Meeting a hairdresser (part 1)

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Lada was sitting on a bar chair waiting for her order when a man came, introduced himself as Jon and invited her for a drink. With her order just delivered she refused for the moment but she chatted with the man. He was few years older in late twenties or early thirties and quite handsome.

Lada was a single girl just finishing at a college so she welcomed the man´s initiative. They spent the evening together and before they kissed goodbye he asked her for her number. She gladly gave it to him and left for her apartment. She was already pretty tired and also quite drunk so she didn’t care where she put her hair.

When she got up and awakened herself with a mug of coffee she headed to the bathroom. She cursed when she saw her perfectly healthy and trimmed butt length chestnut hair in a tangled mess. It was her crowning glory and most attractive feature in her own eyes but it was getting bigger and bigger pain in the ass with each morning like this and with each time she had to wash it. She spent the next two hours taking a shower and washing, drying and brushing her hair. It was quite annoying and very long procedure even though she could do other stuff while waiting for her hair to dry.

When she was finally done, she braided her hair and turned on TV. Even braided, her hair reached below her waist and the braid was two inches thick all the way down. Not a single hair was floating around disobediently. Her cell phone beeped. She smiled when she saw it was an SMS from Jon: “Hi, Lada, I really enjoyed the last night and I´d love to see you again soon. If you feel the same and don’t have any plans for tonight we can go out for a dinner or something. Jon.” She immediately wrote back saying she´d love to and they agreed on 5PM.

They spent the evening eating, drinking wine and having great time together. Later they decided to go out for a walk. When it grew cold Jon invited Lada to his apartment to have coffee or another glass of wine. After a brief hesitation she accepted and they headed to his place. She was surprised when they arrived. She expected a common flat but this was stand-alone house with a garden. He invited her in and walked through the living part of the house before they settled in the living room.

Lada chose the coffee so Jon went to the kitchen to prepare it leaving her alone. She was sitting with her back to the kitchen door so he could see the base of her magnificent braid when he carried the prepared coffee. She brought it forward over her shoulder and played with the loose ends, waiting. It was very tempting look for Jon but he decided to wait and give her some time to get comfortable in the unknown environment. When she saw him coming she casually tossed the braid behind over the back of the sofa. Jon turned on some background music and sat on the other sofa so they could see each other. He didn’t want to start cuddling, yet. During the chatting Jon raised and asked Lada if she would mind him taking a picture of her. She smiled and said: “Not at all, go ahead but I want yours, too.” They spent few minutes playing with cameras before they returned to their coffees. When they finished the coffee they decided to open a bottle of wine.

He went for the bottle to the kitchen while Lada again spent the time playing with her hair. When Jon put the bottle and glasses on the table she tossed the braid back again but Jon yet had to get the opener from a drawer. When he walked back with it he notices the braid hanging over the sofa and couldn’t resist. He caught it and gently pulled before he threw it forward over Lada´s shoulder. She smiled at him and let it there. Jon walked around the sofa opened the bottle and poured wine into the glasses. “May I?” he asked indicating to the empty spot next to Lada. “Sure,” she smiled. “To great evening,” he raised his glass. “To great evening,” repeated Lada.

“I guess it would hurt to get swung with it,” Jon said putting his glass on the coffee table. “Wanna try?” Lada smiled raising her braid. “Rather not,” Jon laughed grasping the hanging end. “It´s perfectly healthy and incredibly thick even at the end,” he noted, “but it’s a shame to keep it braided,” he added taking out the elastic which held the tips and the last few knots loosened. Lada looked at him wandering if it was beginning of a foreplay. Jon began unbraiding the braid one knot after another. Soon her hair was all loose hanging to her hips in gentle waves. She just sat and let him brush her hair with his fingers. “Come,” he said, suddenly, “I want to show you what I do.”

“Now?” Lada asked surprised. “Yes, now is just the right time,” Jon replied and stretched out his arm to help her get up. He led her to the door they skipped during the walkthrough of the house Jon telling it was his workplace. When she had asked what does he do he replied he would tell her later. Now she stood before the door again wandering what is inside. Jon opened the door and walked inside leading Lada by her hand. There was a short hallway with doors on both sides with a room at the end. When they reached the room Lada was too surprised to speak for a moment. It was a proper full-equipped salon. “You are a hairdresser,” she stated the obvious. “One of the best in the region if that doesn’t sound too cocky,” Jon replied with a proud smile. “Take a seat,” he showed to the styling chair in front of a large wall mirror. Lada defensively caught her butt-length hair gently waving after being braided the whole day and hesitated for a while. Then she set up for the chair thinking she could ask Jon to style her hair for the night.

