head side to side and up and down.

Without saying a word she turned and placed her left hand on top of Mary’s head and tilted it downward.

Mary tried to look up but heard “click”, as Rose place the humming clippers below her hair line and slowly pushed it upward.

“Well, I knew it was going to happen,” Mary said as Rose relaxed her hold.
“Three-quarter of an inch is longer than last time.”

Slowly Rose moved the clippers upward cutting Mary’s hair to three-quarters of an inch.

Working from the right side, the back of her head, and finishing on the left side.

She stood there looking at Mary’s mom as she just help the humming clippers. Her look was asking the question.
Betty understood and shrugged her shoulders.

Rose looked a Doris, who did the same thing.

“Might as well go for it,” Mary sang out.

Rose smiled as she placed the clippers on the back of Mary’s head and slowly moved it forward.

Hair began to pile up but fell into Mary’s caped lap.

Rose repeated this two more time and walked around the back of her barber chair, brushing her left hand over the three-quarter inch clipping of Mary’s hair.

Standing on the right side, she placed the clippers on the back of Mary’s head and with three forward movements of the clippers Mary’s hair cut clippered to three-quarters of an inch all over.

Rose brushed her right hand over Mary’s head and smiled.

Mary looked at her self in the mirror behind the waiting chair, behind the one her mom was sitting it.

They looked at each other. Her mom just shaking her head. Mary just smiling.

Mary watched her self bush her fingers through her, now three-quarter inch clipping.

She smile and looked at Rose, still holding the clippers with the three-quarter inch attachment.

They looked at each other.

Rose looked at Doris, who was smiling as she mouthed, “You wouldn’t dare!”

Rose walked to the shelf, taking off the three-quarter inch attachment and grabbing the quarter inch attachment.

As she walked to the right side of the barber chair she held the clippers up in her right hand and the quarter inch attachment in her left hand.

Standing by the leather strap she brought the quarter inch attachment to the clipper’s head and stood there, just looking at Betty, Doris, and Mary.

She slid the quarter inch attachment of the clippers and turned it on.

Betty looked at her daughter. Their eyes met, they smiled.

Doris looked at Betty who was shaking her head side-to-side.

Doris looked at Rose holding the clippers singing away.

Mary watched in the mirror as Rose brought the clippers to the right side of her head.

Their eyes met in the mirror. Mary smiled. Rose smiled.

Rose stood there, the clippers singing.

“I did not say I was serious about Randy Sanders,” she told them.

Her mom looked relieved and smiled, “You’er brother will like hearing that.”

“So, will dad,” Mary replied.

She looked the smile on her mom, “Nor did I say anything about getting Crewcut.”

Her mother again looked relieved.

Doris looked at Rose, still holding the clippers, still humming.

Rose smiled. Doris mouthed, “You wouldn’t!”

Rose looked at Mary in the mirror, then Mary turned her head to look at Rose.

She smiled, “I did not say anything about a Crewcut!
“BUT, I did not say anything about something else, either.”

Rose smiled as her thumb, of her right hand, flipped the quarter inch attachment off the clippers and it fell to the floor.

Mary turned her head to her mom, who said, “You wouldn’t?”

Rose raised the attachmentless clippers and slowly began moving the up the right side of Mary’s head.

Doris just sat back in her barber chair in disbelief. She looked at Betty, Mary’s mom, who was wided eyed and shaking her head in disbelief, too.

Mary was smiling as Rose began moving the clippers back over the right side of her head.

“I hope this hair cut will get into Randy Sanders’ head, I was serious when I told him I was not going to get a CREWCUT,” Mary said as Rose began clippering more of her head.

With the right side on Mary’s head clippered, buzzed shorter than her mom wanted, hoped.

Rose was tilting her head down as she move the clippers up the back of Mary’s head.
Mary’s mom still sat watching, not believing, Mary head being clippered of all her hair, close to her head.

Rose stepped to the left side of the chair and began slowly moving the attachmentless clippers over the left side of Mary’s head.

Then, just as Rose was making the last clipping, Mary said, “You know this is still NOT short enough!”

Her mom, “WHAT!”

Doris sat up wided eyed, looking a Betty then Rose.

“What do you mean?” Doris asked her.

Rose turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.

She reached for two towels. One she tossed in the sink.

She undid the cape and removed it, shaking Mary’s hair off and tossing it under the shelf.

She turned and started tucking the other towel into Mary’s collar and spreading it over her shoulders.

Her mom got up and walked to the barber chair.

“I think Randy Sanders will get the idea with your hair being clippered like this,” she said to Mary.

Rose began lathering Mary’s head.

