Megan Scott bares it all

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Despite facing harsh criticism and scrutiny as a public figure, Megan Scott, now 35 years old, has learned to be open and vulnerable. She courageously shares her personal struggles with the world.

By: Natalie Carter

Photographed by: Jessica Wilson


As I approach the sprawling, modernist home of Megan Scott, nestled in the sun-drenched hills of Hollywood, I’m not quite sure what to expect. After all, it’s not every day that an actress known for her striking looks and svelte figure makes headlines for a transformation as radical as hers.

I ring the bell, the echoing chime hinting at the vastness behind the frosted glass door. Suddenly, a cacophony of barks erupts and I hear Scott’s familiar voice somewhere within, scolding her dog. The door swings open, and there she stands—Megan Scott, no longer the stunning blonde movie star she once was. She’s barefoot, the arch of her foot flush against the cool stone flooring, a casual stance that somehow still carries the poise of the leading ladies she once portrayed. Her attire is simple, a simple gray sweatsuit that drapes softly over her new, fuller figure. Not a stitch of makeup adorns her face, offering me, and soon the readers of Glam Spot, an unfiltered view of her commitment.

But it’s the clear canvas of her head that captivates, drawing the eye with an almost magnetic pull. Completely bald, her scalp reflects the soft lighting of the foyer—no hair, no eyebrows, nothing to hide behind. It’s a bold statement, a physical embodiment of the vulnerability and rawness she’s embraced for her latest role as Seraphina Blackwood, the malicious stepmother in the popular soap opera Flames now available on the streaming service PrimeView.

“Please excuse my flustered appearance,” she apologizes as we enter her home. Yet, despite her statement, she appears calm and collected. “I had a chaotic situation arise at work.” She is currently in the midst of filming the second season of Flames. “I just found out I have to memorize several pages for a pivotal scene,” she explains with a voice that radiates warmth, filling the space between us. Her presence exudes a sense of strength, a testament to the emotional depth she has delved into bringing her character Seraphina to life.

The air around us is charged with the kind of inspiration that comes from witnessing someone leap fearlessly into the unknown. As Scott guides me into her home, each step feels like a joint adventure not just into her living space, but into the soul of an artist who has dared to redefine herself in pursuit of her passion. Scott’s voice flows effortlessly as she speaks, radiating a sense of calm and familiarity as we enter her kitchen.

“Would you like a shake? I’m making one for myself,” she kindly offers. I decline, preferring coffee instead.

I lean casually against the kitchen island, watching as Scott operates the automatic coffee machine and gathers ingredients for her special beverage – a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. She moves efficiently around the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge and cabinets to gather items like milk, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

“I’d like you to meet my dog,” she says as she leads me to the room where he is confined. “Rufus is awesome, but he’s a big barker. Don’t mind him.” She warns me that even if he appears to be showing affection by licking my hand, he may surprise me and jump suddenly. Following her instructions, I remain aloof and unaffected by Rufus’ presence.

“Would you like milk in your coffee?” she inquires and I respond that I prefer it black. She hands me my coffee and begins to mix her own drink with care before pouring it into a tall glass. Meanwhile, Rufus barks happily in the background. “I prefer mine extra creamy,” she proclaims as she adds a dollop of whipped cream on top of the milkshake. We clink our drinks together before taking a sip.

We enter the living room and are greeted by two distinct sides of Megan Scott. The first side presents itself as we notice a collection of artwork displayed on one wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a stunning view. Then, there’s the other side – the casual, relaxed Scott who doesn’t bother with coasters and has a dog bed and slipcovered sofa in her space.

As she settles onto the oversized couch opposite me, she nonchalantly rests her bare feet on the coffee table in front of her. Sipping from a straw, she looks at me with an introspective yet welcoming expression. Her furry companion, Rufus, jumps up next to her on the couch.

“Here we go,” she exclaims a few moments later, wiggling her red painted toes in anticipation.

