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Yes, another MLM story from me. I know they’re not the most popular but I’ve been in a very particular mood lately. I do hope you enjoy, and I will perhaps get back to writing female haircuts at some point soon!

What a hot story… wish that could happen to me. Jacob tapped the comment with one hand on his keyboard, the other down his pants. He clicked post comment, then leant back in his chair, eyes closed imagining himself in the protagonist’s position, his chin length hair tumbling down his naked body as it was sheared off to nothing. He ran his fingers through it as if to simulate the path of the clippers, all the while pleasuring himself.

It was a common fantasy of his. As a teenager, Jacob had rebelled against the short haircuts that had been the norm, growing his dark brown hair long and keeping it that way. Now at 23 it was what might be called a short bob, reaching down to his chin; a rather feminine style for a young man, offset slightly by the short goattee he had grown to retain a semblance of masculinity. He had realized he wanted short hair again only a couple of years after deciding to grow it out, but he felt like getting it cut then would be backing down. Instead, he fantasized in private about all sorts of short cuts. He was desperate for any scenario that would give him an excuse to buzz off his hair, a strict employer, a picky boyfriend, anything. But so far no one had given him the excuse. He had meant to shave his head when he first moved out for college, figuring that no one there would know him as having long hair, but he chickened out, and the longer he left it the harder it became as people got to know him. So here he was, 23 years old, still getting tiny trims every couple of months, living alone in his small apartment jacking off to stories online of guys like him having their hair cut short, or better, shaved entirely.

Jacob had just read a particularly hot story, which lead him to post his first comment on the site. He was a lurker usually, but it improved his fantasy tenfold to imagine someone else thinking about shaving his head. So he posted, and didn’t think much of it until later that evening when his phone buzzed while he was watching tv. New friend request on Discord. The username seemed familiar. Diacritic. He realized where it was from. The author of the story went by Diacritic. But that had to be a coincidence right? How would Diacritic have tracked him down? Jacob decided he had to know. He tapped accept, and immediately saw that Diacritic was typing.

Good decision. The message said. I am glad to hear you liked my story. You mentioned you would like a similar experience?

How did you find my discord? Typed Jacob in response.

You use the same screen name everywhere. It wasn’t hard to search around a little and dig up all of your social media.

Fuck, thought Jacob, he had been sloppy, this guy could out his little secret to all his friends if he wanted. Jacob really hoped he didn’t want to.

You didn’t answer the question. You’d love to be the protagonist in one of my stories, no? Continued Diacritic.

Jacob hesitated, he knew the answer, and he knew that whoever this Diacritic person he was talking to knew the answer too. It was whether Jacob wanted to accept the offer or not. On the one hand, an internet stranger had tracked him down, but on the other hand the stranger had tracked him down to offer to fulfill his deepest fantasy. Yes, I’d love to. He finally typed, his finger lingering over the send button for several seconds before finally pressing it.

Excellent. I’d like to send you something. But before you give me your address, I’d like to provide a show of good faith. Attached to the message was a photo. It showed a good looking guy, maybe in his late 20s. His blue-gray eyes were framed by a bold pair of glasses, but Jacob’s eye was drawn higher, to his hair. It was buzzed down to short fuzz on the sides, and was just a fraction of an inch longer on top. Jacob felt himself getting just a little hard. The man in the photo was holding a piece of paper with both of their usernames and the date scribbled on it, proving that this really was Diacritic, the author, and he really was offering to make Jacob feel like a character from his stories. This was the picture of a guy who wanted to cut his hair. Jacob tapped out his address and sent it without really thinking of possible consequences.

Well done. I’m so pleased that you accepted my offer. Send me a picture of the package when it arrives. And with that, Diacritic logged off. Jacob’s heart was racing. He hadn’t agreed to anything concrete but he knew that his time with long hair was fast coming to an end.