“I think Randy will get the idea when he see you with all your hair clippered off,” her mom said again.

“Mom, if I shave my head it will show him I was not joking,” Mary told her mom as Rose was stropping her straight razor on the leather strap.

Her mom shook her head, turned and walked back to the waiting chair.

“Maybe you should be next, MOM!” Mary said.

Her mom stop and turned, “WHAT?”

Doris got out her chair and walked to the back of the shop shaking her in disbelief.

Rose had shave Mary’s head two time, she wiped the lather and buzzing on a towel then looked at Betty standing there, “I will be finished shaving Mary in thirty minutes and my chair will be open!”

Betty again said, “WHAT!”

Doris stopped and turned, “ROSE …..”

Rose continued shaving Mary’s head.

After every few shavings Rose would glance a look at Betty, who just glared back her.

Mary notice her mom’s “glaring” and knew she was upset.

“Come on mom, “ she said to her mom. “Rose is just joking!”

Rose stepped behind her chair. She tilted Mary’s head and began shaving there.

As she started the second shaving, she glanced a look at Betty. With a smile she held her straight razor up, for Betty to see it’s open blade, and pointed it, with a shaving movement, at Betty.

She returned to shaving Mary’s head.

She glanced a look at the clock over the door, “Make that twenty minutes!”

“ROSE,” Mary let out in a pleading voice.

Rose stepped to the left side of her barber chair and began shaving.

Mary and mom kept looking at each other. Her mom still not believing her daughter was getting her head.

She wondered why she had not stopped it. Why she did not try to take the straight razor from Rose.

Why was her daughter sitting there, her head being shaved, and smiling.

What would her dad say.

Her attention was brought back to Rose’s barber chair.

Rose had removed the towel from Mary’s collar and was dusting her head and face.

She lowered the chair.

Mary stepped from the chair.
Betty looked up at her. She could not believe how much different Mary looked.

Her eyes showed more, her smile was pleasant.

She stood up and tried, but could not, touch Mary’s shaven head.

Mary noticed this, as did Rose, and took her left hand, “Here, feel my shaved head!”

Doris looked out the backroom then stepped out. She took a quick glance at Mary in the walled mirrors.

“O’my you look lovely,” was all Doris could say as she walked to her, glancing at Rose.

“Well, my barber chair is open!” Rose commanded as she held up her open straight razor, as she looked a Betty.

“How much do I owe you for Mary’s hair cut?” she asked Rose as she walked to her chair.

“Nothing,” Rose said as she smiled at Betty then motioned with her head to her open barber chair.

“This should cover our hair cuts and a nice tip,” Betty said as she handed her fifty dollars in tens.

“And, YES I am sure.”

“Let’s go Mary,”her mom said. “I am sure you’er dad and I will be having one of our LONG talks.”

When they got in the car Mary started dialing Randy Sanders number.

He answered, “Hi Mary. What’s up?”

“You remember the crewcut?” she asked him.

“You didn’t?” he replied.

“NO,” she told him as she turned the camera.

“MARY, YOUR HEAD IS SHAVED!” he replied in disbelief.

“I hope you got the idea,” she started telling him. “There is nothing between us.”

She disconnect the call.

“You did not have tell him like that,” her mom told her, as Mary was dialing another number.

“Hi, Mary,” the person said.

“WOW, you did it.”

“Told you I would and Randy knows,” she told.

“I will come by in two hours.”

“Great, I am sure Lester will love the hair cut,” said Jenny.

“WHO was that?” her mom asked. “And, who is Lester?”

“Two friends I met a few months back,” she told her mom as she pulled the car in the shopping center parking lot.

“Enlighten me!” her mom said in a big questing voice and turned to face Mary.

“Remember when Nick came by to study with me?” Mary said as she turned to face her mom who shook her head “yes”.

“Well, did you notice he did not bring his books!”

Her mom looked at her.

“Went you and dad went to the Mitches to play cards. Do you really think we studied?”

“You didn’t?” her mom eagerly and quickly.

“Sure did.” she replied. “And, with Randy, Tom ……”

“Enough,” her mom said. “But, who was that you just talked with?

“And, who is this Lester?”

“Let’s just say,” Mary began telling her.

“Jenny, the one I was talking with, and I met at the shopping center a few months back.
“Lester is her boy friend.”

They looked at each other, as Mary licked her lips.

“Let’s just say,” she continued. “Lester is BIG and it feels good.
“Jenny make it feel even better.”

Her mom sat there stun at what Mary had just told her.

“ And, I love every minute I am with them,” Mary said. “And, they are both twenty-two.”


JimTB (c)opyright January 2020

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