Mexican Vacation

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Warning.  This fictional story contains explicit sexual material including forced sexual situations.  


Where it started:

I (Kerry)had just graduated from law school, and to celebrate before starting our careers, my roommate Hillary and I went on a 5 day trip to a resort in Mexico.  Hillary had been there several times before, her father paying for her spring break trips for the 6 years we were in college.  Hillary would be joining her fathers firm with a fast track to be a partner, while I took a junior associates position at less prestigious firm.

The trip was my first time out of the country, and I fully planned on spending the entire time at the inclusive resort, trying for the best tan of my life, while enjoying an endless supply of food and drink.  We were there for a couple days when Hillary tells me we are going in to town.  I tried to remind her about how dangerous we were told going to town was, but Hillary insisted that she had to visit the gold merchant in town.  Hillary went on and on about the great deals she had always gotten at the jeweler.

Well she wasn’t wrong about the great deals we got.  I only had $100 to spend, but walked out with several pairs of earrings, a couple necklaces and a really nice bracelet.  Hillary, on the other hand spent closer to $1000, and the stuff she got would have been close to $5000 at home.  We were smiling and going on about how great we did, and didn’t notice the van parked in front of our car.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and the streets were busy with shoppers so we thought we were safe.  Then the door slid open on the van, and 2 masked men grabbed us, and threw us in the back.  The first thing they did was zip-tie out wrists, then they got the keys to the rental car and tossed them to another guy.  As we sped off I saw our car racing the other way.  One of the men spoke in broken english “Don’t worry, we’ll take real good care of our new car.

We were scared beyond belief as the van drove out of the city.  An hour later we arrived at a large compound, and were dragged, kicking and screaming towards one of the buildings.  As we were taken inside I got even more scarred as I saw dozens of other girls in the room, both Mexican and American.  We were brought to a really large woman, who came over to us and told us “If you do as you are told, you might be released soon, but if not Rico will keep you and turn you out.”

We were led into another room.  Hillary started to speak up about her father paying for her release, but the woman turned and slapped her hard across the face…”I did not tell you to speak.  Did I?”  Hillary cried in pain as well continued down the hall, finally reaching a small room with no windows, and just a couple chairs and a bucket in the corner.  We were told to sit there and not say a word, until Rico was ready for us.  Hillary started to speak to me and as I was telling her to keep quiet, then woman entered the room again.  This time it was me who got the smack across the face.  “Typical American.  You can’t shut up for 5 minutes.”   I had never been hit before in my life, and I could have never imagined just how painful it was, but I knew instantly I didn’t want it again.  “You’ll learn to keep it shut until you’re told otherwise”

The woman left again, leaving us sitting silently for several hours.  Hillary was having trouble sitting still, and she finally got up and started pounding on the door.   The woman swung it open, screaming at Hillary to sit down.  Hillary meekly told the woman that she needed to go to the ladies room.  The woman laughed loudly as she pointed to the bucket …”That’s your ladies room over there”  Hillary sat back down, and held off using the bucket for an hour before finally having no choice but to squat down over the bucket

The door swung open, and the woman yelled at us to get moving.  We followed her to another room, this one having a tall table and a barbers chair.  In to the room walked a well dressed Hispanic male, who immediately started looking us over.  He came to me and pulled my shirt off, then pulled my bra off my chest, then did the same to Hillary.  He started to speak to the woman, telling her to get us marked up.  I had no idea what he meant, but the fear was becoming unbearable.

The man walked out and in walked in 2 other women and a dirty looking man.  Hillary was pushed down into the barbers chair.  One of the women stood beside her and as the dirty guy came up to her other side, the girl grabbed a handful of Hillary’s hair, pulling her head to the side.  The guy wasted no time, as he held a clipper up to Hillary’s head.  Hillary struggled to get away, but the woman pulled tightly.  The man then started running the clipper over the side of her head, leaving nothing but skin in its wake.  Within a minute Hillary was bald on one side of her head and the other side was about to follow.  Once the sides of Hillary’s head were shaved bald, neither of us could believe what was going to happen next.

The woman held Hillary tightly as the man started to tattoo the side of her head.  I felt as if I was going to be sick as the area above her ear, and onto her cheek was being covered by the greenish-black ink.  It took 20 minutes before the gangs logo was really starting to take shape.  It covered a lot of the hairless area with what was supposed to look like blood dripping off a knife in front of her ear down to her jawbone.  I found it totally disgusting on her, and then realized that I was next in line.

Dread had really set in for me, so much so that I hadn’t even noticed I had begun to wet my pants.  Hillary was let up from the chair and the woman pulled me by the arm into it.  As I fell into the chair she pointed at my wet crotch, and joke with the guy…”If she’s this scarred already, what’s she going to do when Rico leaves his mark?”  I was now totally soaking the seat as the man began shaving the sides of my head.  As much as I begged him not to, I knew I too would be tattooed just as Hillary was.

Once they had finished, the man and woman left the room, and Hillary and I both tried to comfort each other.  Hillary was quick to take the blame for us being taken and promised that he dad would pay whatever ransom was being asked for our release.  That at least gave me some hope as I sat and stared continually at the tattoo on her head, knowing that mine was a complete match.  Hillary was trying to take our minds off what was going on by talking about getting some fabulous wigs for us to wear while our hair grew back.

A little while later Rico walked into the room with a couple girls who had the same haircuts and tattoos as Hillary and I.  He went over by the table and I saw him plug something unfamiliar into the wall outlet.  He called me over to him and told me to take off my wet pants and get on the table.  I hesitated for just a second, and I was given a slap across the face…”You will learn to jump when I tell you to so something.  Understood?”  I meekly shook my head as I stepped out of my jeans.