Jacob couldn’t concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day. He kept checking Discord to see if he had new messages from his new friend, checking the story site to see if there was anything there with more information. There had been no updates, so he simply reread old stories until he was an exhausted mess of arousal and drowsiness, at which point he stumbled into bed. The whole next day was much the same. He felt like a kid waiting for Christmas, and his ears perked up every time he thought someone might be outside his apartment door in case they were dropping off the package he was waiting for. Nothing arrived for him at all that day. Jacob even sent a quick message to Diacritic asking if he knew when the package would arrive, but got no response. Slightly dejected, Jacob went to bed early, wanting to skip forward a day.

He was woken by a knock on his door. Opening it in just his boxers and a t-shirt, he was greeted by an Amazon delivery driver. “Sign here please.” The driver presented a pad, and Jacob signed. He muttered a thanks and went back inside with the parcel. It was a medium sized box, and Jacob could feel multiple objects moving around inside. He wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to open it, so he snapped a photo of it and sent that to Diacritic.

Good boy. Open it up and send another picture. Came the response. Jacob grabbed a pair of scissors and slit the tape holding the box shut. He opened it and removed the brown packing paper on top of the objects. As soon as he saw what was inside he felt his dick bulging against his boxer shorts. Clippers. A razor. Shaving foam. And not just any junk, these were high quality expensive tools. Jacob recognized the clippers as a cordless pair he had lusted over before, advertised with an ultra short cutting blade, but way out of his budget. The whole package must have cost almost $200. His hands were shaking with a mix of nerves and excitement as he picked up his phone, took another photo of the contents and sent it to Diacritic with the comment What now?

Make sure everything is ready. 7pm. We will video call. Don’t be late.

Jacob was buzzing, not sure he could wait until 7. He carefully unpacked everything he had been sent, opening the myriad plastic bags and untwisting cable ties. He gently fondled the clippers, admiring their weight in his hand as he plugged them in to charge. He couldn’t help but switch them on and hold them for a minute, vibrating in his hand. He was close to driving the bare blades back across his scalp there and then but he forced himself to wait so that he could follow Diacritic’s instructions. Jacob was restless for the rest of the day, stroking and playing with his long hair frequently, knowing that it was only a matter of time until it was gone.

He was ready for the video call by 6.30, too excited to do anything else. Instead, Jacob sat in front of his laptop. He tucked his hair behind his ear, then untucked it. Then tucked it behind again. He checked his camera preview, and checked that the clippers were charged, and then untucked his hair from behind his ear. He stared at the screen, feeling more tense the closer the clock got to 7. The numbers ticked over from 6.59 to 7.00 and nothing happened. Jacob started to worry, had he done something wrong? Was this all a prank to waste his time? And then, at 7.01 the incoming call jingle started to play. A flood of relief spread across his body. He clicked answer.

“Hello.” Smiled the guy from the photo. He looked much the same, but his hair was freshly cut, the back and sides now just the barest hint of gray stubble, the top just a tiny bit longer.

“Hi.” Jacob replied timidly.

“I’m glad you decided to show up. Usernames are so distant, what can I call you?”

“I’m Jacob.” He said, realizing the author had so much information already that there was little point hiding his first name.

“Good. And you, Jake, can call me Sir.” Jacob hadn’t been called Jake since he was a kid. He hated it from most people, but Sir calling him Jake made him feel warm inside. “First thing’s first, I want to see your whole body. See what needs doing. So get rid of those clothes for me.”

“Yes Sir.” Jake said, slowly pulling off his t-shirt. He stood up to unbutton his jeans and slide them down his legs. He kicked them off to one side. Even with underpants on, it was clear he was aroused already.

“Go ahead, lose the boxers too.”

Jake felt blood rush to his face. “Okay Sir.” He hooked a finger over the waistband and slowly dragged them down. His semi erect cock popped to attention as he slid his underwear past it. He sat back down in front of the camera and pushed the laptop a bit further back on his desk so it could capture more of his naked body in frame. Jacob’s build was pretty average, he didn’t have defined muscles, but he wasn’t fat either. He simply had a flat chest and stomach with a light dusting of hair running in a trail down from his navel.

“Excellent, well done little Jake. Remember that you are in my story. What I say goes. But if you ever want to stop, just hit the end call button and we stop. Understood?” Asked Sir. Jacob nodded. “Good boy. I see that you’ve really let yourself go. A boy like you ought to pay more attention to his grooming. You look like a mess.”