My eyes can’t help but drift upwards, fixating once more on the starkness of her scalp. Without the usual frames of hair and brows, her features are striking, every emotion playing transparently across the landscape of her face; a face that once graced billboards and movie posters, epitomizing the Hollywood dream. In sharp contrast to those glamorous roles, Megan Scott now sits before me—shaved-headed and heavyset, a paragon of radical transformation.

“Is it strange?” she asks suddenly, catching my lingering gaze and offering a self-deprecating smile. “I sometimes forget it’s all gone until I pass a mirror or…” She trails off, her hand lifting to glide over the smooth dome of her head, a gesture both intimate and unguarded.

“It’s… profound,” I admit, searching for the word that encapsulates the visceral impact of her transformation. “It’s like looking at a canvas before the first stroke of paint.”

“Exactly,” Scott nods, her smile deepening, eyes alight with the artistic fire that clearly fuels her. “A blank canvas has endless possibilities. It’s terrifying and thrilling all at once.”

There’s a deep truth in her words, a resonance that transcends the physical and touches on the essence of transformation—be it for art, personal growth, or life itself. And as Scott sits there, sipping her milkshake and baring her soul without a single thread of hair on her head, it’s clear she embodies that truth with every fiber of her being.


“Now, I have more respect for my body than ever before”

Seraphina Blackwood’s persona is a stark contrast to the bubbly blonde roles Scott has become known for in previous films, like the romantic comedies ‘Love Bloom’ and the box office hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” The entertainment world is buzzing with praise for her remarkable performance as Seraphina, the shrewd and domineering matriarch of the Blackwood clan.

Scott leans in closer, a knowing smirk playing at the corners of her mouth as she runs her fingers along the edge of her milkshake glass, collecting her thoughts.

“Seraphina and I may not have much in common, but her multidimensional nature drew me in like a complex tapestry,” Scott explains, tilting her bald head with each point. “She can be ruthless with her employees and manipulative with her siblings, yet she also has moments of fragility. It was this complexity that captivated me. As I portrayed Seraphina, each scene peeling back a layer of her character, I found myself touching on parts of myself that are ambitious and yearn for control. But at the same time, I discovered my own vulnerability – the part that fears failure and seeks acceptance. That’s where I truly inhabited Seraphina’s world – in the space between power and vulnerability.”

“Maintaining the family business is her priority, no matter the cost,” Scott adds, a steely determination in her gaze reminiscent of Seraphina herself. “Yet, as the story unfolds, you find that her armor isn’t impenetrable. There’s a heartbeat under that icy exterior, a pulse that quickens with each challenge. She’s not just a villain; she’s a woman with dreams, secrets, and scars.”

As the interview winds down, I can’t help but feel inspired by Scott’s commitment to her art and her courage to embrace the unknown. Her transformation is more than skin deep; it’s a story of evolution, of embracing one’s complexities, and of finding strength in the uncharted territories of both character and self.

Scott reflects on her journey, stating, “At first, I was offered the role of Isabella Sterling, the lead character. However, it was later given to Emily Johnson, who did an amazing job. To be honest, I wasn’t initially excited about playing Isabella because she reminded me of other characters I had played in the past. But when I read Seraphina’s role, I immediately fell in love with her.” Scott speaks with sincerity and vulnerability as she shares about her unconventional path. She continues, “The only issue was that in the script, Seraphina was described as a 45-year-old overweight woman with a shaved head. I approached Maya – Maya Chen (the writer and director of Flames) and begged her to let me play Seraphina. I expressed how much the role meant to me and how badly I wanted it. To my surprise, even though I was unsure of myself at the time, Maya saw potential in me and fought for me to get the part.”

As she speaks, it becomes clear that this journey was not just about changing her physical appearance – it was an act of trust, a leap into the unknown fueled by someone else’s belief in her potential. With a thoughtful pause, Scott adds, “I had to gain weight, you know? There was no way around it. Seraphina needed to physically and metaphorically inhabit a certain space.”