As I laid back on the table, Rico ripped my panties off my waist, then rubbed my hairless mound.  I didn’t understand when he joked with the other girls in the room…”American girls always make it easy for me.  Never a hair to be found on any of them.  He then jammed his fingers into me, pumping them in and out repeatedly, causing intense pain at first, then the inevitable wetness that if nothing else eased the pain.  He then released himself from his shorts and I gulped when I saw what he held in his hand.  He was bigger than the few I had seen in the porn I had watched, and certainly bigger than the boys I had been with so far, this was all man.

One of the girls came over by my head, and as Rico was about to insert that monster into me, she put a gag into my mouth.  I screamed into the gag as I felt my insides being ripped open wider by him.  He was not fazed by my pain, and I guessed that he had made several girls scream like me in the past.  He continued on for what seemed like an hour, then as I was about to pass out from the pounding I had taken he stopped.  I was expecting him to come towards my mouth to finish, but instead he picked up the tool he had plugged in.  I had no idea what he was about to do as I saw him smile.  He looked me in the eyes, smiling and said…”Now you will always be one of my girls”  He then pushed the tool into my hip, right next to my pubic area.  I smelled my flesh burning just before I passed out from the pain.

I woke up several minutes later, the pain I was feeling was still intense, but now I was pulled from the table and the first thing I saw was Hillary trying to get away.  Once Rico got one hand on her, he threw her onto the table, then the two girls strapped her down at the chest and waist.  She thrashed about as the girls tried to take her pants off, but it was no use, and her ankles were strapped down next.  Rico was still ready to go as he split Hillary’s insides apart, but for her there would be no gag inserted.  She screamed as he entered her, but as he pounded away, she couldn’t stop herself from having multiple orgasms, even though she knew what was about to happen to her.

I sat, still wincing in pain, as he pumped away at her for at least 30 minutes.  Then, unlike when he was with me, Rico moved to her side and proceeded to push himself into Hillary’s mouth.  She was choking, and gagging as he rammed it into the back of her throat…”You will learn to take all of me.”  After about 5 minutes Rico grabbed Hillary’s jaw, and holding her mouth open with one hand, finished into her mouth. Hillary started to gag at the volume, and just as she was about to spit it out, Rico held her mouth shut, forcing her to swallow.”Don’t you ever think about spitting it out when someone finishes in your mouth.  Just as Hillary closed her eyes and was about to pass out, one of the girls stepped between her legs and pushed the red hot iron into Hillary’s skin.  I have never heard such a loud scream, and like me, she passed out.  Rico looked at me as he started to walk out of the room…”Never again in your life will you have sex without thinking of me.”

The next four days were a blur as Hillary and I were used over and over by Rico.  The one thing i was happy for was the birth control shot I had gotten just days before our trip, while Hillary’s cry’s about not being on any just seemed to make Rico want to fill her up more and more.

It was the forth day when a different guy came in the door and started to drag Hillary out the door saying…”Your father paid to get you back, so lets go”  Hillary cried out that we were supposed to stay together, but they dragged her away.  As the door was being closed the last words I heard from her was…”Don’t worry Kerry, I’ll get you out”

With Hillary gone I was now the one who took care of all Rico’s needs.  The day after Hillary was released, the door opened, and while I expected Rico, it was the dirty barber with the 2 girls from when the side of my head was shaved.  The placed a chair in the middle of the room and ordered me to sit.  I had no other choice but to do as I was told, then like the first time, the sides of my head were shaved with a straight razor.

One of the girls then held my head tightly as the man began to cover the other side of my head with ink.  It was an hour later when they finished and walked out of the room.  It didn’t hit me at first when the girl showed me the tattoo on her neck and told me…”You get this one next week before Rico turns you out like the rest of his girls”  I went to the mirror to examine my head, and much like the other side it was covered in greenish-black ink.  The only thing that stood out to me was Rico’s name was interwoven in red ink.  It then dwelled on me what the girl had meant.  I was going to have to start earning my keep.

I spent the next couple weeks wondering every time the door was opened if it going to be the Rico or the tattoo guy.  The strangle thing was I was starting to not care one way or the other.  I don’t know what it was, but my mind was starting to tell me that this was who I am now, so it was time to go along with it.  I had even gotten to where I was used to, and started to like having Rico’s giant cock split me open no matter where he put it.

It was about 4 weeks later when the door opened and it was just the 2 girls this time.  I had been expecting Rico, but to my surprise the threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed because it was time to go.  I was confused at what was happening.  I hadn’t gotten my neck tattooed yet, so I didn’t think they were taking me to “earn my keep”.  Then as they pulled me out of the room, one of the girls told me…”Your people finally pay to get you back.”

I was then driven hours away and left in the middle of some town.  As I walked, looking for a police officer to help me, I notice the stares I’m getting from the people in the town.  It dawned on me that they thought I was a prostitute, walking the streets, and then a police car pulled up to me.  They 2 officers were laughing as they spoke in Spanish, talking about the new girl Rico had turned out.  They even took turns grabbing at my chest and feeling my ass, telling me I needed to take care of them if I didn’t wanted to be arrested.  Thankfully I convinced them that I was not a whore, and Rico had let me go.

It took several phone calls before the police chief was told who I was.  Arrangements were made for someone to come get me in the next couple days, so I was taken to a hotel to wait.  The place was run down, but compared to where I had been for the last few month’s, this was like a 4-star hotel.  I took the longest hot shower of my life, then as I stood drying off in front of the mirror, I just kept looking at the sides of my head, and rubbing my hand on the brand.  I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to return to my old life.