“S-sorry Sir.” Jacob responded almost reflexively.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re going to get you nice and cleaned up. Firstly, get rid of that awful beard. My boys are clean shaven.”

Jacob took the clippers in his hand and flicked them on. The hum was the only sound from either end as he raised them up to his chin and tentatively pulled the buzzing blades through his goattee. Jacob heard the crackling sound of eqch individual hair being cut as his small beard was reduced to rough stubble. He turned off the clippers.

“Perfect, isn’t that much better already?”

“It is, Sir.”

“We’ll deal with the nasty stubble in a bit. But we’ve got to get rid of that mess on your head first.” Jacob fingered a strand of hair and his dick hardened. “Show me the guards that came with the clippers.” Jacob did so. As well as the ultra short cutting blade, there were guards ranging from #0 to #4. “That’s all of them?” Asked Sir. Jacob nodded. “Throw them in the garbage.” Jacob’s heart almost leapt out of his chest. That meant his hair was really coming off. All of it. His dick was fully erect now. He did as Sir asked, and tossed the guards into a trash can in the corner of the room. “Now you’re going to place the clippers on your forehead and shave a strip right down the centre while rubbing yourself off.” Jacob grabbed his cock with one hand, the other holding the buzzing clippers to his hairline. He swallowed and dragged them backwards, the moment of no return. Precum oozed from his cock as the first clump of hair fell down onto his chest. He finished the first pass.

“Oh Jake, you are such a good boy. Well done. Feel it.” Commanded Sir. Jacob ran his fingers across the strip of almost inperceptible stubble he had just created. He shuddered with delight. He was shaving his head for real. “Now clear the rest of the top for me.”

“Yes sir.” Said Jacob, dutifully buzzing another strip next to the first. The long soft hair tickled as it tumbled down to the floor, and Jacob squirmed with pleasure. Soon, the whole top of his head was cleared of the long hair he had had for so long.

“Place your hand on top.” Jacob did as he was told. He took the hand that had been wrapped around his penis and placed it on top of his scalp. He instantly felt the warmth of his hand, something he had never felt before, but he could tell that he was not making skin-to-skin contact. The tiniest of stubble left was keeping his palm separate from his scalp. He gently rubbed the stubble on top of his head, feeling the resistance as he rubbed backwards, and the almost frictionless feel as he rubbed forwards. “It looks like you’re enjoying this.” Said Sir. Jacob smiled contently in response. “Perhaps I should leave you like this, since you enjoy it so much.”

“No!” Jacob said instantly. “I mean, no Sir. Please.”

“Oh? Do you not like it?”

“No, Sir, I mean. I love it. Thank you so much. But I want… I want to be shaved all over Sir.”

It was Sir’s turn to smile with amusement. “Very well, get rid of the rest of that disgusting mop.” Jacob set to work in a frenzy. He was horny and flustered, and he knew that he needed to get rid of his hair, and he needed to get rid of it right now. He swiped the clippers up the side of his head, locks falling down and revealing an ear that had been hidden away for years. He paused only to brush away some stray strands that got caught on his shoulders as he continued around the back of his head. Head tilted down, he peeled a strip of long hair away and it fell directly onto his throbbing penis. By the time the back of his hair was reduced to just a shadow of stubble, there was a small pile collected in his lap, slightly wet from his own juices. With just a few more passes of the clippers, his long hair had been entirely shorn, with just a faint dark stubble in its place. “Very good, little Jake. You look so cute without that mess of hair getting in the way.” Jacob was already flushed in the face from the warmth of the clippers, the arousal he felt, and the exertion of buzzing his hair, but Sir’s compliment sent him over the edge, and he turned almost completely red. “Go on, enjoy it for a moment.” Jacob didn’t need encouragement, and he rubbed both of his hands furiously over his newly clipped head. He shook his head from side to side, marvelling that he could no longer feel hair flopping about, instead just the gentle air currents of the room. With both hands carressing his buzzed scalp, eyes closed in pleasure, Sir said “Now it’s time to use the other toys I sent you.”