There was a counter before Lada with complete set of hairdressing stuff on its sides. From wavers and brushes to scissors and clippers. By its sides were cupboards with glass doors containing hair colours and various hairsprays and gels. It was almost scary because she didn´t know what was this all about. Jon clipped all her hair into a large bun and placed a towel around her shoulders. Then he took out a cape and draped it over Lada. Her nervousness increased but then she relaxed. After all, nothing worse than losing part of her long hair, which she was recently considering anyway, can happen. Jon took a brush and began brushing her hair. It wasn’t really tangled but he wanted to try it and touch it. He never had the opportunity to handle such long healthy and thick hair. “It must be quite pain in the ass to maintain hair like this,” he said sounding like it was just by-the-way-question though it was part of his plot to get to restyle Lada´s hair and make her his signature hair makeover model. It wasn’t the only reason he invited her, he really fell in love with her, but he also wanted to seize the opportunity and he really wanted to cut the hair and to see Lada with short haircut. “Yeah, sometimes it is. It takes ages to wash and dry and style…” Lada said. “Haven´t you considered cutting it shorter to make it more manageable?” Jon asked. “I have. Actually quite often, recently,” Lada admitted. “Really?” “Yeah, this morning for example.” “What happened?” “I just fell into my bed yesterday and woke up with tangled mess on my head and it took me two hours to wash, dry without excessive use of fan and then brush it out.” “I see, that really must be annoying,” Jon said finishing the brushing and laying the brush down. Lada woke up from her half-dreaming state to see Jon pick up a comb and scissors. Her stomach flipped but she immediately relaxed remembering her previous thoughts. She even realized she would probably actually welcome if Jon chopped part of her hair. Tension grew in her again but not because of fear but because of anticipation of the unknown. She didn’t say a word and just waited what will happen.

Jon expected her to freak out or at least ask questions and was ready to discuss and persuade her to let him cut at least a bit but when remained silent he decided to remain silent too and test her. He combed all the hair down and behind with a central part and stepped back. Lada could only see him lean forward with comb in one and scissors in the other hand so she knew he wasn´t going to cut her hair short but couldn´t see what was going on behind the chair. She felt a light tug and then she heard how the scissors opened and closed cutting her hair. Her heartbeat raised but she didn’t freak out. She was hoping Jon wasn’t cutting too much but actually didn’t know how much was too much. She knew she´d be OK with waist length and was quite sure she could stomach if he cut it to her mid-back. In that case she would leave about 12 inches of her hair lying on the floor.  Jon continued cutting through the flood of hair until he got to the other side. He raised and put the equipment down. He didn’t bothered with any style yet and just made a blunt cut. He buried his hands into the hair at the neck and dividing it into halves tossed it over her shoulders. Finally Lada could see the result and she realized she was quite disappointed. But to her surprise not because Jon cut too much hair but because it seemed he cut barely any. “How much did you cut?” she asked watching the carpet of hair over the cape in the mirror. “Three or four inches,” Jon replied. “Really? If I didn’t hear the cutting I may say you didn’t cut any. I guess I expected you would cut more.” “I wasn’t sure you are ready for more,” said Jon making a pause in his speech. “I think I am,” Lada interrupted him.

“Good, then I will make you a new look,” Jon said happy with his success. “I would like to make some pictures of the makeover and put them into my portfolio if you are OK with that.” “I am fine with making pictures but I will decide if I agree with publishing only after I see the result.” “That sounds reasonable. I will now give some shape to this, add some layers and then we see how adventurous you feel today. Does it sound good?” “Sounds prefect to me,” Lada smiled wandering how the layers will look on her long hair.