Returning To the Old Life:

I was flown back to my parents home town.  They, along with a lot of donations from their church and the kindness of strangers, had finally grown enough to pay for my release.  I was home for a couple weeks, and my life just didn’t seem to have a purpose.  The firm where I was supposed to work had given my position away, so my career plans were wide open.  The hair on the sides of my head was starting to fill in, and most of the tattoos were now covered.  Of course the blood drops in front of my ears would require a lifetime of make-up to hide from any future employer.

It was the third week that I was home that I started to think about Rico.  I started rubbing the spot on my hip where the brand was,  and my panties were instantly soaked thru.  I continued to rub my brand, and all I had to do was touch the outside of my drenched panties for me to have a orgasm big enough that I’m sure my parents heard me thru the ceiling below.  I then hopped in the shower and when I finally made my way downstairs I couldn’t look either of my parents in the face.

I decided I needed to step up my efforts to start my career.  Living in my parents house just wouldn’t work anymore, so I decided the best way to look good for a job interview would be to get a wig.  My first attempt with one was a total failure.  My mother had ordered it off one of the TV shopping channels, but everything we tried to make it look good just didn’t work.  Finally I decided to seek the help of a professional, and went to a local shop that sold wigs.

I always thought it was a place for old women with thin hair, but the first time I went I was surprised to see a girl who was my age getting a wig fitment.  The woman that took care of me was wonderful.  Her name was Natalie, and as I explained the problems I had with the wig I had tried, rather than just trying to sell me a new one she told me to bring it in next time and she will show me how to make it look good.

I returned the next day and handed the wig to Natalie.  She did a quick inspection and told me it was a good starter wig for now, but if I was going to wear a wig for a while I should consider buying one made from natural hair.  I was sitting in the chair as Natalie tried to fit a wig cap over my hair, but could see she was having troubles.  after 15 minutes of fighting to make it look balanced she looked at me and told me I needed to make a big decision.  To make any wig look right she told me I needed to cut the hair on top of my head so it was the same length as the sides.

It was a tough decision to give up the last of my long hair, but I knew I was never going to get any kind of decent offers if I didn’t look like a professional.  Natalie took me into the back of the studio where they had a small room for haircuts.  Natalie explained that a lot of her clients, especially young ones get upset when she takes their hair off.  I insisted that it wouldn’t be a problem for me due to being almost there already.

I sat on the chair and was a little surprised when Natalie asked if she was taking all to the skin.  I hadn’t expected to have my tattoos on display again, so I asked her if it would work if she just took the top down to the sale length as the sides.  Natalie started to comb thru the little length on the side, and then I saw her expression, the moment she saw the ink covering both sides of my head…”It will be okay to leave it this length.  The wig cap will cover this just fine.”


Natalie started to cut the bulk away with scissors, and as the hair was falling down the front of the cape my hand was reaching for my brand again.  It was just touching it at first, but when I heard the clippers start I closed me eyes and my mind went back to when I was being shaved.  I’m sure Natalie saw my hand moving under the cape, but she never let on to it.  As she finished, and began to rub the 3/4″ brush I now had on top, I came very close to telling her just to shave it all off.  The realistic side of my brain caught up with the fantasy side.  I knew I was trying to get back to a professional look as soon as possible and  being bald is not a good start.

Natalie fitted the wig I had brought in, and never even charged me for her services.  I tried to get her to take some money, but she refused, telling me she hopes I find what I am looking for.  I walked out of the shop, heading for the car.  During my walk, I was replaying the clippers going over the top of my head again, which was making me excited all over again.  I stepped up my pace as I wanted to get somewhere that I could finish off what I had started in Natalie’s chair.

Almost to the car, I see a tattoo parlor on the other side of the street.  I could hardly keep my eyes off it as I walked down the street.  Reaching the next block, rather than continuing towards my car I reached for the button for the crossing signal.  A minute later I was reaching for the door of the tattoo studio.  It was late morning, and I was the only one inside.  A tattoo clad woman came out of the back to welcome me.  She asked if I was had something in mind, or just looking for ideas.  I told her I wasn’t sure what to get, and I guess due to my appearance,  she assumed I was here for my first tattoo.

She was real helpful when I told her that I wanted something larger, but, it had to be hidden, so I could still look professional.  I was surprised when she suggested a lower back tattoo.  I didn’t think ‘Tramp Stamps’ were a thing anymore, but she showed a couple designs that I really liked and minutes later  she was applying a stencil to my back.  The only decision left to make was colors, but I knew what it had to be.  As I laid on the table and felt the ink being forced into my skin, my hand was on my brand again.  I’m sure the girl was getting a nose full of my excitement, but she kept going until she was finished.  I so hoped that she would put her hands in between my legs, but she just stood up and announced me done.

As I paid her for her services, she gave me a flyer for a club she frequents.  She told me it wasn’t a place for just anybody, and if I wanted to be unprofessional later that evening she would see me there.  I was giddy as I walked out, but I still needed to finish an even bigger arousal that I had earlier.  To keep my parents from hearing me, I had started to find places to take care of myself in my car, usually parking in a grocery store lot and praying I finished before anyone parked nearby came back to their car.  This just pushed me harder to find a job so I could move back out.

I rarely went to clubs in the city, usually sticking with local establishments instead.  The club that Jenna invited me to was not your average downtown dance club, but, in more of an industrial part of town.  There weren’t any bright lights or big signs, but rather just a couple of large men standing outside a heavy  steel door..  Inside was a whole different story as it was a full club with people dressed in anything imaginable from business wear to leather collars and not much more.  I was somewhere in the middle, with a short skirt and a shirt that showed off my belly button piercing as well as my new tattoo.  I had also decided to leave my wig in the car, so Jenna could see the real me.

