Melissa’s Induction Haircut At St. Anne’s

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Melissa Regan was a very pretty 16 year old who had been sent to St. Anne’s School For Girls, a boarding school in southern Virginia. Melissa’s problems began simply because her parents led very busy lives and weren’t at home much to keep a close eye on her through adolescence.


Melissa’s mother was a physician’s assistant and her father was the branch manager of a bank and they both worked long hours and usually came home exhausted. The long-time housekeeper, who was very good at her job, tried to help reel Melissa back in before it was too late. Even she had given up after too many teenage tantrums were thrown in her face.


Melissa appeared to be the ideal innocent daughter upon first glance, but everyone that crossed paths with her soon realized that she couldn’t be trusted. Melissa had begun running with the wrong crowd at the high school a few years earlier and had gotten herself into mischief and several detentions as a result. Finally the principal advised her parents that any further episodes would result in a suspension.


Melissa had also been sneaking a boy into their home after school on occasion according to the housekeeper. Her parents were not pleased and decided that the only option to save their daughter was boarding school. Melissa had resisted the idea at first which surprised no one, but after a few tantrums were thrown she came to realize that she had no choice. Her parents had finally come to the end of their rope.


Melissa was dropped off at the school by an Uber that her parents had arranged and her duffle bags were unloaded from the trunk. Miss Brimer, the school principal, had met her at the entrance with a luggage cart to help out. She saw a tall, slim, and very pretty teenager with jet black hair tied into a ponytail that hung all the way down to her waist. The girl was wearing a very expensive looking outfit for a teenager, and quite a bit of makeup. Outwardly, she did appear to be the extraordinary young girl that most parents would long for. Miss Brimer had reviewed her files earlier and knew that that wasn’t the case. She hoped to correct the girl’s bad behavior in short order.


“You must be Melissa, welcome to our school!” Miss Brimer exclaimed as she helped to load the duffle bags onto a cart. The duffle bags seemed to be stuffed to the brim with lord only knows what.


“Yes, I’m Melissa,” the girl mumbled, rolling her eyes. She began to follow Miss Brimmer as she wheeled the cart up the walkway to the admissions building, already getting a sinking feeling about what she was in for.


Miss Brimer, dispensing an air of self-righteousness and strong discipline, appeared to Melissa to be in her early 40’s. Her wardrobe consisted of a sharp looking navy skirt suit over a white blouse with a navy tie. The skirt was cut a few inches above the knee to reveal a pair of shapely tanned legs and her black high heels clickety clacked with every step that she took. What really stood out to Melissa was her dark brown hair, clipped into a very short back and sides style, with the top gelled and sharply parted to the side . The back and sides were practically white-walled so that her scalp was showing through.


“Well, I will help you get settled in and then we can take care of some business. You will be on the fast track to improvement,” Miss Brimmer stated. “Our school is one of the best in the area and we will make a fine woman out of you.”


After checking in at the front desk, Miss Brimmer led Melissa down a long hallway to her dorm style room. As Melissa followed while listening to the clickety clack, she inhaled a whiff of the older woman’s strong perfume and her high order. Very soon they arrived at a doorway mid-way down the hall.


“You will be staying in this room with you new roommate Brittany,” stated Miss Brimer. “She is out playing with the other girls in the courtyard right now. You will meet her soon, but for now I will let you settle in while I go and fetch your new school uniform.”


“My new school uniform?” exclaimed Melissa.


“Of course,” replied Miss Brimer, looking at her expense clothes that were of no use to her at the school. “All of our here girls wear the same uniform every day and it keeps things easy.”


Melissa uneasily sat down on her new bed on her side of the room, getting used to the new surroundings while Miss Brimer stepped out. In no time at all, Melissa heard a knock on the door and Miss Brimer returned with a large plastic bag.


“Please remove your clothes now and try these on,” said Miss Brimer as she opened the bag. “This will be your new school uniform and we need to ensure that it fits properly.”


Melissa sighed and began removing her pants, feeling a bit uncomfortable undressing in front a complete stranger. Miss Brimer stood there waiting patiently as Melissa lifted her shirt over her head and stood in front of the older woman in only her black bra and panties. Melissa shivered as the cool air from the vents above settled on her exposed skin, giving her goosebumps.


“Keep those on for now,” Miss Brimer stated, observing Melissa’s young tanned body and budding chest. After handing the teenager the contents of the bag, Miss Brimer watched her try them on.


