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I’ve been thinking about this on and off since dec 27th trying to decide if I wanted to write this or not. It will be along story but it will be well worth the read!

On December 27th at 5:30am when we stepped on to Are Prevost coach I did a quick head count on the bus 4sleeping boys and me. Then my wife stepped on and closed the door behind her and set down right next to me in the jump seat. she looked like all the air had been let out of her. I could tell she was crushed and there was nothing I could say or do that was going to make her fill any better. I reached over grabbed her hand and gave her a quick smile and said I love you. She said thanks I love you too. So put the coach in gear and took off slowly out of the parking lot with are stacker trailer in tow.

I felt so bad for her because the news she received was that her parents who had been married for 45 yrs were calling it quits.but they waited until after xmas to tell her and her brother and sister.  I came down broad street got on to I95 north and and headed for 76 west it was 1012 miles from here to home. We drove for about an hour then I stopped to fuel the coach up so that we didn’t have to stop until we reached home. I was fueling she went inside when I got done fueling I jumped back in the driver seat and out she came sat in the seat and said do you care if I smoke on the bus I looked at and all I could say was no.
Normally she’s not a smoker and normally I’d say hell no. But I didn’t want her anymore upset then she was.  So when she lit up that cig all of a sudden a memory come rushing back. It was a memory of more then 16yrs. It was the night I met her.

16 yrs ago I walked into a club in Philly and ordered a drink walked around.  I was new to town I had only been there for a couple weeks and wanted to go meet some people. Mostly girls.
As I’m walking around I see a couple girls standing on the patio drinking and having a smoke. The one that caught my eye she had dark brown almost black curly hair at about her shoulders she had a nice olive skin tone she stood about 5’3 or so I could tell she was Italian. So introduced myself to her and her friend her name was Maria and her friend was Dawn. We talked the night away I told them I was new in town and I worked as a mechanic. Maria was Barber/ hair dresser Maria said she worked at a barber shop that a guy she went to barber school with a family owned.
At the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers.
Naturally I wanted to wait a couple days to call her but I didn’t. I called her the very next night took her to dinner and that was kinda it we started dating and after a few months we moved into together. After a few month I knew I loved this woman more then anybody I had ever met.
So one night we are laying in bed talking after sex and she asks me what turns me on?

I said well! A knot got in my throat and said well I don’t know if I’m ready to say yet. She said come on tell me. I said I can’t.
She kept pushing me. And the truth was I did actually fill comfortable enough to tell her. But I was afraid me telling her I had hair fetish would driver her away.
So I said well big gulp I said it real quick!!! I have a hair fetish!!!
I felt  all my blood go to my toes! Excepting rejection.
But she said I knew you did!!!!!!
I said how?
She said when ever we are together you alway touch my hair. She said that’s cute I like it. It’s ok don’t be ashamed of it.
Wow what a relief that was. I didn’t scare her right out of bed.
But then she begins asking me questions about it. Like what was it about hair that I liked and what kinda hair and haircuts did I like.

I said I like short haircuts chin length and above mostly shaved napes and buzz cuts on woman. She said really.
I also like curly hair such as hers.

(At this time in are relationship her hair was past her shoulders.)

She looks at me and says do you want me to have short hair?

I kissed her and said I could never ask you to cut your hair for me.

She fires back I will if you want me too! I don’t mind I kinda like my hair short.
And then she kisses me.

I was like who the hell is this girl in my head. Every woman I had ever met was attached to there hair and this girl is willing  to cut all her hair off for a guy she met a few months ago. But I like it.

I tell her your the best chick ever.
She says ok Il have Anthony cut all my hair off after work Saturday.

I was so excited I rolled over on top over and I kissed her lips and we had more sex that night the best sex ever that night. I was so excited I had a chick that wanted to cut her hair  for me.
I couldn’t be more thrilled. But when I was laying there it hit me. I wouldn’t be present for the cutting of her hair.

So i fell asleep with that on my mind.

I woke the next morning and I said hey would you mind if I come up and got a haircut too. She said yea come up after you get off work.