I was there about 30 minutes before Jenna found me.  She was dressed in a leather mini-skirt and halter top, with a pair of boots and a collar around her neck.  I commented to her how much I liked her outfit, and especially her collar.  I wasn’t prepared as Jenna looked me in the eyes and told me she had one all picked out for me too.  We got fresh drinks and she showed me around, meeting several of her friends.  We spent a couple hours there before Jenna suggested we head out.  Thankfully, she suggested going to her place, so I didn’t have to have the embarrassment of telling her I lived with my parents.

I was nervous at first, having never been with a woman before, but I wasn’t the same anymore.  I needed someone to control me, as I had certainly become quite submissive when it came to sex, Rico saw to that.  Jenna was more than ready to take charge as we explored each others bodies, and seemed to spend an extra amount of time kissing and rubbing my brand.  It was almost like she knew that it had become a source of great pleasure for me.  After an extended amount of time with her face between my legs, she started to rub the sides of my head, and kiss my neck…”Next tattoo goes here.”

My mind began racing.  How did she know that Rico was going to tattoo me there next?  I tensed up at her statement, but then quickly shot her down, telling her…”I couldn’t do that.  I have to keep a professional appearance so I can afford a new place”  Jenna, unfazed by my comment, just smiled…”We’ll see about that.”

The next week was great.  I was able to land a Junior Associate position at one of the bigger firms in the city, actually better than the job I had lost.  Thanks to some gifts that people had sent since my return, I was able to put together enough cash to get myself a small apartment in town.  I insisted to my parents that I wanted to be able to put all my efforts into my new job, without having to deal with a long daily commute, but I think they had an idea of why I was so eager to move out.

I was surprised when I picked up my mail a few days later, and there was an invitation to a baby shower for Hillary.  She was expecting a baby boy in a couple month’s  I had only looked at her Facebook page a few times, and was mostly posts about how great it was a her job, never anything about having a new boyfriend.  As I looked at the invite again, I saw her due date.  I started to do the math, and the dates I was coming up with were telling me she was going to have Rico’s baby.  I couldn’t believe it.

I immediately sent a message to her…”Hey Hillary, it’s been a while.  Congrats on the big news.”  She quickly responded to me…”So, have you guessed it yet?”  I told her I had a feeling, but wasn’t sure.  Hillary went on to say that it was definitely Rico’s baby, because he was the only man she had been with for several years.  That was as big as a shock as her being pregnant.  I remembered her having several dates while we were in school, that she didn’t come home until the next morning, and assumed she was with some guy.

Hillary admitted to me that she actually preferred woman to men, but her parents were very strict Catholics, and if her dad found out about her being bisexual, he would have cut her off completely, no career, and no money.  She only ever dated guys so she could at least appear to be trying to get married and give them some grand kids.  Hillary originally planned on having an abortion, but when her parents found out that she was pregnant they insisted that she have the baby.  I joked to myself ‘If the kid’s anything like his father, some girl’s going be surprised in about 16 years.’

Over the next few month’s, I settled in to my new job quite well.  I hadn’t made any progress on growing my hair back.  I  had found it easier to just keep it short and wear my wig.  My job was taking most of my time.  Being the junior associate meant that if something needed to be done at night, or on the weekend, it was me who got the call., but I didn’t care because I was finally out on my own.

I saw Jenna as much as I could, however work tended to get in the way more than not.  I hadn’t seen her for 4 weeks, when we finally had a night that we could go out.  I wanted to go out for dinner then maybe some time in the club, but when I got in Jenna’s car she told me she needed to stop by her shop to let the heating guy inside, but she promised it would only be a few minutes.

I was sitting in the back of the shop with Jenna when there was a knock on the door…”Oh great, Marco is here.  We can get started.”  Jenna went to the door and let the large man inside.  The began talking to each other, but I didn’t pay much attention to them, figuring they were headed to the utility room.  The big guy came before me, and to my surprise he reached out for my arm…”Come on, time to get in the chair.”  The chair her was talking about was the barber chair Jenna kept in the shop.  I pulled back at first but Jenna spoke out…”You better do what Marco says Kerry”

I stood and headed for the chair, still unaware of what was going on.  Once I sat down Marco grabbed my head and held it sideways…”Just do the sides before we start to mark her up”  I instantly felt a sense of panic.  Jenna, my dominant girlfriend was being totally submissive towards this guy, and then i realized what he had said ‘Mark her up’ was something that I remembered hearing just before they tattooed my head.  Before I could even think about trying to get away I heard the whine of the clippers.  As Jenna got closer she mouthed the words ‘Sorry babe’ just before I felt the clipper pushed over the top of my ear.

I looked at the mirror with fear, knowing that in a few seconds my tattoos would be on full display again.  I was playing the term ‘Mark her up’ in my head over and over, then realized what Jenna had told me.  My next tattoo was going to be on my neck.  Now I was in full blown panic mode, having to wear a wig to work is one thing, but there was no way I was going to be able to hide a tattoo on my neck.

Jenna had finished shaving both sides smooth and as I starred at my reflection she was trying to say how much better I looked…”Oh babe, your ink looks awesome.”  She then rubbed the little bit of hair I had left on the top of my head…”You are my cutest little butch girl.  I think I’m gonna keep you like this from now on.”  Then I felt the back of the chair falling away and Marco was pushing me back into it.  I tried to sit up to protest what I knew was next, but all it took was 1 hand from Marco to keep me laid back in the seat.

I knew what was coming but was not ready when I heard Jenna talking to Marco…”Don’t worry, I know what Rico wants”  How did she know about Rico and what were they going to do to me?  Then, as Jenna rolled over a stool to begin Marco grabbed my head, forcing me to look straight up.  I don’t know why but I had expected for her to tattoo the side of my neck, but I caught a glimpse of the giant stencil just before she started to place it on the front of my neck.  Unlike how the sides were tattooed, this stencil covered the entire front of my neck and parts of my chest.

