Michael become Missy

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I lost a bet with Jan, she is a friend of mine. The loser had to dress as the opposite sex for a day and the winner got to take them out on the town to show them how the opposite sex has fun. I did not know how serious Jan was going to take our bet. We met at Jan’s house on Saturday morning to start my adventure as a girl for the day. Jan was wearing a bikini top and short shorts. We got into her car and went into town. First stop was for my waxing. Jan escorted me into the small shop and when we entered a cute little blonde name Maxine walked right up to Jan and started talking about what they were going my clothing and to lay on the table. Maxine gave me a cup of hot tea and told me to drink it all up. Before I was finished I felt very tired and fell asleep. When I woke up I was completely hairless except for the hair on my head. I walked over to the mirror and did a double take at my reflection. I did not have eyebrows anymore, my face was as smooth as silk and all pubs and anal hair was gone. I had to admit that I liked how it felt to be smooth all over. Next stop mani and pedi for us both, I got to chose my color and went with black finger and toenails. My finger nails were at least an inch long, very akward to do anything while wearing them. Next stop was the beautician for makeup and hair, I wanted to go with the edgy goth look and Jan agreed. Nancy was my stylist and she quickly fitted me with a mullet type bleached blonde wig. I really like my wig, I had short bangs and short hair on the sides with a long back touching my shoulders. For my make up she really made me look pail and dark eyes, kind of a heroine addict dirty look. With huge black lips I smiled at my reflection and was having a great time with Jan so far! Now for my clothes, Jan had them in the trunk of the car, a red leather mini skirt, a gold silk form fitting blouse with my bra stuffed to a DD, and red patent leather 5” heals. I am about five feet ten inches tall and with these shoes I was over six foot. But I was small in build and was able to look the sexy goth chick way I wanted. Jan wanted to go to a strip club that she liked to frequent and I was all to happy to go and see how my new look worked! We had only been at the club for 20 minutes before this older cowboy gentleman started buying me drinks. Jan waved him over to our table and introduced us. His name was Arthur Mayes and he was very interest in me, how exciting. I wanted to go outside for a cigarette and Art followed me to the patio. He put his arm around my waist and I felt a sharp prick in my side and all I could see was black as I passed out into Art’s waiting arms. Art carried me back to our table and handed Jan ten thousand dollars to forget today. When I woke up my head was hurting and I looked around and I was in some sort of hospital room. I seen the door open and Art walked in and smiled at me and inserted a syringe into the IV connected to my arm and I blacked out again When I woke up the second time, not only my head but my arms chest and legs ached terribly. In the door comes Art again and he smile and kissed my forehead and tell me to relax, in a few week I could start rehab and try to learn to walk and stand . Another needle in the IV and out I go. I do not know how long I was in the hospital but when I woke up this time, I could tell something was different. I was still laying in my bed but when I looked down I had to very large breast that were sore to the touch. I tried to feel my body but my arms were all wrapped in gauze and they were in straps to keep me from moving them. Art came into my room and began to tell me what changes he had done to me. I guess he was upset when he found out I was a man, he was not gay but wanted the woman he met at the strip club. I had a complete sex change operation done and shaved off my adams apple. I had some plastic surgery done and now had large lips and high cheeks. Art helped me to sit up and that is when I noticed the big change. Art wanted me to be his perfect little woman and asked the surgeons to remove 4 inches from my upper and lower leg bones making eight inches shorter than I used to be, I was now five feet two inches tall and barely came up to Arts chest when I stood up. He also had them shorten my arms by six inches each. Art then informed me that he had legally changed my name from Michael to Missy. I asked him what was my last name and he said not to worry it would be changing tomorrow to match his name. Missy Mayes was wed to Arthur Mayes the following week. I was placed on some medication that was clouding my ability to think properly, The last thing Michael remembered was that being short and helpless as a female was scary. Now Missy does anything that her husband Art tell her to do. Art told Missy to get a woman’s hair style and now I have a highly shaved nape and over my ears poodle perm that is like my dark red helmet. I love how Art takes care of me and protects me from big mean men. I told my husband that I just wanted to please him and he smile and told me to be patient he had more plans for his little wife…..

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  1. I would appreciate any feedback, this is my first story and I want to write another one. I want to do better so give me some advice on what you think would make the story better. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!

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