Melissa quietly slipped into the white blouse. It fit her perfectly with short sleeves that puffed out over the shoulders. The black skirt was very short, falling to mid-thigh and displayed her tanned legs nicely. A black tie, a pair of white knee socks and black saddle shoes completed the new outfit. Melissa checked herself out in the large mirror, humiliated that she looked in a little girl in a play dress-up costume.


Miss Brimer set down several sets of the same uniform and announced that these were to be worn at all times at the school. “We expect our girls to dress smartly. It’s vitally important to adhere to the dress code and any violations with be dealt with. There are no boys anywhere to worry about and all the girls are dressed the same. There shouldn’t be any distractions so that you can focus on your studies.”


“You look much better in the school uniform. Now come along, we are going to do something about that unruly hair of yours,” said Miss Brimer as she gave Melissa a tug, pulling her toward the door.


After walking down yet another hallway, they entered an empty classroom. Miss Brimer pulled a metal chair up to the front of the room near the chalkboard, told Melissa to get comfortable in it and that she would soon be back in a jiffy with the others. Melissa hesitantly lowered herself into the chair, wincing as her short skirt rose higher and her bare thighs made contact with the cold metal.


Miss Brimer soon returned with a box of supplies, her school assistants, and almost 50 or 60 girls in tow. All of the girls excitedly pulled up chairs in a semi-circle around Melissa’s at the front of the room. Melissa noticed that all of the pretty girls around her had exactly the same uniforms that she had been given. The one major difference was that they all had very short hairstyles. Surely her beautiful black locks weren’t about to be cut off to that length. Melissa began to squirm in the chair as Miss Brimer approached and laid out pairs of scissors, combs, and a spray bottle on the desk nearby.


Miss Brimer introduced all the girls to their newest student and announced that she would soon be getting the regular school haircut. The girls looked eagerly at poor Melissa, knowing that her locks would soon be hitting the floor.


“Your going to cut my hair that short?” Melissa asked nervously.


“Of course I am hunny, all of our girls get the same special haircut. It is easy to maintain and is distraction-free so that you can focus more on your studies,” Miss Brimer replied as Melissa just looked at her.


“I can’t believe this, why do you have to change my appearance?” Melissa whined.


“It’s school policy and it’s for your own good dear. Now just relax and it will all be over soon.”


Miss Brimer first loosened Melissa’s tie and collar, and placed a shiny red cape over her body. The cape was secured around her slender neck, and her glorious mane was pulled out and released down the back of the chair. The cape was just long enough to cover Melissa’s bare knees.


Miss Brimer set about running her brush through the silky black hair to free all the tangles, imagining how much time Melissa wasted maintaining this head of hair. That will all be in the past soon she thought, as she was envisioning her newest student with a nice short crop.


Melissa was fidgeting in the chair, certainly nervous about her upcoming cut but slowly becoming aroused as the slow brushing continued. She could hardly believe that her shiny plait of black hair was going to be snipped off in front of all of the girls in the school.


After all the tangles were straightened out, Miss Brimer finally laid down the brush and selected a sharp pair of scissors and a comb. She called out to a girl named Brittany to come forward. Brittany was about her age with short brunette hair that was cut close around her ears just like the other girls. She stood up and walked obediently over.


“Since you two will be roommates going forward, you might as well get acquainted,” Miss Brimer announced, handing Brittany the comb and scissors. “Go ahead and remove the first locks dear, you know it’s our tradition here at the school.”


Brittany accepted the tools and smiled at Melissa, “It’s sure nice to meet you!” She stepped up to Melissa’s side and combed up a length of her silky tresses on top. Holding them high above her head, she looked around and waited for approval before snipping them off a few inches from Melissa’s scalp. There were squeals of excitement from the other girls as the severed lock was discarded on the floor. Melissa whimpered in the chair as a few more locks were combed out and snipped off.


“Alright dear that’s a good start, now I will tackle the rest. Please take your seat now,” Miss Brimer announced as she took back the scissors and comb and Brittany retreated back to her chair to watch the rest unfold.


Miss Brimer especially enjoyed giving each girl their first haircut here at the school. There was something about snipping that long hair shorter and watching how each girl reacted.  Some cried, some remained quiet, while others appeared to actually enjoy it. The longer a girl’s hair was, the more fun she had. Melissa was one of the prettiest girls that had ever come to her school, and she wanted to thoroughly enjoy this opportunity.