I knew that once the buzzing started my life as a Junior Associate at the law firm was over.  I closed my eyes and wondered what was going to happen to me.  What did Jenna mean when she said she knew what Rico wants?  My hand reached for my brand, and I started to rub at it when I thought of Rico having his way with me again.  An hour had passed by the time Jenna took a break from covering my neck with her design.  My panties were completely drenched by that time and when Jenna saw the state I was in she surprised both Marco and myself…”Damn, look at those panties.  I think she wants me to keep going”  Of course that’s exactly what she did, working farther down my chest with her design.

When Jenna finished she leaned into my face and gave me a loving kiss.  Expecting her to keep going, I closed my eyes only to have her tell Marco that she was done with me.  Marco pulled me up from the seat “Come on, it’s time to go.”  I didn’t want to leave Jenna, but there was no way I was going to get away from Marco.  I now had scary thought of being turned out as one of Rico’s girls, forced to service dozens of men everyday.

I was taken to a dank room which reminded me of the room I was kept in while I was in Mexico.  A bed and a table with a lamp on it was all there was in the room.  I walked in the bathroom to get my first look at my new tattoo and the first thing I saw was a broken toilet and a bucket next to it.  I turned towards the filthy mirror and before I even lifted my head I was stunned by the amount of ink on my chest.  Lifting my head slightly I saw that the whole front of my neck was covered the same greenish black ink that was on my head.  The only part that was a different color was Rico’s name scrolled out on one side and then I saw Jenna’s name on the other side.

I heard someone opening the door, and didn’t know what to expect.  I was happy to see Jenna’s face come thru the door, she came over and hugged me again telling me how beautiful I was now.  I started to ask her why she did it, but she told me to take my clothes off.  I was at a point where I never questioned what Jenna told me anymore, so I started to strip down.  I sat on the bed and waited for her to join me, but she went to the door and opened it.  I was shocked as in walked Rico.  He smiled as he approached me…”Jenna has done a beautiful job getting you ready for me.”

Rico wasted no time in taking what he was there for, pounding me like he never had before.  I happened to look across the room and saw Jenna playing with herself as she watched him take me.  I had just finished my third orgasm and as I started to get wound up again a thought entered into my brain.  I had never gone back to get my birth control shot once I had been released.  I was with Jenna now so I there was no need to be in any hurry to get it done.  Now I was about to be filled with Rico’s seed, and there was a good chance I was going to be in the same boat as Hillary was.

Rico finished his business and got up without saying a word to me.  He gave Jenna a kiss on the cheek as he walked out and she came over to me and started to crawl in bed with me.  I tried to get up to relieve myself and get cleaned up, but Jenna pushed me back down…”Did I tell you to get up?”  I looked at her, wondering why she was being like that.  She then told me that Rico had given me to her and she could do whatever she wanted to me.

Later that night I told Jenna I was going to head home to get cleaned up, but she quickly stopped me in my tracks…”This is your home now, so your not going anywhere”  I told her I really needed to get some things from my apartment and she shut me down again…”I gave your keys to Marco so he could get rid of all your stuff.”  I sat on the bed stunned at what she had done to me.  Just before Jenna left me in the room, she rubbed the side of my head…”Damn, this feels rough already.  I’ve got some cream I can use on you to keep it smooth.  No way I’m ever letting you cover those up again.”

The visits from Rico continued every couple weeks.  Every time Jenna would sit in the corner and pleasure herself as Rico pleasured himself with every part of my body.  I don’t know how I ever managed to take all of him, but as long as I saw Jenna was enjoying the show, I would spread my legs a little wider, or swallow take him until the whole thing was down my throat.  It was about 5 weeks later that I first realized I was way overdue for my period.  I mentioned this to Jenna who was happy for me…”I guess I have to tell Rico to take it easy on you from now on.”

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as I noticed my belly begin to get bigger, and true to Jenna’s promise, Rico took it easy on me as I got further along in my pregnancy.  I was about 6 month’s along when Jenna put some papers in front of me, and ordered me to sign them.  When I tried to ask what they were for Jenna took her dominant stance…”Just do as you are told.”  I signed my name and thought nothing of it for a few weeks, then on a trip to the doctors Jenna informed the registration person that I needed a name change on my record.  That’s when I saw her write the last name ‘Acosta’ on the form.  It was Jenna’s last name too, and I figured she wanted us to look married.

It was while we were in the exam room, waiting for the doctor, when she told me the truth.  Acosta was Rico’s last name and all of his girls are given his last name.  The only exception was Hillary who left before he found out she was pregnant.  As I reached 7 month’s pregnant Rico stopped coming to see me sexually, and to my surprise he looked at me with my huge belly and told me something I hadn’t expected…”I think it’s time that you have Hillary come back to take your place.”  I had messaged Hillary that I was pregnant, and when she asked me about who the father was I let her know that her son will have a half brother or sister.

Hillary gasped at what I said…”How did that happen?”  I then told her about what had happened with me and Jenna, and that Rico had been coming to take me for the last 8 months.   There was a long silent period, then I told her what Rico had said…”Rico wants you to take my place while I’m pregnant.”  Again there was silence.  Hillary had a great job, had finally come out to her parents, had a great girlfriend, and a beautiful baby.  The thought of her letting Rico touch her again was ludicrous, but I said what I was told to…”JT’s Tattoo Parlor, 186 Maxwell St, 11am tomorrow.”  There was a pause, then I heard the phone click off.  I figured I’d never hear from her again.