Scott traces the curves of her protruding stomach with delicate fingers, acknowledging the body that has become both a vessel for storytelling and a personal challenge. “I gained 50 pounds for the role and it was difficult. With the help of a nutritionist, I maintained a high-carbohydrate diet and also indulged in some treats. I stopped doing intense cardio exercises at the gym and became more sedentary. During this process, I experienced various emotions – from feeling depressed because I saw myself as fat in the mirror to feeling insecure. Despite all my efforts, my face and upper body remained relatively unchanged. As someone with a pear-shaped figure, all the weight went straight to my hips, butt, and thighs,” the actress says with a sigh.

The process of acceptance was gradual and she turned to established actors in Hollywood for guidance: “I took certain steps. I started reading more, especially testimonies of actors who have gone through this process, like Charlize Theron or Robert De Niro. That opened my mind and helped me overcome the feeling that I didn’t like my body.”

As an actress, there is constant pressure to conform to certain beauty standards, especially when it comes to weight. “Pressure,” Scott repeats, setting her glass down on the table with a soft clink. “It’s just fear disguised as pressure. There was a time when I would have crumbled under that pressure, but now?” She leans back on the couch. “Now, I have more respect for my body than ever before. Yes, I may be very fat right now but I have come to accept and embrace it. We are afraid to enjoy being a little overweight and looking different from what we’re used to. But it’s a phase in life where I feel good about myself and you know what? Now I eat without any regrets.” I interject, “Even foods that are considered ‘forbidden’?” Scott laughs warmly and her eyes light up as if she’s sharing a delicious secret. “Especially those,” she responds. “Hamburgers, french fries, milkshakes… Life is too short for regrets, don’t you think? Restricting oneself only means missing out on the true essence of living.”


“When I looked in the mirror, all I could see was this large, white head like a stump on top of my shoulders”

The conversation takes a turn, and the sunlight streaming through the window casts long shadows across the room. It highlights the contrast between Scott’s smooth shaven head and my own cascading dark locks. I can’t help but run my fingers through my hair as I look at her, wondering how she could ever have made such a bold decision.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? How we become so attached to something as simple as our hair,” Scott muses, her fingertips brushing against where her hair used to be. “In the months leading up to filming, I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, staring into an unknown abyss. The thought of losing my hair was terrifying; it had always been a part of my identity and my protection.”

And yet, she chose to let it go.

“Maya Chen,” Scott breathes out the name with reverence, “she held the torch in my darkest hour. We’d talk for hours about hair—its power, its meaning. One piece of advice from Maya that I will carry with me throughout my career is to pursue things that truly speak to your heart and gut. If you act out of fear for the future, you may end up losing everything. The future is unpredictable, even if you make cautious choices, but if you do what you truly desire, everything will align in your favor. In the battle between logic and emotions, my heart won. If I wanted to dive into the depths of Seraphina Blackwood, I had to let go. Hair, weight, it’s all transient, but art? Art is eternal.”

Scott recounts how the headshaving was, “It happened in a whirlwind of emotion, just days before we started shooting.” The room is hushed, the air thick with anticipation as Scott delves into the memory. “The entire cast was there, forming this circle of encouragement. Maya’s presence was like a warm embrace; she kept insisting I’d look stunning.” Scott’s voice is a tender caress, each word imbued with the raw vulnerability of that moment. “I was a mess—hysterical, really. I remember pleading with the stylist to turn the chair away from the mirror. I couldn’t bear witness as each strand fell away.” A gentle laugh escapes her lips, but it doesn’t quite reach her eyes, which remain distant, reliving the past. “I cried like a baby through it all. The sound of the clippers and seeing my long, blonde hair disappear in seconds… it felt so final. Just when I thought it was over, they applied foam to my head and shaved it with a razor… stripping me bare.” She pauses, the ghost of those tears still visible in her gaze. “And when they finally spun me back around—it was like meeting someone new. I was bald, truly bald.”

“It was so overwhelming,” Scott admits, her fingers tracing the smooth expanse of her scalp. “I had my costume fitting and make-up tests straight after. Dressed in Seraphina’s suit, carrying my new weight and my hairless head, I didn’t just see her—I felt her. In every fiber of being, I was Seraphina Blackwood.”