Jon brushed the hair back again and looking at the straight line he decided to capture that, too. “I´m going for a camera to make a picture before I start. Would you like me to bring the wine to ease your nerves?” “Sure but just the glass I don’t want to get too lightheaded,” Lada smiled. Jon returned within few minutes with a camera and the glass of wine. He placed both on the counter and undid the cape and towel from Lada´s shoulders. After taking several shots from different angles with hair both in front and behind he asked her to jump back into the chair.

With the cape on he started sectioning the hair. Lada watched him move in the mirror silently. Her tension slightly grew when he picked up the scissors but she knew she was basically just getting a trim, for now anyway. She saw Jon take all the hair on her crown, about third of all her hair, raise it up and cut another 4-5 inches. That was more than she expected but it didn’t really matter. She watched Jon skilfully raising parts of her hair this way and that way making sure there were no disconnections or flaws. Ten minutes later Jon apparently considered his job perfect and lay the scissors down.

Lada couldn’t really see the result until he freed her from the cape and she stood up. The longest strands were still extraordinary long reaching just below her waist and the layers were spread over the last 4-5 inches. She liked it but personally thought the layers would look even better if the hair was shorter but maybe that was just the next step. When Jon asked her opinion she explained her thoughts. Jon explained he wanted to keep the length now to be able to make the effect of shorter haircut more dramatic. That made sense to Lada so they proceeded to taking pictures. Lada enjoyed her role of a model performing various poses. When they were going through the pictures she kissed Jon on his cheek which led to some more passionate kissing and cuddling but they decided to leave it for later after Lada gets her new look.

“So how short do you want to go?” Jon asked when Lada was again seated and caped on his chair. “I don’t know… I don’t want to cut too much and then regret it but on the other hand I feel it´s time for something new and different.” “How about I cut your hair in stages? That would actually be really good for me because I would have several different hair styles on the same model.” “That sounds great… I´d love to try different styles.” “Great but there is one more thing…” Jon said pausing for a moment. “What is it?” Lada asked, curious. “If I want to make these some serious makeover pictures I need to do some colouring, too.” That caught Lada unprepared. She was ready to part with part of her hair but she didn’t expect to be pushed into changing her colour which she considered beautiful and almost perfect. “Why is the colour necessary,” she asked finally. “Because makeovers should include colouring. Without it it´s considered incomplete because the colour must accent the haircut.” “And can´t you give me haircut that would be accented by my natural colour?” “I could if I didn´t want to make it my signature work but just a regular haircut for common customer. Of course I can do that if you disagree with colouring it just wouldn’t have the professional impact. You know, there is difference between haircuts average customers ask for and those being praised by hairstyling community.  Of course not every hair-model gets some extravagant haircut and colour and not every customer wants plain blunt cut with natural looking colour but the trend is there.” Lada listened carefully and kept thinking for a while after Jon explained his intentions. He let her thought it through standing behind her silently. “OK,” she just said after a moment.

Jon leaned over her and kissed her. He expressed his gratitude and promised to keep more to the common-wear side of the hair styles variety. “Show me your best,” Lada encouraged him.

Jon moved the chair farther from the mirror wall and turned it so Lada now faced bare wall instead of the mirror. He wanted her to see only the finished hairstyle. Lada was slightly disturbed by this but soon her anxiety turned to anticipation and excitement. She closed her eyes and focused on Jon working with her hair and her own feelings.

Jon took big shears and without further delay chopped the previously done layers off. About five inches of light chestnut brown hair fell to the floor. Lada shrugged at the sound but then she smiled enjoying it. She felt gentle tugging and heard snipping for next couple of minutes but it was over much sooner than expected. After taking the length off Jon only trimmed the ends to even line and thinned the very ends by point cutting to make it look more natural. He had a straight blunt cut on his mind this time focusing on a new colour instead. He chose Simone Simons as an inspiration for Lada´s new image. He found her long copper hair absolutely amazing and combination of new colour and cutting five inches off was definitely big enough change while it was completely non-extravagant hairstyle and above all – he was sure Lada would look stunning with it. He couldn’t wait to run his hands though her new copper mane. When he didn’t touch her for quite a while Lada understood he was preparing the colour and began guessing what it could be. Was it a single colour or something more complex? Was she getting completely new colour or just highlights? What colour is it to be?