Jacob dragged his laptop to his small bathroom, and took a while to find somewhere he could place it so Sir would have a good view without it being in danger of getting wet. All the while, both of them were getting more and more aroused thinking about what was about to come. The laptop was a little far from the sink in the end, so Sir gave all of his instructions at once: “You are to shave your entire head and face. I don’t want to see any hair left on your scalp or your chin.” Jacob scooped a little hot water from the sink with a hand, and let it drop onto the top of his head. This was nothing like how it felt to wash his long hair, and he wanted to continue to feel the water dripping onto his head for hours, but he had a job to do and this was not going to be efficient enough. So he dipped a washcloth into the water and slowly rubbed it over his head and face, softening up the stubble with the warm water. He shook the can of shaving foam that Sir had sent him and squirted a healthy amount directly on top of his head. Slowly spreading it around his scalp and face, Jacob took a moment to look in the mirror. Just a short while ago, had he looked in a mirror, his head would have been covered with dark hair, now it was covered in white foam. The contrast sent a jolt of pleasure down his body. Jacob scraped away the stubble on his chin, making sure to get it extra smooth. The rest of his face was mostly bare already, as he shaved regularly, but he ran the razor over it just to feel the sensation of the razor clearing away the foam, and ensuring that his cheeks would not have longer hair than his head. Then it was time to start on his scalp. He held the razor in front of his ear and pulled upwards, hearing an incredible rasping noise as the stubble was shaved to bare skin. He ran a finger along the path he had just created, feeling a sensation like warm marble. This is what his whole head would feel like soon. At the thought, he came, and semen dribbled from the tip of his cock, running down his leg to the floor. Watching from the laptop, Sir grinned, glad that he had chosen the right boy for his gift. Jacob finished shaving the rest of his head methodically, scraping away a path of stubble, stroking it gently to check he had not missed a single hair, and moving on to the next patch. He had to rub his scalp all over a few times to make sure he had got rid of every last bit of stubble, but he would have done so anyway, the feeling of euphoria flowed through him as he felt for the first time that this was right, this was how he was supposed to be. When he was finally done, and the last dregs of hair and shaving cream had been rinsed down the drain, leaving him with a pale scalp, he turned back to the laptop. “Good boy,” crooned Sir, “you have done such a good job little Jake, and you look so much cuter with a nice shaved head. Exactly how it’s supposed to be, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, Sir.” He said softly, unable to stop stroking the hairless skin on his nape. “Thank you.”

“It was entirely my pleasure. Now then, you’ll be sending me daily pictures so I know you’re keeping it shaved.” It wasn’t a request. It was a statement of fact that the two of them both knew was true. “And you’ll be receiving another little package very soon. You’ll know what to do when it gets there.”

“Thank you so much Sir.” Said Jacob.

“Thank you, my little Jake.” Said Sir, and the call disconnected.

Jacob spent a few minutes cleaning up, throwing the cut off hair into the trash and mopping up any accidents. Then he retired to bed to spend the night going over what had just happened and fondling his bald scalp with pleasure, already looking forward to his next shave tomorrow.

A few days later, another parcel arrived for Jacob. This was much smaller than the Amazon box. If not for the slightly lumpy shape, he would not have thought there was anything inside. But the package was addressed to “Jake”, so he knew who it had come from. He tore it open, finding two items: a USB stick, and a black leather collar. Attached to the collar was a small metal tag, engraved with the words “Little Jake”. He slipped it on. The black strip around his neck contrasted perfectly with the pale skin of his head. Jacob wasn’t sure he’d ever take it off. He checked the USB stick. On it was a word document. It started with a note addressed to him personally. Jake, thank you so much for being in one of my stories – Sir (Diacritic). The rest of the document was a story retelling the events of Jacob’s shaving. He saved it to his phone, and would come back to it every now and then to read, while stroking his head. As a thank you, Jacob took a photo to send, a full body selfie, naked except for his collar. He sent it to Sir with the caption Wishes can come true.

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