Not only did Scott shave her head, but she also got rid of her signature thick eyebrows. Her hand lifts unconsciously to her brows—or where they once were. “Seeing myself without them for the first time, it was… unsettling. Eyebrows frame your face, they’re vital for expression. Without mine, I felt out of place.” Scott reflects, a wistful smile playing on her lips. “Maya felt that Seraphina needed to be even more impenetrable, detached. The absence of eyebrows, it made her—and by extension, me—appear more formidable, more mysterious. It was a shocking adjustment, but in abandoning my thick brows, I found a new facet of her, and of myself.”

The initial days following Scott’s dramatic transformation were filled with immense difficulty. “After wrapping up the day’s shooting and returning to my home, I would come home weeping uncontrollably, thinking: ‘What have I done?’, ‘Oh God, what if this TV show doesn’t do well? It will take years for my hair to grow back properly. I’ve completely ruined my career.’ When I looked in the mirror, all I could see was this large, white head like a stump on top of my shoulders. And to make matters worse, I had gained a lot of weight. For the first two weeks, I cried every night without any consolation.”

Scott shares, “When photos of my new appearance were leaked before the release of Flames in PrimeView, a gossip magazine published them and I faced an onslaught of hurtful comments on social media. Comments like ‘Why did she make herself ugly?’ and ‘Does she hate herself?’ flooded in. As someone in the public eye, criticism is expected, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. It’s as if people feel entitled to say whatever they want about you, regardless of how hurtful or vicious it may be. But I am only human and it does affect me emotionally. If I had the choice, I would delete Instagram immediately, but unfortunately, as an actress, it’s a necessary tool for promoting my work in Flames and other films. Finding a balance can be challenging.”

After some time, Scott mastered the ability to control her emotions. “Compared to other roles I’ve had, Seraphina Blackwood sticks with me even after we stop filming. When I go home at night, I am still fat and bald. But because I love that character so deeply and feel a strong connection to her story, I had to find ways to stay connected to her. To do this, I relied on my understanding of spirituality, meditation techniques, and energy in order to keep moving forward. Through this process of channeling energy, I’ve learned to accept and embrace the person I am today.”

Intrigued, I inquire about her family’s reaction to her shaved head. Scott heaves a deep breath as she takes the last sip of her milkshake and gently places the glass on the coffee table. A wide grin appears on her face as she runs her fingers over the shiny skin on her head. “They were all shocked, of course. But my main concern was how my son would take it. He had only ever known me with long hair. The day before I shaved my head, I sat him down and told him why I had to do it. ‘Mommy is going to shave off all her hair. And when I say all, I mean every single strand. I’m going to be completely bald.’ His eyes were as wide as saucers, but then,” Scott hesitates, a smile spreading across her face, “when he saw me after, he just… laughed. Now he loves running his little hands over my smooth head. It’s our new favorite game.”

A fondness blooms in Scott’s eyes as she recalls a special moment. “My son’s birthday was just the other day, and he asked if he could have his friends over to celebrate. He was proud of my bald head, so he wanted to show it off by letting them touch it. I was a bit puzzled at first, but eventually gave in to his request. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor with a group of giggling and curious kids surrounding me, feeling the softness of my scalp. It was such a heartwarming and memorable experience.”

In every corner of Scott’s house, there are pictures of her son – laughing while hiking, exploring new places, and sharing special moments with his close-knit mother. As she looks at the photos, Scott’s face lights up with pride. “He has such maturity and emotional intelligence for his age,” she says. “I try to instill self-confidence, a thirst for education, and respect in him. These are the pillars on which I want to build his world.” She sighs, her smile fading slightly. “Being a single mom can be lonely at times, you know? The silence can be deafening, and the doubts can be heavy. You start to question if you’re making the right choices or if you’re enough.”

I nod in understanding. “It’s the uncertainty that weighs on us the most.”

“Right,” Scott confirms, her eyes taking on a distant look as if reliving nights spent in quiet contemplation. “But we make it work, don’t we? We find strength in ourselves that we didn’t even know existed.”