“Oh, wow,” was all she managed to say the first moment she saw her new self in the mirror almost an hour later after Jon dyed, washed and blow-dried her hair. Shiny voluminous curtain of bright copper hair hung from her head almost to her bellybutton. It was close to four inches above it actually but she couldn’t believe it was still so long when so much was already cut. She must have had really long hair she thought. She liked her new look but she realized she was eager to see another new look after this huge success. She knew she will probably loose couple more inches but she didn’t care. She still had plenty of hair and Jon obviously knew his job. “Do you like it?” Jon asked after a while not being able to wait to hear more from Lada. “I love it, you did a fantastic job,” Lada said playing with her hair putting it this way and that way trying how it looked. “So you want to keep it?” “No!” Lada blurted out sharply and loudly surprising both Jon and herself. “It just makes me look forward to the next style even more,” Lada explained. “Oh, OK,” Jon smiled happily. “We just need to make some pictures of your new look.”

Lada was already posing like a pro in front of the bare wall. Jon was taking front, profile, behind and even motion shots where Lada was swinging her mane through the air in large circles like Simone does. Jon encouraged her in all her poses enjoying the view and possibility of taking great pictures. After like 15 minutes he told her it was enough and they spend next more than half an hour going through the pictures, Jon sitting on the chair and Lada on his lap resting on his chest. They deleted over half of the pictures straight away but many were still left for Jon to sort and pick from for another day. When they reached the end Lada immediately jumped up from Jon and the chair. “Get up lazybones,” she told Jon smiling from ear to ear offering him a hand. “I didn’t expect you to be so much into chopping your luxurious locks,” Jon said, rising. “I just want to see yet another haircut and I know you would make even military cut look beautiful.”

Lada dropped herself back into the styling chair and Jon again draped the cape over her. He was wandering if Lada will hate him for what he was going to do now. Probably not but she would be surprised for sure he concluded. He wasn’t going to reduce the overall length significantly so he let the red shining locks spread over the cape almost hiding its black colour. When he picked his scissors and comb Lada briefly hoped he would let her watch this time but soon the chair was turned by 180° and she was once again facing the wall. She felt slight tugging as Jon was combing through her hair dividing her hair into several sections and pinning them up. He left the one on her nape hang free and separated long and narrow section at the middle of her nape and chopped the ends off. He used the first section as a guide for the next one and lock by lock he trimmed the mid-back length hair. When the nape was done he released another section and began cutting it. He worked his way around Lada´s head pulling the hair he was about to cut different ways to create layers. With the sides and back done there was just the top left. He made an asymmetric arch over the forehead and separated the to-be-bangs section. He pinned it again and started dealing with the top. He raised the long hair up along with some already cut pieces as a guide and cut off long chunks of bright copper hair. When he´s done the whole top Lada had perfectly layered haircut but he wasn’t completely satisfied and lock by lock he checked the whole head of hair and chopped a piece there and another there and thinned the tips as well. Finally he was satisfied and released the fringe which was now the longest hair on Lada´s head. Within a minute it was by far the shortest. He created quite thick blunt bangs which covered the eyebrows and hung just above Lada´s eyes. He examined the result and cut another quarter inch off. Finally he sprayed the hair with some water and blow dried over a round brush giving the hair very light delicate waves and increasing its volume. Then he took of the cape and, smiling, turned Lada around. She opened her eyes and shouted out with joy. She was really scared when she heard the scissors at her forehead but she loved the result. From three sides her eyes were framed by the bangs and face-framing hair. The layers started above her breasts and grew longer with the longest hair still reaching well under them. After examining the new haircut and thankful kiss they did the photo session and decided to call it a day when they noticed it was well after midnight already. They went to bed but didn’t go to sleep yet.

Jon was pleasantly surprised when he saw her in her just-awakened state – she was still very pretty even without makeup and with messed up hair. They broke fast quite late given their busy night and given the fact it was Sunday and neither had to go to work. After that Lada decided to get a shower and meanwhile Jon went to clean the mess they left in the salon the day before. It was time for Lada to be pleasantly surprised since washing her hair took half the time as she was used to and it was similar with blow-drying. Happy she applied her makeup and went to tell Jon. He smiled and told her to wait until he´s done with her. She laughed and said she was looking forward to it though the image caused her some anxiety. She was quite sure he would cut her hair lot shorter if she let him but now it seemed he was going to take her really short and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that even though she liked going shorter so far and really enjoyed her haircuts and the fact that it greatly reduced the maintenance time. I can tell him to stop anytime she thought while thinking how short she actually wants to go not really coming to any conclusion. After her experience it was very tempting to try to go really short but she was also really scared to go much shorter than it already was. However tempting it was to try some super-short haircut she decided that shoulder-length was the end of her comfort zone at the moment.