The next day right at 11am, the door of the tattoo parlor opened.  Jenna walked out of the back room to see 2 well-dressed girls standing in the shop…”So, which one of you is Hillary?”  The girl with shoulder length hair looked to her longer haired friend first before answering Jenna, slightly raising her hand…”That’s me, and this is my girlfriend Kaitlyn.”  Jenna was always one to take charge…”Okay, you can wait in the  procedure room while I talk to Kaitlyn.”

Once Hillary was in the back, Jenna asked Kaitlyn what she knew about Rico, and more importantly if she was usually the dominant one in their relationship.  Kaitlyn said that while they were usually both on equal terms, she would rather  Hillary was more submissive to her.  Jenna told her what she had in mind and this would be her opportunity to take full control of their relationship.  She gave her specific instructions for what she needed to do, and after that Hillary would be hers to do what she wanted.

Jenna and Kaitlyn walked into the procedure room.  Hillary smiled, feeling safe that her partner was still there for her.  Jenna then surprised her…”Okay, everything off.”  Hillary looked at Jenna. and just as she was about to complain about her request Kaitlyn spoke out…”You heard Jenna, what are you waiting for?”  Hillary could believe how her lover had spoke to her, but started to slowly take off her clothes.  She stood there in just her hi-cut briefs, and Jenna didn’t hesitate to pull at the waistband…”Everything means everything.”

Now naked Jenna took her by the arm and pushed her into the barber chair…”Rico heard that you got rid of the tattoo on your head, and wasn’t happy.”  Hillary tried to explain that she was a partner in a law firm, so she had to have a professional appearance.  Jenna looked at her, saying…”If I had my way I’d give you the same tattoos that your pregnant friend Kerry got.  Then there would be anymore law firm for you, but Rico wants his kid to live a good life, so you get something else.”

Hillary sat in the chair, feeling relieved that Jenna wasn’t going to shave the side of her head, or give her a tattoo on her face.  Then she heard the familiar sound of hair clippers, and Jenna raising them to her neck.  She then looked at Kaitlyn, hoping that she would help her, but she saw that Kaitlyn was getting really excited by what was going on.  Jenna forced her head down, then she felt the clippers moving up the back of her head.  She couldn’t believe when she saw the hair falling into her lap, just hoped Jenna would stop soon.

Jenna then had her lay on the table face down.  Hillary knew where she was, and assumed she was about to be tattooed again, and she wouldn’t be wrong.  Jenna made some modifications to her original design to include Kaitlyn’s name to go along with Rico’s.  Jenna showed the new design to Kaitlyn, who was now really starting to feel her dominate side coming out.  She nodded her approval to Jenna, who then printed the stencil and started placing it on the back of Hillary’s head.

Hillary started to say something about what was about to happen, only to have Kaitlyn come over and hold her head still as Jenna began covering her with ink.  40 minutes later and Jenna was cleaning up Hillary’s neck and Kaitlyn sat staring at her name, now emblazoned on her lovers neck.  Just as Jenna was about to let Hillary get up off the bed Kaitlyn asked her…”Can you do something for me?”  Jenna, always happy to do another tattoo, was more than happy to listen to what she said…”What did you have in mind?”  Kaitlyn asked her if she could do something on her back, pointing to Hillary’s lower back…”I have a thing for girls with tattoos there.”  Hillary couldn’t believe her lover wanted her to have another tattoo.

Jenna had an design in mind, much larger than you average tramp stamp, with some ornate lines that would go down onto and between Hillary’s ass cheeks.  As soon as she brought the image up on the computer screen for Kaitlyn to see, she told her that’s better than could have ever imagined.  Jenna wasted no time printing out the stencil and started to line it up across Hillary’s back.  Hillary was nervous about the whole thing, but then as Jenna placed the second half of the giant piece onto and far down between her ass cheeks she tried to put a stop to it…”A little tramp stamp is one thing, but that seems like an awful big tattoo you’re planning on.”  Kaitlyn stood next to her lover…”I picked this out myself, so I know you’ll love it.”  Hillary could seldom say no to her lover, instead she put her face back down and awaited the feel of the needle on her back

After enduring an hour of having her lower back worked on Hillary thought it would be over soon, but then Jenna started the wide lines that went down onto her ass cheeks, then moved in between, continuing the design until it was just above her asshole.  Kaitlyn was overjoyed when she saw the finished piece…”Oh Hills, you look so sexy.  I could jump you right here.”  Jenna moved in to separate the lovebirds…”Settle down girls, were not finished yet.”

Hillary had no idea what Jenna meant, but Kaitlyn knew that Rico wanted her ‘marked up’ again to show that she was his property.  Hillary was told to lay on her back as Jenna worked on the design for the last tattoo.  Kaitlyn watched on as Jenna made the changes to include her name into the artwork.  Hillary tried to see what Jenna was going to do next, but couldn’t get a look as she passed by with the last stencil.  Then Jenna rubbed her hand over Hillary’s pussy mound and Hillary knew what was to come…”Freshly waxed, good girl”  Hillary had indeed just had a full waxing just 2 days before and was still completely smooth.

The stencil was laid out on Hillary’s stomach and pubic mound.  Hillary could see that there was now lettering stenciled onto her stomach to just under her belly-button.  She bit her lip as she knew that wearing a bikini or crop-top would show everyone what was soon to be on her body.  She again tried to talk her way out of it…”Kaitlyn do you really want me to be covered with more ink?”  This was the exact time when Kaitlyn made sure that Hillary would remain submissive to her…”I see you playing with that brand every time I’m between your legs.  I want to make sure that I’m the only girl you can think about.”