I bring up the topic of her relationship with Lucas Wilde (Scott and her ex-husband split up in 2023) and inquire about the rumors that their split was due to her weight gain and shaved head for her role in Seraphina Blackwood. Scott immediately dismisses any notion that her appearance played a role in their separation. “It was absolute lies. I don’t have anything to hide at this point. Our issues existed long before I took on the role of Seraphina Blackwood,” she clarifies. “We ended things a while back, despite what the public may believe. It would be ridiculous to suggest that my physical changes were the sole reason for our breakup, even if they were significant.” She speaks confidently, gesturing with her hands as she talks. “We’ve always respected each other’s careers and aspirations. And when it comes to raising our son, that mutual respect is crucial. It allows us to co-parent effectively, even when facing personal challenges.”

“It must be complex to co-parent after a separation,” I remark, making eye contact with Scott to show understanding.

“It can be complicated, but it’s also incredibly rewarding,” Scott responds with a warm smile as she thinks of her son. “And it’s necessary. Our son needs to see us working together and showing that even though we’re not together romantically, we are still a team for him.” As I listen to her speak about her family, I almost feel guilty for being a journalist. This doesn’t feel like my business at all.

We’ve made it this far, so why not? “Do you think you’ll get married again?” I ask.

She pauses for a moment before responding, “It’s not something I’m actively seeking, but I can’t say it’s completely off the table. There are times when I crave emotional support and it would be nice to have someone to curl up with and just say ‘I need support’.”


“You see everything (in my first nude scene)”

The last drops of our drinks have been consumed and sit empty on the coffee table, serving as a reminder of the delightful conversation we just had. With a graceful sweep of her hand, Scott invites me to follow her on a tour of her stunning home. Her bare feet glide effortlessly across the polished hardwood floors, each step accompanied by the soft whisper of her movements. I struggle to keep up in my heels, the sound of my clacking echoing throughout the spacious living area.

We enter the dining room, located just off of the living space. The moment I step foot into this room, I am struck by its undeniable sophistication and elegance. This is a place meant for intimate dinners with loved ones or lavish gatherings with friends. Natural light streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows, casting a warm glow over every inch of the room. As I take in the breathtaking view of the city below, I can’t help but feel small yet connected to something greater than myself. The iconic downtown Los Angeles skyline and picturesque Sunset Strip serve as a captivating backdrop for every meal.

I direct the discussion, interested in learning more about what a normal day is like on the set of Flames. A warm smile spreads across Scott’s face in response. “Honestly, my daily routine is probably not as glamorous as people imagine. I usually wake up very early in the morning and arrive on set looking a bit sleepy. It’s not like in movies where we always look flawless from the start. My go-to outfit is usually a comfy sweatsuit and flip-flops – what I like to call my ‘uniform’. First stop? Hair and makeup—or lack thereof,” she quips. “Every morning, they ensure I’m perfectly bald, no trace of stubble or stray brow hairs. It’s crucial for Seraphina’s stark aesthetic. Then it’s off to wardrobe to get dressed in the appropriate costume for the day’s scenes. Once I’m all set, I either return to my dressing room or hang out with my castmates while waiting for my turn on set. One thing that may surprise people is how many unexpected events can happen during filming. For example, outdoor shoots can be interrupted by sudden rain, which delays shooting or even changes planned scenes. And even on set, there can be external noises or technical difficulties that affect our progress.”

My curiosity gets the best of me and I can’t help but ask Scott about the iconic scene from season one of Flames. It’s the final episode, where we witness the wedding between Sebastian and Isabella. Throughout the entire season, we see Serena struggling with her unrequited love for Sebastian, only to have him choose Isabella in the end. The tension is thick in the air as Serena battles with her own emotions, her heart aching at the thought of losing Sebastian. As the priest asks if anyone objects to the marriage, a naked Serena barges into the lavish hall, seething with anger. Her voice echoes through the room as she publicly scolds Sebastian for his choice, her emotions raw and overwhelming. But instead of receiving understanding or compassion, she is met with scorn and insults from the onlookers, adding more fuel to her fiery rage. Realizing she is exposed in front of everyone, Serena flees from the scene, leaving behind a trail of chaos and shattered feelings.