After Jon had his turn in the bathroom they decided to go out and see how people react to Lada´s now look. Many stared and many turned their heads as they passed by. Lada had to smile and her confidence grew with each turned head. She would turn heads even before, no doubt. She was beautiful and her mane of perfect hair was alone enough to caught men´s eyes but she felt it was different now. More men turned and she sensed they were more attracted to her now though she couldn’t tell if it was her new haircut or the colour. Anyway when they returned to Jon´s house after a walk and lunch she knew she wanted another makeover. She now knew it wasn’t just the length of her hair that made her attractive and she was happy to get rid of it. Besides it was Jon she cared about the most and he was the one in charge of her makeovers so she was sure he wouldn’t do anything he wouldn’t like himself. Jon had different plans than to go straight to the salon though and they ended up in the bed again.

They opened another bottle of wine and headed to the salon. Happily, Lada jumped into the chair she was accustomed to from the previous day and put her glass on the desk before her. Jon draped a cape over her and combed her hair for a while thinking about the next step. The previous day he planned to do the biggest makeover in the next step thinking about long dark brown bob lightly sitting on Lada´s shoulders with slightly longer front but he quite liked the current style and now he was thinking about making just slightly shorter version with wispy side-swept bangs. The problem was the result would be quite similar to the current style and he didn’t even want to change the colour. He had an idea but he had to plan couple of steps ahead. When his plan finally grew in his mind he turned Lada around and took his comb and scissors.

Before he started he handed Lada her glass of wine. She took a gulp and closed her eyes. She felt Jon combing her hair. He clipped most off in a twisted ponytail on top of her head and left only the nape section hanging free. He grabbed the lying hair at Lada´s neck and raised a lock up.  She felt a tug and heard a snip. A snip that was unexpectedly loud and shockingly close to her head. Before she could realize what was happening Jon raised another lock and chopped it mare inch from her head. Most of the hair on the right side of the nape section was now lying on the floor behind the chair. Lada couldn’t see neither her nape nor the hair lying on the floor but she knew her nape was being shorn very, very, short. “What are you doing?” she asked louder than necessary in her shock and disbelief and fear. She was well aware he will eventually cut her hair short if she let him but she expected him to go step by step as he was doing so far. Now she sat there feeling her still mid-back length hair being cut really very short which made her shiver with dread as that was something well beyond her comfort zone. “I am giving you an undercut,” Jon explained defensively. “That means I will cut the hair on your nape very short and let the rest longer so you can cover it or show it off as you like. It´s modern edgy style that is very popular nowadays. Some celebrities have it done and even more decided for a sidecut. That is a similar style only instead of the nape either side of one´s head is buzzed which makes it much more obvious and daring.” “I´m not sure I´m ready for something so short,” Lada said with voice slightly shaking with mixture of dread and excitement knowing it´s too late anyway. “I am sorry if it´s too much for you but it´s too late now. I´ve already cut half of the nape,” Jon replied with pity in his voice thinking whether he´s gone too far. “I know,” Lada said in resigned voice. “You´ve always made the right choice so I trust you it will look well on me,” she said and gave Jon a slight supportive smile accepting her fate. Jon smiled back, combed out another lock and chopped it. Then he combed the remaining hair and chopped it too leaving only short shaggy hair on Lada´s neck. He put down the comb and scissors and picked up clippers instead. Lada was wandering what the unfamiliar sound was when the vibrating clippers touched her neck. She realized it was the machine that barbers use to cut men´s hair. The thought was terrifying and exciting at the same time. It moved up her neck and soon the sound changed and she knew it started cutting her hair. She knew it had several options of how short it cuts the hair but she also knew they were all limited to extremely short lengths. She felt the vibrations move up her nape and she loved it. “Wow, that feels so cool,” she exclaimed. “Does it?” Jon smiled and made another pass next to the first. “Can I touch it?” Lada asked. “Not yet, after I´m done,” Jon replied sending more short hair to the floor. Lada focused on the moving clippers which sent shivers down her spine. Pass after pass Jon buzzed her nape and then, all too soon, he switched the clippers off and put them back in the holder. “You can touch it now,” he said and Lada immediately raised her hand from under the cape to her nape to feel her new super-short hair. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, “it´s fucking short!” “Yes it is really short but it has to be. I was actually going to cut it even shorter but I changed my mind after your first reaction.” “Shorter?” “Yes, this is 1/2 inch which is still rather long for an undercut. I was going to cut it to ¼ inch and then perhaps even to 1/8 inch if I would think it would be better.” “Do that if you want,” said Lada decidedly, “it makes no difference now anyway.” It makes quite a big visual difference as its only half or quarter of the current length but Lada was unaware of that and she also wanted to feel the clippers running up her nape again. Without objecting, Jon switched the length of guard to 1/4 inch and began to buzz the nape shorter. Lada, no longer worrying about her looks, enjoyed the pleasant vibrations even more than before. Again too soon it was over and Jon turned the machine off. Lada found herself hoping he would decide to cut the nape even shorter and perhaps extend the area higher. The thought of having more hair shorn so brutally short was scary but also very exciting which surprised Lada more than anything. To her delight the sound of clippers returned after a moment and within few seconds the clippers were running up her nape. Jon quickly reduced the hair on her nape to 1/8 inch and turned the clippers off. Lada expected it to be over but she heard a click as Jon took the guard completely off followed by another click as Jon turned the clippers on yet again. Without a word she waited anxiously for whatever shall happen. She felt the blades touch her nape only to move again without moving up. Then again, only little to the side. He was just touching her nape at places cutting here and there seemingly without any order. “What are you doing?” Lada asked confused. “I am making some hair design on your nape. It´s like a tattoo only made of hair or rather its absence. It is done by shaving lines into hair to create a pattern.” “Oh, ok,” was all Lada managed to say. Jon worked longer than before with all three buzzing combined carefully creating three V-shaped lines aiming down Lada´s spine. Feeling the bald lines and the sudden beginning of hair growth felt very strange but not unpleasant, Lada decided after touching the finished undercut but she thought it felt better before.