As Jenna began on her stomach, Hillary winced in pain as the needles did there work.  Kaitlyn grew excited as she watched from the side as the lettering was taking shape.  She knew this was the start of a whole new life for her and her lover as she was soon going to send Hillary upstairs to let Rico have his way with her.  While she didn’t want to share her lover with anyone else, especially a man, what she really was hoping for was for Hillary to soon be impregnated again.

It only took 40 minutes until the last design was completed.  Hillary was nervous as she started to sit up, the new tattoo coming in to her view.  The letters said “Property Of” on her belly with the names “Rico” and “Kaitlyn” angled down towards her pussy, and a skeleton key on her mound.  She was disgusted by the look, but Kaitlyn told her it was just what she wanted…”This will make sure that the only cock that ever gets inside your pussy is Rico’s”

The once confident and powerful woman now sat, still unsure over what had happened in the last several hours.  Soon as Jenna led her out of the studio, Hillary looked back at Kaitlyn, expecting her to come with her, but her lover just waved her off…”I’ll come get you in a few days, after Rico is through with you.”  Hillary hadn’t thought at all about Rico and what was in store for her,, again looking at Kaitlyn, hoping that she would stay with her.  Instead Kaitlyn did just the opposite…”I’m gonna go buy that big strap-on we always joke about when we go to the toy store, so whatever hole is left after Rico is done with you can be mine.”  Hillary could tell that Kaitlyn was serious because she had always wanted to try new toys, but Hillary had always talked her out of them when they went together.

As Jenna pushed Hillary into the room, she started having flashbacks of what had happened in Mexico.  The room was just like the one were Rico had fucked her time and again and left her pregnant.  Now she was about to go thru it all again, and at that point realized that she was still not protected, after all she was in a committed lesbian relationship, so there was never any need for birth control.  Fear became reality as the door swung open and she got her first glimpse of Rico in the doorway.

Having been a lesbian since she reached puberty, Hillary never gave men a second look.  She barely noticed Rico’s chiseled body, instead the only thing she could focus on was the huge bulge in his pants.  The memories of him pounding her into one orgasm after another had already made her dripping wet between her legs as she knew it once again about to become reality.

Rico said little as he walked up to her, other than approve of the new tattoos and telling her that even though she lived a good life, he might still decide to turn her out as one of his girls.  The thought of one stranger after another using every inch of her body both disgusted her and worked to make her want to please Rico even more.  As Rico lowered his pants Hillary instantly moved to take him in her mouth.  Although she had no experience before her first time with Rico, she had quickly learned how to take all of his massive size.  After 10 minutes of having him fuck her throat Hillary was expecting to feel him shooting his load, but instead he pulled out.

Already exhausted, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take, but as Rico plunged his still rock-hard member deep between her legs the combination of pain and pleasure came rushing back to her.  She didn’t know whether to scream, or moan as the orgasms came one after the other.  She lost count after about the fifth time she shuttered in pleasure while still feeling like she was being split open and she was breathing harder by the minute.  Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Rico launched his seed deep inside of Hillary.  As her pulled out he put his member back at Hillary’s mouth, fully expecting her to lick him clean, which of course she did.

As she collapsed back onto the bed, Rico had a bit of a laugh…”Your girlfriend can’t fuck you like that can she?”  Hillary, absolutely spent physically, couldn’t bring herself to talk and just shook her head.  As Rico went towards the door he looked back at her…”Get yourself cleaned up.  I’ll be back in an hour.”  All Hillary could do way lay there as she felt a trickle of cum start to drip out of her pussy.  still unable to get up, all she could think about was Rico’s seed once again impregnating her, but at this point there was nothing she could do about it anyhow.

True to his word, Rico was back in an hour, this time putting Hillary on her knees and started to play with her pussy.  At that point the only thing Hillary feared was that Rico was going to try to treat her asshole to the same workout her pussy received just an hour ago.  Instead, Rico again plunged deep into her pussy and had Hillary quickly on the verge of orgasm again.  As he continued Hillary felt he knees start to buckle and just before she collapsed onto the bed, she felt Rico’s seed again being shot deep inside of her.  As she fell into a pile on the bed Rico smacked her on the ass…”Your gonna be knocked up before you know it.”  That wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but she knew it didn’t take many time for her to get pregnant last time, why would this time be any different.

After 3 days of repeated visits from Rico, Hillary could barely muster the strength to stand up.  As Rico reached for the door handle he turned to her…”I be back next week.  I like your new tattoos, maybe I’ll tell Jenna to give you the same neck tattoo she gave to Kerry.”  Hillary went instantly into panic mode.  She knew that a neck tattoo would mean the end of her legal career, but she also knew that Kaitlyn loved seeing her getting tattooed and would probably love her neck covered with ink.

When Hillary walked downstairs into the tattoo parlor she was met by Jenna and Kaitlyn.  She instantly knew something was different about her lover.  As she grew closer Kaitlyn held up the back of her hair showing Hillary a now totally bald undercut…”I got so turned on by yours that I had Jenna shave mine off too.”  Hillary thought it looked awesome, but then Kaitlyn put her arm around Jenna…”Her and I became best friends this weekend.”  Hillary wasn’t exactly sure what she meant, but then Kaitlyn continued…”I made a few other changes this weekend.”  Kaitlyn began to unbutton her shirt.  Once she opened it Hillary saw that she now had a tattoo under her breasts…”Jenna suggested this one for me.  Don’t you love it.”

Hillary was confused by what was happening, for a brief minute she felt as if she was losing Kaitlyn.  Then Kaitlyn turned around, showing her the other tattoo she had gotten.  It was the same lower back tattoo that Hillary had gotten…”I loved yours so much that I had Jenna give me the same one.”   She put her shirt back on and as they went to leave the shop Kaitlyn gave Jenna a hug and kiss on her cheek, thanking her for the great weekend.  Kaitlyn never admitted to it, but Hillary thought that there was more than tattooing going on between them.