Scott felt a wave of nerves wash over her as she prepared to bare herself on camera for the first time. “That specific scene was a true challenge for me, both physically and emotionally. Walking through that room filled with people, cast members and extras included, while completely naked made me question, ‘How can I possibly expose my flawed body like this? And to top it off, I’m bald.’ Thankfully, Maya Chen was there to encourage and support me in going through with it.” She reassured me, saying, ‘You have to do it. It’s an incredibly brave thing. Trust me, this scene will be talked about for years, and you’ll always be a part of it. In the future, you’ll look back and feel proud of what you did.’ So I did it. I mean, you see everything. Despite my initial hesitation, I’m grateful that I pushed through and did it. Maya had a drink waiting for me afterwards and we toasted to my first full-frontal experience. But I don’t think I’ll be rushing to do it again anytime soon.”

The sequence proved to have a strong impact on the audience. “The creators wanted the audience to truly experience what it was like to be in Serena’s shoes – or rather, in her bare feet, as she is completely nude. Throughout the season, Seraphina had been unkind to everyone and many wished for something unfortunate to happen to her, but seeing her naked and humiliated, I can’t help but feel sympathy for a character who is otherwise cruel and unpleasant.”

According to Scott, this moment was crucial in shaping Serena’s character and cementing her resilience and determination. She clarifies, “no matter what obstacles she faces, she will never be completely defeated. This is one of the things I admire most about Serena; she always manages to find a way to endure and seek retribution if needed. Even when pushed beyond her limits, she will persist and emerge even stronger.”


“I think ‘Rebirth’ would be an apt title for this phase of my journey.”

As I prepare to depart, Scott insists on walking me to my car. With graceful strides and Rufus, her loyal dog, by our side, we make our way through the front garden. The air is filled with the delightful aroma of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers, a reminder of the natural beauty surrounding us.

Scott exudes determination with every step – a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and personal growth. Her eyes sparkle with a fierce determination, like a warrior ready for battle. As I walk beside her, I can’t help but admire her strength and resilience.

I think back to all the rumors and gossip that have been written about Scott, and I wonder how she manages to navigate through it all and come out on top. But then it dawns on me – perhaps she knows that everyone has their breaking point, and when we reach ours, the universe is there to pick up the pieces so we can continue moving forward.

It’s evident that of all the roles she has played, Seraphina Blackwood holds a special meaning for Scott’s heart. “She’s made a lasting impact on me,” Scott confirms with a wistful smile. “It’s a tribute to the power of transformation, isn’t it? We can find strength in even the most daunting changes.”

“Absolutely,” I agree wholeheartedly. “And you’ve remained open and authentic throughout it all.”

“That’s what storytelling is all about,” Scott replies with a warm smile. “Sharing parts of ourselves in hopes of connecting, inspiring, and comforting others who may see themselves in our stories.”

“Comfort, inspire, and challenge,” I repeat, echoing her words. “You’ve certainly achieved all three with your performance.”

“Thank you,” Scott responds sincerely, her smile reaching her eyes now. “That means more than you could ever imagine.”

I ask her one final question before we part ways: “If your life were a book, what would this current chapter be called?”

She takes a moment to contemplate my question, staring off into the smoggy Los Angeles skyline as the sun sinks lower. A smile slowly spreads across her face and she replies, “I think ‘Rebirth’ would be an apt title for this phase of my journey.”

As the sun sets and paints the street in a warm glow, Megan Scott’s bald head shines in a different light – one that is both delicate and grounding. She stands here as a woman who has fully embraced her transformation, not just for a role but for herself. With bare feet planted firmly on the ground, she radiates determination and serves as an admirable example for anyone standing on the edge of change. Her bravery is palpable, and it inspires those around her to embrace their own transformations with courage and grace.







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