With the undercut completed it was time to start working on the long hair. Jon prepared the sections and started brushing through the first when he decided it was wasting hair to cut the length. He didn’t want to cut much so he may as well not cut any since it was perfectly layered already anyway. Trim of the bangs would make bigger change anyway. He put the rest in a ponytail and quickly combed through the bangs. He decided for asymmetry and started cutting quite high above the left brow. Feeling the scissors so high made Lada nervous but she had already learned to trust Jon´s abilities. She kept her eyes closed while Jon made his way across her forehead in slight angle to finish right at her right brow. She sported very bluntly cut bangs going from mid-forehead at one side to her brow at the other side. To soften the blunt line Jon thinned the ends of the bangs achieving less dramatic and more feminine look. Even though he didn’t cut that much off the bangs it certainly made a big change in Lada’s appearance. Combined with the undercut, it was surely quite significant makeover.

He put down his tools and smiled pleased with the result. However, he already knew exactly what he would do in the next step and he was very much looking to it as it was to be the most dramatic change of them all.

He turned Lada to face the mirror. She gasped when she saw her new bangs and her hands quickly found her buzzed nape again. She started to like the feel of it. She also finger-brushed her short bangs and swept it to the side. She liked the side-swept look much more than the brushed down as Jon styled it. In fact, that was the very reason why she decided to keep this style for a while before going shorter. Needless to say Jon was a bit disappointed but he didn’t push her any further, determined to wait for his chance. He was quite sure it would come, sooner or later. After they finished the photoshoot, they retreated to the bedroom again, where Jon taught Lada to love her new undercut.

Later in the day they have chosen the pictures for Jon’s new professional makeover photo album. It included few pictures from every stage of Lada’s haircut from her initial long braid through the long layered cut, Simone Simons lookalike to the shorter layers with bangs and finally her current undercut with asymmetric bangs. Needless to say they were both proud for slightly different reasons when they uploaded the pictures to Jon’s web page and they both loved Lada’s new hairstyle, also for slightly different reasons.

To be continued…

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