So  I went to work thinking about this all day I wanted to skip out of work as soon as I could. Her work was about a 30 minute drive from mine. And I knew she was done at 4:00pm and soon after she would be getting her haircut. So at 3:25 I left work hurried to get to her work the drive took a little longer. So I get there at 4:07 and walk in the front door of the barber shop hoping to see Maria just setting down in the barber chair or even  getting caped ready to get all her haircut off.
But no I walk in and look around and it’s only Anthony and sweeping up. My stomach drops and I see he’s sweeping long dark brown hair.  I say is Maria around Anthony says yea she’s out catching a smoke.

So I walk through the barber shop.

The barber shop was one of those old shops in a old part of town with the parking in back I walk out the back door and there she is with her back turned to me. Her hair it was so short! It was buzzed from the nape of her neck and faded up to he occipital
Bone the back of her ear were showing and the hair angled sharply down to her chin. And then he  turns around  and smiles at me and winks. She then says what do you think with a smile? Omg she looked so beautiful

But I was so jealous I had not gotten there early enough to see her get it cut. Oh well I guess. She was still mine. We walk back in the shop I sat in the chair and she put the cape on me gave me my usual.

We went home after that had great night of passionate sex. She was on top of me I pulled her in closer by grabbing the back of her head it felt so soft and fuzzy she smiled at me and said do you like it. I said oh yea.

She asked me if I would have changed anything about the cut. I said no other then being there while she got it cut.  She said I’m sorry I didn’t know you cared to watch. She said I feel terrible. I said don’t.

She said  next time you can come. I would have waited for you to get there. I said really it’s ok.
I said you can tell me about what happened. She Said well it was about 3:15 we were dead today I told Anthony would you cut my hair today he said have a seat in the chair. “The barber shop had those real cool old barber chairs” I sat down and explained how I wanted my hair cut.
He put the cape around me sectioned out the bottom of my hair while pinning the rest on top of my head. He cut my nape hair right to my hair line. Then used the clippers to buzz the back real close he then wet my hair and cut all the length off up to my chin and blended the hair around the back. She said she was so nervous that was the first time she had clippers used on her head. She says I really liked it to be honest. What a night. I will never to forget that one.

Over the years she got into my fetish.

Once she grew her hair out real long and surprised me on my birthday she wrapped up a pair of shears  and gave them to me and says do you want to cut all my hair off? Said well duh! She sat on the kitchen chair I put the cape on her I wet her hair down she helped me section it out and I cut the hair right to the nape of her neck  I was shaking as the first of her was sheared off then the next section I sheared it off to the hair fell to the floor. I looked at her and she says I guess I’m getting a very short bob. I kept cutting and cutting. Until her hair was to her chin.

Another time right before  are first son was born and at that point we were doing well enough she could stay Home with the boy. It was always her dream to stay home and raise her kids and not work. I got lucky and started a business after we moved back to the Midwest and things really took off for us. She says do you want to give me a buzz cut? She knew that was one of the things I always wanted to do to her but she didn’t know if she could pull it off.
When I finished the basement in are house I built a salon area for her complete with a shampoo sink and old barber chair from the early 50s
We went down stairs she stripped naked her and her big pregnant belly
She put her feet up on the end foot rest which I found so sexy. Her toes were painted red her hair was long grown out bob.

I stood in front of her leaned down grab her breast and gave her a deep kiss on the lips then some tongue.

We kissed for several minutes  and I looked at her and said are you read she said yes.  I was already hard. I grabbed the clippers and put the no 2 on I came around behind her pulled her head back and kissed softly on the lips then she looked forward and I buzzed her right down the middle over and over as her hair fell to the floor. I pushed her head down and then buzzed from the nape of her neck to the crown of her head over and over until there was nothing left but a fuzz. I used trimmers on her neck and around the ear I put the trimmers away then stood back and looked at my wife’s  newly buzzed head. I grabbed her right leg pushed my penis into her pussy and thrusted her as hard as I could rubbed her freshly buzzed head i finished inside her we jump into the shower and washer down and pushed one more time into her pussy and cumed
In her we went to bed that night and I thanked her over and over for what she had let me do to her she kept it that way for about a year. I buzzed her every few weeks.

I have many more stories from over the years together. Thanks for reading. We pulled in the driveway about 11:30 pm that night and I just kept thinking about the memories.

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