Once they finally got home Hillary planned on a nice hot bath then a relaxing day on the sofa with Kaitlyn.  As she went to their bedroom to get ready for her bath, the now dominant Kaitlyn pushed her onto the bed…”You can take your bath when I’m thru with you.  You’re gonna want to sit and soak after what I have planned.”  Kaitlyn ordered  her to strip everything off, and as she was doing this Kaitlyn went into the bathroom.  Appearing several minutes later, Hillary gasped as she saw Kaitlyn was now wearing a strap on dildo that was even bigger than Rico was.  Kaitlyn held onto it with both hands and there was still a huge amount she couldn’t cover…”I asked for the biggest one they had.  I didn’t know they went this big.”

It was then than the real panic hit Hillary.  Before going with Rico, Kaitlyn told her that she was going to use whatever Rico didn’t, and that only left one spot.  Grabbing a tube of lubricant Kaitlyn let her dominant self come out…”All right babe, you know what I want, so get on those knees.  Hillary slowly moved, then began to protest that she had never been fucked like that, and that it was too much for her to take.  Kaitlyn was having none of it…”If Rico wanted to put his big cock in there, you wouldn’t tell him no, so I don’t want to hear it.”

After a whole lot of nervousness, Hillary was surprised when after several minutes of her lover pumping on her backside, she was now close to having an orgasm.  Kaitlyn always knew when she was close, but rather than slow down she started pumping harder even as she saw Hillary’s body stiffen in pleasure.  Kaitlyn wanted her to be as worn out as she was from her sessions with Rico, and by the time she pulled out Hillary laid on the bed, a spent mess, barely able to get up.

Kaitlyn let her rest for about 30 minutes before leading her lover towards their now full soaking tub.  Hillary slowly lowered her sore ass into the hot water as Kaitlyn crawled in next to her.  It was a softer, loving Kaitlyn now…”You okay  babe?”  Kaitlyn kissed her, then Hillary put her head against her chest, letting the heat of the tub do its work.  They enjoyed their time together, but as the water lost its heat Kaitlyn stood up, offering her hand to help Hillary stand.

As the two of them stepped out and began to towel off the dominant Kaitlyn was again in charge…”We’re going to do that after every weekend you spend with Rico.”  Hillary couldn’t believe what she was hearing…”I thought this was a one time thing.”  Kaitlyn laughed at her…”Why should he have all the fun?”  She knew that Kaitlyn meant what she said, and next week would be more of the same.

As the two of them stood at he giant mirror combing out their hair, Kaitlyn said something that Hillary didn’t want to hear…”I really wish I could see you with the sides of your head shaved again.”  Hillary quickly tried to stop any ideas she had right there…”You know that I would be out of a job the second I did that.”  Kaitlyn didn’t give it up…”Come on Hillary, it’s not like your dad won’t cut you off, or anything like that.”  Hillary knew her parents weren’t thrilled with her lifestyle choice, and though they loved having a grandson, she knew her her very religious parents wouldn’t support her financially if she showed up with her head partially shaved or especially not if her neck was covered with tattoos.

After a week at work where she had a hard time concentrating about anything but her return trip to see Rico, Hillary and Kaitlyn walked in to Jenna’s tattoo parlor.  Surprisingly they were met by a very pregnant Kerry…”Hillary, you look so great.  I heard Jenna’s done some major work on you.”  Hillary stood silent after first seeing seeing old friend.  Gone was the professional looking lawyer, instead a shaved head girl, covered with tattoos on her head and neck was before her.  Kerry gave Hillary a quick hug…”and this must be Kaitlyn.  Are you gonna have Jenna do her magic again before we send her upstairs.”  Hillary snapped out of it as she waited for Kaitlyn to answer her…”Not today, even though I’d love to see her head tattooed like it was, and eventually something for her neck.”

Hillary was lost in thought again as Kerry and Kaitlyn spoke..’I’m a junior partner in a law firm.  I can’t do that.’  As she drifted back into the conversation the other girls were having Jenna walked into the room.  Looking at Hillary, but talking to Kaitlyn…”So, do you want me to shave her sides today?’  Hillary bit her tongue waiting for the answer…”No.  lets let her worry about that for another week.  Just what we talked about.”  As Kerry started to take Hillary towards the stairs, she looked back at Kaitlyn…”You go have a good time with Rico.  Jenna and me are going to have some fun ourselves.”

As she walked towards the room to wait for Rico, instead of thinking about what was going to happen to her over the next two days, she could only think about what Kaitlyn had said.  Ideas scrambled through her mind that Kaitlyn was being seduced by Jenna and that she would spend the weekend in bed with her.  Even once Rico came in the room and started fucking her like crazy, the thought of Kaitlyn and Jenna spending the weekend with each other was all that was on her mind.  Soon a thought entered her mind…’I need to tell her that I don’t care if it means my career, she can do whatever she wants with me.’

Of course it didn’t take long before Hillary was pregnant again.  She would continue her visits to Rico every week until she was 6 month’s pregnant, by then Kerry had given birth to a baby girl and even though her and Jenna had gotten married, she soon resumed taking her place back with Rico.

Once Hillary was 7 months along her father told her she wouldn’t be working in the law firm any longer, so she could devote all of her time to raising her kids.  Her parents thru a big wedding for her and Kaitlyn as well as still giving her the salary that had made at the law firm.  Not long after her second son was born Kaitlyn told her that she would be returning back to the tattoo parlor.  Hillary knew the sides of her head would be shaved clean again followed by having her head and neck soon tattooed just like Kerry’s







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