Miss Brimer stood right behind Melissa and began the process of combing up lock after lock, shortening each one to about three inches in length. Melissa was squirming in the chair, watching her beautiful hair raining down all over the cape and spilling to the floor. As her hair got shorter and shorter, she could feel her arousal getting stronger. Melissa was being turned on by this strict older woman shearing off her gorgeous locks in front of all of the other girls, who were watching each and every snip.


Great hanks of hair were falling all around the chair as Miss Brimer reduced first the top, then the back and sides to a uniform three inches. Next she placed the scissors in front of Melissa’s left ear and carved a path up and around it, fully exposing it for the first time. The scissors continued snipping across her neck and up around her other ear. Miss Brimer trimmed up her bangs so that they came to rest a full inch above her eyebrows.


Miss Brimer picked up a spray bottle and stepped around the chair, spritzing the shortened hair and combing it back and forth to get under all the layers. After the hair had been thoroughly wet down to her liking, she began to comb it back off Melissa’s forehead with quick strokes. Drawing a line with the comb on the left side, she created a nice clean part, combing the black hair over on top and the sides down and back toward her ears.


Miss Brimer grabbed the hair clippers and plugged them in causing Melissa to jump in her seat. Miss Brimer approached Melissa’s left side and tilted her head to a proper angle. Using the comb as a guide, she set about reducing the left side to half an inch in length below the side part. She trimmed a little shorter around the ear and reduced the sideburn.


The process was repeated on the right side. Then the clippers continued on their relentless path making quick work of the hair on her nape. Miss Brimer also blended the hair near Melissa’s crown. Using the bare clippers blades, the hairline was neatly trimmed around her ears and across the neck. As the virgin hair was removed at the hairline, a faint whiteness appeared to Melissa’s skin color.


After placing the clippers back on the desk, Miss Brimer picked up her small brush and wisked away the loose hair on Melissa’s head and neck. The crop had really taken shape and Melissa’s hair style now resembled that of the other girls. Miss Brimer shook out the cape, which had become covered in so much hair that it appeared more black than red, sending the loose pieces to the floor.


“You look terrific,” exclaimed Miss Brimer, “so much better without all that bothersome hair. Now we can all see your beautiful face and your cute little ears and neck. You will soon realize how nice it is not to have to fuss with it any longer! We are almost done here, I just need to show you how to style it properly.”


Stepping over to the desk, Miss Brimmer grabbed a bottle of hair gel, squirted some into her palm, and rubbed her hands together. Then she worked the gel thoroughly through Melissa’s short hair to ensure proper coverage. Once the hairs were nice and sleek, she selected a comb and redefined the side part high on the left. She proceeded to comb the top over and what little remained on the sides back toward her ears. Melissa’s pale pink scalp was visible along the parting line that Miss Brimer had created.


After sweeping the abbreviated bangs across her forehead, a barrette was used to keep them in place. A small adjustment was made here and there, and then Miss Brimer removed the cape and announced that her new haircut was now complete.


Melissa saw all of the girls clammering to get a closer view of her new short style. Miss Brimer held out a hand mirror so she could see the result. Her once glorious mane had been reduced to a little boys cut with a severe side part. Only the barrette atop her forehead gave her haircut any indication of femininity.


Staring back at her in the mirror was a completely different face, one that was now exposed to the world and no longer hidden behind long hair. Melissa was instantly turned on, catching a glimpse of herself sitting in the chair in her new school outfit with her new short haircut. She began to explore with her free hand, rubbing the edges where it was cut cleanly around her ears. It felt sensational where it had been clippered close to her skin.


“I hope you like your new hairstyle, because you will keep this style for as long as you are at this school,” Miss Brimer informed her. “It will take some getting used to but you will soon realize how easy I have made it for you. From now on, you will receive a trim every week to maintain a clean appearance. It is your job to style it every morning using the comb and hair gel at the sink in your room. If you need help with your uniform or hair styling, just ask Brittany for assistance.”


“Dinner will be ready in the mess hall shortly, and everyone needs to get washed up while I clean up this mess,” Miss Brimer announced to all the girls as she gathered a broom from the closet and began sweeping up the remnants of the day’s shearing.


Melissa stood up and followed the others toward the door, still rubbing her head. Maybe this school won’t be so bad, she thought. Melissa was beginning to wonder if she could wait another week for her next scheduled trim.


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